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Aug 20, 2013Forced Exposure ~pj
Aug 15, 2013Apple v. Samsung I: Case Management Statement, Hearing Aug. 21 ~pj Updated
Aug 13, 2013Judge Robart Rules in MS v. Motorola: Seeking an Injunction on a FRAND Patent Can Be Perfectly Proper ~pj Updated - As text.
Aug 12, 2013First 104 pages of Aaron Swartz Secret Service File Released - Who is the female on page 97? ~pj
Aug 9, 2013Reports from the Apple v. Samsung Appeal Hearing ~pj - Updated 8Xs - Audio
Aug 9, 2013Motorola Presses Its Case v. Microsoft's FRAND Attack in Seattle and in Germany ~pj
Aug 7, 2013Apple, Motorola, ITC - Federal Circuit Remands - The Beat Goes On ~pj
Aug 6, 2013Apple's ITC Presidential Pardon v. The ITC's Opinion ~pj - Updated 2Xs
Aug 3, 2013Six Pro-Viacom Amicus Briefs Filed in the 2nd Appeal in Viacom v. YouTube - Yup. Hollywood Still Wants to Control the Internet
Jul 31, 2013Report from the Microsoft v. Motorola Hearing in Seattle ~pj Updated
Jul 30, 2013Abelson Report to MIT on Aaron Swartz Released ~pj Updated
Jul 29, 2013FSFE Writes Letter to EU Commission, Objecting to FairSearch's Claims Against Google of 'Predatory Pricing' ~pj Update
Jul 28, 2013Samsung Tells the Court: USPTO Final Office Action Finds All 21 Claims of Apple's '915 Patent Invalid ~pj Updated
Jul 27, 2013Viacom Files A Second Appeal in Viacom v. YouTube/Google - They'd Like a Trial and a Different Judge ~pj
Jul 25, 2013Google Files Reply Brief in the Oracle v. Google Appeal - There Is Too a De Minimis Defense and Oracle Knows It ~pj Updated
Jul 24, 2013FTC Announces The Final Google/Motorola Settlement - No Ban on Injunctions for FRAND patents ~pj Updated
Jul 23, 2013Apple Files Opposition to Samsung's Motion for a New Trial on '381 Patent ~pj
Jul 23, 2013IBM Files Motion for Partial Summary Judgment Based on Novell Agreement in SCO v. IBM ~ pj Updated
Jul 18, 2013What's Wrong With The Latest FairSearch Complaint to the EU Commision About Google? A Lot ~pj Updated 5Xs
Jul 17, 2013Apple v. Samsung Appeal - Oral Argument Aug. 9 - Can you go? ~pj
Jul 16, 2013Motorola Tells Seattle Judge Microsoft Sucker Punched Them Over RAND Patents, and It's "Reverse Hold-up" ~pj
Jul 15, 2013How Many Patents Must Be Read to Clear All Patents Rights on Software? ~ by PolR
Jul 13, 2013The Future of IP Software, with Carl Hewitt
Jul 11, 20132nd Group of Professional Security Researchers File Amicus in Support of Auernheimer ~pj
Jul 11, 2013Illustrious Security Researchers file amicus brief telling court: We do what Andrew Auernheimer did. ~pj
Jul 9, 2013Samsung Asks For New Trial on Apple's '381 Patent - New Evidence Has Been Discovered ~pj - Updated 4Xs
Jul 8, 2013SCO's Response to IBM's Objections to SCO's Proposed Partial Judgment ~pj Updated
Jul 7, 2013My Excellent $199 Chromebook Adventure ~pj
Jul 6, 2013The Oracle Appellate Reply Brief - Correcting FOSSpatents. Yes. Again. ~ pj
Jul 5, 2013Oracle Responds to Google's Appeal Brief - "There Is No 'De Minimis' Defense" ~pj
Jul 4, 2013Microsoft and Motorola's Briefs on RAND and Fair Dealing ~pj
Jul 2, 2013Orin Kerr's Appeal Brief for Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer - Another CFAA Case~pj Updated
Jul 1, 2013An Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts Page - Finally. ~pj
Jun 28, 2013IBM's Objections and Corrections to SCO's "Proposed Partial Judgment" ~pj
Jun 27, 2013Apple Loses Motion to Add Galaxy S4 to Apple v. Samsung II ~pj Updated
Jun 26, 2013Apple Tries to Get USTR to Undo the ITC's Injunction Against It - More FRAND Arguments ~pj
Jun 25, 2013SCO Finally Shows its Legal Strategy Going Forward ~pj
Jun 22, 2013Nathan Myhrvold Tries To Avoid a Lodsys Deposition and Spills Some Beans ~pj
Jun 19, 2013Intellectual Ventures Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement Again - One Patent Is For Linking URLs in an Email ~pj Updated 3Xs
Jun 19, 2013Novell's Motion for Audio of Hearing at 10th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Granted ~pj
Jun 18, 2013Google Files for Permission from FISA Court to Tell Us More ~pj
Jun 15, 2013Ladies and Gentlemen, SCO v. IBM Is Officially Reopened ~pj
Jun 13, 2013Naturally Occurring Human Genes Not Patentable - Myriad Loses - Our Genes Belong to Us ~pj Update 3Xs
Jun 11, 2013Microsoft's Amicus Brief in Support of Apple in Appeal of Posner Ruling - A Change in Tune on Injunctions ~pj
Jun 11, 2013SCO Replies to IBM on Motion for Reconsideration: Skip Briefing. Let's Go to Trial Quickly. We're Running Out of Money ~ pj
Jun 10, 2013EFF and ACLU Request FISA Court Unseal Its Opinions on Legality of Surveillance Conducted Under FISA Amendments, Patriot Act ~p
Jun 9, 2013Themes ~pj
Jun 6, 2013The President's Executive Action Addressing Overbroad Functional Claiming ~pj
Jun 4, 2013App Developers File Amicus Brief in Support of Google ~pj
Jun 4, 2013BREAKING: Why the Obama Administration’s Actions Against Patent Trolls Should Make a Difference ~ Matt Levy
Jun 3, 2013CCIA Files Amicus Brief in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google ~pj
Jun 3, 2013Amicus Brief of Intellectual Property Law Professors in Support of Google and Affirmance ~pj
Jun 1, 2013Microsoft Assigns Six Patents to Patent Troll Vringo -- Is This an Antitrust Issue? ~pj Updated
May 31, 2013Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Funds File Amicus in Support of Google in Oracle v. Google Appeal ~pj Updated
May 30, 2013EFF Files Amicus Brief in Oracle v. Google Appeal - Finally, Computer Scientists Speak ~pj Updated
May 29, 2013Software Freedom Law Center Says Google's Draft VP8 Cross License is Compatible With FOSS Licensing ~pj Updated
May 28, 2013Google Files Appeal Brief and Cross Appeal in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
May 25, 2013IBM Responds to SCO's Motion Asking for Reconsideration ~pj
May 23, 2013Apple's Stupid Patents It Wants to Use Against Samsung's Galaxy S4 ~pj Updated 4Xs Prior Art?
May 21, 2013Microsoft v. Motorola, Part 2, Will Be a Jury Trial, Aug. 26 ~pj
May 20, 2013SIIA Tells the FTC What Patent Trolls Are Doing to the Software Industry ~pj
May 17, 2013 Motorola Files Reply Brief in Appeal of Judge Posner's FRAND Decision in Apple v. Motorola-~pj
May 16, 2013Happy 10th Anniversary, Dear Groklaw! Happy 10th Anniversary to Us! ~pj
May 13, 2013Hackathon Trademarked in Germany? Now What? ~pj Updated 2Xs
May 10, 2013Federal Circuit, en banc, rules in CLS Bank ~pj Updated 3Xs
May 10, 2013Blackberry Tells the Federal Circuit Judge Posner Got It Wrong Re No Injunctions for FRAND Patents in Apple v. Motorola ~pj
May 9, 2013Google, Red Hat, HTC, SAP and Rackspace Seek to File Amicus in Apple v. Samsung Appeal ~ pj
May 8, 2013SCO: But waitaminnit, yer Honor ~pj
May 6, 2013The Novell v. Microsoft Hearing at the 10th Circuit - Eyewitness Report ~pj
May 6, 2013MS v. Motorola Appellate Jurisdiction - Another Appeal Issue ~pj
May 4, 2013Newegg Tells the FTC and DOJ How Patent Trolls Are Damaging Retailers ~pj Updated
May 3, 2013Let's Hear From the Trolls For a Change ~pj Updated
Apr 30, 2013Judge Koh's Order in Apple v Samsung: No Stay on Damages Retrial, Unless... ~pj
Apr 29, 2013The Microsoft v. Motorola Order on RAND, as text, plus Some Appeal Issues ~pj Updated 3Xs
Apr 26, 2013In a First, Seattle Judge Sets RAND Rate in MS v. Motorola ~pj Updated 2Xs
Apr 25, 2013SCO's Motion To Reopen the Case Is Denied with a Bonk on the Head ~pj Updated
Apr 24, 2013Barnes & Noble's Common Sense Suggestions to the FTC and DOJ on Patent Trolls ~pj
Apr 24, 2013Microsoft and Motorola Argue About Jury or Bench Trial on Contract Claims in Seattle ~pj Updated
Apr 23, 2013Joint Case Management Statement Filed in Apple v. Samsung ~pj
Apr 21, 2013Comments to USPTO on How to Improve Patent Applications: Red Hat's & Morrison & Foerster's ~pj
Apr 20, 2013Samsung Parries Apple's 7th Amendment Arguments ~pj
Apr 17, 2013Apple's Game Revealed in Apple v. Samsung Post-Trial Skirmishes ~pj
Apr 16, 2013For Those Who Like Things Open - Check Out OpenCourseware ~mw
Apr 16, 2013Google, Red Hat, et al. Ask FTC & DOJ to Investigate Antitrust Implications of Patent Outsourcing to Trolls ~pj
Apr 15, 2013Today is Human Genome Day at the US Supreme Court ~pj Updated 4Xs - transcript
Apr 12, 2013Samsung Granted Leave to Depose Toshiyuki Masui in Japan Re Prior Art ~pj Updated
Apr 11, 2013Apple and Samsung File the Extra Briefs the Judge Asked For ~pj Updated
Apr 10, 2013USPTO Roundtables on Software Patents: CA and NYC, video available
Apr 9, 2013Another Cynical "Antitrust" Complaint From Microsoft and Its Buddies Against Google ~pj Updated 4Xs
Apr 7, 2013Prior Art, Anyone? - The Parallel Iron/IPNav Patents That Rackspace Is Going After ~pj Updated 2Xs
Apr 3, 2013Judge Koh Decides Not to Decide Yet, and Apple Says USPTO's Final Office Action Isn't Really "Final" Final ~pj
Apr 2, 2013Apple's Claim 19 of '381 Patent Rejected by USPTO in Final Office Action: Impact on Apple v. Samsung Damages Can Be Huge ~pj
Apr 1, 2013Apple and Samsung Maneuver How to Handle 2nd Damages Trial - Now or After Appeal? ~pj
Mar 28, 2013Rackspace/Red Hat Hand Uniloc A Quick And Significant Defeat ~mw
Mar 27, 2013Audio of Oral Argument on Apple v. Samsung at March 26 Hearing on Public's Right to Know ~pj
Mar 26, 2013Believe it or not, SCO pops its head up again ~pj
Mar 24, 2013The Nokia Patents and VP8 - Prior Art Hunting Time ~pj Updated 2Xs
Mar 24, 2013Stallman Calls Ubuntu Spyware; Asks FLISOL Not to Recommend It at Events in South America ~pj
Mar 20, 2013Journalists Allowed to Argue at March 26 Hearing On Behalf of the Public's Right to Know in Apple, Samsung Appeal ~pj Update
Mar 19, 2013First Sale Doctrine Upheld by US Supreme Court ~pj
Mar 18, 2013 Motorola Challenges Judge Posner's Implied "No Injunctions for FRAND" Ruling ~pj
Mar 17, 2013The House Hearing on Abusive Patent Litigation: Webster's Report ~pj Update
Mar 15, 2013Groklaw's Response to the USPTO's Request for Suggested Topics for Future Discussion & A Supplement ~pj
Mar 13, 2013ITC Extends Deadline, Asks for Briefs On Remedy & Public Interest Re Apple And Infringing Samsung FRAND Patents ~pj Update
Mar 13, 2013House Judiciary Hearing on Investigating and Prosecuting Cyber Threats: CFAA - ~pj Updated
Mar 12, 2013Microsoft v. Motorola, Seattle -- Microsoft Asks for a Bench Trial on Contract Issues ~pj
Mar 10, 2013Groklaw's Proposed Response to the USPTO's Request for Suggested Topics for Future Discussion - Care to Help? ~pj
Mar 8, 2013Apple v Samsung II - Parties File Joint Status Report: To Stay or Not to Stay ~pj Updated: Not
Mar 7, 2013The EU Commission's Fine on Microsoft - What's Wrong With It? ~pj Updated
Mar 5, 2013Qualcomm, WLF, Ericsson, and More Comments Opposing the FTC's Google/Motorola Agreement ~pj
Mar 4, 2013Novell v. Microsoft Appeal - Oral Argument Set for May 6 ~pj
Mar 4, 2013Microsoft and Motorola File Letter Briefs on Terms of Google's MPEG LA License ~pj
Mar 1, 2013Judge Koh Reduces Apple Damages Award; Orders New Trial on Damages re Certain Products in Apple v. Samsung ~pj Updated
Mar 1, 2013Amicus Briefs in Oracle v. Google and Microsoft's, as text ~pj
Feb 27, 2013Novell Files Its Reply Brief v. Microsoft in WordPerfect Appeal at 10th Circuit ~pj
Feb 26, 2013The CCIA and RIM Tell the FTC Banning Injunctions for FRAND Patents Can Make Smartphone Wars Worse~pj
Feb 25, 2013Report from the Apple v. Samsung II Markman Hearing - Judge Koh Tells Them to Slim the Case Down ~pj Updated
Feb 23, 2013Motorola Surprises Microsoft - The Germany-Seattle-FTC FRAND Saga Continues ~pj Updated 2Xs
Feb 22, 2013Google Files for Extension to May 23 to File Appellee Brief and Cross-Appellant Brief v. Oracle ~pj
Feb 22, 2013New Order From Seattle Judge in MS v. Motorola May Mean Good News for Motorola ~pj
Feb 21, 2013SCO Gets to Dispose or Abandon or Destroy its Property, including Business Records ~pj
Feb 20, 2013Microsoft, BSA, Scott McNealy, others file amicus briefs in support of Oracle's appeal against Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
Feb 20, 2013Transcript of Oral Argument in Bowman v. Monsanto: Where's Patent Exhaustion for Self-Replicating Patented Seeds?~pj Updated 2X
Feb 19, 2013Apple and Samsung Gave Judge Koh A Tech Tutorial in Feb. 14th Hearing in Apple v Samsung II ~pj
Feb 15, 2013The Python Foundation Asks For Help Re PYTHON Trademark in EU ~pj
Feb 15, 2013Judge Robart Reopens MS v. Motorola Nov. Trial for New Evidence From Motorola ~pj
Feb 13, 2013Apple Files Appeal Re Judge Koh's Refusal to Order Injunction v. Samsung ~pj Updated
Feb 13, 2013Oracle Files Appeal Brief in Oracle v. Google ~pj Updated 3Xs
Feb 12, 2013Novell v. Microsoft WordPerfect Appeal: Oral Argument Probably May 9th - David Boies for Novell ~pj
Feb 10, 2013The Eric Holder Memo on the "Reasoned Exercise of Prosecutorial Discretion" & the Swartz Affair ~pj
Feb 8, 2013Groklaw's Report from the CLS Bank v. Alice En Banc Hearing at the Federal Circuit ~pj Updated
Feb 7, 2013Judge Robart in Seattle Grants Microsoft's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment ~pj Updated
Feb 3, 2013The Newegg Victory over Soverain; and Newegg et al's Amicus Brief in Apple v. Motorola Appeal ~pj
Feb 3, 2013SCO Asks the Bankruptcy Court to Let It Destroy Its Business Records ~ pj Updated
Feb 1, 2013Apple v. Samsung: Magistrate Judge Paul Grewal References Tribbles in Order Re Sealing ~pj
Feb 1, 2013Federal Circuit Denies Apple's Request for Rehearing En Banc ~pj
Jan 31, 2013A Proposed Response to the USPTO's Topic 1 Question on Functional Language ~pj Updated
Jan 30, 2013Judge Koh Rules in Apple v. Samsung - No Willfulness, No Enhanced Damages for Apple but No New Trial Either ~pj
Jan 28, 2013Report from the Seattle Courtroom in Microsoft v. Motorola ~pj Updated
Jan 27, 2013MS v Motorola: The Parties File Their "Extrinsic Evidence" for Hearing on Monday in Seattle ~pj
Jan 26, 2013Microsoft Files Brief in Novell's WordPerfect Antitrust Appeal ~pj
Jan 24, 2013Magistrate Grewall Rules on Samsung's Request for Discovery: Ask Japan 1st, and If Necessary, Come Back ~pj Updated
Jan 23, 2013EU Commission VP Neelie Kroes on Aaron Swartz ~pj
Jan 22, 2013Hearing Today in CA on Samsung's Request for Discovery for Use in Japan ~pj Updated 2Xs
Jan 19, 2013The Apple v. Samsung II Appeal Briefs - Do Patents on Features That Don't Drive Sales Merit Injunctions? ~pj
Jan 16, 2013MIT's Role as Described in Aaron Swartz's October Motion to Suppress ~pj Updated 4 Xs
Jan 15, 2013Allen v. World - Claims Construction Decision Favors Defendants ~mw
Jan 14, 2013Apple appeals Judge Koh's Nov. 29th Order Re Sealing; Claims $399,196 a Day Supplemental Damages ~pj
Jan 9, 2013Microsoft Tells Its FRAND Story to the Court in Seattle ~pj
Jan 7, 2013Novell Board Must Go to Trial on Shareholder's Claim of Bad Faith Re 2011 Sale to Attachmate ~pj
Jan 5, 2013Motorola Tells Its FRAND Story to the Court in Seattle ~pj Updated
Jan 4, 2013The USPTO Would Like to Partner with the Software Community ... Wait. What? Really? ~pj
Jan 3, 2013In the aw, shucks department - Groklaw recognized again ~pj
Jan 3, 2013Judge Koh Slices and Dices the Evidence in Apple v Samsung ~pj
Jan 2, 2013Motorola and Microsoft Debate the Scope of Google's MPEG-LA License (Seattle) ~pj
Dec 30, 2012CLS Bank v. Alice - Some Amicus Briefs ~pj
Dec 27, 2012Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcript - Day 7, Aug. 13, 2012: Prior Art Day ~pj
Dec 23, 2012Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcript - Day 6, Aug.10 -- Apple Experts Day ~pj
Dec 20, 2012Apple Files Notice of Appeal to Federal Circuit Re Denial of Injunction Against Samsung ~pj
Dec 19, 2012Apple's Pinch to Zoom Patent Preliminarily Invalidated by USPTO ~pj
Dec 19, 2012Apple v Samsung Transcript - Aug. 7 Motion Hearing on Equal Adverse Inference Sanctions ~pj
Dec 18, 2012Judge Koh Rules - No Injunction for Apple; No New Trial on Jury Misconduct for Samsung ~ pj Updated 2Xs
Dec 17, 2012Apple v. Samsung Trial Transcripts - Day 4 and 5 (Aug 6 & 7, the Exhibit Tampering Issue) ~pj Updated
Dec 14, 2012Transcripts From Apple v Samsung Trial: Days 1-3, Including Full Voir Dire ~pj Updated
Dec 13, 2012Judge Koh Says No to Apple on Non-Jury Claims re FRAND ~pj
Dec 12, 2012Judge Koh Grants HTC's Redactions; Denies Samsung's Motion to File Supplement Expert Declaration~pj Updated
Dec 11, 2012Samba Team Releases Samba 4.0 - 1st Free Software Active Directory Compatible Server ~pj Update
Dec 8, 2012 Apple and Samsung File The Lists and a New Dispute on an Expert Declaration ~pj
Dec 7, 2012Apple's Multi-touch Patent Found Preliminarily Invalid - Did Apple Sue Too Soon? ~pj
Dec 6, 2012First Report from the Apple v Samsung Hearing - Judge Koh Takes It Under Advisement ~pj Updated 2Xs
Dec 6, 2012The HTC-Apple Agreement Mostly Revealed ~pj Updated 2Xs
Dec 5, 2012Judge Koh Asks For Lists Proving Compliance with Order Re Attachments ~pj
Dec 4, 2012Judge Koh Rules: HTC-Apple Agreement Will Not Be Sealed, Exc. for Royalty Terms ~pj
Dec 2, 2012Apple's Nerves Show in Buildup to Dec. 6 Hearing ~pj Updated 2Xs
Nov 30, 2012Surprise Surprise... NOT. Seattle Judge Grants MS Motion, Bans Injunctions for Motorola's RAND Patents ~pj Updated
Nov 29, 2012What Does "Software Is Mathematics" Mean? Part 2: A Semiotics Approach to the Patent Eligibility of Software by PolR
Nov 27, 2012The Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts Now Complete & Groklaw Honored ~pj
Nov 26, 2012Novell Files its Opening Appeal Brief in WordPerfect Antitrust Litigation v. Microsoft ~pj Updated
Nov 24, 2012A Report on the Santa Clara Conference on Software Patents by Tkilgore ~pj
Nov 22, 2012HTC-Apple Stipulation Filed with Del. Court Contradicts FOSSPatents on Terms of Agreement ~pj Updated
Nov 21, 2012Samsung Motion Prevails: Apple Must Provide Unredacted HTC-Apple Agreement ~pj Updated 2Xs
Nov 21, 2012Hearing Today at Noon in Apple v Samsung Re Motion to Compel Apple to Show HTC Agreement ~pj Updated
Nov 20, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Days 5 and 6 - Phase I of Trial Ends ~pj
Nov 19, 2012Apple v. Samsung Preparing for Dec. 6th Hearing - Can the Judge Throw Out the Jury's Damages? ~pj
Nov 17, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 4 - Motorola's Opening Statement ~pj Updated
Nov 17, 2012Apple and Google Discuss Possible Binding Arbitration of All, or Most, FRAND Claims ~pj
Nov 16, 2012Apple Can't Add Jelly Bean to Apple v. Samsung 2 Trial, only Galaxy Nexus ~pj
Nov 15, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 3 and Judge Crabb Explains Dismissal of Apple v. Motorola~pj
Nov 15, 2012Tomorrow's Conference "Solutions to the Software Patents Problem" Will be Live Streamed ~pj
Nov 14, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle, Day 2 ~pj
Nov 14, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial in Seattle - Day 1 ~pj
Nov 13, 2012Samsung Replies to Apple's Defense of Jury Foreman's "Deliberate Dishonesty" ~pj
Nov 11, 2012Novell Asks the 10th Circuit to File Overlength Appeal vs. Microsoft - David Boies and Stuart Singer Are in the House ~pj Updat
Nov 9, 2012The UK Court Sanctions Apple, Hopes "Lack of Integrity" In Notice Incident Is Not "Typical" ~ pj
Nov 9, 2012Judge Koh Agrees to Hear Oral Argument Dec. 6 on Jury Misconduct and When Apple Learned of It ~pj Updated
Nov 8, 2012Microsoft and Motorola File Trial Briefs As Seattle Trial Draws Near~pj Updated: Text
Nov 6, 2012Apple Tries to Attack Android Jelly Bean Directly in ApplevSamsungII
Nov 6, 2012Apple Refuses to Answer Samsung's Q Re When It Learned About the Foreman's Seagate Litigation ~pj Updated
Nov 5, 2012Apple v. Motorola Dismissed with Prejudice - ~pj Updated 4Xs - 2nd Order: Partly With, Partly Without Prejudice
Nov 3, 2012Apple v. Motorola - FRAND Royalty Rate Trial in Wisconsin May Be Cancelled ~pj Updated 3Xs The Parties Respond
Nov 3, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola Trial - Everyone Involved Asks That the Public Be Excluded From the Heart of the Evidence ~ pj Updated
Nov 2, 2012Samsung Moves to Compel Apple to Reveal When It 1st Learned Jury Foreman Was "Untruthful" in Voir Dire ~pj
Nov 1, 2012UK Judges Respond to Apple's Snarky Notice: Take It Down and Tell That It Was Untrue ~pj Updated 5Xs
Oct 30, 2012Allen v. World - The Fight Over Claim Construction
Oct 29, 2012Joint Filing and Judge's Order Give Us Peek At What to Expect at MS v. Motorola Nov. 13 RAND Trial in Seattle ~pj
Oct 26, 2012Apple's "We're Not A Bit Sorry" Bratty and Not Cool Notice That Samsung Didn't Copy ~pj Updated 3Xs
Oct 24, 2012The Samsung Patent Victory over Apple in the Netherlands - the Ruling ~pj Updated (ITC)
Oct 24, 2012Samsung Has Workarounds for All 3 "Infringed" Apple Patents; and Some Testimony on the '381 Patent ~pj
Oct 23, 2012Apple's Rubber Band Patent Tentatively Rejected on Reexamination ~pj Updated
Oct 22, 2012Apple's Licensing Offer To Samsung Raises Questions About FRAND Rates and What's Behind the Attacks on Google ~pj
Oct 20, 2012Apple v Samsung - The Post-Trial Battles Intensify ~pj Updated - How Both Sides View Foreman's Voir Dire
Oct 18, 2012Prior Art Alert - Apple Publ. Appl. 20120166477 ~mw - UPDATE
Oct 17, 2012Twin Peaks v Red Hat - Twin Peaks Answers Red Hat Counterclaims ~mw
Oct 16, 2012The Mysterious Disappearance Of Functionality Considerations From The Apple v. Samsung Design Patent Claim Construction ...
Oct 16, 2012Judge Koh Denies Samsung Motion to Strike ~pj Updated
Oct 13, 2012What Does "Software Is Mathematics" Mean? Part 1 - Software Is Manipulation of Symbols ~ by PolR
Oct 11, 2012Appeals Court Rules Samsung Can Sell Galaxy Nexus During Appeal; District Ct. "Abused Its Discretion" ~ pj
Oct 11, 2012Judge Robart Denies Motorola's SJ Motion with Some Logic Problems Showing ~pj Updated, as text
Oct 10, 2012ITC Administrative Law Judge Rejects Apple's FRAND Arguments Against Samsung ~pj Updated
Oct 9, 2012Federal Circuit to Consider the Patentable Subject Matter of Software ~ mw
Oct 7, 2012Apple v. Samsung - More Unredacted Documents Surface Re Foreman, "Proof" of "Copying" That Isn't ~pj Up
Oct 5, 2012Oracle and Google File Appeals ~pj
Oct 4, 2012Novell hires David Boies and Stuart Singer in Appeal of Wordperfect Case v. Microsoft ~pj
Oct 2, 2012Samsung's Claims of Juror Misconduct Revealed in Unredacted Filings ~pj Updated 2Xs
Oct 2, 2012Judge Koh Dissolves Preliminary Injunction on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; Apple May Owe Samsung ~pj
Sep 30, 2012Microsoft v. Motorola - The 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals Ruling, as Text ~pj Updated
Sep 30, 2012Apple v Samsung - What's New? Plus All The Preliminary Injunction Arguments (and I Do Mean All) ~pj Updated
Sep 28, 2012Samsung Wins Reconsideration of Preliminary Injunction; Appeals Ct. Gives Judge Koh Authority to Rule ~pj Updated
Sep 28, 2012Oracle v. Google Trial Transcript - Day Three, April 18, 2012, Larry Page on the Stand ~pj
Sep 26, 2012Apple Files Motion for JMOL, New Trial; Opposes Samsung's Do-Not-Contact-Jury Request ~pj
Sep 26, 2012SCO Files Final Chapter 11 Report in Bankruptcy, Files August MORs; Now It's Onward and Downward in Chapter 7 ~pj
Sep 25, 2012USPTO Third Party Prior Art Submissions System - Now Live! ~mw
Sep 24, 2012Apple v. Samsung Voir Dire Reveals Broken Promises (Docket 1979-1993) ~pj
Sep 22, 2012Samsung Asks for JMOL, or New Trial and Remittitur - Says Apple v. Samsung Trial Was Not Fair; Jury Messed Up ~pj
Sep 20, 2012Samsung Asks Federal Circuit For Limited Remand so Judge Koh Can Dissolve Preliminary Injunction of Galaxy 10.1 ~pj
Sep 19, 2012Judge Koh Unseals More Documents in Apple v. Samsung ~pj
Sep 18, 2012Lifting of Preliminary Injunction Against Samsung Delayed ~mw
Sep 17, 2012The Microsoft Standards-Essential Patents Shell Game -- Motorola Tells Its Story to the 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals ~pj Updated
Sep 15, 2012CLS Bank v. Alice -- Google and Red Hat, Other Amici, Say Federal Circuit is Flouting US Supreme Court Precedent ~pj
Sep 14, 2012Twin Peaks v Red Hat - Look Both Ways Before Crossing ~mw
Sep 14, 2012Wayne Gray Ordered to Pay X/Open $404,820 in attorneys' fees and $5,016.82 in costs - Updated Sept. 2013
Sep 13, 2012Apple Wins in Part in Apple v Samsung - Non-Jury Issues to be Briefed Separately and More on the FRAND Game~pj
Sep 12, 2012Apple v. Samsung Verdict Lacks Sufficient Detail To Support Enhancing More Than 6.4% Of Monetary Award For Willful Infringement
Sep 11, 2012Apple -- surprise, surprise -- Wants to Keep the Preliminary Injunction v. Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Place ~pj
Sep 10, 2012Apple and Samsung Argue About Apple's "Non-Jury Issues" ~pj
Sep 9, 2012Oracle v. Google Trial Transcript - Day 2, April 17, 2012 - Google's Opening Statement, Ellison on the Stand ~pj
Sep 8, 2012Judge in Oracle v. Google Explains What Jurors Must Not Do -- And It's What the Jury in Apple v. Samsung Seem to Have Done ~pj
Sep 6, 2012Judge Koh Denies Apple Request to File Motion for Reconsideration so Samsung Goes 1st; Parties Agree to Delay Enforcement ~pj
Sep 6, 2012We Have the Oracle v. Google Trial Transcripts! Here's Day 1, April 16, 2012, Jury Selection, Oracle Opening ~pj Updated 4Xs,
Sep 4, 2012Oracle Must Pay Google $1,130,350 in Costs; Drops the "Reveal Your Shills" Issue ~pj
Sep 4, 2012Apple v Samsung Foreman Gets More Things Wrong ~pj
Sep 4, 2012Allen v. World - Interval Moves to Incorporate Mountain Lion ~MW
Sep 3, 2012Groklaw Back on Twitter ~ pj
Sep 2, 2012The Next Step in Apple's Thermonuclear War Against Android: Galaxy Nexus in Apple v. Samsung II ~pj
Aug 31, 2012Apple and Samsung Fight About Apple's Desire to File a Motion for Reconsideration Re Scheduling Hearing Dates ~pj
Aug 29, 2012SCO Group (TSG) Now Officially in Chapter 7, with Cahn Still at the Helm ~pj
Aug 29, 2012The Foreman's Aha Moment in Apple v. Samsung Was Based on Misunderstanding Prior Art ~pj - Updated
Aug 28, 2012Samsung Files Motion to Stay Judgment & Why This Case Matters ~pj
Aug 27, 2012Samsung Moves to Quickly Lift Preliminary Injunction on Galaxy 10.1 ~pj
Aug 25, 2012Jury in Apple v. Samsung Goofed, Damages Reduced -- Uh Oh. What's Wrong With this Picture? ~pj Updated 5Xs
Aug 24, 2012Google Files Supplemental List of People It Didn't Pay to Comment on Oracle v. Google ~pj
Aug 24, 2012There's a Verdict in Apple v. Samsung ~pj - Yes, Samsung Infringes - Damages $1,049,343,540 - Updated 4Xs
Aug 23, 2012Jurors in Apple v. Samsung Opt to Work an Extra Hour ~pj Updated 3Xs
Aug 22, 2012More on Adverse Inferences, and Fairness, or Lack Thereof, in Apple v. Samsung ~pj - Updated
Aug 21, 2012Closing Statements in Apple v Samsung - From the Courthouse ~pj Updated
Aug 21, 2012Jury Instructions in Apple v. Samsung, 109 pages ~pj - Updated
Aug 20, 2012There Will Be No Adverse Inference Jury Instructions in Apple v. Samsung After All ~pj
Aug 20, 2012Judge Asks Google to Supplement Its List of Any Paid Folks ~pj
Aug 20, 2012Motorola's ITC Complaint Against Apple, With All the Trimmings ~pj Updated
Aug 19, 2012Trying Out Google's New Patent Search Tool: The Prior Art Finder ~pj Updated
Aug 17, 2012Oracle and Google File Paid Writers Lists ~pj
Aug 17, 2012Speaking of Rectangles with Rounded Corners, What About Soylent Green's Tablet? ~pj Updated 2Xs
Aug 17, 2012Google Brings a Case to the Judge's Attention Re its Bill of Costs ~pj
Aug 16, 2012Blank Rome files to get paid, now that SCO has filed for Chapter 7 ~pj Updated 3Xs MORs
Aug 15, 2012Lodsys Update ~mw
Aug 15, 2012Patent Demand Survey: Last Call -- Please Help If You Can ~pj
Aug 14, 2012A Very Short Primer on Design Patents and Trade Dress (Apple v. Samsung) by Michael Risch
Aug 13, 2012More Comes Exhibits Cast Doubt on Judge Motz's Ruling in Novell v. MS: Could Novell Have Just Used What It Had? ~pj
Aug 12, 2012The Latest in Apple v. Samsung: Samsung Witness List, 2 New Lawyers, Demonstratives, Transcripts, Jury Instruction Fights ~pj
Aug 10, 2012Novell v. Microsoft - It's Game On in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ~pj
Aug 10, 2012Google's Reply in Support of its Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law ~pj
Aug 8, 2012Note to Judge Koh: Pics of the Samsung Epic Touch 4G With and Without the Google Search Box ~pj Updated 3Xs
Aug 7, 2012Judge Alsup Orders Financial Disclosure of Ties to Commentators in Oracle v Google ~pj
Aug 7, 2012SCO Files for Chapter 7: "There is no reasonable chance of 'rehabilitation'" ~pj
Aug 5, 2012A Trick For Understanding Trials - Apple's Trial Brief as text, and Trade Dress ~pj
Aug 4, 2012Oracle Replies to Google's JMOL Motion: Is Google's Copying of rangeCheck De Minimis Use? ~pj
Aug 3, 2012Samsung 's Motion to Strike Apple's "Purported Recommendation" for Sanctions, as text ~pj Updated 2Xs
Aug 2, 2012Apple Seeks a Win by Asking the Judge to Sanction Samsung ~pj Updated: Samsung Files Motion to Strike
Aug 2, 2012Lodsys - Another DJ Action ~mw
Aug 1, 2012Food Fight in Apple v. Samsung ~pj - Updated 2Xs
Jul 31, 2012Who's live blogging/tweeting the Apple v Samsung Trial? - Almost Everybody ~pj Updated 3Xs, with Documents
Jul 30, 2012 Reuters Wants to Publish Unredacted IBM-Samsung Patent License Agreement (Apple v. Samsung); IBM Moves to Block ~pj Updated 2Xs
Jul 29, 2012Samsung Appeals Adverse Inference Jury Instruction Order, Alternative Motion Asks for Equal Sanctions Against Apple ~pj
Jul 27, 2012Microsoft Files Motion in Apple v. Samsung to Hide Patent License Agreement Terms ~pj
Jul 26, 2012Samsung, Apple, FRAND -- What's It All About? -- Samsung's Side~pj Updated
Jul 24, 2012Google's Unmerited Damage From Oracle v. Google -- The FOSSPatents Factor ~pj
Jul 24, 2012Oracle Objects to Google's Bill of Costs ~pj - Updated
Jul 22, 2012An Exhibit that Raises Questions About Judge Motz's Middleware Ruling in Novell v. Microsoft ~pj
Jul 19, 2012Does Programming a Computer Make A New Machine?~By PolR
Jul 18, 2012Google's Turn - Files JMOL Motion re rangeCheck function ~pj
Jul 17, 2012Can You Please Help With a Patent Demand Survey? ~ pj
Jul 16, 2012Judge Motz Rules for Microsoft, Once Again, on Motion for JMOL; Novell Will Appeal ~ pj - Updated
Jul 14, 2012Allen v. World - Defendants Seek Summary Judgment on Issue of Indefiniteness ~ mw
Jul 13, 2012Judge Denies Oracle's Renewed Motion for JMOL or for a New Trial ~pj - Updated
Jul 13, 2012Patent Trolls - A New Study and a Survey ~ mw
Jul 11, 2012A 1993 Article on Microsoft and the FTC and DOJ Answers Some of Judge Motz's Questions ~pj Updated
Jul 9, 2012And The Insanity Continues - CLS Bank v Alice ~ mw - UPDATE
Jul 9, 2012Novell v. Microsoft - The June 7, 2012 Hearing on MS's Renewed Motion for JMOL ~ pj
Jul 6, 2012Google Files Bill of Costs for Oracle to Pay - $4,030,669 - and Its Response to JMOL Motion ~pj
Jul 4, 2012Another Spanking for Apple From Judge Posner ~pj
Jul 2, 2012FSF Publishes Important Whitepaper on Secure Boot - Ubuntu Got It Wrong on Grub and GPLv3 ~pj
Jul 1, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts, as text - Day 10 (Nov. 8, 2011; Frankenberg, Allchin, Henrich, Sinofsky) ~pj
Jun 30, 2012Explaining the Legalese of the US Supreme Court's Ruling on the Affordable Care Act ~ pj - Updated 2Xs
Jun 29, 2012Maybe This Is Only Funny To A Lawyer, ~mw
Jun 28, 2012MOSAID v Red Hat - Settlement and Dismissal ~mw
Jun 27, 2012Microsoft Loses Its EU Appeal ~pj
Jun 27, 2012Allen v World - Stay Lifted - Expect A Rough Ride ~mw
Jun 24, 2012Oracle's Motion for JMOL, as text -- Oracle Asks to Win Everything It Lost, and More, More, More ~pj
Jun 22, 2012Oracle v. Google March 7, 2012 Hearing on 3rd Cockburn Report - Transcript ~pj Updated 3Xs
Jun 21, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts - Day 9, Nov. 7, 2011 (Frankenberg) ~pj -Updated 2 Xs
Jun 20, 2012From the Courtroom - Oracle v. Google ~pj - Updated 4Xs - Final Judgment
Jun 19, 2012Oracle v. Google - Case Management Hearing Issues Stipulated, Mostly ~pj - Updated, Table of Dueling Judgments
Jun 17, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts - Day 8, Oct. 27, 2011 ~pj
Jun 15, 2012SCO Files a Request to Submit for Decision in IBM Case ~pj
Jun 14, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts - Day 7, Oct. 26, 2011 (Gibb) ~pj
Jun 12, 2012Novell v Microsoft Trial Transcripts, Day 6, Oct. 25, 2011 ~pj (Richardson)
Jun 10, 2012Curing the Problem of Software Patents, by Michael Risch
Jun 9, 2012The June 22nd Hearing in Novell v. Microsoft Already Held Without Public Notice on June 7 ~pj - Updated
Jun 8, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts as Text, Day 5, Oct. 24, 2011 (Harral) ~pj
Jun 6, 2012Lodsys Sues More of the Inhabited Earth ~pj
Jun 6, 2012Oracle v. Google Case Management Hearing Reset to June 20 ~ pj
Jun 5, 2012Novell v. MS Trial Transcripts - Day 4, Oct. 20, 2011 (Harral) ~ pj
Jun 4, 2012Oracle Sues Lodsys! ~pj - Updated, Complaint as text
Jun 4, 2012Novell v. MS Trial Transcripts - Day 3, Oct. 19, 2011 ~ pj
Jun 3, 2012Novell v. MS Trial Transcripts as text - Day 2, October 18, 2011, Opening Statements ~pj
Jun 2, 2012Novell v. Microsoft Trial Transcripts as Text - Day 1, Oct. 17, 2011, Jury Instructions ~pj
Jun 1, 2012Ah! The Morning After... ~pj
May 31, 2012Judge Alsup Rules: Oracle's Java APIs are Not Copyrightable (Order as text) ~pj
May 31, 2012Oracle v. Google - Judge Alsup Rules APIs Not Protected By Copyright - UPDATE 1 ~mw
May 30, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle Motion for JMOL on Patent Infringement Denied ~mw
May 30, 2012The Connectix Connection: Matters of Law Take Center Stage ~pj
May 30, 2012Allen v World - Stay Remains Pending, At Least For Now ~mw
May 27, 2012The Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Trial Transcripts ~pj - Updated
May 25, 2012Oracle v. Google - Copyright Reply Briefs ~mw
May 24, 2012Oracle v. Google - Now Back to the Copyright Question and How Oracle Fragments Java ~mw
May 23, 2012 From the Courtroom: Day 13 of Patent Phase, Oracle v. Google Trial - Jury: No Patent Infringement ~pj Updated 3Xs
May 23, 2012Oracle v. Google - Parties Asked to Brief Sony v. Connectix - UPDATED ~mw
May 22, 2012Day 12 of Patent Phase in Oracle v. Google - Another Day of Jury Deliberations ~pj - Updated 5Xs
May 21, 2012Oracle v. Google - Further Questions from the Bench on Interoperability ~mw
May 21, 2012From the Courtroom, Day 11, Patent Phase of the Oracle v. Google Trial, Jury Deliberations ~pj - Updated 6Xs
May 20, 2012A Sun Position Paper on Software Patents, 2006 ~pj
May 19, 2012The Oracle v. Google Trial Exhibits - Can You Help List Them? ~pj
May 18, 2012Day 10 in Oracle v. Google Trial, Patent Phase, And More Prior Art? ~pj - Updated 3Xs
May 18, 2012Oracle v. Google - JMOL (Patent) Response Briefs ~mw
May 17, 2012Oracle v. Google - JMOL Briefs on Patent Infringement ~mw
May 17, 2012From the Courtroom, Day 9, Patent Phase, Oracle v. Google, Jury Questions ~pj - Updated 2Xs
May 16, 2012Oracle v. Google - Stipulation on Copyright Damages Approved ~mw
May 16, 2012Oracle v. Google - Patent Infringement Instructions, Damage Phase Witnesses, and the Continuing Saga of Infringer's Profits ~mw
May 15, 2012From the Courtroom - Day 7, Patent Phase, of Oracle v. Google - Closing Statements ~pj - Updated 8Xs
May 15, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 6, Patent Phase, Filings ~mw
May 14, 2012Reports from the Oracle v. Google Trial - Day 6, Patent Phase - Drs. August and Mitchell , ~pj - Updated 5Xs
May 14, 2012Oracle v. Google - Some Background on the Copyright Damages Issue ~mw
May 13, 2012Oracle v. Google - Weekend Filings ~mw
May 13, 2012Google Files for SJ on Copyright Damages; Oracle: Could We Wait and Get a New Jury Instead? ~pj
May 11, 2012Day 5 in Patent Phase at Oracle v. Google Trial ~pj - McFadden, Parr, August - Updated 3Xs
May 11, 2012Day 3, Patent Phase of Oracle v. Google Trial, Oracle's [Mostly] Denied Motion For JMOL on Fair Use, as text ~ pj Updated 3Xs
May 10, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 14 Filings - JMOL's Denied In Part ~mw
May 10, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 13 Filings ~mw
May 9, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 11 and Day 12 Filings ~mw
May 9, 2012Google Files Motion for New Trial on Question 1 Re API SSO, Day 3, Patent Phase ~pj - Updated 7Xs - Schwartz Video on Corporate
May 8, 2012Day 2 of Patent Phase in Oracle v. Google Trial -- The Most Holy Patents ~pj -Updated 5Xs
May 7, 2012From the Courtroom: Oracle v. Google, Day 1 of Patent Phase ~pj - Updated 10Xs- Partial Verdict; Oracle Wins Nothing That Matter
May 7, 2012Oracle v. Google - Motions In Limine Filed Over the Weekend ~mw
May 7, 2012Day 1 of Patent Phase in Oracle v. Google & Google Opp. Re Schwartz, as text ~pj
May 5, 2012About Compatibility and Fragmentation of Java (Oracle v. Google) ~pj
May 4, 2012Oracle Seeks to Muzzle Jonathan Schwartz in Patent Phase & Judge Asks Two More API Qs ~pj - Update
May 4, 2012Jury in Oracle v. Google Has Reached a Verdict on All Questions but One - Will Try Again Monday ~pj
May 4, 2012Oracle v. Google - Jury Still Out; Judge Anticipating Inability of Jury to Decide Some Questions of Fact ~mw
May 3, 2012Judge Alsup Asks Oracle&Google To Brief API/SSO Issue in Light of EU Ct of Justice Ruling on APIs ~pj Updated 3Xs
May 3, 2012Motion Hearing Today in Oracle v. Google ~pj
May 3, 2012Oracle v. Google - Neither Party Giving Up the Fight on Copyright Liability Even as they Prepare for Phase II ~mw
May 2, 2012EU Court of Justice: No Copyright on Computer Functionality or Computer Languages ~pj
May 1, 2012Schwartz Blog Was Corporate -- So Says Sun's 2008 10K ~ pj - Updated
May 1, 2012Oracle v. Google - Final Copyright Filngs, Jury Instructions, Verdict Form ~mw
Apr 30, 2012Day 11 at the Oracle v. Google Trial -- Closing Statements, Goes to Jury ~pj - Updated 5Xs
Apr 30, 2012Oracle v. Google - More Filings Leading Up to Closing on Copyright - UPDATED with document text ~mw
Apr 29, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 10 Filings - Indirect Infringement Claims Dropped ~mw
Apr 27, 2012Day 10 Oracle v. Google Trial ~pj - Updated 8Xs - Oracle Exhibits, Astrachan, Reinhold, Dare, Mitchell, Katz
Apr 26, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 9 Filings - Jury Instructions on Copyright ~mw
Apr 26, 2012Day 9 at the Oracle v. Google Trial ~ pj - Updated 9Xs (Schwartz, McNealy, Gering, Rizdi, Astrachan)
Apr 26, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 8 Filings; Google (Potentially) Blows the Door Off Oracle's Copyright Claims - Updated: As Text ~mw
Apr 25, 2012Day 8 at the Oracle v. Google Trial ~ pj - Updated 7Xs - Rubin, Bornstein, Judge Denies Oracle Motion Re '702 Patent
Apr 25, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 7 Filings ~mw
Apr 24, 2012Week 2, Day 7 at the Oracle v. Google Trial ~ pj - Rubin, Schmidt, Updated 7Xs
Apr 24, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 6 Filings ~mw
Apr 23, 2012Week 2, Day 6 of Oracle v. Google ~pj - Updated 6Xs - Lee, Mitchell, Rubin
Apr 23, 2012Sun's Tim Bray on the Day Sun Released Java Under GPL -- "There Will be Lots of Forks and I Approve" ~pj
Apr 23, 2012Oracle v. Google - More Weekend Filings - The Most Recent Briefs on Copyright Liability - UPDATED ~mw
Apr 21, 2012Judge Alsup Decides He, Not the Jury, Will Decide the Issue of API Copyrightability ~pj
Apr 21, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 5 Filings; What Is the "Work as a Whole?" ~mw
Apr 21, 2012Day 5 - Oracle v. Google Trial ~pj - Updated 5Xs (Lee, Swetland, Morrill, Cizek)
Apr 20, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 4 Filings; Why Are APIs Hard to Develop? ~mw
Apr 19, 2012Day 4, Thursday, Oracle v. Google ~ pj - Updated 7Xs - Reinhold, Lindholm, Bloch
Apr 19, 2012Day 3 of the Oracle v. Google Trial ~pj - Updated 6Xs (Larry Page, Reinhold, Screven.)
Apr 19, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 3 Filings ~mw
Apr 19, 2012 Oracle and Florian Mueller Got Hitched ~ pj
Apr 18, 2012Oracle v. Google - What's the Deal With the Java Specification License?
Apr 18, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Slides and Day 2 Filings
Apr 17, 2012Day 2 of Oracle v. Google Trial ~pj - Updated 9Xs - Ellison, Kurian, Page and Google's Opening Statement Slides
Apr 16, 2012Oracle v. Google - Day 1 Filings
Apr 16, 2012Today's the Day: Day 1 of the Oracle v. Google Trial in San Francisco ~pj - Updated 10Xs: 1st word to last word
Apr 14, 2012 Oracle to the Court: Could We Add a Pile of New Exhibits at the Very Last Moment, Please? ~pj
Apr 13, 2012Oracle and Google Debate: Can You Copyright Computer Languages, APIs ~ pj
Apr 13, 2012Apple Can Defend Its Apps Developers: Motion to Intervene Granted in Part ~pj
Apr 12, 2012Judge Grants 2 Out of 3 Issues in Google's Motion to Deem Facts Undisputed at Trial ~pj
Apr 11, 2012Google Prevails (mostly) on the Motions Against Dr. Kearl ~ pj
Apr 10, 2012Oracle v. Google - Agreeing (or Not) on the Issues
Apr 8, 2012Oracle v. Google - No End In Sight On the Copyright Issues
Apr 7, 2012Oracle v. Google's Dec. 21, 2011 Preliminary Pretrial Conference Transcript: Judge Alsup Takes Center Stage ~ pj
Apr 6, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Jury
Apr 5, 2012Oracle v. Google - Copyright Infringement Assertions and Trial Dates
Apr 4, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Parties (Sort of) Answer the Court's Questions on Copyright
Apr 3, 2012Oracle v. Google - Both Parties Take Exception to Kearl Expert Report
Apr 2, 2012SCO v. IBM Hearing Reassigned to Judge David Nuffer - Hearing Off For Now ~pj Updated
Apr 2, 2012Microsoft's Reply to Novell's Opposition to Microsoft's Motion for Judgment as Matter of Law ~ pj
Apr 1, 2012Another Patent Attack on Google with More Wild $$ Predictions ~pj
Mar 31, 2012Oracle v. Google - Administrative Matters
Mar 30, 2012Another Patent Infringement Claim Against Red Hat and JBoss
Mar 30, 2012Oracle v. Google - More Questions From the Court on Copyright
Mar 29, 2012Oracle v. Google - Streamlining the Case and More Copyright Questions
Mar 28, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Supplemental Copyright Briefs
Mar 27, 2012Oracle v. Google - A Few Orders From the Court
Mar 26, 2012Mayo Decision Impacts Myriad Genetics - Judgment Vacated, Remanded ~pj
Mar 23, 2012Magistrate Judge Orders Oracle and Google to Attend Settlement Talks By April 9 ~pj - Updated 2Xs
Mar 23, 2012USPTO Issues Interim Mayo Guidance ~pj
Mar 21, 2012Oracle v. Google - Continuance Denied; Trial to Start April 16
Mar 20, 2012Mayo Collaborative Services v. Prometheus - Mayo Prevails - Judgment as Text ~pj - Updated 4Xs
Mar 20, 2012Oracle v. Google - The "Final" Damages Figures
Mar 19, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Requests One-Week Delay
Mar 17, 2012Another New Lodsys Case - Ryonet v. Lodsys ~pj - Updated
Mar 15, 2012Oracle v. Google - Court Rejects Much (But Not All) of the Supplemental Reports of Drs. Cox and Leonard
Mar 15, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Requests Continuance; Not Likely
Mar 13, 2012Oracle v. Google - Trial On; Most of Cockburn Third Report Stricken
Mar 13, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Copyright Contentions
Mar 12, 2012Oracle Files Motion to Amend/Correct '205 Infringement Contentions ~pj
Mar 10, 2012Novell Files Gargantuan Opposition to Microsoft's Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law ~pj - Updated, as text
Mar 9, 2012Oracle Asks for a Fast Trial in the Spring; Google Wants the Fall ~ pj
Mar 9, 2012Judge Orders the Court's Expert to Wait to Finish his Report in Oracle v. Google - Oracle Must be Nervous ~pj
Mar 7, 2012Today's Hearing on Oracle's 3rd Proposed Damages Reports- Eyewitness Report ~pj Updated 4Xs
Mar 7, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle Rejects Google Expert Responses; Judge Driving Damages
Mar 6, 2012Oracle v. Google - New Order Regarding Material To Be Produced At Wednesday's Hearing
Mar 5, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google: Why the Cox and Leonard Supplemental Reports Should Stand As Is
Mar 3, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google: Oracle Attempting to "Smuggle" in New Theory; Oracle: Not So
Mar 2, 2012Oracle v. Google - Reexaminations Invite a Stay
Mar 1, 2012Oracle v. Google - Court to Hold Hearing on Third Damages Report
Mar 1, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle: Hold Everything, We Want To Change Our Infringement Claims
Feb 29, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google: There Is Nothing Objective About the Cockburn Report (UPDATED)
Feb 28, 2012EveryMD sues Facebook business account end users for patent infringement ~pj Updated 2Xs
Feb 28, 2012Oracle v. Google - Don't Count On A Delay (or Objective Analysis)
Feb 27, 2012Oracle v. Google - Third Damages Report: Arguments and Counter-Motions to Strike
Feb 25, 2012A 1992 Undocumented API Issue: "MS and Crisis of Confidence" ~pj (Novell v. MS)
Feb 23, 2012Oracle v. Google - More Bad News for Oracle on the Patent Validity Front
Feb 22, 2012Oracle v. Google - No Real Progress on the Issue of Patent Marking
Feb 21, 2012Oracle v. Google - Understanding the Copyright Issue with API Specifications - mw
Feb 20, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Takes Exception to Third Damages Report [as text]
Feb 18, 2012Oracle Drops Final Claim in Patent '476 and Google Moves to Strike Portions of 3rd Oracle Damages Report ~pj
Feb 16, 2012SCO and IBM Stipulate on Going Forward with Utah Litigation -- It's Game On ~ pj
Feb 16, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Seeks To Knock Out Patent
Feb 14, 2012Software Standards and Patent Licensing
Feb 13, 2012Understanding Limitations on Damages in Patent Infringement
Feb 12, 2012Microsoft Files Memorandum in Support of its Renewed Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law against Novell ~pj - Updated
Feb 12, 2012In Defense of Anonymous Speech ~pj
Feb 11, 2012SCO v. IBM Hearing Date Changed to April 23rd at 2:30 PM Before Judge Benson ~pj
Feb 10, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle Engineer: Android Is Not Java ME!
Feb 9, 2012Barnes & Noble Files Petition for Review Re Patent Misuse Defense ~pj - Updated 3Xs
Feb 9, 2012Oracle v. Google - Judge Orders Oracle to Cough Up Engineers
Feb 9, 2012Oracle v. Google - Who Contributed To The Third Cockburn Report?
Feb 7, 2012Some Really Good News for Barnes & Noble; and Microsoft Withdraws Another Patent ~pj
Feb 6, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Denied Writ of Mandamus on Lindholm Email
Feb 6, 2012Oracle v. Google - Still Waiting on the Revised Cockburn Report
Feb 3, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Copyright Issues
Feb 2, 2012Oracle v. Google - Moving the Case Along
Feb 1, 2012The Latest on the Barnes & Noble Patent Misuse Defense - Some AntiFUD ~pj -Updated
Feb 1, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google On The Hot Seat On Marking Issue
Jan 30, 2012Oracle v. Google - Patent Marking - Closing the Gap
Jan 29, 2012Barnes & Noble and MS Agree: Ballmer Will Not Have to Testify Live at ITC, and Some Antitrust Homework ~pj
Jan 26, 2012Oracle v. Google - Google Wins on Claim Construction Issues
Jan 25, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle to Produce Third Attempt at Damages Report
Jan 24, 2012Mosaid v. Red Hat - MOSAID responds
Jan 23, 2012Nokia struggles some more to evade Barnes & Noble's discovery requests ~ pj
Jan 19, 2012Oracle Gets a Spanking & a 3rd Try to Come Up With a Usable Expert Damages Report ~ pj
Jan 19, 2012How SOPA and PIPA Affect US Websites and Companies ~pj
Jan 18, 2012The First Internet Strike in History a Success ~pj
Jan 18, 2012Oracle v. Google - Oracle (Sort of) Requests a Third Damages Report
Jan 16, 2012Microsoft Files Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law
Jan 13, 2012Oracle v. Google - Rock, Meet Hard Place
Jan 12, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Petition for Writ of Mandamus and Other Continuing Arguments
Jan 12, 2012Barnes & Noble Opposes Microsoft's Motion for SJ on Patent Misuse Defense ~pj
Jan 11, 2012Oracle v. Google: Strike Two On The Cockburn (Revised) Damages Report
Jan 10, 2012Mosaid v. Red Hat - Before You File A Complaint, Learn The Law (And The Facts)
Jan 8, 2012Nokia Moves To Quash Barnes & Noble's Letter of Request the ITC Sent to Finland Re Discovery ~pj - Updated 2Xs
Jan 6, 2012Oracle v. Google - The Continued Fight Over Damages
Jan 5, 2012Oracle v. Google - Final Pretrial Order and Order on the Motions In Limine
Jan 4, 2012How Far Is Too Far In Encouraging Healthy Eating
Jan 3, 2012Oracle v. Google - Patent Marking Facts - A Timetable
Dec 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Another Reason for Introducing Non-Final Reexamination Information
Dec 28, 2011Oracle v. Google - Inquisitive Judge Invites Questionable Approach
Dec 28, 2011Microsoft Sends Judge Motz Another Letter: Agrees to Mediation of Novell's Antitrust Complaint Re WordPerfect ~ pj
Dec 28, 2011SCO's bankruptcy keeps rolling along ~pj - Updated
Dec 23, 2011Oracle v. Google - A Last Minute Present to Google from the USPTO
Dec 23, 2011Oracle v. Google - Pretrial Conference Held
Dec 21, 2011Oracle v. Google - More Arguments with Respect to the Cockburn Damages Report
Dec 20, 2011Microsoft Sends Letter to Judge Motz: They will renew motion to dismiss Novell's case as a matter of law ~pj
Dec 20, 2011Apple v. HTC in the ITC - More About Nails in the Road - UPDATE
Dec 18, 2011Holdout Juror Was Convinced Microsoft Was Guilty of Anticompetitive Behavior ~pj - Updated: MS Motion to Dismiss
Dec 16, 2011Hung Jury - 11 to 1 for Novell -- Mistrial in Novell v. Microsoft ~ pj - Updated 5Xs
Dec 14, 2011Closing Arguments in the Novell v. Microsoft's Antitrust Trial ~pj - Updated 2Xs
Dec 14, 2011Judge Sam Has Now Recused Himself from SCO v. IBM ~pj
Dec 14, 2011Lodsys - Another Update
Dec 12, 2011Oracle v. Google - Claim Construction at Issue
Dec 11, 2011The Depressing Mayo v. Prometheus Oral Argument at the US Supreme Court ~pj
Dec 10, 2011Judge Waddoups Also Recuses Himself from SCO v. IBM ~ pj
Dec 9, 2011SCO's Reply to IBM's Opposition to SCO's Move to Partly Reopening the Case ~pj
Dec 8, 2011ITC Recommends Finland and Canada Help Barnes & Noble Get Evidence from Nokia and MOSAID ~pj
Dec 8, 2011Oracle v. Google - Pretrial Update
Dec 7, 2011Oracle v. Google - Patent Marking and the Cockburn Report
Dec 6, 2011Oracle v. Google - More on Patent Marking
Dec 5, 2011Oracle v. Google - A Minor Update on Claims Construction and Patent Marking
Dec 3, 2011Software Freedom Law Center Asks U.S. Librarian of Congress for DMCA Exemption ~pj - Updated
Dec 2, 2011Oracle v. Google - That Didn't Take Long
Dec 1, 2011Oracle v. Google - Proof of Patent Marking
Nov 30, 2011Barnes & Noble hires David Boies
Nov 30, 2011Hearing Set For SCO's Motion to Partly Reopen SCO v. IBM ~ pj
Nov 30, 2011Lodsys - An Update
Nov 29, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle Loses on Motion Regarding Leonard and Cox Reports
Nov 28, 2011Oracle v. Google - Why Jury Instructions Make A Difference - Updated 2Xs: A Comparative Chart
Nov 26, 2011Sony PS3 Class Action Update: July 21, 2011 Oral Argument Transcript ~ pj - Updated
Nov 24, 2011IBM Responds to SCO's Motion to Partly Reopen SCO v. IBM and a New Judge Assigned ~pj Updated
Nov 23, 2011Oracle v. Google - Motions In Limine
Nov 22, 2011Oracle v. Google - Update on the Reexaminations
Nov 22, 2011 Novell Asks to Reopen Case in Chief & Tells the Court How Microsoft Stabbed It In The Back ~pj
Nov 21, 2011Oracle v. Google - The Pretrial Issues
Nov 19, 2011Friday at Novell v. Microsoft Trial, and a Compaq, 1993 Exhibit: How Retaliatory Would Microsoft Get? ~pj Updated 4Xs
Nov 18, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle Names Final Three Deponents
Nov 18, 2011Barnes & Noble Lawyers Up Some More, Finds More Prior Art, and Seeks Letter Rogatory Re MOSAID ~ pj
Nov 17, 2011Allen v. World - Reexaminations Move Along; Interval Holding Own
Nov 16, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Wins One and Has a Second Deferred
Nov 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Copyright Fight Moves To Trial; Oracle Gains Some Depos
Nov 14, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Files Writ; Oracle Complains About Production of Witnesses
Nov 14, 2011Copyright in Open Source Software - Understanding the Boundaries
Nov 13, 2011 Barnes & Noble Exposes Microsoft's "Trivial" Patents and Strategy Against Android ~pj Updated
Nov 11, 2011Barnes & Noble's Letter and Slides Presentation Filed with the ITC ~ by pj - Updated
Nov 11, 2011Oracle v. Google - Another Transcript (July 21, 2011 Hearing on Depositions)
Nov 10, 2011Oracle v. Google - How to Proceed on the Copyright Issue III
Nov 9, 2011Oracle v. Google - A Slow Day
Nov 8, 2011Oracle v. Google - About That Daubert Hearing on the Cockburn Report
Nov 7, 2011Oracle v. Google - How to Proceed on the Copyright Issue II
Nov 4, 2011Believe It Or Not: SCO Moves to Partly Reopen SCO v. IBM ~ by pj - as text, updated 2Xs
Nov 4, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google to Appeal Lindholm Decision; Fight Over Experts
Nov 3, 2011Changing the Software Patent Landscape in the U.S. - What won't work (and what might)
Nov 3, 2011Novell v. Microsoft -- What's It All About? ~ by pj - Updated
Nov 2, 2011Oracle v. Google - How to Proceed on the Copyright Issue
Nov 1, 2011Allen v. World - Reexamination Update - 10-31-2011
Oct 31, 2011Oracle v. Google - Opposing Positions (to Motions)
Oct 28, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle On Copyright
Oct 27, 2011Oracle v. Google - Email Battle Continues; Trial Delayed Until 2012
Oct 26, 2011IFOSS Law Review - Compatibility Of The Licensing Of Embedded Patents With Open Source Licensing Terms
Oct 25, 2011Lodsys - Another Update on the Lodsys Cases - as of 24 October 2011
Oct 24, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Loses Lindholm Email Battle
Oct 23, 2011Oracle and Google's Joint Exhibit List - as text ~pj
Oct 21, 2011Google Files Motion for Partial SJ on Oracle's Failure to Mark ~ pj
Oct 21, 2011Microsoft's Opening Statement in Novell v. MS Contradicted ~ pj - Updated 3Xs
Oct 21, 2011Lindholm Email Stays in the Case, as Judge Denies Google's Motion ~ pj
Oct 20, 2011Oracle v. Google Trial Date Vacated; Oracle Plans to File 2 SJ Motions; Joint Exhibit List Filed - ~pj -Updated
Oct 19, 2011Oracle v. Google - Trial Briefs, Special Verdict Forms, and Jury Instructions
Oct 18, 2011Novell v. Microsoft - Day 2 - Opening Statements ~ pj - Updated 2Xs
Oct 17, 2011Novell v. Microsoft - The Antitrust Trial Begins; Picking the Jury ~ by pj
Oct 17, 2011Lodsys - Reexamination - Non-Final Office Action Rejects 24 Claims of '565 Patent
Oct 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Motion Practice
Oct 14, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Continuing To Press Hard On Its Positions
Oct 13, 2011Oracle v. Google - You Can't Make This Stuff Up (or maybe you can)
Oct 12, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Gets Significant Win on Mitchell Report
Oct 11, 2011Oracle v. Google - Pre-Trial Filings - Part II - mw
Oct 10, 2011Oracle v. Google - Pre-Trial Filings - Part I
Oct 7, 2011Oracle v. Google - No Reconsideration for Oracle
Oct 6, 2011Oracle v. Google - Trial Likely Delayed
Oct 5, 2011Software Is Mathematics - The Need for Due Diligence, by PolR
Oct 4, 2011Oracle v. Google - Stay or Not to Stay, That Is the Question - Redux
Oct 4, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Files Case Management Statement
Oct 3, 2011Oracle v. Google - Settlement Discussions Continue
Sep 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle Specifies Claims It Will Assert
Sep 30, 2011Lodsys - Reexamination - Non-Final Office Action Rejects 28 Claims of '078 Patent
Sep 29, 2011Psystar Loses its Appeal; Licensees Have No First-Sale Rights; Costs Awarded to Apple ~ pj
Sep 29, 2011Lodsys - Some Interesting New Defenses Arise
Sep 27, 2011Oracle v. Google - Orders, Orders, Orders
Sep 26, 2011Lodsys - An Update On The Lodsys Cases
Sep 23, 2011Oracle v. Google - And Oracle responds on the Cockburn Damages Report and the Lindholm email
Sep 22, 2011Oracle v. Google - Lindholm Email, Mitchell Patent Report, and Cockburn Damages Report
Sep 21, 2011Patent Reform - A Rush To The Courthouse By Trolls
Sep 20, 2011Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Trial Re: WordPerfect Set for Oct. 17 in Utah - by pj
Sep 20, 2011Oracle v. Google - Update on '702 Reexamination
Sep 19, 2011The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls - Bessen, Meurer and Ford - UPDATED html version of paper
Sep 19, 2011Oracle v. Google - The Dispute Over Prof. Mitchell's Patent Report - UPDATED 2Xs
Sep 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Denied Summary Judgment on Copyright
Sep 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Still Trying to Suppress the Lindholm Email
Sep 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle's MSJ Opposition on Copyright - Some Interesting Nuggets
Sep 14, 2011Oracle v. Google - Copyright Summary Judgment Hearing Tomorrow - UPDATE
Sep 14, 2011Oracle v. Google - 706 Expert
Sep 13, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle's Unredacted Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment & Expert Mitchell's Report - Copyright
Sep 12, 2011Oracle v. Google - Section 271(f) and Why It Is Important
Sep 12, 2011Oracle v. Google - Mediation and Jury Selection
Sep 9, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google's Expert Report and a Jury Issue
Sep 8, 2011A Simpler Explanation of Why Software is Mathematics by PolR
Sep 7, 2011Publicly Releasing Open Source Software Developed for the U.S. Government by Dr. David A. Wheeler
Sep 6, 2011Oracle v. Google - Reexamination - Patent 6125447
Sep 5, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Knocks Another (Minor) Chip Out of Oracle
Sep 2, 2011Oracle v. Google - More Argument on the Copyright Issue (Connectix) - UPDATE
Aug 31, 2011Allen v. World - Apple Responds to Interval Reexam Response
Aug 31, 2011Oracle v. Google - Minor Update on Reexaminations
Aug 30, 201110th Circuit Affirms in All Respects - Novell, Not SCO, Owns the Copyrights, etc., by pj
Aug 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Not a Good Day for Google on the Lindholm Emails
Aug 29, 2011Lodsys - Lodsys in a Panic to Keep Apple Out of Suit
Aug 26, 2011Oracle v. Google - One Discovery Issue Gets Resolved
Aug 25, 2011Mosaid v. Red Hat - A new patent infringement complaint aimed at Linux
Aug 24, 2011Oracle v. Google - An Update on the Reexaminations as of 8-22-11
Aug 23, 2011Patents - Which Ones Are More Likely to Be Asserted in Litigation
Aug 22, 2011Oracle v. Google - Some Potentially Important Victories for Google - Updated
Aug 19, 2011Post-Bilski: The Federal Circuit Further Refines Patentable Process Claim Subject Matter
Aug 18, 2011Google Reexam Requests Devastating to Lodsys
Aug 17, 2011Lodsys - DriveTime Says It Suspects Lodsys is an "alter ego" of Intellectual Ventures, Asks to Do Discovery
Aug 17, 2011Oracle v. Google - Last Minute Discovery Activity
Aug 15, 2011The Mobile Earthquake - GPL Compliance, Google Acquisitions, etc.
Aug 15, 2011Allen v. World - Reexamination Update
Aug 13, 2011Lodsys - Reexamination - Game On!
Aug 13, 2011Lodsys - Apple Responds to the Lodsys Opposition
Aug 12, 2011SCO Bankruptcy: March 2, 2011 Hearing Transcript, as text, 2 OPA Bills and MORs for April, May and June ~ by pj - updated
Aug 11, 2011Oracle v. Google - Look What The Cat Dragged In (to Oracle)
Aug 10, 2011Lodsys - Another DJ Action in Wisconsin
Aug 10, 2011Oracle v. Google - A Potpourri of Filings and Orders
Aug 9, 2011Oracle v. Google - The '720 Patent In Play In Reexam
Aug 8, 2011Oracle and Google - Deja Vu on the Email Dispute
Aug 8, 2011Oracle v. Google - Balance of Discovery Failures Lies with Oracle
Aug 5, 2011A Brief Explanation of Microsoft's Anti-Google Patent FUD ~ by pj
Aug 5, 2011Lodsys - Another DJ Action
Aug 5, 2011Oracle v. Google - You Name It, You'll Find It In This Story
Aug 3, 2011Allen v. World - Interval Files First Response to Office Action
Aug 2, 2011Lodsys - An update
Aug 1, 2011Google's New Patents
Jul 31, 2011 TSG Tells Bankruptcy Court: Collecting Novell's SVRX $$ Has Stopped ~ by pj
Jul 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Breaking News - Oracle and Google Agree On Time Of Day
Jul 29, 2011Lodsys - Lodsys (not surprisingly) Opposes Apple's Motion to Intervene
Jul 27, 2011Oracle v. Google - Just sayin' . . .
Jul 27, 2011Lodsys - Apple Amends Its Proposed Answer and Counterclaim
Jul 26, 2011The Yarro Lenders and TSG, f/k/a SCO, Strike a New Deal to Pay Back the Loan. Or Not. ~ by pj
Jul 25, 2011Oracle v. Google - Damages Report - Try Again, Oracle
Jul 25, 2011Lodsys - Piling It On, A Possible Reason
Jul 23, 2011Oracle v. Google - My Precious
Jul 22, 2011Lodsys - Piling It On, But To What Purpose
Jul 21, 2011Oracle v. Google - Stay or Not to Stay, That Is the Question
Jul 19, 2011We Can Stop Wondering Now - UPDATE
Jul 18, 2011Inevitable - UPDATE
Jul 16, 2011SCO's Omnibus Bankruptcy Hearing on June 18th Cancelled, Etc. ~ by pj
Jul 15, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle Wants to Depose Page, Ho-hum
Jul 15, 2011Project Harmony, Open Hardware License and Open Hardware Repository
Jul 13, 2011Allen v. World - RECONSIDERATION DENIED! Interval Down in Flames
Jul 13, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle Responds on '720 Office Action - UPDATED
Jul 12, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google Moves to Supplement Its Invalidity Defenses
Jul 11, 2011Oracle v. Google - The Court Questions Oracle's Damages Report
Jul 8, 2011Novell Answers Lodsys - It's Sterling Brennan for Novell! ~ by pj
Jul 8, 2011Allen v. World - A Pattern of "Do-Overs" - UPDATED
Jul 7, 2011Oracle v. Google - The Daubert Motion - Final Briefing
Jul 6, 2011Nortel Patent Sale - Why Isn't It Getting FTC/DOJ Scrutiny?
Jul 5, 2011Lodsys - This is going to get expensive . . . for Lodsys - UPDATED 2Xs
Jul 1, 2011An Update on the IFOSS Law Review and Announcing the IFOSS Law Book
Jun 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Oracle's Response to the Daubert Motion - Updated
Jun 29, 2011Reexaminations - Detailed Tables - UPDATED
Jun 28, 2011Allen v. World - Interval Appeals the Stay
Jun 28, 2011Oracle v. Google - Reexam Update as of 06-27-11
Jun 27, 2011James Bessen's Latest Paper on Software Patents
Jun 27, 2011Patent Reform - If Your Head Hurt Before . . . - UPDATED
Jun 25, 2011SCO v. Novell: Oral Argument at the Appeals Court -- Audio ~ by pj - Update: Transcript
Jun 24, 2011Allen v. World - Strike One!
Jun 23, 2011Embedded GPL - An Important Case from Germany
Jun 23, 2011EFF Urges Supreme Court to Hear Vernor v. AutoDesk First Sale Case
Jun 22, 2011Oracle v. Google - Updating the Reexams - UPDATED
Jun 21, 2011BitTorrent - It's not just about copyright any more
Jun 20, 2011Oracle v. Google - Posturing Over Damages - UPDATED
Jun 16, 2011SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Tomorrow Cancelled
Jun 16, 2011Lodsys Patents - Picking Your Brain - Prior Art Updated
Jun 15, 2011Responding to Lodsys - Other Alternatives for Developers - Updated 2Xs
Jun 14, 2011What to Do If You Receive a Lodsys Letter - by Patrick T. Igoe, Esq.
Jun 13, 2011Anatomy of a Dying Patent - The Reexamination of Trend Micro's '600 Patent
Jun 11, 2011Allen v. World - Renewed Motion to Stay Proceedings
Jun 9, 2011Microsoft v. I4I - Disappointing Supreme Court decision, but understandable
Jun 9, 2011Oracle v. Google - Before We Talk About Damages
Jun 8, 2011Google Granted Leave to File a Daubert Motion; Says Oracle's Damages Report is Unreliable, Misleading - by pj
Jun 7, 2011Oracle v. Google - 3rd Oracle In-House Attorney Gets Limited AEO Access
Jun 6, 2011On Premature Predictions Based on Claim Construction Orders, by pj
Jun 4, 2011CLA Redux - The Donation of OpenOffice to the Apache Foundation
Jun 3, 2011Allen v. World – A little jockeying
Jun 2, 2011Oracle v. Google - What is "competitive decision-making?" - Updated
Jun 1, 2011AT&T/Regents Collection 1973-1999 Raises the Question: What Unix Copyrights Does Novell Own? ~ by pj
May 31, 2011European Commission vs. Microsoft – The On-going Saga - Updated
May 30, 2011Oracle v. Google - Google decides to pack some heat
May 27, 2011Paul Allen v. World - The world kicks back - UPDATED
May 26, 2011Oracle v. Google - A judge grounded in the real world
May 24, 2011A CLA By Any Other Name - Updated 3Xs
May 20, 2011Oracle v. Google - Sweating the details - Updated
May 19, 2011SCO Bankruptcy Hearings - cancellation and new schedule - updated
May 18, 2011Paul Allen v. World – One At A Time (Or Not) - Updated, Order as text
May 16, 2011Not So Fast, Bedrock
May 16, 2011As of Today, It's Mark Webbink's Groklaw 2.0 - Updated
May 14, 2011Blank Rome Files 8 Bills For a Little More Than Half a Million Dollars and LeapTide and Yarro Make an Appearance - Updated
May 13, 2011The Order Dismissing Koch Industries v. John Does 1-25
May 11, 2011Some Observations on Oracle v. Google, by Mark Webbink, Esq.
May 11, 2011Linux Heavily Used in the Enterprise by 1999 - And SCO Knew It or Could/Should Have - Updated
May 10, 2011Oracle's Subpoena to Apache, Claim Construction Order, and an Annoyed Judge
May 9, 2011Oracle is not Happy; Asks Judge to Reconsider Order Reducing Claims
May 7, 2011SCO Officially Changes Its Name to TSG
May 6, 2011 Yarro Makes His Move and Cahn Moves to Block
May 5, 2011Oracle Ordered to Reduce Claims Against Google From 132 to 3
May 3, 2011Novell Prevails Over Microsoft in WordPerfect Antitrust Appeal - "Reversed and remanded" - Updated: Audio
May 1, 2011Oracle and Google Try to Reduce Their Claims & Judge Issues Tentative Claims Construction Order
Apr 28, 2011Prior Art, Anyone? Anyone? Barnes & Noble? Google? Motorola? - Updated 4Xs
Apr 27, 2011Novell Swallowed by Attachmate; It's a Done Deal; CPTN Too - Updated
Apr 27, 2011Barnes & Noble Charges Microsoft with Misusing Patents to Further an Anticompetive Scheme Against Android - Updated
Apr 26, 2011SCO's Ch. 11 Finally Files Feb. MORs - Oops. In Debt.
Apr 26, 20111 + 1 (pat. pending) — Mathematics, Software and Free Speech
Apr 22, 2011More Wayne Gray. No! Again? Still?! Yes. He Wants to Reopen Discovery in the USPTO Dispute
Apr 20, 2011 DOJ and German Antitrust Body Order Changes to CPTN Patent Purchase - Updated
Apr 20, 2011Open Invention Network Takes on Mass - Facebook and HP Join
Apr 19, 2011Microsoft v. i4i Oral Argument Transcript - As Text, Translated for Geeks
Apr 17, 2011Oral Argument in Microsoft v. i4i at US Supreme Court Today - Why FOSS Cares - Updated: Transcript
Apr 15, 2011AFUL and FFII Asking for Evidence of Difficulties Buying/Selling a Computer without Windows in EU
Apr 14, 2011A Reminder and a Thought
Apr 14, 2011UnXis Tells Us What the Plan Is; So Does Open Group - Updated 2Xs
Apr 14, 2011The Google-Microsoft Fight About FISMA Certification - Updated 3Xs
Apr 11, 2011UnXis Claims It Got the UNIX and UnixWare Trademarks in Sale of SCO Assets - Huh? - Updated
Apr 11, 2011SCEA and George Hotz Reach Settlement!
Apr 9, 2011Groklaw Articles Ending on May 16th
Apr 8, 2011OSI to German Antitrust Body: CPTN's New Terms Still Unacceptable - Updated
Apr 6, 2011SCO Files MORS for January and Ocean Park Asks for Money
Apr 5, 2011Trading in SCO's shares suspended by the SEC
Apr 4, 2011Today's Oral Argument in the Myriad Genetics case
Apr 3, 2011SCEA Files Motion to Dismiss Class Action Again, More Discovery Disputes, Plus a Revealing Transcript Surfaces - Update
Apr 2, 2011Nokia says about Symbian: "We're Open". The New License Shows Otherwise. - Updated
Mar 31, 2011Microsoft Gives Up, Says It Can't Win: Files an Antitrust Complaint Against Google
Mar 31, 2011Google and Oracle File Claim Construction Statements & Fight Again About Discovery - Updated
Mar 30, 2011"Duty of Care": Yesterday's Hearing in Utah St. Court on Rosenberg v. Google
Mar 29, 2011 Judge Spero Rules on Jurisdictional Discovery in SCEA v. Hotz
Mar 27, 2011Hotz Ably Fights for His Motion to Dismiss - Tells Court SCEA's Case Doesn't Belong in CA
Mar 25, 2011Weekend Off
Mar 25, 2011Hearing (Telephonic) on Searching Hotz's Hard Drive Set For March 28
Mar 24, 2011Why Is Microsoft Seeking New State Laws That Allow it to Sue Competitors For Piracy by Overseas Suppliers?
Mar 22, 2011Sony Opposes Hotz's Motion to Dismiss - Updated 4Xs
Mar 22, 2011Linus Speaks Regarding Claims About Bionic: "It Seems Totally Bogus" - Updated
Mar 21, 2011Microsoft Sues Barnes & Noble for Selling Nooks running Android
Mar 21, 2011Paul Allen v. World - World Files Joint Motion for Stay Pending Reexams - Updated
Mar 18, 2011Court Rejects Hotz's Motion for Protective Order & Lays Down the Rules; and March 10th Hearing Transcript, as text
Mar 18, 2011Hotz Accuses Sony of "False Representations" to the Court and Petitions for Protective Order - Updated
Mar 16, 2011Oracle, Unisys File Requests for Notice in SCO Bankruptcy
Mar 15, 2011Ocean Park's Bill for January in the SCO Bankruptcy
Mar 13, 2011The Sony Class Action's First Amended Complaint, as text - Updated
Mar 11, 2011Subpoenas in SCEA v. Hotz Issue, Subject to Motions to Quash - Updated
Mar 10, 2011The Sony PS3 Class File An Amended Complaint
Mar 10, 2011SCO, unXis, Microsoft, Canopy, Carlyle, Elliott Associates, and Koch Industries - Updated
Mar 7, 2011Judge Gross Approves Sale of SCO's Assets to UnXis; Gives Novell 14 Days to Appeal - Updated 5Xs
Mar 6, 2011The EFF Letter: Sony's subpoenas "impact the free speech interests of myriad third parties"
Mar 3, 2011Impoundment Issues and an Agreement on "Narrowed" Subpoenas in SCEA v. Hotz - Updated 2Xs - EFF letter
Mar 2, 2011Reports from Today's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing - Updated 7Xs
Mar 2, 2011US Supreme Court: 1st Amendment Shields Westboro Baptist Church - The Decision as Text - Updated
Mar 1, 2011A 2004 UNIX/Linux Code Comparison for SCO Showed Essentially Nothing - Update on Baystar
Feb 28, 2011SCO Bankruptcy Hearing on Selling Assets to unXis Set for March 2 at 2 PM
Feb 25, 2011Microsoft Shows Sony a Better Way
Feb 24, 2011Oracle and Google Tell the Court the Claim Constructions They Agree and Disagree On
Feb 22, 2011Sony v. Hotz: The Parties Agree and Disagree on Jurisdictional Discovery Issues
Feb 21, 2011We'll be offline for a bit tomorrow - Update: We're back
Feb 21, 2011 What's Happening in the Class Action Against Sony About Removing OtherOS? - Updated 2Xs
Feb 19, 2011Novell Shareholders Approve Attachmate Deal
Feb 18, 2011Stipulation: Hotz to Turn Over Computers to Neutral Third Party - Updated
Feb 16, 2011Google Files Motion for Leave to File Motion for Summary Judgment on Oracle's Copyright Claim - Updated 2Xs: Judge says not yet
Feb 15, 2011Tomorrow's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Postponed Until March 2
Feb 14, 2011The Modified Preliminary Injunction Order in SCEA v. Hotz
Feb 14, 2011Declaration of Bolandz Reveals UnXis Details; and Feb. 16th Bankruptcy Hearing Agenda - Updated 4 Xs
Feb 14, 2011SCO Responds to Novell's Objection With Some Very Tricky Dance Moves - Updated 3Xs
Feb 12, 2011SCO's MORs for November. Hahahaha.
Feb 11, 2011The White House Asks: What's Blocking Innovation in America? - My Answer: IP Laws
Feb 10, 2011Judge Illston Alters Some of Her Order; Issues Referred to Magistrate - Updated 2Xs
Feb 9, 2011Hearing on TRO in SCEA (Sony) v. Hotz Tomorrow at 10 AM - At Hotz's Request
Feb 9, 2011Oracle Opposes Google's Motion to Compel - Updated 2Xs -- They Worked It Out
Feb 9, 2011Judge Denies Sony's (SCEA) Motion to Shorten Time - Updated 3Xs: Sony Goofs Bigtime
Feb 8, 2011IBM/Oracle To Share Java Leadership: More Bylaws to Read
Feb 7, 2011Novell Files Objection to SCO's Proposed Sale of Assets to UnXis. Duh. - Updated 3 Xs: text and HP reserves rights
Feb 7, 2011Oracle v. Google: Food Fight in Discovery Already - Hearing Feb. 9 - Updated 2Xs
Feb 5, 2011Sony [SCEA] Asks to Go Deep-Water Fishing; Hotz Asks to Toss TRO, Narrow Impoundment Order - Updated 2Xs
Feb 4, 2011UnXis Claims It's the "Selected Buyer" of SCO Software Business; Will Restore it to Glory
Feb 3, 2011DOJ Asks Novell *and Microsoft* for More Information Regarding the Patent Sale
Feb 2, 2011Hotz Files Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Personal Jurisdiction, Improper Venue
Feb 2, 2011Another OPA Bill Filed in SCO's Bankruptcy
Jan 31, 2011Hotz Will Ask Judge to Reconsider TRO Order - Updated
Jan 27, 2011Sony Wins TRO, Impoundment - Updated
Jan 26, 2011Buh Bye - "This Site Has Been Suspended" - Updated
Jan 24, 2011It's unXis, back again, SCO hopes
Jan 23, 2011How Not to Get Snookered by Claims of "Proof" of Copyright Infringement - Updated
Jan 20, 2011Reports from the Courtroom: Oral Argument at 10th Circuit Court of Appeals - SCO v. Novell - Updated 2Xs
Jan 20, 2011FSF and OSI Join to Ask US DOJ and German Federal Cartel Office to Investigate CPTN Deal
Jan 18, 2011Novell Files Definitive Proxy Statement: Someone May Be Interested in the Patents and "Maybe More"
Jan 18, 2011Sony Files Exhibits Trying to Link Hotz to California - Updated - A Supplemental Brief
Jan 14, 2011Judge in Sony v. Hotz Expresses Concerns at Today's Hearing About Jurisdiction
Jan 13, 2011SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Jan. 18 Cancelled; New Date Feb. 16
Jan 13, 2011Wayne Gray Loses Appeal
Jan 12, 2011Sony v. Hotz Begins - Updated 2Xs: Hotz Responds
Jan 11, 2011Microsoft Organized Consortium Withdraws Filing in Germany - Will Refile
Jan 10, 2011Judges, Date Chosen for SCO v. Novell Appeal: Jan. 20th
Jan 8, 2011SCO Files MORs for October in Bankruptcy
Jan 6, 2011SCO wants to try to sell its business assets at another auction January 14th
Jan 4, 2011How to Tell When an Open Source Foundation Isn't About You - Updated 4Xs
Jan 3, 2011It's a New Year. Nothing Changed. Ocean Park Files Another Bill.
Jan 1, 2011Novell v. Microsoft Oral Argument Tentatively Scheduled for Week of March 22nd
Dec 30, 2010OSI Asks German FCO to Look Into the Proposed Patent Deal & You Can Too
Dec 29, 2010Allen v. World and Dog - First Amended Complaint - Updated
Dec 28, 2010I Figured Out What to Explain to You Next: Bylaws -- And a Word to the OpenSUSE Guys
Dec 25, 2010So. What Now?
Dec 20, 2010Microsoft, Standards, and Incompatibility: 1991-2010 -- And a Novell Smoking Gun - Updated 2Xs
Dec 18, 2010Oracle and Google Stipulate to a Proposed Protective Order - Updated
Dec 16, 2010Microsoft-Organized Consortium Buying Novell Patents Are Apple, Oracle, MS, and EMC - Updated 6Xs
Dec 15, 2010Interval Licensing v. Google Scheduling Conference Notes: It's Back to Go, and the Judge Asks Defendants to Be Creative
Dec 14, 2010OraGoogle - The Jockeying for Position Begins in Earnest with Dueling Protective Orders - Updated: the Order
Dec 13, 2010It's a Rematch in SCO's Appeal: Jacobs for Novell, Singer for SCO
Dec 10, 2010Google's Motion to Dismiss Paul Allen's Patent Infringement Complaint Granted
Dec 10, 2010Novell Wins Most of the Costs It Asked the Court to Get SCO to Pay.
Dec 6, 2010About Those 882 Novell Patents: This is Where OIN Comes In - Updated
Dec 5, 2010Viacom's Dangerous Appeal Brief in Viacom v. YouTube - Updated 2Xs
Dec 2, 2010Oracle's Reply to Google's Answer with Counterclaims
Dec 1, 2010The Psystar Appeal - Hearing (audio)
Nov 29, 2010SCO's Dec. 1 Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled: New Date Jan. 18
Nov 26, 2010The Elliott Associates $$ Agreements Behind the Novell-Attachmate Merger - Updated 4Xs
Nov 25, 2010HP Reserves Its Rights in SCO Bankruptcy - Mentions Litigation Resolved in 2003
Nov 24, 2010 The Novell-Attachmate Merger Agreement & A Message from Novell: We're Keeping the Copyrights Post-Merger - updated 3Xs
Nov 24, 2010Oral Argument in SCO's Appeal Set for January 20th at 9 AM
Nov 23, 2010Ocean Park Files its October Bill - Its 13th So Far in SCO Bankruptcy - Plus Aug. 23rd Hearing Transcript
Nov 22, 2010Novell Agrees to be Acquired by AttachMate; Sells Some IP to a MS-Organized Consortium - Updated
Nov 22, 2010Annotating SCO's Appellate Reply Brief
Nov 20, 2010AOL Joins in Google's Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismiss Interval Licensing's Complaint
Nov 19, 2010A Significant Novell Press Release Post-Amendment 2 Says Novell Sold "UnixWare product lines"
Nov 19, 2010Now it's Canadian Nortel Group Filing a Reservation of Rights
Nov 18, 2010Google et al Argue with Paul Allen's Interval Licensing: One Big Case or 11? Or None?
Nov 18, 2010Oracle declines to press its motion to dismiss, so motion is dismissed - Updated - Scheduling Order
Nov 16, 2010SCO Files Reply Brief in SCO v. Novell Appeal - Updated: as text
Nov 16, 2010Blank Rome Files Vague, Redacted Bills for March and April. Finally. - Update: May-July
Nov 15, 2010Geeknet Joins Open Invention Network
Nov 13, 20101995 SCO, HP, Novell press release: SCO bought the UnixWare business
Nov 11, 2010Ocean Park Advisors Files Its 12th Monthly Bill in SCO Bankruptcy
Nov 11, 2010Google Files Sizzling Answer to Oracle's Amended Complaint and its Opposition to Motion to Dismiss - updated 2Xs
Nov 9, 2010EFF Pioneer Awards 2010 - Our thank you video - Updated 3Xs: text, video
Nov 8, 2010SCO Files MORs for September in the Bankruptcy
Nov 8, 201010th Circuit Court of Appeals Grants in Part SCO's Motion to Expedite Appeal - Updated
Nov 5, 2010SCO files motion to expedite appeal of SCO v. Novell
Nov 4, 2010SCO's Nov. 8 Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled/Postponed Until Dec. 1
Nov 3, 2010The IP Innovation v. Red Hat and Novell Trial Transcripts - Updated, as text
Nov 2, 2010Paul Allen v. the World lurches forward - Judge says no delay on initial disclosures
Nov 1, 2010Wednesday's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled - Nov. 8 is Next
Oct 29, 2010Novell Files Its Appeal Brief in SCO v. Novell - Updated as text
Oct 28, 2010Oracle Gets Specific -- Files Amended Complaint - Updated 4Xs: And More, More, More: Oracles Answers Google's CC
Oct 27, 2010Oracle Files Motion to Strike Google's Answer, Some Counterclaims
Oct 26, 2010 Novell Objects to SCO's Notice of Cure Amounts. It's Déjà Vu All Over Again.
Oct 25, 2010Day 11 in the SCO v. Novell Trial, Monday, March 22, 2010, Tibbitts, LaSala - as text
Oct 24, 2010Google et al respond to Paul Allen with Motions to Dismiss, Sever - A Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On
Oct 23, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 15, Friday, March 26, 2010 - as text
Oct 23, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 14, Thursday, March 25, 2010 - as text
Oct 23, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 13, Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - as text
Oct 23, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 12, Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - as text
Oct 22, 2010Oracle Objects to SCO's Cure Notice: What contracts? Who is SCO selling to?
Oct 21, 2010EMC Objects to SCO's Cure Amount and a Tiny Bill from Tanner Arrives
Oct 21, 2010SCO v. Novell - The March 25, 2010 Jury Instructions Conference Now Unsealed
Oct 19, 20104 EFF Pioneer Awards Winners for 2010 Announced - I am one of them
Oct 18, 2010SCO's Oct. 20 Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled
Oct 17, 2010 Day 10 of the SCO v. Novell Trial, Friday, March 19, 2010: Stone, O'Gara, Nagle - as text
Oct 17, 2010SCO Files Notice of Cure Amounts. Again.
Oct 14, 2010SCO Files August MORs
Oct 13, 2010Another SCO Creditor Sells Its Claim to Argo
Oct 12, 2010The International Free and Open Source Software Law Review - Call for Papers
Oct 10, 2010Day 9 of the SCO v. Novell Trial, March 18, 2010, Part 2 - The Jury Gets to Learn About Earlier SCO Losses in Court
Oct 9, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 9, Thursday, March 18, 2010, Gasparro, Botosan, Langer, Pettit - as text - Updated
Oct 7, 2010Why Software is Abstract, by PolR
Oct 5, 2010Google Answers Oracle, Counterclaims, and Moves to Dismiss Copyright Infringement Claim
Oct 5, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 8, Wednesday, March 17, 2010; McBride, Pisano, Botosan - as text - Updated
Oct 1, 2010Some Amicus Briefs in Support of Microsoft in the i4i Case - Google's as text - Updated 2Xs
Sep 30, 2010Ocean Park's 11th Bill. Working on a Restructuring Plan. And Executing It.
Sep 29, 2010SCO v. Novell Trial, Day 7, Tuesday, March 16, 2010: It's Darl, Darl, Darl - as text
Sep 28, 2010Charles-H. Schulz of The Document Foundation Answers my Questions About LibreOffice
Sep 28, 2010LibreOffice is Born! - Updated
Sep 26, 2010An Open Response to the USPTO -- Physical Aspects of Mathematics
Sep 25, 2010SCO Files July MORs - Updated
Sep 23, 2010USPTO Orders Reexam of Trend Micro's AntiVirus Patent Based on Prior Art
Sep 23, 2010Oracle v. Google Assigned to Judge William Alsup, the Apple v. Psystar Judge
Sep 22, 2010Friday's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled
Sep 22, 2010How Many Words is Fair Use? Maybe More Than You and AP Thought: Let's Look at a Righthaven Case
Sep 17, 2010Creditors and a List of Former Attempted Buyers of SCO Get a Notice of the Auction - Updated 6Xs
Sep 17, 2010SCO v. Novell, Day 6, Monday, March 15, 2010 - as text - Madsen, McBride, Sabbath by video
Sep 16, 2010SCO Puts Out a Press Release About Selling UNIX Assets
Sep 15, 2010What is Dalvik? by Mark Murphy
Sep 14, 2010Tanner would like to be paid by SCO for a "July" ERISA audit
Sep 13, 2010SCO v. Novell Trial, Day 5, Friday, March 12, 2010 - as text
Sep 10, 2010Judge Campbell Rules: IBM Stays on Hold; SCO Loses Again
Sep 10, 2010Vernor v. AutoDesk - Vacated (first sale) and remanded (copyright misuse)
Sep 10, 2010SCO Files Appeal Brief - The 2nd Time Around
Sep 9, 2010FSF: Nothing Can Excuse Oracle's Patent Aggression
Sep 8, 2010Novell Responds to SCO's Objections to its Bill of Costs
Sep 5, 2010A Peek Behind the Curtain of the Texas Antitrust Complaints against Google - Updated 3Xs
Sep 2, 2010Finally We Get to Read the Mobility Assets Sale Agreement with Darl McBride
Sep 1, 2010SCO gets more time to file appeal brief regarding its loss to Novell
Aug 30, 2010Paul Allen's Complaint Against the World, as text
Aug 28, 2010A Bird's Eye View of the HTC/Nokia/Apple Patent Litigations
Aug 27, 2010SCO Files Objections to Novell's Bill of Costs
Aug 26, 2010How You Can Help Patent Attorneys Help Free Software - Updated
Aug 24, 2010HTC Files Answer with Counterclaims to Apple's Patent Infringement Suit - Updated
Aug 23, 2010SCO's motion to sell the software assets approved by Del. bankruptcy judge - Updated 4Xs - transcript
Aug 23, 2010Proof SCO Knew IBM Was Involved in Linux From 1998 Onward
Aug 22, 2010 Novell's Appeal Brief in the WordPerfect Litigation Against Microsoft - Updated 2Xs
Aug 22, 2010Oracle v. Google Timeline
Aug 20, 2010Cahn Replies to Reservations of Rights by Novell and Oracle, HP and US Trustee - Update
Aug 17, 2010SCO Ordered to File Objections to Novell's Bill of Costs. Novell Files Motion to Dismiss with SCOTUS - Updated 2Xs
Aug 16, 2010Oracle and Novell File Reservations of Rights RE SCO's Bankruptcy Sale Plan
Aug 16, 2010Oracle America's complaint against Google, as text - Updated 3Xs
Aug 13, 2010SCO's Cahn Wants Tanner to Audit the 401(k) Plan
Aug 13, 2010 The Oracle-Google Mess: A Question - Are Any of the Patents Tied to a Specific Machine? - Updated 4Xs: Google Speaks
Aug 12, 2010SCO's MORs for June and Bills from OPA for June and July - Mon. hearing cancelled
Aug 11, 2010Eyewitness Reports from Today's SCO v IBM Status Hearing - Updated 4Xs
Aug 10, 2010IBM's Memorandum in Opposition re Status Conference
Aug 10, 2010The Linux Foundation's Open Compliance Program - Updated: ForgeRock Joins OIN
Aug 10, 2010SCO's Brief in Opposition to Novell's Petition to the US Supreme Court - Updated 2Xs
Aug 9, 2010Want to Buy SCO's Software Business?
Aug 7, 2010SCO Motion for a Status Conference in SCO v. IBM - Updated 2Xs
Aug 7, 2010Eben Moglen's LibrePlanet 2010 Keynote on the State of Free Software and the Future
Aug 5, 2010SCO v Novell Trial Transcripts as text, Day 4 - Messman, Levine, Mohan, Michels, Wilt, Broderick
Aug 3, 2010BusyBox and the GPL Prevail Again - Updated 4Xs
Jul 31, 2010SCO v. Novell Trial Transcripts, as text -- Day 3, Thompson and Chatlos
Jul 29, 2010USPTO Asks for Comments on New Interim Guidance on Bilski
Jul 28, 2010What's the Latest in the Psystar Appeal?
Jul 26, 2010Novell Responds to SCO's Attempt to Avoid Paying Costs Now
Jul 26, 2010Librarian of Congress Still Clueless About Linux; Groks Jailbreaking - Updated
Jul 24, 2010SCO Files Docketing Statement and We Find Out What Its Appeal Will Be About
Jul 23, 2010SCO v. Novell Trial Transcripts - with line numbers - complete
Jul 23, 2010SCO v Novell Trial Transcripts - Day 2, Part 1 as text -Opening Arguments, 1st Witness, Frankenberg - Updated
Jul 22, 2010SCO v. Novell Trial Transcripts, as text -- Day 1, Jury Selection and Instructions - Updated 3Xs
Jul 21, 2010SCO Bankruptcy: the Very Merry MORs of May
Jul 19, 2010The Transcripts from the SCO v. Novell Trial - Updated 2Xs
Jul 18, 2010Mozilla Would Like to Pick Your Brain - Revising the MPL
Jul 16, 2010IBM's Defense Against SCO's Copyright Infringement Claims Continues - Part 2, as text -Updated
Jul 15, 2010IBM's Defense Against SCO's Copyright Infringement Claims - The Memorandum, Part 1, as text
Jul 13, 2010Sanity From the 1st Post-Bilski Decision from BPAI: In Re Proudler
Jul 12, 2010IBM's "Complete Defense" To Any SCO Claim of Copyright Infringement - Transcribers Needed
Jul 11, 2010Netflix Tries to Fix One Part of the Patent System - Updated
Jul 8, 2010SCO Files Motion to Stay Taxation of Costs. Again.
Jul 8, 2010Bankruptcy Omnibus Hearing for July 12th Cancelled - What Else Is New?
Jul 7, 2010SCO Appeals. Yes. Them Again. - Updated
Jul 6, 2010SCO's April Monthly Operating Reports
Jul 4, 2010Open Core and OSI
Jul 4, 2010Ocean Park's 8th Bill
Jun 29, 2010Justice John Paul Stevens on Bilski and Business Methods Patents, as text - Updated
Jun 28, 2010Here's Bilski: It's Affirmed, But . . .No Decision on Software Patentability - Updated
Jun 27, 2010What Did Microsoft Know About SCO's Plans and When Did It Know It?
Jun 24, 2010 Novell Files Bill of Costs (once again) in SCO v. Novell
Jun 24, 2010Blank Rome Files a 4th Bill in the SCO Bankruptcy
Jun 23, 2010Google Beats Viacom!
Jun 22, 2010 Canonical, OIN's 1st Associate Member, Commits to Freedom of Action in Open Source
Jun 21, 2010More "Paul Murphy" Anti-Linux FUD: SCO or Son of SCO Can Still Win
Jun 18, 2010Cahn's 3rd Bill, This One for December Only, $112,677.60
Jun 18, 2010SCO's Bankruptcy Hearing Monday Is Called Off
Jun 17, 2010 No Bilski Opinion from the US Supreme Court Today. June 21 Next Possible Day
Jun 15, 2010OLPC's New XO for 90,000 Teens in Uruguay
Jun 14, 2010What Happened to my Creative Commons License? - Updated 2Xs
Jun 10, 2010Stewart Rules: Novell Wins! CASE CLOSED! - Updated
Jun 10, 2010Novell Appeals in Microsoft Antitrust Litigation on WordPerfect Claims - Update
Jun 9, 2010 February 25, 2010 Hearing on Novell's Daubert Motions and Pre-trial Conference in SCO v. Novell - Transcript
Jun 8, 2010Building Censorship Walls - A Question For Journalists
Jun 4, 2010SCO Agrees to Pay the Constructive Trust Money to Novell Now - Updated 2Xs
Jun 3, 2010Fortinet Picks Up the Baton From Barracuda - Pick Your Brain (Another Call for Prior Art) - Updated
Jun 1, 2010 OOXML/ODF - The Next Stage is Unfolding in Norway
May 30, 2010Who Really Contributed the High-End Tech to Project Monterey?
May 28, 2010Here it is: SCO's Reply to Novell's Response to Motion for New Trial - Updated, as text
May 26, 2010Psystar v. Apple - The August 21, 2009 Hearing Transcript
May 25, 2010A Pelican Update Makes the Case More Impenetrable - Updated
May 24, 2010 Who Should See the Film 'Patent Absurdity'? - Pick Your Brain - Updated
May 23, 2010Susan B. Anthony: The Crime of Voting "While She Was a Woman"
May 21, 2010Infrastructures, by xkcd - It says it all
May 19, 2010The EU Commission's Digital Agenda Plan
May 18, 2010Psystar Files Its Appeal by Mail and a Notice of Filing Under Seal
May 16, 2010Today We Are Seven
May 15, 2010May 17th SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled & Tux Visits the Computer History Museum
May 13, 2010IP Innovation v. Red Hat/Novell - The Prior Art They Used at Trial - Updated
May 11, 2010Novell Responds to SCO's Motion for Judgment/New Trial
May 7, 2010SCO Files MORs for March
May 5, 2010After's Robots.txt is Removed, Some Evidence Surfaces
May 4, 2010Report from the Trial in IP Innovation v. Red Hat & Novell - Updated
May 3, 2010SCO Reports on De Minimis Assets Sale & Ocean Park's 6th Bill
Apr 30, 2010Red Hat & Novell Beat IP Innovation and in Marshall, Texas, too - Updated 2Xs
Apr 30, 2010Novell v. Vigilant Insurance
Apr 29, 2010The Real Legal Argument Revealed (in a comic strip)
Apr 28, 2010SCO Files Motion for Judgment As a Matter of Law, or For a New Trial
Apr 23, 2010Annotating SCO's Findings of "Fact" and Conclusions of Law - Want to Help?
Apr 20, 2010Today's Bankruptcy Hearing Was Cancelled; Patent Sold, Order Signed - Updated
Apr 20, 2010SCO's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law - Updated - as text
Apr 19, 2010Novell's Proposed Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law
Apr 19, 2010What the Judge Still Has to Decide in SCO v. Novell - Updated
Apr 17, 2010While We Wait for a Decision in Bilski: Patent Absurdity, the movie
Apr 16, 2010Hearing on Sale of SCO's Java Patent April 20th
Apr 15, 2010Novell and SCO Agree on April 19th for Filing Findings and Conclusions
Apr 15, 2010SCO Bankruptcy - The Dec. 30, 2009 Hearing Transcript & Order Giving Darl the Mobility Assets - Updated, as text
Apr 13, 2010Psystar - The November 12, 2009 Hearing Transcript
Apr 11, 2010Digging a Little Deeper into TurboHercules/IBM - and Microsoft - Updated
Apr 8, 2010Why I Believe IBM is Free to Sue The Pants Off TurboHercules - Updated 12Xs
Apr 7, 2010Darl Buys (Not Licenses) SCO's Mobility Assets for $100,000 - Updated 4Xs
Apr 6, 2010Do You Want Groklaw to Be Included in the Library of Congress's Historic Internet Materials Collections?
Apr 5, 2010 Bankruptcy Hearing on Darl's Mobility Offer on April 7 is "Going Forward"
Apr 5, 2010Now What?
Apr 3, 2010Enforcement of the GNU GPL in Germany and Europe, by Till Jaeger
Apr 1, 2010SCO's February MORs and SCO Partner News
Apr 1, 2010SCO's 8-K/A - Amending the 8K About the Yarro Loan
Mar 30, 2010Novell Wins Again - Jury Rules Copyrights Didn't Go to SCO! - Updated 6Xs
Mar 29, 2010SCO Wants to Sell Java Patent and (Mostly) Pay the Professionals
Mar 26, 2010No Verdict Today, the Final Day, in SCO v. Novell - Deliberations Begin Again Tuesday - Updated
Mar 26, 2010Court Grants SCO's Oral Motion for Judgment on Novell's Slander of Title Claim
Mar 26, 2010Novell Moves for Judgment on Slander; SCO Moves to Limit Closing Argument
Mar 26, 2010Week 3, Day 14 SCO v. Novell Trial - Braham, Bradford, Musika, and Judge: "the End is Nigh"
Mar 25, 2010Novell Files Motion for Judgment and Motion to Strike - Denied - Updated as text
Mar 25, 2010Week 3, Day 13 in SCO v. Novell - Jones, Messman, DeFazio, Braham - Updated
Mar 24, 2010The Parties Tweak the Jury Instructions in SCO v. Novell
Mar 24, 2010Week 3, Day 12 in SCO v. Novell - Tolonen, Amadia
Mar 24, 2010Novell Motion to Strike Damages Testimony After June 9, 2004 & Reply to Objections to Braham Testimony
Mar 23, 2010Week 3, Day 11 SCO v. Novell - SCO Rests after Tibbitts, Novell Begins with LaSala
Mar 22, 2010For the Lawyers, It Was a Working Weekend - Updated
Mar 20, 2010Novell Says Elliott Offer "Inadequate" - It's "business as usual"
Mar 20, 2010APA's "Included Assets" Did Not List SVR4.2 - Research Project - Updated 4Xs
Mar 20, 2010Week 2, Day 10 of SCO v. Novell - Chris Stone, O'Gara, Maciaszek, Nagle - Updated 2Xs
Mar 18, 2010Week 2, Day 9 of SCO v. Novell Trial - Jury Hears About Kimball's Rulings and Botosan - Updated Again
Mar 18, 2010New Proposed Jury Instructions and Novell Tries Again on Prior Ct. Rulings
Mar 17, 2010Week 2, Day 8 of SCO v. Novell Trial - McBride's Admission and Pisano, Botosan - Updated
Mar 17, 2010SCO's Motion to Allow Testimony
Mar 17, 2010Novell Anticipates Objections to SCO's Experts' Testimonies - The TK-7 Case
Mar 16, 2010Week 2, Day 7 of SCO v. Novell Trial - More McBride and Botosan Opens a Door - Updated
Mar 16, 2010Novell files Offer of Proof Re Prior Inconsistent Declaration of Sabbath
Mar 15, 2010Week 2, Day 6 of SCO v. Novell Trial - The Mistrial Motion, Kim Madsen, Steve Sabbath, Darl McBride - Updated
Mar 15, 2010 Judge Denies 2 Novell Motions: for Mistrial and to Allow Evidence
Mar 15, 2010SCO Responds to Novell's Motion to Allow Evidence
Mar 13, 2010Novell's Petition for Writ of Certiorari - as text
Mar 13, 2010Monday's Bankruptcy Hearing Rescheduled for April 7 at 3 PM
Mar 12, 2010Day 5 of the SCO v. Novell Trial & Some Help for Journalists - Mattingly & Broderick - Updated
Mar 12, 2010Blake Stowell Email to Maureen O'Gara: "I Need You to Send a Jab PJ's Way"
Mar 12, 2010Novell's Motion to Allow Evidence: SCO Opened the Door
Mar 11, 2010Day 4 of the Trial in SCO v. Novell - Novell's Petition for Certiorari - Updated 5Xs - Messman, Levine, Mohan, Michaels, Wilt
Mar 11, 2010Updating the Mozilla Public License
Mar 10, 2010Day 3 of the Trial, Through the Eyes of Groklaw and the SL Tribune - Thompson & Chatlos
Mar 10, 2010Volunteer Needed for Thursday Trial Coverage
Mar 9, 2010Jonathan Schwartz: What He Couldn't Say (on Patents, OpenOffice, and Bill Gates)
Mar 9, 2010Day 2 of the SCO v. Novell Trial - Opening argument - Updated Repeatedly - 1st Witness, Frankenberg
Mar 9, 2010More Back-and-Forth on Proposed Jury Instructions/Verdict Forms in SCO v. Novell
Mar 8, 2010Last-Minute Filings from Judge Stewart, SCO, Novell
Mar 8, 2010Day 1 of the Jury Trial, SCO v. Novell - Updated 2Xs - We Have a Jury
Mar 7, 2010Novell asks for further ruling on Motion in Limine No. 4
Mar 7, 2010Novell Never Mentioned UnixWare in its press releases in 2003 - Updated
Mar 7, 2010We Need A Volunteer for Monday at the Trial
Mar 6, 2010March 5 Bankruptcy Hearing Report - Updated
Mar 6, 2010More filings in Novell - Allocation of Issues -- Updated
Mar 5, 2010Yarro Deal Approved
Mar 4, 2010More MOR's, and an Amended Agenda for Friday's Hearing
Mar 4, 2010Changes and Additional Documents to the Yarro Deal Filed
Mar 4, 2010Sale Motion Re-notice on Mobility Sale & Dueling Definitions in Utah
Mar 3, 2010 New *Joint* Voir Dire Questions
Mar 3, 2010Friday's Bankruptcy Agenda Posted - We Need a Volunteer - Update: Hearing on Darl Motion Set 3/15
Mar 3, 2010More Pretrial Briefs in SCO v. Novell - Updated: letter re Brainshare
Mar 2, 2010Stewart Rules on Daubert Motions: SCO's Experts Can Testify
Mar 2, 2010Novell's Trial Brief, Jury Instructions, and Objections to SCO's Rule 26(a)(3) Pretrial Disclosures - Updated 2Xs: SCO's too.
Mar 1, 2010Petrofsky's Objection to SCO's Yarro "Loan" Motion - Update: November MORs
Feb 27, 2010SCO Proposes Selling its Mobility "Business"... to Darl McBride - Updated 3Xs
Feb 26, 2010Novell Objects to Yarro's Proposed Loan to SCO
Feb 26, 2010Dear Judge Stewart: A Schedule for Briefing Novell's Request for Judicial Notice
Feb 25, 2010SCO's Bankruptcy Lawyers, Pachulski Stang: We'd Like to Be Paid
Feb 25, 2010Reports from the Final PreTrial Hearing: SCO v. Novell - Updated- Minutes, Pretrial Order
Feb 25, 2010Novell Moves Another Piece Forward: Files Request for Judicial Notice - Updated 2Xs
Feb 24, 2010Santa Cruz Listed Novell as Owning the Copyrights in 1999
Feb 23, 2010Proposed Voir Dire Questions from Novell and SCO
Feb 23, 2010SCO & Novell's Motions in Limine and Daubert Motions - A Chart
Feb 22, 2010Judge Stewart Denies Novell Motion in Limine No. 7 - Updated 4Xs - More Orders Put SCO in a Real Pickle
Feb 21, 2010Why Folks Didn't Want a SCOsource License: Let Us Count the Reasons
Feb 20, 2010More darts - SCO's opposition to Daubert hearings and to Chatlos, Michels testimony
Feb 19, 2010Novell and SCO throw legal darts at each other's motions in limine
Feb 19, 2010Judge Stewart's New Book, "Seven Miracles That Saved America" - Updated (cases, recusal info)
Feb 18, 2010Judge Stewart Denies Novell's Motion in Limine #1
Feb 18, 2010Ralph Yarro, SCO's "former Chairman" wants to loan SCO $2M - Updated - Oct. MORs & Motion Granted, Withdrawn,
Feb 17, 2010 Dr. Gary Pisano's Expert Report for SCO
Feb 15, 2010Novell's Motion for Leave to Reply to SCO's Opposition to Motion in Limine # 1 - As Text - Update: Opposed/Denied
Feb 14, 2010Novell's Daubert Motions: We Finally Get to Read 3 of SCO's Experts' Reports
Feb 12, 2010SCO's Opposition to Novell's Motion in Limine No. 1: Hey! No Fair, You Guys! - Updated
Feb 11, 2010 Novell's Motions in Limine #s 9, 10, 11, as text - RE: SVRX Licenses, Substantial Performance, Arbitration
Feb 11, 2010Novell's Motions in Limine - to Exclude Testimony, #s 12-19
Feb 9, 2010Novell's Motions in Limine, as text, #s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - Slander of Title Motions
Feb 9, 2010A Blizzard of Motions in Limine in SCO v. Novell - Updated: SCO's as text, Hearing Feb. 25 @9AM & Dr. Pisano's Deposition
Feb 7, 2010Novell Motion in Limine No. 1 - Let's All Live by the Mandate Rule, Shall We? - Updated
Feb 6, 2010Microsoft and Innovation -- On iTunes, 2003: "We were smoked"
Feb 4, 2010Novell Asks For Extension to File with Supreme Court & Judge Stewart Issues Trial Order - Updated
Feb 4, 2010Packaging Open Source, by Mark Webbink
Feb 3, 2010Two More Bills From Pachulski Stang - Still no MORs - Updated: Ocean Park's 3rd Bill
Feb 2, 2010SCO and Novell File Proposed Witness Lists. Again. - Updated 2Xs
Feb 1, 2010The Google Books Settlement Culture Clash, and What About Fair Use? - Updated
Jan 31, 2010Microsoft on HP and Linux, 2002: oh, noes
Jan 28, 2010Judge Stewart Rules on Novell's Motions: No and Mostly No - Updated
Jan 27, 2010Psystar & Apple Tell the Appeals Court Why Mediation Wouldn't Work Out
Jan 26, 2010The Free Software Way, by Richard Fontana, Esq.
Jan 25, 2010Notice of Agenda for SCO Bankruptcy Hearing on the 27th - Update: hearing cancelled
Jan 24, 2010Why Microsoft Suddenly Wanted to Be More Interoperable - Comes v. MS Exh. 7068 Tells Us
Jan 22, 2010Novell's Reply in Support of Motion to Set Aside Judgment
Jan 21, 2010EU Commission Approves Oracle-Sun Deal With No Conditions
Jan 20, 2010Microsoft Sues TiVo - The Why of It - Updated
Jan 17, 2010The Latest on Psystar - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - Updated
Jan 16, 2010Request for Info: Ransom Love Talks - Updated 2 Xs
Jan 15, 2010SUSE Motion to Lift Stay Denied. Natch. - Updated
Jan 14, 2010The Microsoft-Linux Story As Told in the Comes Exhibits - Updated
Jan 11, 2010Sup. Ct.'s Justice Sotomayor Grants Novell's Request to Extend Time to File Petition for Writ of Certiorari
Jan 10, 2010 Place Exhibit Blurbs/Transcripts for Comes Exhibits Here Please
Jan 9, 2010 Cahn Files Motion to Approve Stock Options - Updated 2Xs
Jan 8, 2010Novell Adds 4 Local Lawyers to the Trial Team - Updated
Jan 8, 2010 On Selling Exceptions to the GNU GPL - Stallman Clarifies
Jan 6, 2010Trial in SCO v. Novell Now Scheduled for 15 Days Beginning March 8 - Correction
Jan 6, 2010SCO Opposes Novell Motion to Set Aside Judgment
Jan 5, 2010Hearing Set for Feb. 4 for Novell Motion to Set Aside Judgment - And a Mystery Solved? - Update
Jan 5, 2010The GPL Barter Cycle - A Graphic - Updated
Jan 3, 2010SCO's IP Rights After Distributing UnitedLinux Under the GPL
Jan 1, 2010Novell's Reply in Support of its Motion for SJ in WordPerfect antitrust litigation
Dec 30, 2009Eyewitness Reports from the SCO Bankruptcy Hearing on SUSE's Motion to Lift Stay - Updated 2Xs
Dec 30, 2009Minutes from the SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Posted
Dec 29, 2009An Offer of Arbitration Docs from Ryan Tibbitts & A Proposed Amended Schedule for Tomorrow
Dec 29, 2009Caldera GPLd Its Brains Out - Want to See?
Dec 28, 2009Agenda for Wednesday's Bankruptcy Hearing: SUSE & Petrofsky
Dec 26, 2009Finishing up the Comes Collection - Please Can You Help? - Updated 2Xs
Dec 25, 2009SUSE's Reply in Support of Motion to Lift Stay, as text
Dec 24, 2009 SUSE's Reply, Cahn's Objection to Motion to Compel, and MORs, MORs, MORs - Updated 2Xs
Dec 23, 2009Apple Files Reply in Florida Action Re Apple's Motion to Dismiss or Transfer Venue
Dec 23, 2009An Amended Exhibit A from Blank Rome
Dec 23, 2009Novell Files Motion to Set Aside Judgment Re SCOsource Monies
Dec 22, 2009i4i Wins Injunction Against Microsoft on Appeal Re Microsoft Word - Updated as text
Dec 22, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit - Streams and more GPL'd header files in Caldera OpenLinux 2.2
Dec 20, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit - Binutils in UnixWare and OpenServer Too - Updated
Dec 19, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit - more a.out.h and errno.h and elf.h, this time in OpenLinux 1.3
Dec 18, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit - Caldera's GPL Fingerprints All Over the Place - Updated
Dec 16, 2009 Blank Rome Adds a Lawyer, Regina Stango Kelbon - updated
Dec 16, 2009The EU and Microsoft Settle Browser Issue; Interoperability with FOSS Still a Problem
Dec 16, 2009Ch. 11 Trustee Cahn Opposes SUSE's Motion to Lift Stay - Updated
Dec 15, 2009Apple wins total, permanent injunction against Psystar - Updated, as text
Dec 14, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit: a.out.h, errno.h and the GPL
Dec 12, 2009Answering SCO Bit by Bit - The Robert Swartz Memo, Take 2
Dec 10, 2009Blank Rome Sends a First Bill - SCO Billed for Cahn's Lawyer to Read Groklaw
Dec 9, 2009Here's What Ocean Park Advisors Has Been Doing
Dec 8, 2009AutoZone Settlement Agreement Filed With the Court: It's The End To All That
Dec 8, 2009Monty Program AB's Suggestion to EU Commission to Get Rid of the GPL on MySQL - Updated
Dec 7, 2009SCO is getting smaller and smaller
Dec 7, 2009Litigation Utah-Style - the Hatch-Jenson (Robbins) Connection - Updated
Dec 4, 2009Eben Moglen Sends Letter in Support of Oracle to EU Commission - GPL Works No Matter Who Owns the Copyrights
Dec 3, 2009The U.S. Trustee's Office's Objections to Sealing the AutoZone Agreement
Dec 1, 2009First Word from Utah in SCO v. Novell: Trial Set for March - Updated 6Xs
Dec 1, 2009Psystar Tries to Wriggle Around Any Permanent Injunction; Partial Settlement Filed; Hearing 12/14 UPDATE
Nov 30, 2009Novell's Reply to SCO's Opposition to Consolidation/One Judge
Nov 30, 2009The 158 Exhibits Attached to Novell's Response to MS's Cross Motion for SJ in Antitrust Suit
Nov 28, 2009SCO and Ch. 11 Trustee Cahn Oppose Novell's Motion to Consolidate with IBM or Assign One Judge - Update - Terpstra Speaks
Nov 26, 2009Apple Files Motion to Dismiss Psystar's Florida Case; Alternatively to Transfer Case to California
Nov 26, 2009 Comes Exhibit 2151 - Gates: "I have decided we should not publish these extensions." - Updated
Nov 25, 2009Wayne Gray's Motion to Lift Stay is Denied. And How.
Nov 25, 2009A Comes Exhibit: "Undoc APIs document" - Update: And Another
Nov 24, 2009Apple Asks for Permanent Injunction Against Psystar - Updated 2Xs
Nov 23, 2009Exhibits to Microsoft's Cross Motion for Summary Judgment in Novell WordPerfect Case
Nov 22, 2009More on What Happened at the Nov. 20th SCO Bankruptcy Hearing - Updated 2Xs
Nov 21, 2009The Pelican Case Inches Forward - Updated
Nov 20, 2009Eyewitness Report From Today's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Re Wayne Gray and AutoZone
Nov 19, 2009Microsoft Files Cross Motion to Dismiss Novell's WordPerfect Antitrust Case; Novell Opposes - Updated
Nov 18, 2009Notice of Agenda for Friday's Bankruptcy Hearing - Gray Motion and AutoZone Sealing Objection
Nov 16, 2009Why the GPL Sinks SCO's Copyright Infringement Claims, Even if it Owned the Copyrights
Nov 16, 2009Cahn Objects to Wayne Gray's Motion to Lift Stay - Updated, as text - Gray Responds
Nov 14, 2009Apple Wins Like a Champ - Psystar is Toast -- What? You're Surprised?
Nov 13, 2009Bankruptcy court reschedules SCO omnibus hearing to Dec. 30 & Bert Young gets a job & Jeff Hunsaker loses one
Nov 11, 2009An Explanation of Computation Theory for Lawyers
Nov 11, 2009Microsoft Patents Sudo?!! - Updated 3Xs
Nov 10, 2009SUSE Moves to Lift Stay on Arbitration; Novell Asks to Consolidate with IBM Litigation or Have Both Cases Assigned to That Judge
Nov 9, 2009In Re Bilski - Transcript of Today's Oral Argument at the US Supreme Court - Updated 3Xs
Nov 6, 2009Transcript of the July 27, 2009 SCO Bankruptcy Hearing - Updated - as text
Nov 6, 2009Pelican Opposes McBride's Motion to Dismiss
Nov 5, 2009Novell and Microsoft both file summary judgment motions in the WordPerfect antitrust case - Updated
Nov 3, 2009Status Conference in SCO v. Novell - Nov. 23rd at 10 AM - Updated 2Xs
Nov 1, 2009Cahn Seeks Court Approval of New Retention Agreement Terms for Boies Schiller
Oct 31, 2009Correcting Microsoft's Bilski Amicus Brief -- How Do Computers Really Work? - Updated 2Xs
Oct 30, 2009AutoZone Update - And Another Update - And Another
Oct 29, 2009Mandate Issues From 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Clerk - Updated
Oct 28, 2009Rob Weir's OOXML Update, Part III - Making OOXML Conform to Office 2007
Oct 27, 2009Novell Intends to Appeal to the US Supreme Court; Asks for 90-Day Stay to File Petition for Writ of Certiorari - Updated
Oct 26, 2009Apple and Psystar respond to the other's summary judgment motion and fight about sealing documents - Updated
Oct 24, 2009Minutes from the October 23, 2009 SCO Bankruptcy Hearing
Oct 22, 2009SCO's Chapter 11 Trustee Moves to Settle AutoZone
Oct 22, 2009Hearing in the SCO Bankruptcy Oct. 23 - Cahn's Preliminary Report - Updated: Pachulski Stang asks to leave
Oct 21, 2009Reasons I Believe the Community Should Support the Oracle-Sun Deal - Updated 3Xs
Oct 20, 2009The Hon. McConnell, Lucero & Baldock Deny Novell Petition for ReHearing - And Darl's "Ed" Letter - Updated
Oct 19, 2009Darl McBride Out; SCO Looking to Sell "Non-Core Assets"
Oct 17, 2009Bryan Cave Asks Court to Dismiss Pelican's 1st Amended Complaint
Oct 16, 2009Berger Singerman Asks for an Order Allowing it to Pay Itself from Retainer
Oct 15, 2009June 15, 2009 SCO Bankruptcy Transcript - Judge Gross: "What If I Don't Do It In 15 Days? Do They Shoot Me?"
Oct 13, 2009Final Bilski Briefs Filed - Microsoft, Google, FFII, ABA, etc.
Oct 12, 2009Apple and Psystar File Dueling Motions for Summary Judgment - Why This Case Matters
Oct 10, 2009 EU Commission Invites Comments on the Microsoft Deal - Here's Where to Send Them - Updated
Oct 9, 2009Interview with ECIS's Thomas Vinje and Ashwin van Rooijen on the Microsoft-EU Commission Deal, by Sean Daly - Updated
Oct 8, 2009Pelican Files Amended Complaint; Darl Files Motion to Dismiss - What Does Long-Arm Mean? - Updated: Defendants File Answer, CC
Oct 7, 2009EU Commission Announces Market Test of Microsoft Suggestions on Browser Choice, Interoperability - Updated
Oct 6, 2009FSF Files Amicus Brief in Bilski - The Country Needs and Relies on FOSS
Oct 3, 2009What To Do About SCO? Let's Spend More Money on Professional Advisors
Oct 2, 2009SFLC files Bilski brief: Software should not be patentable and don't forget the 1st Amendment
Oct 1, 2009SCO Files Its Response to Novell's Petition for Rehearing En Banc
Oct 1, 2009Red Hat Files its Bilski Brief: Asks Supreme Ct. to Exclude Software From Patentability - Updated, text
Sep 30, 2009Vernor v. Autodesk - Cross Motions to Dismiss - First Sale Case - Updated
Sep 29, 2009On Mono, Miguel, Stallman and Fusion with Microsoft
Sep 29, 2009The Government Files its Bilski Brief: Argues For "Particular Machine or Transformation of Matter" Test - Updated
Sep 26, 2009The Arguments For Patents for Business Methods and Software-Implemented Inventions - And Some Against
Sep 25, 2009SCO's Ch. 11 Trustee Cahn files to block approval of professional fees until he can review them
Sep 24, 2009Some Background on the Pelican Case - Updated
Sep 24, 2009Apple's Reply in Support of its Motion to Dismiss or Enjoin, as text, and a Leopard/Snow Leopard EULA Chart - Updated
Sep 23, 2009Apple Files Reply Memo on Motion to Dismiss or Enjoin; Psytar Asks for Discovery Sanctions Again
Sep 22, 2009 Professor Hollaar's Amicus Brief in Bilski
Sep 19, 2009Psystar Argues Its Florida Case Should Stay There - Updated
Sep 18, 2009The Role of Free Software in Education, by Walter Bender
Sep 17, 2009SCO Ordered to Reply to Novell's Petition for Rehearing
Sep 17, 2009Hearing in AutoZone set for November 2 at 9 AM
Sep 15, 2009Apple Moves to Dismiss/Enjoin Psystar's FL Complaint
Sep 14, 2009Mr. Cahn Files a Bond
Sep 11, 2009What Microsoft Doesn't Get - And What I Hope You Do
Sep 10, 2009i4i tells its side of the story: Microsoft ruined our business
Sep 8, 2009Novell Files for Rehearing En Banc! - Petition as text
Sep 8, 2009Microsoft and A Patent Checkmate of My Dreams - Updated
Sep 7, 2009An AutoZone Chart and A Santa Cruz License Agreement
Sep 5, 2009Report From Yesterday's Apple v. Psystar Hearing
Sep 4, 2009The i4i v. Microsoft Order Staying the Injunction - Updated
Sep 4, 2009First Sale - Davidson v. Internet Gateway
Sep 4, 2009Apple v. Psystar Hearing is Today; Apple Allowed to Reply to Psystar's Supplemental Briefing, Despite Psystar Opposition
Sep 4, 2009More Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy - Another Half Million or So
Sep 3, 2009EU Commission Opens In Depth Investigation of Sun-Oracle Deal
Sep 3, 2009Apple Requests a Protective Order After a Psystar Email Shows Up on Charles Nesson's Blog
Sep 1, 2009Apple Tells CA Court About Psystar's FL Move; Asks for Transfer/Consolidation & More Discovery
Sep 1, 2009The Chapter 11 Trustee's First Act: Wants to Hire a Lawyer
Aug 31, 2009AutoZone Files Answer to Complaint and Motion to Dismiss in Part
Aug 30, 2009Psystar's New Strategy: the Florida Complaint, as text - Updated
Aug 29, 2009The Dell amicus brief, PDF and text, HP's as PDF (i4i v. Microsoft)
Aug 28, 2009Psystar files suit against Apple in Florida - What Are They Thinking? - Updated
Aug 28, 2009SCO 8K Acknowledges its New Reality
Aug 27, 2009The Hon. Ted Stewart and the Hon. Tena Campbell
Aug 26, 2009Microsoft's Appeal Brief (i4i), as text
Aug 26, 2009The i4i-Microsoft Appeal - HP and Dell Ask to File Amicus Briefs in Support of Microsoft - Updated
Aug 25, 2009SCO's Chapter 11 Trustee Appointed and Approved
Aug 25, 2009Psystar has to pay Apple $5000 for bringing discovery motion
Aug 24, 2009SCO v. Novell appellate decision: $$ from Sun deal affirmed as Novell's; rest remanded for jury trial - updated 5Xs
Aug 23, 2009Apple v. Psystar takes a darker turn in discovery - Updated
Aug 21, 2009EULAs, Psystar, and the Reality Principle - Updated
Aug 20, 2009Berger Singerman's 22nd bill in the SCO bankruptcy
Aug 20, 2009The Pelican Briefs - You're the fraudster! No, *you* are!
Aug 19, 2009Microsoft's Emergency Motion for a Stay Repeats Arguments Already Rejected by District Court
Aug 18, 2009Microsoft files notice of appeal against i4i ruling; stipulates waiver of bond, begs for stay
Aug 18, 2009Why didn't Microsoft tell us about i4i's patent litigation during the OOXML standards push? - Update: i4i Opinion as text
Aug 16, 2009Microsoft Files Emergency Motion to Stay Execution of Judgment in i4i
Aug 16, 2009Darl McBride: On trees, branches and leaves
Aug 13, 2009Apple Accuses Psystar of Destroying Evidence; and in AutoZone, the 24th Hearing is Cancelled
Aug 12, 2009The i4i v. Microsoft Orders and Permanent Injunction - Updated
Aug 11, 2009A Fine Kettle of Pfizer Fish - Updated 3Xs
Aug 10, 2009July 21st Letter to the Bankruptcy Judge From IBM
Aug 9, 2009Just a Hardware Hiccup
Aug 8, 2009SCO's 8K About the Chapter 11 Trustee & A Change of Control Agreement
Aug 6, 2009Any Questions About the SCO Bankruptcy Hearing? I Have a Transcript
Aug 6, 2009 Can Anyone make the White House streaming work?
Aug 5, 2009The Order - A Chapter 11 Trustee is to be Appointed; SCO's Sale Motion Denied - Updated
Aug 3, 2009SCO's "Already Filed" Missing MORs Get Filed in Real Life - Updated 2Xs: June MORs, 2nd Letter & Novell Answer
Aug 2, 2009What Happens to SCO Next? -- Some Possibilities
Jul 31, 2009Dear Judge Gross - A Letter from SCO - Updated 4Xs: IBM Responds & Novell too & SCO Files Amendments to 1995 APA
Jul 31, 2009The White House Sends an Invitation: PCAST Meeting Aug. 6 and 7
Jul 30, 2009AutoZone Trial Set for August 10, 2010 [Hardy Har] - Updated
Jul 29, 2009About Hans Bayer - Updated 2Xs
Jul 28, 2009Minutes of the Marathon July 27 SCO Hearing and More Bankruptcy Filings
Jul 27, 2009First Reports From the SCO Bankruptcy Hearing - Updated 10Xs - To the End of the Day
Jul 26, 2009Wait a Minute. What Was That Darl Said About New Deals in 2003? - Updated
Jul 24, 2009SCO Objects to IBM's Exhibits and the Hearing on the 27th Re-Set for 9:30 AM - Updated: Hearsay within Hearsay
Jul 24, 2009The LNS/York/Hale/Microsoft Smoking Gun: More - Updated: Mr. Morris of Lovells
Jul 24, 2009What's Scheduled for the July 27th Bankruptcy Hearing?
Jul 23, 2009SCO Responds to IBM and Novell Objections to the Sale, as text
Jul 22, 2009Lots of Reactions to SCO's Latest Bankruptcy Moves - Updated 3Xs - York lurking in the shadows?
Jul 21, 2009Judge Gross Wakes Up: Order Re July 27th Hearing
Jul 21, 2009IBM's Smoking Objection to SCO's Motion to Sell Outside the Ordinary Course of Business
Jul 20, 2009IBM and Novell File Objections to SCO's unXis Sale - And how!
Jul 20, 2009Microsoft donates code to Linux: Remember, folks, what comes after 'Embrace'
Jul 20, 2009Caldera: OpenServer Users Licensed to Use Headers and Libraries Required by GCC for OpenServer
Jul 20, 2009SCO objects to claims by Citi Financial, Snow Christensen and Mark J. Lange
Jul 18, 2009AutoZone Files Notice of Non-Opposition to SCO's Motion to Amend Complaint; Asks for 8/24 Hearing Cancellation - Updated 2Xs
Jul 17, 2009Psystar Ramps Up Again, but Carr & Ferrell Says This Is Its Stop; Jammie Thomas' Final Lawyer Wants to Represent Psystar
Jul 17, 2009FSF: FOSS developers "still should not write software that depends on Mono"
Jul 17, 2009SCO's 8K, Transfer Rights, and Two New Cravath Litigators Join the IBM Team
Jul 16, 2009More IBM Subpoenas in the SCO Bankruptcy
Jul 15, 2009OpenServer Copyright Ownership - Updated 2Xs
Jul 13, 2009Hearing on SCO's Motion to Amend Complaint in AutoZone: Aug. 24
Jul 11, 2009 Exhibit A to SCO's Notice to Cure Continued
Jul 11, 2009Guess Who Owns
Jul 10, 2009Transcript of SCO's March 30, 2009 Bankruptcy Hearing
Jul 9, 2009SCO Files Notice of Cure Amounts Re Leases and Executory Contracts - Ex. A - Updated 2Xs
Jul 8, 2009IBM subpoenas unXis
Jul 6, 2009bilski redux
Jul 5, 2009SCO's Proposed Amended Complaint Against AutoZone, as text - Updated - Chart
Jul 3, 2009Two More Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy & Some Trademark Oddities
Jul 3, 2009Psystar Files Motion to Leave Chapter 11
Jul 2, 2009SCO Moves to Amend AutoZone Complaint and IBM Protective Order
Jul 2, 2009Darl, Norris, Bryan Cave Named as Defendants in IP Litigation - The Pelican Brief
Jul 1, 2009SCO Amends Schedule F Again (Third)
Jun 30, 2009Berger Singerman's Bill for May Shows One Buyer for SCO - Updated
Jun 28, 2009tridge offers a new patch to Linux's VFAT filesystem
Jun 27, 2009The SCO-unXis APA Exhibits, as text - Updated 3Xs
Jun 25, 2009Red Hat's Complaint, as text
Jun 25, 2009The SCO/unXis Proposed APA, as text - Updated
Jun 24, 2009SCO's Exhibits to unXis APA Motion
Jun 23, 2009Red Hat Shows Up in the SCO Bankruptcy - Tells SCO, Not So Fast!
Jun 23, 2009SCO's New Proposed Sale Plan - Wants to Sue Linux Users Some More
Jun 23, 2009Psystar Makes Its Case In Bankruptcy Court, but Stay is Lifted Anyway
Jun 22, 2009SCO Files Notice of Late Filing with SEC
Jun 21, 2009US Copyright Law, King Lear, and Jammie Thomas-Rasset
Jun 19, 2009Linux on Netbooks: The Smoking Gun - Updated 2Xs
Jun 18, 2009Jean Acheson No Longer at SCO; New CEO at SCO Germany
Jun 18, 2009More on the Bankruptcy Hearing - Who Exactly Is The Proposed Buyer? - Updated
Jun 16, 2009SCO's Proposed Buyer and Mail Issues
Jun 15, 2009After the Hearing: Reports From Our Eyewitnesses - Updated 7Xs
Jun 15, 2009Last Minute Filings in SCO Bankruptcy - Hearing Later Today - Update: 1st word; 2nd Update
Jun 13, 2009Bankruptcy Court Rules Psystar Can't Use Checks or Deposit Slips As Is - Updated 3 Xs
Jun 12, 2009Gulf Capital Partners Enters (or Reenters?) the SCO Bankruptcy
Jun 12, 2009ECIS: What's Wrong with Microsoft's Browser Self-Remedy - Case to Continue - Updated
Jun 11, 2009 Microsoft Announces It Will Ship Without IE in Europe - Reactions - Updated
Jun 11, 2009Monday's Agenda in SCO's Bankruptcy and the Letter from Russia - Updated with All the Exh. 1 Customer Letters
Jun 10, 2009IBM Replies to SCO's Opposition to Motion to Convert
Jun 10, 2009Novell Replies to SCO's Opposition to Novell's Motion to Convert
Jun 10, 2009Rob Weir Exposes an Anti-ODF Whisper Campaign - Updated
Jun 9, 2009Apple Files Motion for Relief from Stay in Psystar Bankruptcy
Jun 9, 2009SCO Files Motion to Seal Appendix to its Response and Motion to Shorten Notice
Jun 9, 2009Herb Jackson Files Objection to Motions to Convert/Dismiss
Jun 7, 2009Groklaw's Annotated Version of SCO's Response to Motions to Convert/Dismiss
Jun 6, 2009SCO Files Response to Motions to Dismiss/Convert & Files Objections to Claims - Updated: Response as text
Jun 5, 2009The Case Against Software Patents - Red Hat's EPO-G3/08 Amicus Brief
Jun 3, 2009Donald Knuth: Mathematical Ideas, or Algorithms, Should Not Be Patented
May 29, 2009Bankruptcy - What Happens in Chapter 7? - Updated
May 28, 2009Tomorrow's SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled
May 26, 2009Psystar Files for Bankruptcy, Ch. 11 - Updated 3Xs
May 24, 2009A Battle Over Deposing Bill Gates in the Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Litigation
May 21, 2009Hearing set for June 15 on US Trustee's Motion to Convert SCO to Ch. 7 (or Dismiss) - Updated 2Xs
May 20, 2009FSF and Cisco Settle - For Real, This Time
May 19, 2009ODF Alliance Tests Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 ODF Support - Finds Serious Shortcomings
May 19, 2009Request for transcript of oral argument in SCO v Novell appeal denied
May 18, 2009Terms of Use: A Real Difference Between Wolfram|Alpha and Google
May 16, 2009Bankruptcy bills... and unpaid invoices
May 14, 2009Contracts - California law on witness testimony - Updated 2Xs
May 13, 2009Some Groklaw Web Buttons
May 13, 2009Intel, Antitrust, and the EU Commission: AMD Told the Truth - Updated
May 12, 2009Novell's Motion to Convert SCO's Cases to Chapter 7, as text
May 12, 2009IBM's Motion to Convert SCO's Cases to Chapter 7, as text
May 11, 2009IBM and Novell Move to Convert SCO BK to Chapter 7
May 10, 2009May 25, 2005 Hearing Transcript, SCO v. Novell - no line numbers
May 10, 2009Transcript of May 25, 2005 Hearing in SCO v. Novell & Tracing the Amendment 2 Copyright Arguments
May 9, 2009Apple Prevails Again - Psystar to Produce Discovery by May 18; Deposition Do-Over June 3
May 7, 2009A Few Facts As Antidote Against Microsoft's anti-ODF FUD Campaign
May 6, 2009Report from Denver: The SCO v. Novell Appeals Court Hearing
May 5, 2009U.S. Trustee Moves to Convert SCO Bankruptcy to Chapter 7 - Updated
May 4, 2009SCO Responds to Gray's Proposed Amicus Brief
May 4, 2009Does MS Office SP2 With ODF Support Really Work? Test Results Point to No. - Updated 3Xs
May 1, 2009Tridge -- Subject: [PATCH] Add CONFIG_VFAT_NO_CREATE_WITH_LONGNAMES option
May 1, 2009Apple Seeks Order Compelling Psystar to Provide Financial Info
Apr 30, 2009Novell on Gray's Amicus Motion: He isn't really supporting us, it's untimely & irrelevant - Updated
Apr 29, 2009Open Invention Network Is Looking For Prior Art -- 2 Ways To Help Out
Apr 28, 2009UnixWare Copyrights - When Did Novell Get Them and For How Long?
Apr 28, 2009SCO Files Reply Brief in the appeal of SCO v. Novell
Apr 27, 2009When Would You Use OOXML and When ODF? -- What is OOXML For?
Apr 23, 2009Clerk Signs Off on Novell's Costs In the Amount of $99,639.09
Apr 23, 2009Some new FUD about Linux and Oracle is floated
Apr 22, 2009SCO Motion for More Exclusivity Denied, the March MORs, and A Proposed Amicus in the Novell Appeal
Apr 21, 2009ECIS Provides A History of Microsoft's AntiCompetitive Behavior
Apr 20, 2009Oracle Buys Sun: It's Official - Updated
Apr 19, 2009No Minix code in Linux Ever -- More Evidence
Apr 19, 2009The case for a World Innovation Policy Organisation
Apr 17, 2009SCO's mobile hopes
Apr 14, 2009More SCO Bankruptcy Filings
Apr 12, 2009Alex Brown: OOXML Revealed "JTC1 Procedures Were Rubbish" -- Sure Enough, Problems Surface - Updated
Apr 9, 2009Novell's appellate brief filed: asks court of appeals to affirm lower court - Updated: text
Apr 8, 2009On Newspapers and Google: What's the Real Problem Here? What Do Readers Want? - Updated 3Xs
Apr 7, 2009Evidence Caldera Knew in 2002 - or Coulda Shoulda - That JFS in Linux Came From OS/2, not AIX
Apr 6, 2009Questions About the Linux Kernel Personality (LKP) and the GPL
Apr 6, 2009US District Court: Restoration of Copyright in Public Domain Foreign Works Is Unconstitutional - Updated
Apr 4, 2009Novell Responds to SCO's Objections to Its Bill of Costs (& Some Bankruptcy Bills) - Updated
Apr 2, 2009TomTom & Microsoft each file notices of dismissal "without prejudice"
Apr 1, 2009TomTom Settlement Aftermath: Get the FAT Out - Updated
Mar 30, 2009SCO Bankruptcy Hearing: SCO's Exclusivity Period is Over - Updated
Mar 30, 2009TomTom - "Settled, But Not Over Yet" says SFLC - Update
Mar 30, 2009TomTom & Microsoft Settle "in a way that ensures TomTom’s full compliance with its obligations under the GPLv2"
Mar 30, 2009The SCO v. Novell Summary Judgment Motions: Chart
Mar 29, 2009The Vanishing YouTube Videos and a Look Behind the Scenes
Mar 27, 2009SCO Objects to $50,586.14 of Novell's Bill of Costs - Updated
Mar 27, 2009Monday's Hearing on SCO's Latest Reorg Plan Morphs Into a Mere Status Conference
Mar 26, 2009SCO's 10Q - Woe is SCO
Mar 25, 2009SCO Bankruptcy Filings, MOR for January, Dec. Hearing Transcript - Updated
Mar 23, 2009Maciaszek Trial Testimony in SCO/Novell Contradicted - Updated: Wilson Confirmed
Mar 23, 2009Open Invention Network Extends The Linux Ecosystem As TomTom Becomes Licensee
Mar 21, 2009FSF Asks to File Amicus Brief in Sony v. Tenenbaum (as text)
Mar 21, 2009TomTom files an Amended Complaint, and some Docket Updates
Mar 20, 2009Now TomTom Sues Microsoft for Patent Infringement -- Guess Who Their Lawyers Are? MoFo!!! - Updated
Mar 19, 2009More on SysV init
Mar 17, 2009A Flurry of Project Monterey Press Releases from 1998-1999
Mar 16, 2009Tenenbaum: Are Copyright Law's Statutory Damages Unconstitutional for NonCommercial File Sharers?
Mar 14, 2009Kimball Rules Against SCO on Motion to Stay Taxation of Costs
Mar 12, 2009SCO Withdraws Motion for Auction; Hearing Cancelled
Mar 12, 2009September 22, 2008 AutoZone Status Hearing transcript
Mar 11, 2009Caldera's OpenLinuxLite and SysV init
Mar 8, 2009SCO's Appeal Brief, as text, and Something Odd - Update: Hearing May 6
Mar 7, 2009Bilski Is Ruled Dispositive: In Re Ferguson, as text - Updated
Mar 6, 2009SCO Files its Appeal Brief in SCO v. Novell
Mar 5, 2009Microsoft's Complaint against TomTom, as text
Mar 4, 2009Enderle on TomTom - Here We Go Again - Updated 2Xs
Mar 2, 2009Caldera GPLing in 2001, Gave "Open Access" to Open UNIX 8 Source Code
Feb 27, 2009IBM's Objection to SCO's Disclosure Statement, as text
Feb 26, 2009Another Addition: SCO's May 2003 "Dear commercial Linux user" letter
Feb 26, 2009Two Quick Words About Microsoft v. TomTom: Think Bilski
Feb 24, 2009UNIX in the 1990s-2002 - Was SCO the Market Leader?
Feb 24, 2009SCO's Feb. 25th Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled - Hearings in March Instead
Feb 23, 2009Standards: Have Any Suggestions for the Next Version of ODF?
Feb 20, 2009Have An Interest in Government Adoption of Open Standards?
Feb 20, 2009Novell's Objections to the Amended Plan, as text
Feb 19, 2009IBM's Objection to SCO's APA Motion, as text
Feb 18, 2009BK Update -- IBM Objects -- Updated - So Does Novell
Feb 16, 2009 Red Hat Is Asking for Prior Art
Feb 16, 2009Red Hat & Microsoft Sign Virtualization Interoperability Pact With No Patent Junk
Feb 12, 2009Progress Report: 1993 Regents v. USL Complaint - Updated
Feb 12, 2009 AutoZone's Answer to SCO's Complaint
Feb 5, 2009 BK Docket Update
Feb 1, 2009SCO files its annual report -- It was not its best year: 63 employees left
Jan 30, 2009Members Only -- Docket Update January 30, BK and Appeal
Jan 27, 2009Members Only -- Docket Update, Jan 27th -- BK and Appeal
Jan 21, 2009Members Only -- Docket Update - BK and AutoZone
Jan 17, 2009Sony v. Tenenbaum - Court Rules Jan. 22 Hearing Can Be Streamed; Sony Appeals
Jan 15, 2009Docket Update: New Bankruptcy Filings - UPDATED - AutoZone, Too - Members Only
Jan 7, 2009New Filings: BK and AutoZone
Jan 6, 2009Preservation
Jan 1, 2009New Filing -- Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion to Stay Taxation of Costs
Dec 31, 2008New Filings -- Novell's bill of costs
Dec 21, 2008A harvest of filings
Dec 9, 2008Linux Defenders - That Would Be You Guys, Actually
Dec 9, 2008FSFE and Release Guide to Handling License Violations
Dec 5, 2008The Psystar Public License
Dec 3, 2008David Boies Gets a Letter From the Appeals Court Chief Clerk
Dec 3, 2008Apple Tells Court It Believes Someone Is Behind Psystar; Adds New Claims, Including DMCA Violation
Dec 2, 2008Analysis on Balance - Standardisation and Patents - by Georg Greve, President, FSFE
Dec 1, 2008Today's YouTube: US v. Microsoft 10 Years Later
Nov 28, 2008 An Amicus Brief: Issues in the Cyberbullying Case That Affect You - Updated 3Xs
Nov 27, 2008The Appeals Paperwork Begins
Nov 25, 2008SCO Files Notice of Appeal in Novell Litigation - Updated 2Xs
Nov 24, 2008Minutes from the Bankruptcy Hearing, an Order on 1st Omnibus Objections, and Other Filings - Updated
Nov 24, 2008 Bilski - What It Means, Part 5 (Conclusion) -- What About Microsoft's Patent Threats?
Nov 22, 2008MA Court Grants OLPC's Motions Dismissing Lancor's Claims - Updated 3Xs: Correction - US Case
Nov 20, 2008Final Judgment in SCO v. Novell: SCO Loses Again
Nov 20, 2008SCO Bankruptcy: SCO Withdraws Motion Re Confidentiality
Nov 18, 2008SCO and Novell Settle Constructive Trust/Payment Matter "In Principal"
Nov 18, 2008All Psystar's Counterclaims Against Apple Dismissed! Told 'Ya - Updated: The Order as Text
Nov 17, 2008SCO Files an Amended Schedule F
Nov 14, 2008Answering Gene Quinn, Patent Attorney - Updated
Nov 14, 2008Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy Show Activity in the Swiss Arbitration
Nov 13, 2008Norris Did Attend SCO's Tec Forum; Investors "Excited" About Prospects
Nov 12, 2008Bilski - What It Means, Part 4 - The Microsoft Brief - Updated
Nov 9, 2008Bilski - What It Means, Part 3 - The Mayer Dissent & Some Intangibility Questions - Updated 2Xs
Nov 8, 2008SCO's Statement on Final Judgment & the Melaugh-Gonzalez Emails
Nov 6, 2008SCO Bankruptcy Filings -- Is SCO Resurrecting the Name Caldera?
Nov 5, 2008 Bilski: What It Means, Part 2 -- Listening to the Dissenting Opinions - Updated
Nov 3, 2008Bilski: What It Means, Part 1 -- Red Hat on What It Means for FOSS
Nov 1, 2008Novell Responds to SCO's Notice of Voluntary Dismissal/Final Judgment Language - as text
Nov 1, 2008Tennessee's Withdrawal of Claims - Updated
Oct 30, 2008The Bilski Decision Is In: Buh-Bye [Most] Business Methods Patents - As text - Updated
Oct 29, 2008Novell Makes a Move -- Motion for Constructive Trust and Payment Now - Updated 2Xs, as text
Oct 28, 2008Ubersoft's Help Desk ... A reorganization plan for SCO
Oct 28, 2008SCO's MORs for September in the Bankruptcy - The Subsidiaries - Updated
Oct 28, 2008Google Settles Authors Guild Litigation - Updated 2Xs
Oct 26, 2008NetApp's Point of View on the Sun Litigation - An Update
Oct 26, 2008When Spoliation Gets Found Out
Oct 24, 2008SCO Plans... er... SCO Hopes for a Future
Oct 22, 2008Creditors Being Objected to by SCO Begin to Respond
Oct 21, 2008Straightening Out Some Silly Stuff Being Written About Apple v. Psystar
Oct 20, 2008SCO Files Motion to Dismiss Unresolved Claims with Prejudice (SCO v. Novell) - Updated
Oct 20, 2008SCO's Tec Forum in Full Sway. Two Press Releases Today.
Oct 19, 2008Want to Laugh? Another Tall Tale About Where Linux Came From.
Oct 18, 2008More Patent Threats From Microsoft
Oct 18, 2008Closing Off the Internet and Tossing Fair Use Over the Cliff
Oct 16, 2008An Update on the Copiepresse/Google Dispute -- ACAP Enters the Picture
Oct 14, 2008Berger Singerman's 13th Bill: Researching Cramdowns - Updated
Oct 13, 2008Tanner Proposes to Expand its Work for SCO Again = $198,000+ for 2009
Oct 12, 2008If You Hate Trademark Law, How Do You Feel About Trade Dress?
Oct 11, 2008IP Innovation v Red Hat and Novell - 1 Year Later
Oct 9, 2008SCO Objects to Some Claims, Including Snow Christensen's - Updated 2Xs
Oct 8, 2008 NetApp-Sun Litigation News: USPTO Order on NetApp's '292 Patent
Oct 6, 2008Microsoft Subpoenas Canopy and Law Firm Hunting for Documents from Caldera v. MS to use in Novell v. MS (antitrust) - 3 updates
Oct 6, 2008Stipulation to Lift Stay on IPO Class Action and SCO's MORs Filed
Oct 4, 2008Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion for Final Judgment and Melaugh Declaration, as text
Oct 3, 2008Novell files in Utah its opposition in SCO's motion for final judgment
Oct 2, 2008Apple Files Motion to Dismiss Psystar's Counterclaims, as text - Updated
Oct 2, 2008The Microsoft-Stacked SC 34 Committee Makes a Move
Sep 30, 2008The Purpose of the Fifth Amendment in the Bill of Rights
Sep 30, 2008Important: Want to join the new OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC?
Sep 29, 2008Groklaw's Sean Daly Interviewed by FSFE
Sep 29, 2008Don't link to So and So's website. They might just sue ya. Or, what Trademarks Are [and Are Not] For.
Sep 26, 2008Transcript of Sept. 16 Bankruptcy Hearing - PDF and text
Sep 26, 2008A New Groklaw Feature - Erwan's Archive Explorer
Sep 26, 2008Stay Lifted on AutoZone as of December 31st - Updated
Sep 25, 2008 How To Avoid Becoming a Defendant in a BusyBox or Any GPL-Related Lawsuit
Sep 24, 2008Review of Russell Dyer's MySQL in a Nutshell, Second Edition
Sep 23, 2008IBM Announces New Policy on Standards - Updated
Sep 22, 2008SCO Seems to Be Trying to Ramp Up AutoZone - Updated
Sep 21, 2008Interview with Walter Bender of Sugar Labs
Sep 19, 2008Mozilla Comes Through!
Sep 17, 2008The Latest on the Firefox EULA Matter - Update: Progress!
Sep 16, 2008SCO Gets Almost What It Asked For From Bankruptcy Court: Extension to End of Year & Stock Options
Sep 16, 2008SCO's Reply to Novell's Objection to 3rd Extension, as text, & a 10Q Reality Check
Sep 15, 2008SCO Makes Its Move in Utah: Asks to Waive Claims, Get Final Judgment - Updated, as text
Sep 13, 2008Anonymous Speech in Email Upheld in Spammer Case - Updated
Sep 11, 2008The Bankruptcy Hearing Schedule for Sept. 16th, a Letter, and a Spector Sideshow, but Where's York?
Sep 11, 2008Crimson Capital LLC et al v. Spartan Group Holding, Stephen Norris, et al
Sep 9, 2008Novell Objects to SCO's Request for More Time; Suggests There May Be No SNCP Deal - Updated, as text
Sep 9, 2008The Harry Potter Decision, as text - Updated
Sep 8, 2008Tanner: A little scoop more
Sep 7, 2008The Caldera v. Microsoft Docket - All the Documents To Be Found, So Far - Updated 2Xs
Sep 6, 2008 2000 Caldera-Microsoft Settlement Surfaces in Novell v. Microsoft Antitrust Lawsuit
Sep 4, 2008A Question About the Novell-Microsoft Deal
Sep 3, 2008Psystar - Who Are These People?
Sep 2, 2008BSDi's Opposition To USL's Motion For Preliminary Injunction
Sep 1, 2008CONSEGI 2008 Declaration -- Open Letter to ISO Reveals More OOXML Issues
Sep 1, 2008AT&T EULA's Terms Are Found "Unconscionable" - What Does That Mean?
Aug 29, 2008Novell and SCO Agree on Interest, Trust Amounts; Final Judgment Still in Dispute - Updated
Aug 29, 2008Here's Psystar's Answer with Counterclaims - Oh, Brother! -Updated 3Xs, as text
Aug 28, 2008SCO's Motion to Give Stock Options to 4 Executives - Updated - Why Might They Want Options?
Aug 27, 2008For the Sake of History, a Novell 1994 10K: Unix source and UnixWare 2 separate products
Aug 27, 2008The Apple v. Psystar Litigation - Updated: Complaint as text
Aug 26, 2008New Novell Deadline for Filing Brief on Interest, Judgment & Some 2003 SEC Filings About SCOsource
Aug 24, 2008Interview with Richard Hulse of Radio New Zealand, on the decision to offer Ogg Vorbis
Aug 23, 2008KDE Adopts Fiduciary Licence Agreement Option
Aug 21, 2008 Hong Kong -- Here Comes Me Inc Software! -- & More Bankrupcy Bills - Updated 2Xs
Aug 20, 2008German Court: SCO Must Pay a Fine. Yes. Again. - updated
Aug 19, 2008AutoZone Stirrings
Aug 19, 2008Judge Lifts Restraining Order: MIT Students Win - Updated
Aug 18, 2008No Further Appeals on OOXML? What About 11.4?
Aug 18, 2008More Bankruptcy Filings and SCO Predicts a Bright Future for Itself
Aug 17, 2008 Caldera Press Releases, 1996-2001
Aug 16, 2008 Santa Cruz and its "Linux Strategy" Back in the 1990s
Aug 15, 2008OOXML Appeals Rejected
Aug 14, 2008Status Conference in AutoZone Sept. 22
Aug 14, 2008OK. But What Does It Mean? (Jacobsen v. Katzer)
Aug 13, 2008Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit Overturns Jacobsen v. Katzer - Ruling as text
Aug 13, 2008MIT Students Ask Court to Vacate TRO; Who's Who in Computer Science and Security Sign Letter in Support
Aug 12, 2008SCO Asks to Extend Exclusivity Period Again - Hearing Sept. 16
Aug 11, 2008Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Files Motion to Modify Terms of TRO - Updated, MIT Students Response
Aug 11, 2008The Indie Band Survival Guide, new book on how to succeed on your own
Aug 11, 2008Hearing Postponed on Gifting York- New Date Sept. 16 [or never?]
Aug 10, 2008Free-OpenServer. What a Concept! - Updated
Aug 9, 2008Lawyer's Funny AntiLinux FUD Turns Out to be Not So Funny - Updated 2Xs
Aug 7, 2008Some Pictures Worth a Thousand Words - Caldera OpenLinux Lite
Aug 6, 2008The Appeals Court for the 10th Circuit Sends a Letter of Instructions
Aug 5, 2008An Appeal in SCO v. Novell - But Not the One You Expected
Aug 4, 200888% of YouTube is New and Original Content, Professor Says
Aug 3, 2008The End of the Patry Copyright Blog
Aug 3, 2008The SCO Litigation - From Soup to Nuts
Aug 1, 2008The Victor Raisys Back Story
Jul 30, 2008SCO and Novell Ask for More Time to Haggle About Final Judgment or Not, Interest Amount
Jul 30, 2008SCO Tells Customers and Partners It Will Appeal Shortly
Jul 29, 2008Is Open Solaris in Hot Water? -- No, I Don't Think So
Jul 28, 2008"PATCH: ELF registry now at Caldera" in 2002 & LKP and GNU Tools
Jul 27, 2008More Bills for SCO in the Bankruptcy - Will They Get Paid?
Jul 26, 2008Turning our attention back to SCO v. IBM, a nugget about errno.h and the GPL
Jul 25, 2008Microsoft Updates Open Specification Promise to Include GPL/Gives $$ to Apache - Updated 2 Xs
Jul 24, 2008Google's Patents Are About to be Killed? Calm Down, Everyone. It's Just Advocacy, a/k/a FUD
Jul 22, 2008SCO Files Monthly Operating Reports for June; Novell Statement
Jul 21, 2008The "one line of code" rule - Any UnixWare in SCOsource?
Jul 21, 2008Trial Witness Lists/Exhibits from SCO v. Novell
Jul 19, 2008HURIDOCS Is Looking for a Developer - Pick Your Brain
Jul 19, 2008SCO's Yesterday - a parody by Scott Lazar
Jul 18, 2008ISO/IEC Recommendations on Appeals & Latest ODF News - Complete document as text
Jul 17, 2008The Day After & Motion to Intervene Denied as "Wholly Inappropriate" - updated
Jul 16, 2008Judge Kimball Rules at Last! - Updated: The Order as text
Jul 16, 2008Peer to Patent Project Extended and Expanded - Mark Webbink Exec. Dir. of New Center
Jul 16, 2008The YouTube/Google/Viacom Stipulation & An Encouraging Patent Order, as text
Jul 15, 2008The Red Hat-FireStar Settlement Agreement is Published - updated
Jul 15, 2008ISO Document: South Africa's Appeal, as text
Jul 14, 2008OK. *Now* Judge Kimball is Sorry He Didn't Rule Quicker (joke) & AZ Status Report
Jul 14, 2008The ISO Document: India's and Venezuela's Appeals, as text - Updated with comments chart
Jul 12, 2008The ISO Document: Brazil's Appeal and ISO/IEC's Attachments 1 & 2 - as text
Jul 11, 2008July 15th Bankruptcy Hearing on Paying York Reset for August 13
Jul 11, 2008 KDE on KDE 4.0
Jul 9, 2008ISO to TMB: Here Are the Appeals Against OOXML; They Should Be Denied - Updated 2Xs - Responses
Jul 9, 2008Fact Checking Viacom's New Statement on Privacy and YouTube
Jul 7, 2008Viacom-YouTube Stipulation on LECG Filed Today
Jul 7, 2008Microsoft to EU Commission: We're Not the Bad Guy; You Are [MS Doc as Text]
Jul 7, 2008The Maciaszek Trial Testimony - Day 2 Ends, with line #s
Jul 5, 2008Groklaw Wins Prix Ars Electronica 2008 Honorable Mention & New Page for Sean Daly Interviews
Jul 4, 2008How Viacom Ambushed YouTube and You - Updated 2Xs, Docket
Jul 4, 2008Tanner Bills SCO for Another $54,000 for June
Jul 3, 2008Autozone Activity & SCO Forum Postponed for "New Investor"
Jul 3, 2008Viacom-YouTube Discovery Order/Docket - Updated 2Xs: Order as text
Jul 2, 2008Barracuda Networks Countersues Trend Micro
Jul 2, 2008Fair Use Upheld. Imagine That.
Jun 30, 2008Copiepresse's Complaint v. EU Commission Tossed Out
Jun 27, 2008The June 17 Bankruptcy Hearing Transcript - as text
Jun 26, 2008Transcript of the June Bankruptcy Hearing and SCO MOUs
Jun 26, 2008A Sun Update on the NetApp Litigation
Jun 25, 2008The Trial Testimony of Greg Jones, Day 2, SCO v. Novell - updated
Jun 23, 2008Cognex Invalidates Acacia Patent '524; Next? Suing for Business Defamation
Jun 22, 2008What's Fair Use, Anyway? AP Has a Thought, and So Do I
Jun 21, 2008The Orders/Minutes from the 6/17 Bankruptcy Hearing
Jun 20, 2008Microsoft-DOJ Joint Status Report June 17, 2008
Jun 19, 2008Darl's Dreams for the Future Amplified
Jun 17, 2008First Report on Bankruptcy Hearing: SCO Wins Extension - Updated 3Xs
Jun 17, 2008When Can a Judge Change His Mind?
Jun 16, 2008SCO's 10Q - Where's the Money? Where's the Plan?
Jun 16, 2008Day 2 of the Trial: The Darl - transcript of his testimony, with line #s
Jun 14, 2008Pachulski Stang's 8th Bankruptcy Bill - "401(k) audit"? - Updated
Jun 13, 2008Something About the Kozinski Story You Didn't Read in the LA Times
Jun 12, 2008More Bills and a Hearing Schedule as SCO's Money Flies the Coop
Jun 11, 2008Red Hat Makes History With Patent Settlement - Compatible with GPLv3
Jun 10, 2008Novell Responds to SCO's 2nd Extension Request: Please Make it the Last, Yr. Honor - Updated, as text
Jun 10, 2008Neelie Kroes: "Choosing open standards is a very smart business decision"
Jun 9, 2008Chris Sontag's Trial Testimony in SCO v. Novell (April 29 & 30, 2008)
Jun 7, 2008Eyeballs Needed for ODF
Jun 6, 2008Day 1, April 29, the Novell v. SCO trial, Opening Statements, as text - with line #s
Jun 4, 2008Like Sands Through the Hourglass, So Are the Bills in SCO's Bankruptcy - Updated
Jun 4, 2008Update on the NetApp-Sun Patent Litigation
Jun 3, 2008An Open Letter on OOXML Happenings in India
Jun 2, 2008A Reminder: ISO's Code of Ethics & What Happens Next - Update: Venezuela Appeals Also
May 31, 2008Now an OOXML Protest from Denmark's OSL - Updated 3Xs: Official English Translation
May 30, 2008Latest News on the Bankruptcy - More Matters for 6/17 Hearing
May 29, 2008Brazil Appeals OOXML Too! Asks Approval Be Reconsidered - Update: India Files Too
May 28, 2008Shining Some Light on Microsoft's Moonlight Covenant
May 28, 2008The Shuttleworth Foundation Supports South Africa's Appeal Against OOXML
May 27, 2008Viacom's 1st Amended Complaint and YouTube/Google's Answer - updated, both as text
May 26, 2008SCO Updates its "Legal Update" Page
May 25, 2008 Microsoft Launches OnMyWay
May 24, 2008The Embrace, Extend, Extinguish of ODF Begins? - Updated
May 23, 2008South Africa Files Official Appeal Re OOXML - OOXML in Limbo Now - Updated
May 22, 2008Two More Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy
May 22, 2008Microsoft Supporting ODF? -- Close, But No Cigar
May 20, 2008"A Strategy for Openness: Enhancing E-Records Access in New York State"
May 20, 2008Transcript of the April 30 SJ Motions in Novell v. SCO - Yay! - as PDF & text
May 18, 2008More Hints from More Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy
May 16, 2008Today We Are Five & What Happened at the Summary Judgment Hearing April 30
May 14, 2008Dorsey & Whitney File 6th Monthly Bill in SCO Bankruptcy - SCO Global - Updated
May 12, 2008Hearing on May 15 about Paying York Cancelled; New Date June 17
May 12, 2008Darl's 2003 Letter to Questar: Proof SCOsource was about AT&T's System V, not UnixWare
May 11, 2008Microsoft emails Blender
May 9, 2008SCO wants more time to exclusively file a reorganization plan
May 9, 2008The Bilski oral arguments - Groklaw member webster attended - Updated 3Xs - RFD went too
May 8, 2008The GPL Wins Again - Welte vs. Skype Technologies SA (Germany)
May 7, 2008Catching up on the bankruptcy filings
May 7, 2008SCO's Prentice-Hall Letter - McBride's Trial Testimony
May 6, 2008A Brief History of Sun by Groklaw's grouch - Updated
May 5, 2008Sandy Gupta Shows Up - Working at Microsoft - Updated
May 4, 2008Day 4 Transcript of the Novell v. SCO Trial's Last Day, May 2nd - as text
May 4, 2008OLPC Decision Not Final, RMS Asks: Can We Rescue OLPC from Windows?
May 3, 2008Transcript from Day 3, May 1, in the Novell v. SCO Trial
May 2, 2008Reports on the Last Day of the Trial in Novell v. SCO - Updated 3Xs
May 2, 2008Day 2, April 30, Novell v. SCO Trial Transcript - as text, no line #s
May 2, 2008Day 1, April 29th, in Novell v. SCO - as text (no line #s version)
May 1, 2008Transcripts!! Days 1 and 2 of Novell v. SCO
May 1, 2008Day 3 in Novell v. SCO; and Some Bankruptcy Filings - Updated 2Xs
Apr 30, 2008Day 2 of the Novell v. SCO trial - Updated 6Xs
Apr 29, 2008First Word from Day 1 of the Novell v. SCO Trial - Updated 2Xs
Apr 29, 2008SCO and Novell File Proposed Findings of Fact/Conclusions of Law
Apr 28, 2008How the Trial Will Go, Beginning Tomorrow (SCO v. Novell)
Apr 28, 2008Novell's Objection to SCO's Motion to "Reimburse" York, as text
Apr 26, 2008Latest Bankruptcy Filings - Hearings Schedule & Missing Pages - Updated
Apr 25, 2008SCO's Reply Memo in Support of its Motion for Judgment on Novell's 4th Claim - Updated - As Text
Apr 24, 2008SCO's Redacted Trial Brief At Last - Updated
Apr 24, 2008Parties File Sealed Trial Briefs; Novell's Redacted Amended Trial Brief, as text
Apr 23, 2008DC Circuit Ct of Appeals (Rambus): Deceit Doesn't in Itself Constitute Monopolization
Apr 22, 2008SCO's Latest Monthly Operating Reports, for March - Where Did All the Money Go? - Updated 2Xs
Apr 21, 2008Microsoft Office 2007 Fails OOXML Conformance Tests, Alex Brown Admits, Hopes For the Best
Apr 20, 2008Interview with NOiV's Maarten Wijnen-Meijer on Study on Gov't Acquisition of OS Software - Pick Your Brains
Apr 20, 2008Another New, New Lawyer for SCO; and Novell and SCO Update Exhibits: The Trial is Near
Apr 19, 2008The AFNOR Affair: Interview with Frédéric Couchet, Ex. Dir. APRIL, on OOXML in France
Apr 18, 2008New OOXML Scandal - A Leaked Email Surfaces in France - Updated: New Details from Norway
Apr 17, 2008What is Wrong with RAND?
Apr 16, 2008SCO Asks That Friday's Bankruptcy Hearing on York Payment Be Postponed - Updated
Apr 15, 2008ISO puts out a face-saving (it hopes) FAQ
Apr 15, 2008US Trustee Objects to SCO's Proposed Payment to York
Apr 14, 2008Alex Brown: OOXML is like a baroque castle with secret passages and crumbling towers
Apr 13, 2008SCO and Two Patent Applications
Apr 12, 2008Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion for Judgment on Pleadings (Scott, Nathan, and Marty) - as text
Apr 11, 2008IBM Objects to York Payment: SCO's Argument is "Nonsense"
Apr 11, 2008SCO's April 2nd Bankruptcy Hearing Transcript - Update: full text
Apr 10, 2008Member of EU Parliament asks if Microsoft should be excluded from public procurement
Apr 9, 2008More filings in SCO's bankruptcy and a Boies Schiller lawyer for the Novell trial
Apr 9, 2008Red Hat's Amicus Brief in Bilski, as text - Why Patents Harm Open Source
Apr 9, 2008In re Bilski -- Red Hat files amicus brief saying software patents are a brake on innovation
Apr 8, 2008Novell's Objection to SCO's Motion to Pay the Plan Sponsor, as text
Apr 7, 2008Novell Objects to SCO's Motion for Judgment on Pleadings on Novell's Claims for $$ - Update: Hearing 4/30
Apr 7, 2008SCO Forum 2008 Announced by Hunsaker; Where's Darl? - Updated 2Xs
Apr 6, 2008SCO's Combined Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statements of Financial Affairs, as text
Apr 6, 2008A Question About the SCO's End Game
Apr 5, 2008US Trustee's Objections to SCO's Latest Reorganization "Plan" & more filings
Apr 4, 2008OOXML: Wasn't There Supposed to be a Final Text Within a Month?
Apr 3, 2008Canada Tells Why It Voted No on OOXML & How ISO Must Improve - Updated: Others See Need to Fix ISO
Apr 3, 2008Hearing Notes, SCO's Monthly Operating Report etc.
Apr 3, 2008Ubersoft on ISO, "voting irregularities", and Groklaw
Apr 2, 2008A Report from the Bankruptcy Hearing Today - Updated 3Xs - 2nd Report
Apr 2, 2008And now the appeals and reactions while OOXML sits on hold
Apr 2, 2008How the Philippines Changed Its OOXML Vote from No to Yes - Updated 2Xs: ISO Press Release & Letters
Apr 1, 2008Expect a 2nd Official Complaint -- Against UK's OOXML Vote & Norway's Excuse
Mar 31, 2008The France Shift From No to Abstain -- HP helped Microsoft France do it - Updated
Mar 31, 2008SCO Backs Slowly Toward the Door
Mar 31, 2008 Formal Protest Filed Asking that Norway's Vote Be Annulled & KEI Statement
Mar 31, 2008New Zealand Votes No; Malaysia Tech Recommends No but It Abstains Anyway: Australia Abstains; India Suggests
Mar 29, 2008OOXML Vote: Irregularities in Germany & Croatia and a Call for an Investigation of Norway
Mar 28, 2008What Really Happened at the BRM for OOXML & Who Attended - Updates on Results
Mar 28, 2008Two More Objections -- from the US Trustee's Office
Mar 27, 2008Updegrove: Germany Told "Impossible" to Vote No. So, They Vote Yes - Updated 2Xs: Finland Yes
Mar 27, 2008President of EU Academy for Standardisation criticizes OOXML, says duplicative standards conflict with WTO rules
Mar 27, 2008Kenya Changes From Yes to Abstain! Denmark Says No; EU Commission Investigating Poland - Updated 6Xs - Mexico
Mar 27, 2008Another Reason Microsoft's OSP Isn't Good Enough
Mar 26, 2008A Chorus of 'We Object!! ' -- to SCO's Reorganization Plan - Updated 2Xs: The IPO Class Action Complaint
Mar 26, 2008Microsoft Files Complaint About India's No Vote on OOXML - Updated 2Xs
Mar 25, 2008Brazil Votes NO to OOXML - Updated
Mar 24, 2008More OOXML BRM Messiness: A Delegate from Brazil Challenges "Law of Silence"
Mar 24, 2008Cuba Votes No to OOXML - Says It Did So in September, Too - Updated 2Xs
Mar 22, 2008Poland Fails to Approve OOXML; Chairman Decides Members Can Vote by Email 10 More Days - huh? - Updated
Mar 21, 2008More Details from Bills in the SCO Bankruptcy - Hong Kong? - Updated
Mar 20, 2008India Has Voted NO to OOXML - Updated - On Error Rates in Draft Standards
Mar 19, 2008Harald Welte and Groklaw win FSF's 2007 Free Software Awards
Mar 19, 2008New Rules for Changing Your Vote on OOXML
Mar 18, 2008A Microsoft Slur in the OOXML Saga -- Did I Tell You or Did I Tell You? - Updated
Mar 17, 2008SCO 10Q: the MOU with Norris Ain't Carved in Stone, Y'all
Mar 17, 2008Supreme Court rejects Microsoft appeal: Novell v. Microsoft can go forward - Update
Mar 15, 2008Two More US Trustee Motions as text, More Bankruptcy Filings, and a Note on SCO v. Novell's Docket
Mar 15, 2008Two US Trustee's Objections: to SCO's October Incentive Bonuses & to Confidentiality
Mar 13, 2008SCO's Redacted Memo in Support of Motion for Judgment on Pleadings - as text
Mar 12, 2008SCO's Redacted Memo in Support of Motion for Judgment on Pleadings
Mar 12, 2008SFLC Analysis of Microsoft's OSP: No Assurance for Developers
Mar 11, 2008Straight From The Horse's Mouth: Was SCOsource about UnixWare?
Mar 11, 2008SCO's Memorandum in Objection to Novell's Summary Judgment Motion, as text
Mar 10, 2008BRM Resolution 23: Thou Shalt Use Patent-Encumbered MP3 with OOXML
Mar 9, 2008OLPC: Nigeria's Registrar Finds No Proof KONYIN Registration Was Extended
Mar 8, 2008SCO files motion for judgment on pleadings on Novell's money claims or for amendment of scope of trial
Mar 7, 2008How NBs can register a changed vote on OOXML - and a Chart of Directives Changes
Mar 6, 2008The Edited Notes and the Resolutions from the BRM - Updated 2Xs
Mar 6, 2008No Bankruptcy Hearing Friday; Incentive Bonuses Motion Continued to April 2
Mar 5, 2008ISO Statement on the BRM: Public Stay Out - Updated
Mar 4, 2008Malaysia Standards Says Most of Their Technical Concerns Unresolved at BRM; Fast Track Inappropriate - Updated
Mar 3, 2008Interview with Vint Cerf, by Sean Daly
Mar 2, 2008SCO's Reorganization Plan, as text
Mar 1, 2008SCO Files a Ch. 11 Plan, a Disclosure Statement, and Wants to Pay York's Expenses
Feb 29, 2008An Interview with Andrew Updegrove, by Sean Daly
Feb 29, 2008OOXML Fails to Get Majority Approval at BRM - Updated 3Xs
Feb 29, 2008Novell's Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment, as text
Feb 27, 2008 An Objection to SCO's proposed reorganization raises questions about SNCP
Feb 27, 2008Neelie Kroes Statement on Microsoft Fine, Q & A - transcript
Feb 27, 2008OOXML: An Obscured Business Suggestion & Microsoft Fined Again
Feb 26, 2008Danish Unix User Group Files Complaint With EU Commission Against Denmark For Mandating MSOOXML
Feb 26, 2008The Atlantic v. Brennan Decision Rejecting "Making Available", as PDF and Text
Feb 25, 2008Something Odd about Stephen Norris & Co Capital Partners - Updated 2Xs
Feb 24, 2008Mozilla Europe's Tristan Nitot, interviewed by Sean Daly
Feb 23, 2008Expert Witness in UMG v. Lindor Agrees With Groklaw - Updated
Feb 22, 2008Transcript of Bankruptcy Hearing Feb. 5, 2008
Feb 21, 2008Promises, Promises from Microsoft. Again.
Feb 21, 2008SCO's Redacted Memo in Opposition to Novell's SJ Motion, and Novell's Reply
Feb 20, 2008About those incentive bonuses ...
Feb 19, 2008Hearing on Interim Compensation/Bonuses set for March 7 at 2 PM in Bankruptcy Ct.
Feb 17, 2008How to Get Your Platform Accepted as a Standard - Microsoft Style
Feb 16, 2008What SCOsource was for, Part III - Updated
Feb 15, 2008The Proposed MOU, as text - Updated
Feb 14, 2008SCO announces reorganization plan - $100 M from SNCP & "partners from the Middle East", to go private - Updated
Feb 14, 2008What SCOsource was for, Part II
Feb 13, 2008What SCOsource was for, Part I - Updated
Feb 13, 2008More paperwork on the bills in the bankruptcy
Feb 12, 2008SCO Amends Its November Monthly Operating Reports & an OpenWengo Request
Feb 11, 2008The Hatch Exhibits Linked - Searching for #88
Feb 11, 2008IP Issues with OOXML - Who's Afraid of the GPL? by Brendan Scott
Feb 9, 2008 SCO Asks Bankruptcy Court to Set April 10 as "Bar Date" For Proofs of Claims
Feb 9, 2008SCO Layoffs - Maciaszek Out
Feb 8, 2008EU Commission Investigating Microsoft's MSOOXML Push
Feb 7, 2008Interview with Nicholas Reville About Miro and Open Media, by Sean Daly
Feb 6, 2008Hatch Declaration Supporting SCO's Opposition to Novell's Motion for SJ
Feb 5, 2008SCO's Exclusive Time to File a Plan Extended to May 11 - And New Stock Options
Feb 5, 2008 What Will Happen to Zimbra?
Feb 3, 2008XO and Asus EeePC: Comparing Size, Keyboards & Screens - Updated
Feb 2, 2008 Are You a Database Guru? -- A Request for Volunteers
Feb 2, 2008Media Sentry accused of violating NYS law - and some affidavits - Updated 2Xs
Feb 1, 2008Two No Objections and One Objection - Updated 3Xs
Jan 31, 2008The Court Order Extending Oversight Over Microsoft and Interoperability
Jan 30, 2008SCO's 10K: Now What? Caveat Emptor
Jan 29, 2008 Barracuda Networks Asks For Help Finding Prior Art to Defend ClamAV - Updated 3Xs
Jan 27, 2008Berger Singerman's Bill for December as text
Jan 26, 2008SCO Is Back to its Old Utah Ways - Updated
Jan 26, 2008The Non-Revocable GPL
Jan 25, 2008SCO's Expedited Motion to Enforce Amended Scheduling Order, as text
Jan 25, 2008This Month's Modest Bill from Berger Singerman and Some Shares Returned
Jan 23, 2008Mesirow Files A 2nd (Much Lower) Bill
Jan 23, 2008Yoohoo! EU Commission! Are you watching?
Jan 22, 2008Google Taking Blog Comments Searching Real-Time?
Jan 21, 2008Grokking Cyberlaw & How The Trademark Process Works
Jan 20, 2008The BBC's iPlayer Goes to Parliament, by Sean Daly
Jan 18, 2008Transcript of the Bankruptcy Hearing About the Leases, as text
Jan 17, 2008Microsoft Says It Will Release Binary Office Formats - Which? -- Updated
Jan 17, 2008Open Document Format Alliance Refutes the Burton Group Report on ODF
Jan 16, 2008How To Do Comments in HTML on Groklaw
Jan 16, 2008Details on the Sun-MySQL Deal
Jan 16, 2008SCO wants Tanner to do a new job: its tax returns
Jan 16, 2008Order from Kimball: SJ Hearing April 30
Jan 15, 2008More Lawyer/Accountant Bills for SCO - Updated with the Doomsday Clock
Jan 14, 2008The Two New Investigations of Microsoft by the EU Commission - Updated 4Xs
Jan 13, 2008Novell's Statement Re Mesirow's Bill, as text, and SCO Responds
Jan 12, 2008Tweaking Everex's $199 TC2502 Green PC and gOS
Jan 11, 2008Utah Bench Trial Set for April 29 in SCO v. Novell
Jan 11, 2008SCO's Dilemma - Update: Jan. 8 Hearing Transcript
Jan 9, 2008Novell expresses "concerns" about Mesirow's bill - and more bills flood in
Jan 9, 2008InterSystems' Request to Pick Your Brains for Prior Art
Jan 8, 2008SCO Gets Leases OKd Despite Novell Objection: "SCO's Spending $$ by the Boatful - There'll Be Nothing Left"
Jan 7, 2008Interview with OLPC's Founding CTO Mary Lou Jepsen, by Sean Daly - Updated
Jan 7, 2008SCO Answers Novell's Objection to Renewing Leases and more
Jan 4, 2008Pick Your Brain: Any prior art on Apple's patent application on wifi ordering by iPhone? - Updated
Jan 4, 2008OLPC Tells Nigerian Court: We Don't Use LANCOR's Keyboard
Jan 4, 2008SCO Amends Its ByLaws
Jan 4, 2008SCO's Motion for Extension of Exclusivity Deadlines, as text - updated
Jan 3, 2008The SCO-York APA, as text
Jan 2, 2008SCO Asks Bankruptcy Court for More Time to File a Plan
Jan 1, 2008News about LANCOR v. OLPC - Updated
Dec 30, 2007Exhibit A to Berger Singerman's 3rd Bill, as text
Dec 28, 2007Novell's Objection to the Leases and Berger Singerman's 3rd Bill
Dec 27, 2007My Very Own OLPC XO Laptop
Dec 27, 2007SCO Delisted as of Today - Updated
Dec 26, 2007Pick Your Brain Time - A Lawyer Requests Your Input - Updated
Dec 25, 2007SCO's Postpetition Liabilities = $6 Million+ -- Tanner's Bills & SCO's Operating Reports
Dec 25, 2007Mesirow's Exhibit E - The Necessary, Reasonable Expenses
Dec 24, 2007Mesirow Exhibit D - the itemization of employees/tasks, as text
Dec 23, 2007The Exhibits in Support of Novell's Motion for PSJ on 4th Claim for Relief - Updated
Dec 22, 2007Novell Files for Partial Summary Judgment - on 4th Claim Re SCOsource
Dec 21, 2007Mesirow: We'd Like a Cool Half Million From SCO, Please - Updated
Dec 20, 2007Samba Team Receives Microsoft Protocol Documentation -Updated 2Xs
Dec 20, 2007Interview with Opera's CEO, CTO and General Counsel - Updated
Dec 20, 2007Interview with ECIS's Thomas Vinje Regarding Opera's Complaint
Dec 19, 2007SCO Wants to Pay/Reimburse People Mo' Money
Dec 19, 2007 SCO Asks Bankruptcy Court to Approve New Leases in NJ and Utah
Dec 18, 2007Gupta resigns! Hunsaker Pres. & COO of SCO Operations
Dec 17, 2007BusyBox and Xterasys Settle GPL Lawsuit
Dec 17, 2007Transcript of Dec. 5th Bankruptcy Hearing Arrives - The Improvidence Standard
Dec 15, 2007A Groklaw Member Gets His OLPC Laptop - It's Not Too Late To Order Yours
Dec 13, 2007Joint Statement Re Court's December 6, 2007 Order
Dec 13, 2007Opera Files Antitrust Complaint Against Microsoft with EU Commission - Updated
Dec 13, 2007When do National Bodies get to change a vote on MSOOXML?
Dec 12, 2007More National Bodies' Comments on MSOOXML That the February Meeting Won't Allow To Be Addressed
Dec 12, 2007Another Lawyer Moves On & a SCO/Novell Status Chart from August
Dec 11, 2007Denmark Pretends MSOOXML Already an "Open Standard" & Mandates a Trial of ODF/MSOOXML
Dec 11, 2007What Will and Won't Be Discussed at February's BRM on MSOOXML
Dec 10, 2007Today's Filings: Pachulski, Stang Files Application to Be Paid, Intel Peeks In
Dec 9, 2007A UK Trademark Tale - the Elkington & Fife Affidavit as Text - Updated
Dec 7, 2007BusyBox Developers, SFLC Sue Verizon for GPL Infringement - Updated 3Xs
Dec 7, 2007New Filings, New Revelations - Updated
Dec 7, 2007Lifting the Stay - Parsing The Details
Dec 6, 2007Judge Kimball to SCO and Novell: Provide Info by Dec. 13th - Updated
Dec 6, 2007About maintenance of MSOOXML should it become an ISO standard... and some ideas - Updated
Dec 6, 2007The Boies Schiller Application Takes a Step Forward
Dec 5, 2007Hearing over - Minutes Posted - Eyewitnesses Reports
Dec 4, 2007 Up Pops the Proposed Patent Buyer: BlackMaple, LLC - Updated 2Xs
Dec 4, 2007Thakker & Thakker File an Affidavit - Updated
Dec 3, 2007Morrison & Foerster Finds Out Who Wants to Buy the Cattleback Patent - A Client! - Updated, as text
Dec 3, 2007The Agenda for Dec. 5 Hearing - 363 Group No Longer "Objects"
Dec 3, 2007LANCOR's Adé Oyegbola Answers Groklaw's Questions About OLPC
Dec 2, 2007The Nigerian OLPC Dispute - How Does It Look? - Updated
Dec 1, 2007Dorsey & Whitneys' 1st Compensation Application - Updated 2Xs
Nov 30, 2007Now the US Trustee Objects to the Patent Sale Too
Nov 29, 2007Novell's Trial Brief for Utah
Nov 28, 2007Novell Objects: Wants More Info on the Proposed Cattleback Patent Sale - Updated 3Xs: 363 Group Too Plays a Card, as text
Nov 27, 2007Novell's Motion to Lift Stay Granted! - Updated: Novell files notice in Utah
Nov 27, 2007November 16th Bankruptcy Hearing, as text with line numbers
Nov 26, 2007News From Hungary: A Followup Meeting of TC on MSOOXML Dec. 5
Nov 26, 2007November 16th SCO Bankruptcy Hearing Transcript - SCO Reportedly "Still Working" on the York Deal - as text
Nov 25, 2007Some Ideas for Marketing the OLPC
Nov 24, 2007SCO's Lawyer's October Bill, as text
Nov 21, 2007SCO Files October's Monthly Operating Reports
Nov 21, 2007More on the SCO-Tarent case in Germany - It Wasn't Their Fault, Won't Pay Damages
Nov 20, 2007How Much Has Boies Schiller Been Paid? - Members Only
Nov 20, 2007SCO Withdraws Asset Sale Motion (Without Prejudice) - Updated, as text
Nov 19, 2007SCO's Lawyer's Bill Reveals SCO Approached IBM Re Unix Purchase: "No Interest"
Nov 18, 2007BBC's Ashley Highfield, interviewed by Sean Daly -- "The Solution Is To Move Beyond DRM"
Nov 18, 2007SCO's Proposed Super Dooper Senior Secured Super-Priority Credit Agreement - Updated
Nov 16, 2007Reports from the Hearing - Updated 2Xs
Nov 16, 2007SCO Files a Proposed APA with York - Updated - Hearing Minutes
Nov 15, 2007 Microsoft Slinks In - MSLI Appears in SCO Bankruptcy
Nov 15, 2007In the Ordinary Course of Business
Nov 15, 2007November 6th Hearing Transcript (Version Without Line Numbers), as text
Nov 14, 2007November 6, 2007 Hearing Transcript as text
Nov 14, 2007Archives of Appellate and Supreme Court Decisions To Be Made Available Free
Nov 14, 2007Agenda for Friday's Hearing, 2 Orders & an Appearance by York - UPDATED: Transcript and Time Change
Nov 14, 2007US Trustee Objects to SCO's Proposed Asset Sale and more
Nov 13, 2007Tarent v. SCO - What's Happening in Germany?
Nov 13, 2007Jean Acheson Listed as Head of SCO Germany - Update: She's SCO Group's Ethics Officer too
Nov 12, 2007Novell's Objection to SCO's Proposed Assets Sale, as text
Nov 11, 2007What Are Judges *Really* Thinking? - One Decides to Tell Us - updated
Nov 10, 2007The 341 Creditors Meeting: A Transcript
Nov 9, 2007W3C's Chris Lilley: CDF Not Suitable for Use as an Office Format & Can't Replace ODF
Nov 9, 2007Becky Hogge, Open Rights Group, on the BBC, iPlayer and DRM, interviewed by Sean Daly
Nov 8, 2007Searching for Cattleback - Updated - The Acrylis Connection
Nov 8, 2007Today's Bankruptcy Filings - A York Lawyer Asks to Join in the Fun
Nov 7, 2007SCO Agrees With Itself (Technically with its New Subsidiary Cattleback) to Give Itself Some Bonuses - Updated
Nov 6, 2007The Hearing - Updated 9Xs
Nov 5, 2007A New Lawyer on the SCO Team and a Mesirow Supplemental Affidavit - Updated:SCO Asks To Expand Mesirow's Role
Nov 4, 2007What's on the Agenda for the Hearings on November 6 and 16
Nov 4, 2007IBM's Objection to SCO's Proposed Assets Sale, as text
Nov 2, 2007US Trustee Objects to Boies Schiller Conducting SCO's Bankruptcy Case; Wants Role Narrowed; Looking at Fees - Updated 2Xs
Nov 1, 2007Here Come the Objections to the Asset Sale -- IBM is Baaack
Oct 31, 2007SCO Responds to SUSE Re Staying the Swiss Arbitration - Updated
Oct 31, 2007SCO's 341 Creditors Meeting -- McBride, Acheson Answer the US Trustees' Questions - Audio
Oct 30, 2007Here Comes Michael Jacobs for Novell!
Oct 30, 2007BusyBox and Monsoon Settle Litigation with GPL Compliance Achieved
Oct 29, 2007Sun Makes Its Moves Against NetApp
Oct 29, 2007Correcting the Media Reports on the Alleged Approval of the Sale to York
Oct 28, 2007Who Breached the APA, and When?
Oct 28, 2007A Lawyer Wishes to Pick Your Brain- Re Media Sentry
Oct 26, 2007SCO Response to Novell's Motion for Order Directing SCO to Pay them Undisputed Future SVRX Royalties - Updated as text
Oct 25, 2007Now They Tell Us - Today's Bankruptcy Hearing Cancelled - Updated 2Xs - #161-165
Oct 25, 2007The NetApp-Sun Patent Litigation Is On: Anyone Know of Any Prior Art? - Updated 2Xs
Oct 24, 2007Hearing Nov. 6th on Novell's Lift of Stay Motion and SCO's Asset Sale Motion
Oct 24, 2007Microsoft Posts the New License Terms for Interoperability in the EU Agreement - Updated
Oct 23, 2007SCO Has a Bid; Would Like More - Updated
Oct 23, 2007The US Trustee Files Three Objections
Oct 23, 2007Interview with Mark Taylor, Pres. of UK Open Source Consortium, by Sean Daly
Oct 22, 2007Let's Make a Deal - The MS-EU Settlement - Updated
Oct 21, 2007 BayStar & Acacia, and A Ruling on Digital Evidence, & Today's YouTube: Xerox's Alto
Oct 20, 2007Swiss Arbitration Terms of Reference, as text, and Oracle Appears
Oct 18, 2007SUSE Arrives with a Special Opposition - Says Bankruptcy Ct. Has no Jurisdiction over Swiss Arbitration - as text
Oct 18, 2007Google Ads?
Oct 18, 2007SCO Asks the Bankruptcy Court to Let it Hire a CFO Temp - Updated Re Germany
Oct 17, 2007In which I get a lesson in patents -- how do you figure out the dates?
Oct 16, 2007SCO Files Financial Statements
Oct 15, 2007SCO Asks to File Severance/Benefits Info Under Seal in Bankruptcy Case
Oct 13, 2007Prior Art - What's a Claim Limitation?
Oct 12, 2007Boies Schiller Asks Bankruptcy Court To Let It Be SCO's Special Litigation Counsel
Oct 11, 2007 Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against Red Hat & Novell - Just Like Ballmer Predicted
Oct 11, 2007The Creditors List as text
Oct 10, 2007Sun joins the party in Delaware
Oct 10, 2007Mark Webbink Joins Board of Software Freedom Law Center
Oct 9, 2007Nov. 6th hearing time changed to 11 AM in SCO bankruptcy
Oct 9, 2007Thank you Michael, but no, thank you... by Charles H. Schulz
Oct 8, 2007Microsoft's Ballmer Reportedly Threatens Red Hat - Updated 3Xs
Oct 8, 2007Affidavit of Greg Jones, as text
Oct 7, 2007UserFriendly's Illiad Discovers Enderlemium
Oct 7, 2007Novell's Motion to Lift Stay, as text
Oct 6, 2007Friday's Filings in the Bankruptcy - Forms, forms, forms
Oct 5, 2007Novell's Motion for Order Directing SCO to Remit Future SVRX Royalties - as text
Oct 4, 2007And Novell Fires the First Shot - Motion to Lift Stay and Motion to Compel
Oct 4, 2007Today's bankruptcy filings - IBM's Lawyer Arrives - Updated 2Xs - Fri. Hearing Cancelled
Oct 3, 2007Hearing Agenda and Novell Asks for All Notices
Oct 3, 2007Gupta to get raise to $200,000; new CFO a temp at $105/hr, agency $45/hr
Oct 2, 2007HP: I'm In! Send All SCO's Bankruptcy Notices Please! - Gupta Prez of SCO Operations
Oct 2, 2007SCO Files its Initial Monthly Operating Report
Oct 2, 2007More Core: In re: Stone & Webster
Sep 30, 2007The Novell-Microsoft Wheeler Dealers Speak - Updated
Sep 29, 2007SCO Uses the "Core" Word - Asks for Stay to be Enforced in Arbitration
Sep 28, 2007IBM Makes an Appearance... Represented by One of the Main Authors of the Bankruptcy Code - Bert Young Leaves; Nasdaq News
Sep 28, 2007An Interview with ECIS's Thomas Vinje on the EU Microsoft Decision, by Sean Daly
Sep 27, 20071st RIAA Jury Trial Begins Tuesday in Minnesota
Sep 27, 2007SFLC Completes Review of Atheros Wireless Driver for Linux, Releases Guide for Developers
Sep 27, 2007Microsoft, antitrust and innovation, by Georg Greve
Sep 26, 2007What does "core" mean in a bankruptcy?
Sep 24, 2007Transcript of SCO's Bankruptcy Hearing, September 18, 2007 - updated as text
Sep 24, 2007Monsoon Media: "We intend to comply"
Sep 24, 200710 Myths About Open Source Software Answered, by Carlo Daffara
Sep 22, 2007My Knowledge Masters Award for Innovation
Sep 21, 2007Some New FUD Is Born - And a New Wallpaper for Edubuntu
Sep 21, 2007IBM case administratively closed; will be reopened when stay lifted
Sep 20, 2007Texas Shows an Interest in the SCO Bankruptcy
Sep 20, 2007Andersen v. Monsoon Multimedia, The Busybox Complaint, as text
Sep 20, 2007Want to meet four men who dared to fight MS -- and won?
Sep 19, 2007SCO Receives Nasdaq Notice Letter, Gives Tibbitts Raise and Bonus 1 Day Before Filing for Bankruptcy
Sep 19, 2007More Details On What Happened At the Hearing -- New Filings, New Report
Sep 18, 2007First Word From the Bankruptcy Court Hearing - Update 2Xs - Meeting Darl, New Filings
Sep 18, 2007SCO 10Q: Doubts It Can Remain a "Going Concern" If It Has to Pay Novell Significant $$
Sep 18, 2007Red Hat Tells the Court All About SCO's Woes
Sep 18, 2007Darl's Declaration in Support of 1st Day Pleading, as text; AutoZone, Red Hat courts informed
Sep 17, 2007Looks Like Novell Will Be There Tomorrow - The Fleet Has Arrived
Sep 17, 2007SCO's Bankruptcy Hearing Tomorrow Changed to 8:30 AM - Updated
Sep 17, 2007 EU Ct. of 1st Instance: Microsoft Abused its Dominant Position - Updated
Sep 17, 2007SCO Asks Court to Let it Hire Accounting Temps - Half of its finance dept. fired or quit
Sep 16, 2007In "Foxes Petition to Guard the Henhouse" News ...
Sep 16, 2007The Media on SCO Bankruptcy
Sep 15, 2007The Bankruptcy Docket & All Filings - Hearing on Tuesday in Delaware
Sep 14, 2007Kimball Denies SCO's Motion for Reconsideration/Clarification
Sep 14, 2007SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - Updated 4Xs
Sep 14, 2007Novell's Trial Brief
Sep 14, 2007SCO's Reply Memo in Further Support of its Motion for Reconsideration/Clarification - as text
Sep 13, 2007Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion for Reconsideration/Clarification as text
Sep 13, 2007SCO's Redacted Reply Memo in Support of Motion for Reconsideration
Sep 13, 2007Media Coverage Since the August 10th Ruling
Sep 11, 2007Judge Kimball Denies Two More SCO Motions - Updated - What does "for impeachment purposes" mean?
Sep 11, 2007Countries' Comments on MS OOXML - How You Can Help
Sep 10, 2007Kimball Vacates Tomorrow's Hearing in SCO v. Novell
Sep 10, 2007Novell's Objections to SCO's Supplemental Jury Instructions - What Was SCOsource Licensing?
Sep 9, 2007Fair Use: Affirmative Defense or Right? Do I Have to Choose?
Sep 7, 2007Judge Kimball rules: There will be no jury in SCO v. Novell
Sep 7, 2007The Broadcom Decision as text
Sep 6, 2007SCO Files Its Objections to Novell's Jury Instructions/Witness List - Updated
Sep 6, 2007Novell's Motion to Drop 3rd Claim - all filings as text
Sep 6, 2007Luciano Pavarotti died today... A music-less tribute, thanks to copyright law
Sep 5, 2007SCO's Attempt to Exclude Mention of IBM and Groklaw in the Novell Trial - all as text
Sep 5, 2007Yet More Filings in Novell - Why SCO Wants No Mention of IBM or Groklaw - Updated
Sep 4, 2007Getting Back to Patent Application Bug Spraying...
Sep 4, 2007Three Sealed Filings by Novell - Oops. 5 More Unsealed Novell Filings
Sep 4, 2007The results of the ISO voting: Office Open XML is Disapproved - Updated: It's Official
Sep 4, 2007We Are Beginning the Transfer to the AMD Servers, so...
Sep 3, 2007France's AFNOR Has an Idea: Merge ODF and OOXML - Updated
Sep 3, 2007MSOOXML: What Happened in Hungary
Sep 2, 2007SCO's Memo in Support of its Motion for Reconsideration or Clarification
Sep 2, 2007The Amended Proposed Jury Instructions in SCO v. Novell - as text
Sep 1, 2007Taking a not-ready-for-prime-time standard for a spin.... Uh Oh XML
Sep 1, 2007Denmark Votes No with Comments to OOXML
Aug 31, 2007A Mountain of Filings in SCO v. Novell and a Kind Word About Groklaw
Aug 31, 2007IBM and SCO File Reports on What They Think Remains in That Case
Aug 31, 2007Complaint Filed by CCIA with FTC Re Fair Use
Aug 31, 2007Norway Decides: No with Comments on OOXML and a Hint from Hungary
Aug 31, 2007OOXML News From Denmark
Aug 30, 2007SCO's Memo in Support of its 54(b) Motion - as text - and Proposed Jury Instructions
Aug 30, 2007France and OOXML: Majority Voted No with Comments in PreVote, But... Consensus Outcome Unknown
Aug 30, 2007Sweden's SIS Declares OOXML Vote Invalid - Will Change Vote from Yes to Abstain - Updated
Aug 30, 2007Norway and OOXML
Aug 29, 2007SCO Asks Judge Kimball for an Entry of Final Judgment So It Can Appeal Some Issues Immediately - Updated
Aug 29, 2007Hearing on Motions in Limine Changed to Sept. 11th in SCO v Novell
Aug 29, 2007Microsoft Memo to Partners in Sweden Surfaces: Vote Yes for OOXML - Updated
Aug 28, 2007FSF to Microsoft: "You Can't Declare Yourself Exempt from GPLv3"
Aug 28, 2007SCO files motion in limine re apportionment of MS/Sun $$ and to exclude Novell's expert
Aug 27, 2007Hearing on Motions in Limine in SCO v. Novell Set for Sept. 13
Aug 27, 2007Declaration of David E. Melaugh Supporting Novell's Motions in Limine No. 1-3 (EV1 Agreement)
Aug 27, 2007More Irregularities in the OOXML ISO Process Surface
Aug 26, 2007Novell's Motion in Limine No. 3 to Preclude SCO's New Theory of Apportionment
Aug 26, 2007SCO Wants Novell's New Provisional Evidence Tossed --"We Played by the Rules"
Aug 25, 2007SCO's Motion in Limine - Shh! Don't Tell the Jury About IBM or "Commentary Thereon"
Aug 24, 2007Motions in Limine in SCO v. Novell
Aug 24, 2007It's Getting Good Now - Lots of filings in SCO v. Novell - Motion to Strike SCO's Jury Demand, as text
Aug 24, 2007What Happened in Germany
Aug 23, 2007Novell and SCO File Shortened Witness and Exhibit Lists - Updated
Aug 23, 2007Groklaw and Blawgworld 2007
Aug 22, 2007DIN e.V. Explains its vote on OOXML
Aug 21, 2007Why, Why, Why OSI? - Updated
Aug 21, 2007Were there disclaimers?
Aug 19, 2007Judge Kimball Sets the Rules of the Road for SCO v. Novell
Aug 19, 2007Healthcare Advocates -- The Incredible "Lawyers as Hackers" Case
Aug 17, 2007SCO/Novell File Joint Status Report - PDF and text
Aug 17, 2007FSFE, SIUG File Official Objections to Switzerland's Vote on MS-OOXML
Aug 16, 2007The HP Litigation Begins - CNET Reporters File Suit
Aug 15, 2007Info for AU folks wishing to comment on OOXML to Standards Australia
Aug 14, 2007SCO's Letter to Customers and Partners
Aug 13, 2007What Goes to Trial? - Updated
Aug 12, 2007SCO speaks
Aug 12, 2007Ahem
Aug 12, 2007What's Left? - A Chart of the Summary Judgment Rulings in SCO v Novell
Aug 10, 2007Court Rules: Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive!
Aug 10, 2007Did Microsoft Just Back Out of Another Part of the Novell Deal?
Aug 9, 2007Final Pretrial Order in SCO v Novell Delayed to Aug. 17
Aug 9, 2007Report from Australia - the OOXML Forum - Updated 2Xs
Aug 8, 2007Another twist in SCO v Novell - stipulated delay on objecting to 26(a)(3) lists
Aug 8, 2007What's Better? Summary Judgment Rulings or a Jury Trial?
Aug 7, 2007Google Becomes OIN's First End User Licensee "To Help Linux Thrive"
Aug 6, 2007SCO Files Amended Pretrial Disclosure Lists in SCO v Novell
Aug 5, 2007"Fake Steve Jobs" is Daniel Lyons, in case anyone wants to sue - Updated
Aug 5, 2007Answering Paul Thurrott on OOXML
Aug 4, 2007A New Litigator on the Novell Team
Aug 2, 2007Novell's Rule 26 Pretrial Disclosures - Update: SCO's too
Aug 1, 2007For History's Sake: Paterson v. Little Brown
Jul 31, 2007MS to answer questions about OOXML on 4Linux's podcast Aug. 2
Jul 30, 2007Uh Oh. Another Smooth Move from Microsoft: Watch out, Ruby. Watch out OSI. -- Updated
Jul 29, 2007Can You Change a Service Contract Only on a Website?
Jul 29, 2007Update on Copiepresse v. Google
Jul 28, 2007Grandpa Gets a Dell with Ubuntu Linux Preinstalled
Jul 26, 2007SCO and IBM stipulate to another change in the schedule
Jul 26, 2007CPAL Approved By OSI
Jul 25, 2007SugarCRM Goes GPLv3!
Jul 25, 2007Best FUD Fighter: And the winner is... me!
Jul 25, 2007GPL Upheld in Germany Again - Translation
Jul 24, 2007Now It's Spain and OOXML - More Standards Highjinks?
Jul 22, 2007What Linspire Agreed To
Jul 20, 2007Proprietizing Standards
Jul 18, 2007Notes from Portugal on the July 16th Meeting on Ecma-376
Jul 17, 2007"Owning" a Trademark - The SugarCRM et al License Debate
Jul 16, 2007Court grants IBM's Motion for 30-day extensions
Jul 16, 2007SCO "opposes" IBM's 30-day extension motion, but after Novell is fine
Jul 15, 2007An Overview: Where Things Stand in IBM, Novell, and Red Hat
Jul 13, 2007InformationWeek Declares SCO v. IBM Over and IBM Won. Huh? - Updated 2Xs
Jul 12, 2007About Massachusetts... Updated 2 Xs
Jul 11, 2007PreTrial Preparations in Novell - What's a Daubert Hearing?
Jul 10, 2007New Patent Applications Up For Public Review on Peer to Patent - One From MS
Jul 9, 2007When Microsoft Met GPLv3
Jul 8, 2007SCO: We never knowingly released code under the GPL. PJ: Did too. - Updated 2Xs
Jul 6, 2007Interview with FSFE President Georg Greve by Sean Daly
Jul 5, 2007MS: Dancing as fast as it can to try to get away from GPLv3
Jul 4, 2007MS: We'll only interoperate if you sign a patent deal. Red Hat: No.
Jul 4, 2007Novell's Response to SCO's Opposition to Novell's Evidentiary Objections
Jul 3, 2007Massachusetts Lowers its Standards - Updated 3Xs
Jul 2, 2007A Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain Once Again
Jul 1, 2007Santa Cruz to DOJ in '96 & EU in '97: MS forces us to pay royalties forever for their old Xenix code we don't want
Jun 30, 2007Moglen: "The Global Software Industry in Transformation: After GPLv3"
Jun 29, 2007GPLV3 - It's Here; Updated with a new GPLv3 graphic
Jun 28, 2007Tomorrow GPLv3 is Released
Jun 27, 2007 Transcript from Jan. 23, 2007 Novell Hearing
Jun 26, 2007More Groklaw Gear You Asked For
Jun 26, 2007SCO's Supplemental Exhibits in Support of PSJ Motion on 1st, 2d, 5th Causes of Action - Updated
Jun 25, 2007Tanya Andersen Sues RIAA and SafeNet (f/k/a MediaSentry) for Malicious Prosecution
Jun 25, 2007The Million Dollar Pants Man Awarded $0; to Pay Defendants Instead
Jun 24, 2007Red T Shirts, a New Penguin Graphic, and Baby Groklaw
Jun 24, 2007Report from MTLC's 2nd Annual Open Source Summit in Boston
Jun 23, 2007Goldman Sachs: Linux Will Dominate in the Corporate Data Center - and a Tip for Them
Jun 22, 2007Microsoft's Windows Marketplace: "Ubuntu is perfect!" -- Eek!
Jun 22, 2007"I'm pj" Groklaw Gear is Ready
Jun 22, 2007Xandros Joins Microsoft in Gushing About ODF-OOXML Translators
Jun 21, 2007Video of Talk by Ivan Krstic, OLPC's Chief Security Architect
Jun 21, 2007The Truth about PJ... or Something - Updated 4Xs
Jun 20, 2007SCO Files Opposition to Novell's Evidentiary Objections
Jun 20, 2007The Microsoft-DOJ Joint Status Report on Google's Complaint - Updated
Jun 19, 2007Law firms, client sanctioned: $1.25 Million for discovery games
Jun 19, 2007Laura and Me - Updated
Jun 19, 2007June 4 Novell Summary Judgment Hearing Transcript
Jun 17, 2007The Peer to Patent Project Has Begun - 5 patents listed
Jun 15, 2007SCO and IBM Serve Responses to Requests for Admission & a Motion is Mooted
Jun 15, 2007What Does MS Want? -- Brains for Sale?
Jun 14, 2007Linspire joins the plot
Jun 13, 2007 SFLC Offers Lawyers OS Law Immersion Program
Jun 13, 2007Novell SJ Hearing Transcript - May 31, 2007 as text
Jun 12, 2007Transcripts of the Novell Hearings, May 31 and June 4
Jun 12, 2007Another Wonderful Use for YouTube - Letting the Elderly Teach
Jun 12, 2007The Amended Complaint in the Yahoo! China Case
Jun 12, 2007SCO's Reply to Novell's Motion Re Failure to Establish Special Damages
Jun 11, 2007Clubbing baby Linux penguins
Jun 10, 2007Novell's Intriguing Exhibit A: Greyhound Financial Corp. v. Willyard
Jun 9, 2007New Novell Evidentiary Objections to SCO's May 18 Filings and Exhibits - Updated
Jun 8, 2007Novell's Redacted Reply Memo re SCO's Lack of Slander of Title Special Damages
Jun 7, 2007 Peer to Patent Project Begins June 15
Jun 6, 2007Novell's "Mixed Source" Announcement
Jun 6, 2007Report from the June 4 Novell Hearing - Updated 2Xs - More, more, more
Jun 5, 2007You Asked For It: Novell's Exhibit 46 - SCOsource Targets
Jun 5, 2007SCO's 2Q Results Press Release and 8K
Jun 5, 2007Santa Cruz Was in the Linux Business, Not Just Caldera - Updated 2Xs
Jun 4, 2007Xandros Deal Isn't Identical to Novell's: Picking One's Way Around the GPL? - Updated 2Xs
Jun 4, 2007Today is the Hearing in Novell -- Hope you're going! And which of you is pj? - Updated
Jun 3, 2007More Novell Exhibits: We Find Out What MS & Sun Paid SCO For
Jun 2, 2007Deposition of Darl McBride in Novell: Dreaming of Billions From Linux
May 31, 2007Kimball Takes It Under Advisement - SCO v Novell Hearing - Updated 2Xs
May 31, 2007GPLv3 Last Call Draft Released; and RMS on Why Upgrade
May 31, 2007 Novell moves to strike SCO's late filing - 2 expert reports
May 31, 2007Novell's Memo in Support of Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion for PSJ on 1st, 2nd & 5th Causes of Action
May 31, 2007Hearing in Novell is Today and a Lawyer Cartoon for You
May 30, 2007More filings in Novell: SCO's Reply Memo re June 4 Motion (258) & Exhibits
May 29, 2007Corrected Schedule for the Novell SJ Motion Hearings & a Few Filings in IBM and Novell
May 29, 2007Worst-Case Scenario or Sure Shot? - More on the Novell-MS Deal
May 29, 2007Another SCO Declaration From Someone Not Involved in the APA - Troy Keller - Updated 2X
May 26, 2007Chris Sontag Admits to "Linux License", Also Calls it a "Covenant Not to Sue" - Updated
May 26, 2007Our Dance Card Is Full - Lots of Filings, in Novell and IBM
May 26, 2007With Friends Like These... The Declaration of Lee Johnson
May 26, 2007Jay Petersen's New Declaration About Novell Copyright Notices
May 25, 2007Novell has filed its 10K & patent agreement: may be restricted in ability to include GPLv3 code; MS may cease to distribute
May 25, 2007Looking for document interchange? Then watch out for those MS converters
May 24, 2007Hearing Scheduled for SJ Motions in SCO v. Novell May 31!
May 23, 2007Patent News from Novell and Moglen - Updated - OpenLogic Webinar in Ogg format
May 22, 2007Only 11% of OS Targeted Programmers Willing to Help MS-Funded Study
May 22, 2007More Filings in SCO v. Novell - Declaration by G. Gervaise Davis as text
May 22, 2007Sun's Schwartz Pledges to Use Patents to Protect Red Hat and Ubuntu
May 20, 2007Novell's Evidentiary Objections to SCO's Exhibits, as text
May 19, 2007More SCO Filings in SCO v. Novell
May 19, 2007Moglen's Slides and Talk on SUSE Vouchers & GPLv3 Available
May 19, 2007SCO Files Opposition Memos to 2 Novell Motions for SJ
May 18, 2007Moglen: SUSE Vouchers Have No Expiration Date! (Unlike MS's Patent Bullying)
May 17, 2007The Be Very Afraid Tour and a Word About that Patent Study
May 16, 2007It's Groklaw's Anniversary Today
May 15, 2007Novell's Evidentiary Objections to SCO's Exhibits, and more...
May 15, 2007OIN Statement: "We stand ready to leverage our IP portfolio" - Updated
May 15, 2007A Serious Inconsistency Emerges in the Microsoft-Novell Stories
May 13, 2007Ooh, ooh, the bogeyman is gonna getcha with his stupid patents. Or maybe not.
May 13, 2007Chickens, chickens, chickens - Your 2nd YouTube Moment of the Day. Hey, it's Sunday.
May 13, 2007SCO's Sur-Surreply re: Objections to the Magistrate's Order to Confine, as text
May 13, 2007Do You Ubuntu? - Your YouTube Moment of the Day
May 11, 2007SCO Tells Court in 2 Sur-Surreplies to Let It Use All Its Theories
May 10, 2007The Viacom-YouTube/Google Litigation
May 9, 2007Why Is Dell Buying SLES certificates from Microsoft, Not Novell? - Updated 2Xs
May 8, 2007Novell's Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss Slander of Title Claim for Failure to Establish Special Damages
May 7, 20073 CNET Reporters Will Sue HP Seeking Punitive Damages - What's That?
May 6, 2007Burning Issues With Vista, by Richard Rasker - Updated
May 5, 2007IBM's Opposition to SCO's Motion to Deem My Deposition Taken in IBM As Well, as text
May 4, 2007Two Conferences You Might Want to Attend
May 3, 2007A Groucho Marx Imitation in SCO v. IBM & SCO's Memo in Support of Objections to Order on Spoliation
May 2, 2007A Little Context on the Stock
May 1, 2007FSF's Brett Smith Answers Your GPLv3 Questions
Apr 30, 20072 Major Patent Rulings from the US Supreme Court - KSR and Microsoft v. AT&T
Apr 28, 2007SCO Tried to Gag Groklaw in 2004
Apr 27, 2007SCO's 8K: Nasdaq Delisting Notice
Apr 27, 2007The Most Recent SCO Letter to the Red Hat Judge
Apr 26, 2007The Declaration of Kenneth Brakebill - exhibits re the 4 new Novell SJ motions
Apr 25, 2007Selected Copyright Principles, as text -- Addendum A to IBM's Sur-Reply
Apr 25, 2007FL Judge Sanctions Motorola Lawyers $22.9 Million - "You Can't Cheat and Get Away With It"
Apr 25, 2007Declaration of David Bradford, as text (Novell)
Apr 23, 2007IBM Sur-Reply Memo in Further Opposition to SCO's Objections to Order to Confine
Apr 22, 2007Novell's Memo in Support of SJ Motion on SCO's 1st Claim for Slander of Title, 3rd for Sp. Performance, as text
Apr 21, 2007Declaration of Tor Braham - the lawyer for Novell who drafted the APA - Updated re: Vultus
Apr 21, 2007Declaration of Allison Amadia as text - Amendment 2 Didn't Transfer Copyrights
Apr 21, 2007Novell Files 4 Summary Judgment Motions
Apr 19, 2007 CA Gets Outside-Counsel-Only Confidentiality; and Extensions on Expert Discovery in Novell - updated
Apr 18, 2007MS anti-OSDL PR, 2000: "O'Gara said she was going to call them, so it looks better coming from her" - updated 4xs
Apr 18, 2007Hilarious Novell/Computer Associates Tug-of-War Over Subpoena Ends with a Stip - Oh, and Novell Has Subpoenaed HP
Apr 17, 2007New SCO Filings in SCO v. Novell -- RE Novell's 4th CC - Updated, 266 as text
Apr 16, 2007SCO's Memo in Support of Motion for Reconsideration of Spoliation Order - Updated
Apr 14, 2007IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Objections to Order (Confine) and SCO Motion to Amend Submission
Apr 12, 2007 We Have New Servers from AMD! We're Gonna Be Faster...
Apr 12, 2007Dancing at a Deposition with Kim Madsen
Apr 11, 2007Declaration of Edward Normand, with exhibits (O'Gara Deposition and McBride Declaration)
Apr 10, 2007SCO Moves for Summary Judgment on Slander of Title in Novell Case
Apr 8, 2007SCO uses IBM-donated ibiblio servers too! - Updated 2Xs
Apr 7, 2007Where'd They Get That? - Part One
Apr 6, 2007FSF's Brett Smith Has Your GPLv3 Questions
Apr 5, 2007A Peek at the Dark Side
Apr 5, 2007My Very Own Motion, Tra La - as text
Apr 4, 2007My Very Own Motion, Tra La
Apr 4, 2007Do You Have Questions You'd Like to Ask FSF About GPLv3?
Apr 3, 2007Interview with Richard Stallman on GPLv3 and More, by Sean Daly
Apr 3, 2007Are Patent Agreements Harmful? - Updated
Apr 2, 2007Exhibit 51, in which SCO guesses wrong as to why no one likes them - IBM's Greatest Hits
Mar 31, 2007Another Month of Fact Discovery in Novell
Mar 29, 2007IBM Asks for/Gets 2 Weeks Extra to Answer SCO's Reconsideration Motion
Mar 28, 2007GPLv3 on the Novell-Microsoft Patent Agreement
Mar 28, 2007GPLv3 Draft Today and a New Legal Resource - Update: it's released
Mar 27, 2007Addendum to Novell Protective Order & Change in Filing Sealed Docs
Mar 27, 2007Linux Foundation Board Announced & Oracle Signs on with OIN
Mar 26, 2007Dr. Ivie Declares his Suppositions - Updated: Jan. 18th motion hearing transcript
Mar 23, 2007More Filings in IBM, Red Hat and Novell
Mar 22, 2007SCO's Reply Memo in Support of its Motion to Amend its December 2005 Submission, as text
Mar 22, 2007Dear BS&F... I think you misfiled...
Mar 21, 2007Same Slime, Different Day - updated 4Xs
Mar 21, 2007SCO Files Motion for Reconsideraton of, Objections to Order on Spoliation & more
Mar 20, 20072 Groklaw Reports from the Perens Press Conference
Mar 20, 2007IBM's (Redacted) Reply Memorandum in Support of its SJ on Counterclaim Ten
Mar 19, 2007FSF Corrects Novell's Steinman and a Request to End the Mystery
Mar 19, 2007IBM's Addendum E: An Illustration of the Absurdity of SCO's Contract Claim
Mar 17, 2007SCO's 10Q
Mar 17, 2007IBM's Recent Addenda -- The Rest Of The Story
Mar 16, 2007IBM'S (Redacted) Reply Memo in Support of its SJ Motion re Copyright Infringement -- as text
Mar 15, 2007Transcript of the March 7 Hearing in SCO v IBM
Mar 15, 2007A New Salus Book: "The Complete April Fools' Day RFCs"
Mar 13, 2007More Redacted Filings from IBM
Mar 13, 2007"Yarro's Law" Shows Up Again: IBM's Redacted Reply Memo on SCO's Unfair Competition Claim
Mar 12, 2007Transcript of the March 5 Hearing in SCO v IBM
Mar 11, 2007ISO will put Open XML on fast track unchanged
Mar 11, 2007Transcript of the March 1 Hearing in SCO v IBM
Mar 10, 2007SCO Asks for More Time in Novell, Again
Mar 9, 2007An Open Letter About Due Process to Universities Whose Students Are Targeted by the RIAA
Mar 8, 2007Report from the Courthouse March 7, Part 2
Mar 8, 2007Report from the Courthouse March 7 - Part 1 (IBM's Motion for DJ on 10th CC)
Mar 7, 2007Transcript of Monday's SJ Motion Arguments re SCO's Tortious Interference Claims (as text)
Mar 7, 2007What's Next in the SCO v. IBM Summary Judgment Motion Hearings?
Mar 5, 2007Report from the March 5 Hearing [updated 4Xs]
Mar 4, 2007The Results of Your Labor and a Thank You, by Ray Beckerman, Esq. - Updated
Mar 3, 2007Microsoft and the OOXML ISO standard process
Mar 2, 2007Court rules: IBM didn't spoliate evidence and other PACER action
Mar 2, 2007Report from the March 1 hearing
Mar 1, 2007SCO's financial results are in
Mar 1, 2007Declaration of Brent Hatch in SCO v IBM
Mar 1, 2007Hearing Time Change
Feb 28, 2007UCS v. Lycos and free speech on the Internet
Feb 28, 2007SCO Board Member Iacobucci Announces He is Leaving
Feb 25, 2007Interview with Shane Coughlan of FSFE's Freedom Task Force, by Sean Daly
Feb 24, 2007SCO's answer to IBM's motion for PSJ as text.
Feb 23, 2007SCO 1Q Financial Results and Conference Call March 1st
Feb 23, 2007Pacer activity in Novell and IBM
Feb 22, 2007Exhibits and Transcripts from Comes v. Microsoft
Feb 21, 2007A report on Microsoft v. AT&T Supreme Court Hearing
Feb 21, 2007Tuesdays filings in SCO-IBM
Feb 18, 2007IBM-961 as HTML
Feb 17, 2007Pacer updates in SCO vs. IBM
Feb 15, 2007About the Iowa class action lawsuit
Feb 14, 2007Wednesday update
Feb 13, 2007New filings on Pacer, Stowell leaves SCO
Feb 11, 2007SCO's Memo in Opp. to IBM's Motion for SJ on Claim of Copyright Infringement
Feb 10, 2007Health Break
Feb 8, 2007Microsoft's Allegedly Undocumented APIs - Comes v. Microsoft
Feb 8, 2007For the Cynics, an Antidote: The Order in Capitol v. Foster
Feb 7, 2007ABA's Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Feb 7, 2007Sun Announces ODF Converter for MS Office 2003 - MA Already Using it
Feb 7, 2007SCO's Memo Opposing IBM's Motion for Decl. Judgment of Noninfringement
Feb 6, 200719 Nations Respond, Most File Contradictions on Microsoft's OXML - Update: It's 20
Feb 5, 2007News on ODF and Accessibility - Updated
Feb 3, 2007A Decision from FSF in 2 Weeks on Novell-MS Deal
Feb 3, 2007SCO's Redacted Reply Memo in Support of Motion for Reconsideration, as text
Feb 2, 2007The Blackboard Patent Pledge - Novell II?
Feb 1, 2007The 1998 Bill Gates Deposition Video -- It's Baaack!
Jan 31, 2007IBM's Greatest Hits: Exhibit 12, Sept. 2003 -- What code? Exactly where?
Jan 31, 2007Free Linux Driver Development - the Kernel Guys Make Companies an Offer
Jan 30, 2007If Unix isn't dying, why is SCO?
Jan 29, 2007A little scoop more of discovery in SCO v. Novell - another month
Jan 29, 2007A Brave New Modular World - Another MS Patent Application
Jan 28, 2007Halloween Memo I Confirmed and Microsoft's History on Standards
Jan 26, 2007SCO Files 10K: "We can not guarantee...our claims...will be heard by a jury"
Jan 25, 2007Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent
Jan 25, 2007Novell-MS "Building Bridges" Meeting in MA Postponed
Jan 25, 2007Juries: Can They Blog? What Can They Read? - Jury Instructions in Comes v. MS
Jan 23, 2007Report from Today's Hearing in SCO v. Novell - Updated 4Xs
Jan 23, 2007Deadline Looms to Express Concerns about ECMA 376 Office Open XML
Jan 22, 2007Dan Bricklin Wants to Pick Your Brain re Novell-Microsoft Meeting - Updated
Jan 22, 2007The Linux Foundation is Born - Updated
Jan 21, 2007IBM's Memo in Opp. to SCO's Motion for Reconsideration - as text - Updated
Jan 19, 200722 Sealed Documents in SCOland and 3,000 Exhibits Unsealed in Comes v. MS
Jan 18, 2007Judge Wells Rules: IBM Did *Not* Destroy Evidence - Updated
Jan 18, 2007Searching for Openness in Microsoft's OOXML and Finding Contradictions
Jan 17, 2007SCO Loses More Money - Darl: "It's not a real pretty picture."
Jan 17, 2007Teleconference/hearing reminder and Cravath adds to the team
Jan 17, 2007Comes v. MS: Plaintiffs Get Right to Inform US DOJ of Alleged MS Noncompliance on APIs
Jan 16, 2007"Original development of Linux SMP code supported by Caldera"
Jan 14, 2007BSD - The Dark Horse of Open Source, by Brendan Scott, OS Law
Jan 14, 2007SCO's Appendix A - Binary Royalties Only? - And a SCO Self-Portrait
Jan 13, 2007More Filings in SCO v. Novell - SCO Fights to Avoid Paying Novell
Jan 13, 2007SCO's Reply Memo in Support of Motion for SJ on IBM's 6th, 7th, 8th CCs as text
Jan 13, 2007Buckets of Filings in SCO v. IBM
Jan 12, 2007McBride Letter to Customers and Partners - We're Not Dead Yet
Jan 12, 2007EU Commission Study Finds You'll Save Money Switching to FOSS
Jan 11, 2007Novell Opposes SCO's Motion for More Time to Answer
Jan 11, 2007Some Facts about openSUSE and Distrowatch Figures - A Correction
Jan 10, 2007Comes v. Microsoft - Trial Highlights, Jan. 8, 2007 - Mr. Alepin Has a Jolting Experience
Jan 9, 2007SCO Pleads with Court to Let SCO "Supplement" Allegedly Misused Materials - Memo as text
Jan 9, 2007Novell tells court: For SCO bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "imminent" - Updated
Jan 8, 2007Santa Cruz Exec, 1999: Linux Hasn't Hurt SCO, It's Helped Us
Jan 8, 2007Expert Testimony of Ronald Alepin in Comes v. Microsoft - Embrace, Extend, Extinguish - Updated
Jan 6, 2007Caldera Hardening Linux for the Enterprise; Tried to "Guillotine" SCO Brand, "Kill SCO Product Line"
Jan 5, 2007Bryan Sparks in the late 1990s on Linux v. Unix in the Enterprise - Updated
Jan 5, 2007More SCO Lawyers in Novell Case; RedHat Letter
Jan 4, 2007MIT Offers Free Course Materials on Copyright Law
Jan 4, 2007Comes v. Microsoft Resumes Today
Jan 4, 2007Hearing in Novell January 11th
Jan 3, 2007IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 33, SCO's Revised Supplemental Response to 1st and 2nd Set of Interrogatories - Updated
Jan 3, 2007IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 15 - IBM's 5th Request for Documents
Jan 2, 2007A Blast from the Past - Updated
Dec 31, 2006IBM's Memo in Support of its Motion for SJ on SCO's Interference Claims, as text - Updated
Dec 29, 2006Another Lawyer Would Like to Pick Your Brain, Please
Dec 28, 2006SCO Refiles the Leaked Memoranda
Dec 28, 2006SCO's Memo in Opp. to IBM's SJ Motion on Unfair Competition Claim, as text
Dec 28, 2006SCO's Redacted Memo in Opp. to IBM's SJ Motion on SCO's Interference Claims, as text
Dec 27, 2006 SCO Opposes 2 IBM Motions for SJ: re Interference and Unfair Competition
Dec 26, 2006The Wells Order to Confine SCO's Claims to and Strike Allegations in Excess of Final Disclosures
Dec 25, 2006IBM's Memo in Support of SJ Motion on SCO's Unfair Competition Claim
Dec 25, 2006Three Ubuntu Books, reviewed by Groklaw's luvr
Dec 24, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 10 - SCO's Proposed Third Amended Complaint - The One It Couldn't File
Dec 23, 2006IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion for Partial SJ on SCO's 3rd Cause of Action, for Breach
Dec 22, 2006Table of Summary Judgment Motions
Dec 21, 2006SCO's Redacted Memo in Opp. to IBM's Motion for SJ on SCO's Copyright Claim
Dec 21, 2006Jeremy Allison Has Resigned from Novell to Protest MS Patent Deal
Dec 20, 2006Educating Users about Freedom Zero
Dec 20, 2006SCO's Redaction to Sealed Motion for Reconsideration - Curioser and Curioser
Dec 19, 2006SCO's View of Its Motion for Reconsideration
Dec 18, 2006Court Tells SCO Their Filing Was Deficient; Must ReFile - Update: Motion and Memo as text
Dec 17, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 36 - SCO's Responses to IBM's 3rd Set of Interrogatories
Dec 15, 2006SFLC Files Briefs with Supreme Court Arguing Against Software Patents
Dec 15, 2006Now SCO Objects to Judge Wells' November 30th Order too
Dec 14, 2006SCO Fights for Survival in IBM and in Novell
Dec 13, 2006Open Invention Network's Jerry Rosenthal Answers Your Questions
Dec 12, 2006The Way Forward -- Georg Greve Responds to Groklaw's Comments
Dec 11, 2006Novell Tells the Court It Still Wants Those Transcripts from SCO v. IBM
Dec 11, 2006Tesseract OCR How-To, by Dr Stupid; Scripts by Fred Smith
Dec 9, 2006Iowa Update - Allchin 2004 email: I'd buy a Mac if I didn't work for MS
Dec 9, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 6, IBM's Answer to Amended Complaint and CCs
Dec 8, 2006Novell's "Danaergeschenk", by Georg Greve - Updated
Dec 8, 2006Novell's Memo in Support of Motion for SJ on 4th Claim
Dec 5, 2006Comes v. MS Antitrust Trial Begins in Iowa
Dec 5, 2006Why the Novell Deal is Bad & SCO's Memo in Support of Motion for SJ: We Did Not Breach the GPL
Dec 4, 2006Novell Forking
Dec 3, 2006The Novell-MS Deal: What Happens *After* the 5 Years?
Dec 2, 2006Declaration of Kenneth Brakebill (re Novell's PSJ Motion on 4th Claim) as text and Exhibits
Dec 2, 2006Novell Files Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
Dec 1, 2006MIT/BU SW Patent Talks Online and Schedule for SJ Hearings in SCO v IBM
Nov 30, 2006First Word from the Hearing: It's IBM All the Way
Nov 30, 2006SFLC Asks USPTO to Review and Revoke Blackboard's Patent
Nov 29, 2006Kimball Rules: SCO's Objections Denied! Wells's Order Affirmed - Novell Goes 1st.
Nov 29, 2006IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion for PSJ on IBM's Counterclaims 2-5
Nov 27, 2006SCO's Memo in Opposition to Novell's Expedited Motion to Compel
Nov 27, 2006The Gotcha on that MS License on the Office 2007 "Giveaway"
Nov 26, 2006The GPL, Stage Front and Center - IBM Answers SCO's Attack
Nov 24, 2006What's the Difference Between that 2004 Sun-MS Agreement and Novell's?
Nov 22, 2006More IBM Filings and a Nice Memento for Us to Share
Nov 22, 2006Novell Marketing in the UK - Updated - Germany too
Nov 22, 2006PubPat challenges epicRealm patents asserted against dynamic websites
Nov 21, 2006IBM's Squashes SCO's Bogo "Spoliation" Claim - Updated, as text
Nov 21, 2006Red Hat's Mark Webbink Responds to Novell's Letter to the Community
Nov 21, 2006OIN Statement on the Microsoft-Novell Deal - Updated: IBM Speaks Also
Nov 20, 2006Novell Speaks - Updated
Nov 19, 2006Novell to Samba: We're Not Terminating MS Agreement
Nov 18, 2006Squeak in Extremadura, the OLPC project, and Patent Saber-Rattling
Nov 18, 2006SCO's Bonus and Sales Plans/Stock Options Grant/SEC letter
Nov 16, 2006Getting Cute with the GPL
Nov 16, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 14, IBM's 4th Set of Interrogatories, RfDs
Nov 15, 2006As the light begins to come up over the horizon, Microsoft admits patent peace is not perfect - Updated
Nov 15, 2006Transcript of the Oct. 24, 2006 Hearing on SCO's Objections to Wells' Order
Nov 14, 2006Novell Sends a Letter to Judge Kimball
Nov 13, 2006Sun's Historic Java Announcement
Nov 12, 2006Samba Team Asks Novell to Reconsider
Nov 12, 2006IBM's Memo in Support of SJ on SCO's Copyright Claim
Nov 11, 2006Using Tesseract to OCR PDFs the Groklaw Way
Nov 11, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Declaration of Thomas Roehr, Ex. 253 - as text
Nov 10, 2006IBM Hearing Date changed from 11/15 to 11/30; Wells assigned to Novell
Nov 9, 2006SFLC's Bradley M. Kuhn's Letter to the FOSS Development Community Regarding Microsoft's Patent Promise
Nov 9, 2006Novell Files Expedited Motion to Compel Production
Nov 8, 2006IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion for Protective Order (Leitzinger)
Nov 8, 2006China has its own open document format
Nov 7, 2006Details of the Novell-MS NotaDuck Pact - The SEC filing - Updated
Nov 7, 2006Hearing Transcript, SCO v Novell, July 17, 2006
Nov 5, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 239, Declaration of Greg Jones on Behalf of Novell, Inc.
Nov 5, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ransom Love's Declaration, Ex. 221
Nov 4, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 32 - SCO's Supplemental Response to 1st Set of Interrogatories
Nov 3, 2006MS FUDs like SCO, Red Hat Responds. and MS/Novell Transcript Available
Nov 3, 2006The Morning After - Reactions to Novell-MS - Updated 2xs
Nov 2, 2006SCO Files "Stipulated" Motion That Wasn't Stipulated
Nov 2, 2006Novell Sells Out
Nov 2, 2006Tweaked Default Theme - Woodlands2
Nov 2, 2006JPEG Patent Claim Surrendered!
Nov 2, 2006Hardware issues - Outage likely for a bit
Nov 2, 2006gNewSense - Ubuntu without the binary blobs
Oct 31, 2006Grokline is Back
Oct 31, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 182 - Declaration of Michael DeFazio
Oct 29, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Ex. 231, Declaration of Paul McKenney -- RCU Follies - Update: Exs. 596, 258 also
Oct 28, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Exhibit 173, Declaration of Wayne Boyer
Oct 27, 2006Spamhaus is on the move...Ditto e360insight
Oct 26, 2006SCO's Redacted Memo re Protective Order of Dr. Leitzinger's Personal Financial Info - updated, as text
Oct 26, 2006Oracle's Offering and Red Hat's Response - Updated
Oct 24, 2006An Extension in Novell Case Ordered. Groan. More Discovery Too.
Oct 24, 2006Report from Today's Hearing in SCO v. IBM - Updated 5Xs
Oct 24, 20062 More Lawyers Officially Added to SCO's team in Novell case
Oct 23, 2006IBM Speaks, At Last: Memo in Support of SJ Motion on SCO's Contract Claims - as text
Oct 22, 2006Spamhaus Order on Domain Name
Oct 22, 2006The Motion for a Protective Order Re Dr. Leitzinger
Oct 21, 2006Book Review: Peter Lavin's "Object-oriented PHP" - reviewed by Azrael
Oct 20, 2006IBM and SCO Stipulate to Extensions of Time to Respond
Oct 20, 2006A Lovely Chart of the IBM SJ Motions & the 597 Exhibits Supporting Them
Oct 18, 2006Novell's Opposition to SCO's Motion for Expedited Stay or Continuance, as text
Oct 18, 2006Comparative Chart of Novell's Counterclaims & SCO's Reply
Oct 17, 2006Comparative Chart of the EV1 Contracts
Oct 16, 2006SCO Replies to Novell's Counterclaims - Updated - As Text
Oct 16, 2006How the EV1 Deal Went Down - IBM's Greatest Hits: Exhibit 224
Oct 16, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits - Exhibit 227, Declaration of David McCrabb, as text
Oct 14, 2006IBM's Greatest Hits: The Summary Judgment Exhibits - Final List
Oct 14, 2006IBM's Redacted Memo in Support of SJ on 10th CC (copyright infringement)
Oct 13, 2006Caldera Sings Stallman's Praises - Updated
Oct 11, 2006Interview with Margaret Boribon of Copiepresse About, by Sean Daly - Updated
Oct 10, 2006The IBM-835 Exhibits - Updated - Done
Oct 9, 2006The Goldfarb Declaration - Updated: MS Statement
Oct 8, 2006IBM's Memo in Support of its Motion for SJ on SCO's Interference Claims - Updated
Oct 7, 2006IBM's Amended Redacted Memo in Support of Motion for SJ on SCO's Interference Claims
Oct 6, 2006A Brief Description of Citators for Those Without a Legal Background, by Mark Giangrande
Oct 5, 2006Latest Red Hat Filings
Oct 5, 2006IBM Filings - Redacted Declaration of Todd Shaughnessy
Oct 5, 2006OpenLinux 3.1.1 Still Available, with the 2.4 kernel
Oct 5, 2006SCO Begs Novell Court to Stay Novell's PSJ/PI Motion Until IBM is Decided
Oct 4, 2006Ralf Flaxa's Declaration - as text - What Caldera Knew and When It Knew It
Oct 3, 2006How Much Was the Unix Caldera Bought Actually Worth?
Oct 2, 2006More Novell Filings too
Oct 2, 2006IBM's Massive Memo in Support of SJ On SCO's Contract Claims - Updated
Oct 1, 2006The Ann Baskins Materials: The HP Story Shifts Again - Updated
Sep 30, 2006Eben Moglen: A Renewed Invitation to Kernel Developers
Sep 29, 2006Heads Up! Incoming! Filings! -- Novell Files Motion for Preliminary Injunction - Updated
Sep 29, 2006SCO's Spoliation Memo as text
Sep 28, 2006HP Hearings Live Now - Dunn: The Buck Didn't Stop with Her; Hurd: I Am Responsible for HP, but I'm a Busy Man
Sep 28, 2006Want to see a *real* spoliation motion?
Sep 28, 2006Three SCO Memos-- no, Four -- including the one on spoliation, and Novell and RedHat filings too
Sep 27, 2006Hurd and Dunn Each Provide Written Statements to House Subcommittee - Update
Sep 27, 2006 Summary Judgment Motions: Where the Rubber Hits the Road on Evidence Production
Sep 26, 2006The Motions for Summary Judgment, Etc.
Sep 25, 2006IBM Asks the Court to Throw Out SCO's Entire Case on Summary Judgment
Sep 25, 2006FSF Responds to Misunderstandings about GPLv3
Sep 25, 2006The British Library Gets It!
Sep 25, 2006What Would You Like to Ask Open Invention Network CEO Jerry Rosenthal?
Sep 22, 2006GPL Upheld in Germany Against D-Link
Sep 22, 2006Novell's Amended Counterclaims - A Chart Showing What's New - Updated
Sep 21, 2006Novell Amends Counterclaims
Sep 21, 2006Dunn email claims Hurd approved reporter sting operation
Sep 20, 2006 Book Review: The Art of Raw Conversion, reviewed by Nick Latito
Sep 20, 2006HP Spying More Extensive: Who Knew and When - Updated 2Xs
Sep 19, 2006Hearing Set for SCO's Objections and PJ's DeMystifying PACER tour
Sep 19, 2006And Worse and Worse-- Carly was snooped on in 2005 - Updated
Sep 18, 2006Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse... Updated 4Xs
Sep 17, 2006The HP Shareholder Lawsuit - Updated
Sep 15, 2006Another Request to Pick Your Brains - Re Interoperability
Sep 15, 2006Larry Rosen Responds to Your Comments
Sep 14, 2006Another BS&F Lawyer Bids SCO a Fond Adieu - Scott Gant - Update
Sep 14, 2006New PubPat Blog on Software Patents and Microsoft Does Something Right
Sep 14, 2006SCO Files Its 10Q Sob Story - Updated
Sep 13, 2006Financial Times: HP spied on employees too - Updated
Sep 12, 2006CA AG on HP: I have enough to prosecute - Updated - Reactions
Sep 12, 2006The New HP Way - Updated
Sep 12, 2006Another Request to Pick Your Brains: International Characters' Business Model
Sep 11, 2006HP Files 10Q - Updated 4Xs - Now it's the Feds, the FBI and Congress
Sep 10, 2006Winning? What Really Is the Goal?
Sep 9, 2006HP's Dunn is shocked, shocked to find pretexting was going on... Updated
Sep 9, 2006SCO's Appendix A to its Reply Memo on Objections
Sep 8, 2006The 2 CA Laws in the AG's HP Investigation & The Latest
Sep 8, 2006SCO's Sealed Reply Memo Stays That Way
Sep 7, 2006Not only is it not getting smaller, the HP story is getting bigger - Updated 2Xs
Sep 7, 2006The HP leak probe: who knew and when did they know it?
Sep 7, 2006Media Reaction to Yesterday's Call - Updated
Sep 6, 2006SCO's Financial Figures: Same Arrow Pointing the Same Way. Down.
Sep 6, 2006HP Tells Its Side in 8K; Reveals Contacted by CA AG and SEC - Updated
Sep 6, 2006SCO Files Reply Memo on its Objections to June 28 Order Conventionally [Sealed]
Sep 5, 2006Some Quick Comments on Australia's Exposure Draft TPM Measures Bill, by Brendan Scott
Sep 3, 2006The Federal Rules of Evidence - An Overview
Sep 1, 2006Wells Denies SCO's Motion for In Camera Review of Allegedly Privileged Documents - Updated
Sep 1, 2006A Change in SCO's Self-Description - Pruning the Puffery?
Sep 1, 2006SCO and IBM Serve Expert Rebuttal Reports on Each Other
Aug 31, 2006Ah! Google Books! Ah!
Aug 31, 2006LinuxWorld Expo Report, Part 3 - by Marty Connor
Aug 30, 2006Another Request to Pick Groklaw's Brain & an Invitation to OSDL's Conference on Software Tagging
Aug 30, 2006SCO's 3Q Financial Results and Conference Call 9/6
Aug 29, 2006 Appendix A: SCO's "it was accurate at the time" defense.
Aug 28, 2006The article you helped with is done
Aug 27, 2006Declaration of Todd M. Shaughnessy with Unsealed Exhibits, as text
Aug 25, 2006"System V Application Binary Interface" published with the permission of USL in 1995
Aug 24, 2006Two -- No, Three , No Four -- More Groklaw Members Go to Law School
Aug 23, 2006IBM's Redacted Memo in Opposition to SCO's Objections and more - Updated: text
Aug 22, 2006How does your company keep employees from loading apps on their PCs?
Aug 22, 2006A Decision on the Wilson Deposition from Judge Wells and Some Context
Aug 21, 2006Novell's Motion to Stay Granted in Part, Denied in Part
Aug 21, 2006LinuxWorld Expo Report, Part 2 - by Marty Connor
Aug 20, 2006IBM's Legal Authority Re Otis Wilson Deposition, as text
Aug 19, 2006IBM Files Redacted Memo in Opposition to SCO's Objections (Conventionally)
Aug 18, 2006Otis Wilson's 2004 Deposition Transcript
Aug 17, 2006Report from LinuxWorld Expo San Francisco [& Webcam], Part 1 - by Marty Connor
Aug 17, 2006 Deposing Mr. Wilson in SCO v IBM - A NC End Run
Aug 16, 2006Lxrun - why wasn't it released under the GPL?
Aug 15, 2006Hello, LinuxWorld! - It's so nice to have you back where you belong
Aug 15, 2006Latest (Sealed) Filing by IBM - Memo in Opp. to SCO's Objections
Aug 13, 2006ELF and some possible job hunting - updated
Aug 11, 2006SCO is Still Distibuting the Linux Kernel. Yup. The Whole Enchilada
Aug 11, 2006Interlude
Aug 9, 2006SCO is Still Distributing ELF, Part 4 STREAMS M & C's too
Aug 8, 2006The Media Reacts
Aug 7, 2006SCO Is Still Distributing ELF, Part 3 & Teleconference from SCOforum Today - Updated
Aug 6, 2006SCO Is Still Distributing ELF Under the GPL, Part 2.
Aug 4, 2006A Protective Order in Novell & a Tiny Delay in IBM
Aug 3, 2006CBR's Open Source VIPs, Part One
Aug 2, 2006"Just a case study"...
Aug 1, 2006Jonathan Zittrain Responds
Jul 31, 2006SCO is Distributing ELF Under the GPL Still. Yes. Now. Today.
Jul 30, 2006David Melaugh's Declaration in Support of Novell's Motion to Stay and Ex. 1, SCO's Source Log, as text
Jul 29, 2006Voting Agreement between Canopy and oldSCO, August 2000
Jul 28, 2006SCO's Experts Reports
Jul 27, 2006Second Discussion Draft of GPLv3 Released
Jul 26, 2006The Generative Internet, by Jonathan Zittrain, Esq. -- RFC
Jul 25, 2006The SCO Intellectual Property License for Linux
Jul 25, 2006Microsoft Upset Over Groklaw's Article on ODF
Jul 24, 2006The Latest from the ODF Standards World
Jul 23, 2006The Declaration of Mark James & 74 Exhibits
Jul 22, 2006SCO Has *Not* Brought a Motion for Sanctions Against IBM for Spoliation of Evidence
Jul 21, 2006SCO's "BiPolar" Objections
Jul 20, 2006Taking Microsoft's ODF Plugin for a Spin... Splat
Jul 19, 2006Another SCO 90-Day Status Report to the AutoZone Judge
Jul 19, 2006IBM's Experts Reports Served
Jul 19, 2006A Word to SCO from the Open Group's Website
Jul 18, 2006SCO's Redacted Objections to Wells' Order & Appendix - Updated, as text
Jul 17, 2006Report from the Hearing on SCO v. Novell - Updated
Jul 17, 2006On Squishy Law and a Frivolous Appeal
Jul 16, 2006Groklaw Mugs et al
Jul 15, 2006Chuvo's Page, Malware, and Scalable Systems
Jul 14, 2006The End, the Real End, of the Trademark Tale
Jul 14, 2006Novell Copyrights on SCO's UnixWare 2.1
Jul 14, 2006SCO's Files Objections to Judge Brooke Wells' Order - Sealed
Jul 13, 2006LGPL - A change on the way
Jul 13, 2006The BSDi Settlement and Methods and Concepts - M&C
Jul 13, 2006FSF Europe's Statement on the EU Commission Fine on Microsoft
Jul 12, 2006Microsoft Fined €280.5 Million by EU Commission: "No Company is Above the Law"
Jul 11, 2006System Calls - Updated
Jul 10, 2006Doug Michels to Receive Award at SCOForum
Jul 10, 2006SCO's Supplemental Reply Memo re In Camera Review
Jul 10, 2006Microsoft Grabs Some Code for its ODF Plugin... From the ODF Fellowship
Jul 8, 2006Barcelona GPLv3 Roundtable: Heinz, Weiden, and Oliva, interviewed by Sean Daly
Jul 6, 2006SCO's Latest Letter to the Red Hat Judge, as text - Updated: RH's too
Jul 6, 2006MS: OK. OK, we'll set up an "OS" project to build an ODF killer. Er, we mean translator.
Jul 5, 2006The Second Class Action Lawsuit over Microsoft's WGA
Jul 4, 2006Linux File System Structure
Jul 3, 2006STREAMS, LiS, and Caldera's Netware for Linux - Updated
Jul 2, 2006SCO's Expert Marc Rochkind Uses Ubuntu Linux as a Server! -- & More M&C: COHERENT, MKS, & X/Open
Jun 30, 2006Media Reactions to Judge Wells' Order - Updated
Jun 29, 2006Microsoft Sued Over WGA
Jun 29, 2006Wells' Order Granting in Part IBM's Motion to Limit SCO's Claims, as text
Jun 28, 2006Wells Grants in Part IBM's Motion to Limit SCO's Claims! In *Large* Part.
Jun 28, 2006Hot Water for Danish Prime Minister Because of Visit to MS
Jun 27, 2006UnitedLinux White Paper Shows SCO Thought JFS Came From AIX, Knew JFS was in UL - Updated
Jun 27, 2006IBM's Reply Memo in Support of Motion to Confine/Strike SCO's Claims
Jun 26, 2006Free UnixWare7/Evaluation Licenses - UNIX M & C
Jun 26, 2006Harald Welte Interviewed by Sean Daly
Jun 25, 2006Exclusive: Richard Stallman, interviewed at GPLv3 Conference in Barcelona, by Sean Daly
Jun 24, 2006Book Review: Linux Starter Kit, reviewed by Peter H. Salus
Jun 23, 2006Downloading the Linux kernel from SCO in 2004 [large graphics]
Jun 23, 2006Wells' 2nd Order on SCO's Motion for in Camera Review - PDF and text
Jun 22, 2006Ron Hovsepian New CEO at Novell
Jun 22, 2006SCO in 2000: "Open systems philosophy"
Jun 22, 2006OpenLinux, 2.4 kernel, available July 2003 [large graphic]
Jun 22, 2006UNIX M&C: STREAMS, ABIs - January 23, 1990 AT&T PR
Jun 22, 2006Caldera International's Purpose: Unify Unix and Linux for Business
Jun 21, 2006An Odd Marriage: the Creative Commons-Microsoft Tool's EULA
Jun 21, 2006SCO's Memo Opposing IBM's Motion to Confine/Strike
Jun 20, 2006SCO to Unix Developers: Never Mind. Come Back. Want a BMW?
Jun 20, 2006Wells Grants in Part/Denies in Part SCO's Motion for In Camera Review of IBM Docs - UPDATED
Jun 20, 2006Hearing on Novell Motions Set for July 17, at 10 AM
Jun 20, 2006SCO's Source Log in SCO v. Novell, as text
Jun 20, 2006Novell's Reply in Support of Motion for More Definite Statement, as text
Jun 19, 2006Novell's Replies on Motion to Stay and For More Definite Statement
Jun 19, 2006SCO Press Conference Tomorrow - Updated
Jun 19, 2006The Caldera-Santa Cruz Deal - The 2001 Registration Statement
Jun 18, 2006Book Review: Silence on the Wire, reviewed by Tracy R. Reed
Jun 17, 2006Caldera OpenLinux X: Joke? Trial Balloon? Set up? Or a Hoax? - UPDATE: A Parody
Jun 16, 2006UNIX Methods and Concepts: Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle, by Salus & Toomey
Jun 16, 2006CCIA letter on ODF
Jun 15, 2006Book Review: The Debian System, Concepts and Techniques, reviewed by Carla Schroder
Jun 15, 2006ODF and Accessibililty: A Blind Groklaw Reader Speaks
Jun 15, 2006The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, ch. 25, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 13, 2006Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells Grants IBM's Motion to Expedite
Jun 12, 2006SCO Responds to IBM Motion for Expedited Briefing/Hearing
Jun 11, 2006The Apple Appeals Court Hearing, as MP3
Jun 11, 2006Microsoft's Calling Home Problem: It's a Matter of Informed Consent
Jun 10, 2006The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, Ch. 24, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 9, 2006SCO Plays a Desperate Card and IBM Moves to Block
Jun 8, 2006SCO's letter agreement re escrow account
Jun 8, 2006SCO Second Quarter Results/Conference Call Today 5:00 pm Eastern
Jun 7, 2006Groklaw Podcast
Jun 7, 2006IBM's Memo Opposing SCO's Motion for In Camera Review
Jun 7, 2006Speaking of Methods and Concepts and John Lions
Jun 6, 2006SCO Memo in Opposition to Novell's Motion to Stay, as text
Jun 5, 2006APIG Releases Their Report on DRM - It Will Surprise You
Jun 5, 2006A Number of Folks Who May Want to Sell SCO Stock Now Can - Updated
Jun 5, 2006Management Guidelines on Migrating to Open Source/OpenData Standards Software, by Carlo Daffara
Jun 4, 2006An Extension in SCO v IBM on Requests for Admission
Jun 3, 2006Denmark's Resolution on Open Standards - Updated
Jun 3, 2006SCO's 1st Requests for Documents and Interrogatories: Exhibit 3, SCO v. Novell, as text
Jun 2, 2006SCO's Exhibit 2: Novell's 1st & 2nd Sets of Interrogatories, Doc Requests & subpoenas, as text
Jun 1, 2006Exhibit 1 - The Scheduling Order in SCO v Novell, as text
May 31, 2006SCO v IBM - IBM Gets Another Week to Answer SCO's Motion for In Camera Review
May 31, 2006SCO's Exhibit 8 - The [Proposed] Protective Order in SCO v Novell
May 29, 2006SCO's Memo in Opposition to Novell's Motion to Stay Claims - Updated
May 28, 2006SCO's Memo in Opposition to Novell's Motion for a More Definite Statement
May 26, 2006Apple v Does - Free Speech Wins/Bloggers are Journalists - Updated
May 26, 2006USPTO: Broadest Claims Forgent Asserts Against JPEG Standard Invalid
May 26, 2006May I Please Pick Your Brains? Request for Info on Software Terms
May 25, 2006SCO Announces Clustering Product
May 24, 2006SCO Files its Experts Reports Too
May 24, 2006Fair Use Case Re Software License - Wall Data v. LA County Sheriff's Department
May 24, 2006The Curious Incident of Sun in the Night-Time, by Richard Stallman
May 23, 2006IBM Files Expert Reports
May 23, 2006OIN Gets More Patents to Protect Linux Environment
May 21, 2006When you come to a fork in the road...
May 20, 2006A Chart of Novell's Counterclaims and SCO's Reply
May 19, 2006Canopy Reorganizes - Updated
May 19, 2006SCO Files Reply to Novell's Counterclaims in SCO v. Novell
May 17, 2006Ah! The Joys of Answering SCO's FUD
May 17, 2006Novell's Announces Device Driver "Breakthrough" - Updated
May 16, 2006eBay Inc. v. MercExchange - An Analysis by Theodore C. McCullough, Esq.
May 16, 2006Groklaw's Anniversary is Today
May 15, 2006Wells Signs Stipulated Order Re Scheduling
May 14, 2006The Model Train Patent Story - Jacobsen v. Katzer et al
May 14, 2006New Zealand SSC Releases Revised Guidance on Open Source
May 13, 2006Memo in Support of SCO's Motion for In Camera Review of Allegedly Privileged Documents, as text
May 13, 2006SCO and IBM Stipulate to a New Schedule
May 12, 2006The US-MS Joint Status Report on MS Compliance
May 11, 2006New Groklaw Feature: UNIX Methods and Concepts Database
May 10, 2006Wells Denies SCO's Motion to Strike
May 10, 2006April 14, 2006 SCO v. IBM Hearing Transcript
May 9, 2006USPTO Workshop on the Peer to Patent Project Friday
May 7, 2006The British Library - "The world's knowledge" DRM'd and for a price
May 6, 2006SCO Wants Some IBM Privileged Docs & to Re-Depose Some Folks
May 4, 2006You Guessed It -- SCO Asks Leave to Respond to Davis' Rebuttal
May 4, 2006OpenDocument Foundation to MA: We Have a Plugin
May 3, 2006MA Asks: Can Anybody Out There Make MS Office Interoperate with ODF?
May 3, 2006OpenDocument Approved by ISO/IEC
May 3, 2006Unix Methods and Concepts in the Wild
May 2, 2006Another Groklaw Member Heads Off to Law School in the Fall
Apr 30, 2006On Methods and Concepts and Horses Out of the Barn - Updated
Apr 28, 2006Randall Davis Rebuttal Declaration with Exhibits - updated
Apr 28, 2006Interview with FSFE's President Georg Greve - Report on MS v EU Commision
Apr 28, 2006Two of SCO's 90-Day Reports to the Autozone Judge
Apr 27, 2006Reports on the Issues at the EU v. MS Hearings, Day 4
Apr 27, 2006Order from Feb. 24, 2006 Hearing in SCO v IBM
Apr 26, 2006Novell Memo in Support of Motion For a More Definite Statement & Brakebill Declaration, as text
Apr 24, 2006Freespire: A Linux Distro For When You Couldn't Care Less About Freedom
Apr 24, 2006The Michael Jacobs Declaration in Support of Novell's Motion to Stay & SUSE's Arbitration Request- as text
Apr 22, 2006Methods, Concepts and a Demand for Specificity - Updated 2Xs
Apr 21, 2006Marc Rochkind Declaration & Exhibits A & B as text
Apr 20, 2006More Resources for the Next Phase of SCO v. IBM
Apr 20, 2006The Redacted Marc Rochkind Declaration
Apr 20, 2006SCO's Reply Memo in Support of Motion For Leave to File Marc Rochkind Declaration
Apr 19, 2006Feb. 24, 2006 Hearing Transcript - Re the Intel et al Subpoenas
Apr 18, 2006Novell Sends 3d Party Subpoena Re Santa Cruz and Caldera Deals
Apr 17, 2006Prior Art and Its Uses: A Primer, by Theodore C. McCullough
Apr 17, 2006The AMD Subpoena to Microsoft
Apr 16, 2006Novell's Answer to SCO's 2nd Amended Complaint - as text
Apr 14, 2006First Report from the Hearing - Updated 4Xs - Wells to SCO: "Is This All You've Got?"
Apr 13, 2006KOffice 1.5 Released with Native Full OpenDocument Support
Apr 12, 2006IBM Opposes SCO's Motion re Expert Declaration & New Proposed Protective Order
Apr 12, 2006Time Change in SCO v. IBM Hearing and SCO Asks to File a Declaration
Apr 12, 2006SUSE Files Arbitration Request in Paris - The Jacobs Declaration
Apr 11, 2006Novell Files Motion to Stay, Answer with Counterclaims etc.
Apr 11, 2006SCO Looks for Work in China
Apr 11, 2006Microsoft's EU Filings
Apr 10, 2006May 31 is Deadline to Send Comments to UK Patent Office
Apr 10, 2006Wednesday is New Deadline to Comment on EU Patent System
Apr 8, 2006Linspire's AntiGPL Philosophy
Apr 8, 2006What Does it Take?
Apr 7, 2006Dress for success? Decide on your goals, then act to reach them, by David A. Wheeler
Apr 6, 2006A Chart To Immortalize SCO's Lack of Specificity
Apr 5, 2006IBM's Reply Memo in Further Support of Motion to Limit SCO's Claims
Apr 4, 2006Some Pro-MS Tears and an Antidote: Findings of Fact, USA v. MS
Apr 4, 2006SCO's Blah Blah Letter to the Red Hat Judge
Apr 3, 2006More Legal Protection for FOSS Developers - Software Freedom Conservancy Launches
Apr 1, 2006The Open Source Legal Landscape, by Brendan Scott
Apr 1, 2006Interview with FSFE's Counsel Carlo Piana After the MS Hearing
Mar 31, 2006MS & the EU Commission - Calling Out the US Cavalry? Updated 2Xs
Mar 30, 2006Richard Stallman: "The Future of Free Software "
Mar 29, 2006The End to the Trademark Tale
Mar 29, 2006OSDL Announces Fellowship Fund
Mar 27, 2006A Red Hat Teleconference - Judge Asks, What's Taking So Long?
Mar 27, 2006Red Hat Reports to the Judge ... Again
Mar 27, 2006Microsoft, Then and Now - Searching for Video of the US Antitrust Trial
Mar 25, 2006Rule 26 - Explaining Discovery in Novell and IBM - What's Next?
Mar 24, 2006New Scriptable Linux Screen Reader for Gnome on Freshmeat
Mar 23, 2006Hearing April 14 on IBM's Motion to Toss Most of SCO's "Allegedly Infringing Material"
Mar 21, 2006Microsoft Shows Up Where You Least Expect It - Joins INCITS V1
Mar 20, 2006Wallace v. FSF - Wallace Loses, Must Pay Costs
Mar 20, 2006Order from 12/20/05 Hearing - No 100% Transfers of Business in Novell to SC or SC to Caldera
Mar 19, 2006Conference This Week on ODF, Disability Issues
Mar 19, 2006Cory Doctorow on DRM - Videos from '05 UNC IP, Creativity & Innovation Conference -Updated USPTO News
Mar 19, 2006Microsoft Office 2007 Screenshots: Retraining Ahead
Mar 18, 2006SCO v IBM Stipulation Re Discovery & Order
Mar 17, 2006The Economist Article: Looking at Open Source at a Tilt
Mar 17, 2006Lessons on Data Preservation From the Audio Industry
Mar 16, 2006Creative Commons License Upheld by Dutch Court
Mar 15, 2006"Bound by Law" - PJ: "I love this book. Give it to your favorite IP Neanderthal."
Mar 15, 2006What is this astroturfing of which you speak?
Mar 13, 2006IBM Deposed EV1's Robert Marsh
Mar 13, 2006Some Good News from New Zealand - Updated
Mar 12, 2006Novell Contributes Xgl and the Community Offers Kororaa LiveCD
Mar 11, 2006IAC v. Citrin - Deleting Files a Crime?
Mar 10, 2006The Latest Attacks on GPLv3 and a Word About Tivo
Mar 9, 2006IBM Sets 5 More Depositions: including Goldfarb, Lemon, Bawa
Mar 9, 2006SCO's S-1: Naming Names - Where the $10M Came From & Yarro's Law
Mar 8, 2006SCO Reports Net Loss of $4.58 Million - Updated
Mar 8, 2006Today's Conference Call
Mar 8, 2006Darl, Bill and Tux -- The Cartoon
Mar 7, 2006The Answer to the Wasabi anti-GPL Sarbanes-Oxley FUD
Mar 7, 2006Heads Up, ODF - MS Makes a Pitch to EU Commission Digital Library
Mar 6, 2006December 13, 2005 SCO v IBM Hearing Transcript - as text
Mar 6, 2006LinuxForum Day 2 - Updated 3Xs
Mar 4, 2006IBM Still on the Move: Letters Rogatory
Mar 3, 2006 A Report from LinuxForum 2006 - Updated 2Xs
Mar 3, 2006SCO Announces Annual Meeting, Q1 Conference Call/Files 14A
Mar 3, 2006ODF Alliance Announced
Mar 2, 2006AU House Standing Committee on Legal & Constitutional Affairs Report: They Get It
Mar 1, 2006The NZ "Get the Facts" Style Report
Mar 1, 2006IBM Subpoenas JP Morgan Securities and McGraw-Hill
Feb 28, 2006The G2 Hearing Transcript, April 26, 2005
Feb 27, 2006What Today's Teleconference is About - Update
Feb 26, 2006SCO's Memo in Support of Motion to Compel (621), as text
Feb 26, 2006SCO Teleconference Monday . . . But without Darl
Feb 25, 2006OpenDocument News: Europe gets involved, DigiNews Summary, and Spreadsheet Formulas
Feb 24, 2006SCO's Motion to Depose Denied; Motion to Compel Denied w/o Prejudice - Updated 5
Feb 24, 2006More SCO Discovery Games
Feb 23, 2006IBM Subpoenas Houlihan - Updated
Feb 23, 2006SCO's Reply Memo Supporting its Motion to Depose The Open Group et al - as text
Feb 23, 2006The IBM Subpoenas, as text - Updated
Feb 21, 2006IBM Subpoenas Microsoft! Sun! Baystar and HP!
Feb 21, 2006SCO Attacks The Open Group
Feb 21, 2006A Little History of Groklaw - A 2003 Dan Lyons Interview
Feb 20, 2006IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Depose Intel et al, Exhibits (the 3 Subpoenas) - as text
Feb 18, 2006Reports from the USPTO Meeting - Updated
Feb 17, 2006SCO "Retools" Exec Responsibilities
Feb 17, 2006A Trademark Tale
Feb 16, 2006EFF Files Request for Reexam of Clear Channel Patent
Feb 15, 2006SCO's Reply Memo in Support of Motion to Depose - Sealed
Feb 15, 2006EU Commission Responds to Microsoft's Statement
Feb 15, 2006How SCO Was Really Doing Just Prior to Project Monterey
Feb 15, 2006To Russia, with Love
Feb 14, 2006Digital Copyright Issues in Academic Publishing
Feb 14, 2006IBM's Opposition to SCO's Request to Depose Intel, Oracle & Open Group
Feb 13, 2006IBM: Enough is Enough -- Asks Ct. to Throw Out Most of SCO's List of Allegedly Misused Material
Feb 13, 2006Hearing Feb. 24 on SCO's Motion to Take Certain Prospective Depositions -Updated
Feb 12, 2006SCO v. IBM December 20, 2005 Hearing Transcript - as text
Feb 11, 2006Report from the Open Document workshop at SCALE, by Mathfox
Feb 10, 2006Intel's Response to SCO's Motion to Take Certain Prospective Depositions - as text
Feb 9, 2006The Agenda for the USPTO Meeting on Feb. 16
Feb 9, 2006Is ODF an Open Standard? ~ by David A. Wheeler
Feb 8, 2006Intel Calls SCO a Liar in Utah Court Filing
Feb 8, 2006SCO Gets 340,000 Pages of Docs from IBM, Wants More - Updated
Feb 7, 2006Time to Register for USPTO Feb. 16 Meeting if You Want to Go
Feb 7, 2006Some Indemnification Bits for Historians
Feb 6, 2006What SCO Asked Oracle to Produce and.. um... Where
Feb 4, 2006Declaration of John Wadsworth, as text
Feb 3, 2006Oracle Motion to Quash SCO's "Slapdash" Subpoena/Deposition Notice
Feb 3, 2006SCO's 10K & a SCOsource TM Application
Feb 2, 2006Report on Hamilton, Canada LUG Special Session on SCO v. IBM
Feb 1, 2006SCO's Last Gasp in Discovery: Wants to Depose Intel, Oracle and The Open Group
Jan 30, 2006Quinn's Successor Named CIO of MA
Jan 30, 2006Another MS ECMA-approved "standard" - C++/CLI
Jan 30, 2006Google On
Jan 28, 2006DRM and the Death of Culture, by Simon Phipps
Jan 27, 2006Mo' Money
Jan 26, 2006About that Linus GPLv3 story making the rounds...
Jan 26, 2006Two Cases, Two Telephone Conferences
Jan 26, 2006It's Raining Stock Options in Lindon
Jan 25, 2006The Latest on ODF and MA
Jan 25, 2006MS Offers to License Some Code for a Fee in Lieu of Documentation
Jan 23, 2006 Peter Quinn's First Interview
Jan 23, 2006MS Serves Up a Heaping Scoop of SCO FUD in UK Tech Press
Jan 22, 2006Interview with the CTO of the French Tax Agency, IT Dept., Jean-Marie Lapeyre
Jan 20, 2006Declaration of Todd Shaughnessy as text and Scope of Discovery
Jan 20, 2006IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Compel
Jan 19, 2006Survey of EU Government FLOSS Use Rebuts MS TCO FUD
Jan 19, 2006SCALE: Peter Quinn To Be Keynote Speaker
Jan 18, 2006Transcript of the December 13, '05 Hearing, SCO v. IBM
Jan 18, 2006At Your Request, the GPLv2-GPL3 Chart - Columns Switched - Updated
Jan 17, 2006Reactions to the GPLv3 Draft and a GLPv2-v3 Comparative Chart
Jan 16, 2006GPLv3 Draft 1 Posted for Discussion - Updated
Jan 16, 2006 EU Commission Wants Patents. Yes. Again.
Jan 16, 2006HLUG Special Event February 1st with Peter Salus
Jan 15, 2006Quietly Tying Down Gulliver - The SW Patent Fairy Tale ~ by Cristian Miceli
Jan 14, 2006Math You Can't Use, Ch. 6 ~ by Ben Klemens
Jan 13, 2006Steve Gibson: MS WMF is a Backdoor, Not a Coding Mistake - Updated 2Xs
Jan 13, 2006The Open Source as Prior Art Discussion Begins
Jan 11, 2006Some Safety and Reliability Questions About DRM, by Victor Yodaiken
Jan 10, 2006 3 Initiatives to Improve the Patent Mess Announced - Updated
Jan 10, 2006SCO's Proposed 2nd Amended Complaint - as text
Jan 9, 2006IBM Files 2 Executives' Declarations
Jan 8, 2006The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin - Ch. 23, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jan 7, 2006The SCO Attempt to Amend its Novell Complaint - Why Now?
Jan 6, 2006MA:Full Steam Ahead on ODF & a Q About Security
Jan 6, 2006Educating David Coursey
Jan 5, 2006An Award for Groklaw
Jan 5, 2006Book Review of Karl Fogel's "Producing Open Source Software"
Jan 4, 2006ColdPizza, a parody by Scott Lazar - Updated by Groklaw's ColdPizza Gang
Jan 3, 2006SCO's Letter to the Red Hat Judge
Jan 3, 2006SCO Files Another Motion to Compel in IBM Litigation
Jan 3, 2006SCO Asks to Amend Complaint in Novell Litigation
Jan 2, 2006More DRM Follies - The Coldplay Edition
Jan 1, 2006Taking a Play Day
Dec 31, 2005On CERT's 2005 Software Vulnerabilities List
Dec 31, 2005Why DRM Everything? - by David Pakman, CEO,
Dec 30, 2005David Coursey's Massachusetts FUD
Dec 29, 2005A Proposed Settlement in NY Class Action Sony Litigation
Dec 28, 2005Romney's Office: We Are Firm and Expect No Changes
Dec 28, 2005SCO Files "Disclosure of Material Misused by IBM", as text
Dec 28, 2005Red Hat's Quarterly Letter to the Judge... zzzzzzzzz
Dec 27, 2005Peter Quinn Resigns
Dec 27, 2005Todd Shaughnessy Declaration - How IBM Won Its Motion to Compel
Dec 25, 2005SCO Sues Santa Claus, by Monsieur Bobo
Dec 24, 2005Some History - the MS-oldSCO EU Antitrust Complaint
Dec 23, 2005SCO's 4Q and Y2005 Financial Conference Call
Dec 22, 2005SCO's 4Q and Fiscal 2005 Results: Down, down, down they go...
Dec 22, 2005What MS' Alan Yates Said About Convergence of ODF & Open XML
Dec 22, 2005Dear MA, Please Note: EU Commission Threatens MS With $2.4 Million Daily Fines
Dec 20, 2005IBM's Motion Granted - 1st Report from the Courthouse -UPDATED 5X
Dec 20, 2005Novell and SCO Have a Telephone Date with Judge Kimball
Dec 19, 2005SCO Files Rescission Offer, 424(b)
Dec 18, 2005Dealing With Patent Threats: Patent Commons Project & OIN
Dec 18, 2005 Flexibility - the Core of Open Source
Dec 17, 2005 SCO Asks For Protective Order from IBM Subpoenas on Accountants
Dec 16, 2005SCO Loses Again - Kimball Affirms Wells' Order!
Dec 16, 2005MS' Buddies Apply to Support MS in EU Trial But Are Dismissed
Dec 16, 2005SCO's 4th Quarter & Year-End Results Call on Dec. 22
Dec 15, 2005A Massachusetts ODF-MS XML Timeline/Resource Page - Updated
Dec 15, 2005Microsoft's Yates' to MA: How About 2 Standards? - Transcript
Dec 14, 2005Real Time Report from Massachusetts ODF Meeting - Updated
Dec 14, 2005An Economic Basis for Open Standards, by Rishab Aiyer Gosh
Dec 14, 2005Did Judge Wells Fail to Rule on SCO's Motion? - I Don't Think So
Dec 13, 20051st Word From the Court Hearing - Under Advisement
Dec 13, 2005Answering Blake Stowell's Question
Dec 13, 2005Letters to the Judge in Red Hat v. SCO, as text
Dec 12, 2005Peter Quinn Exonerated
Dec 12, 2005Governor's office reviewing trips made by annual gift giver Claus - Parody by Scott Lazar
Dec 11, 2005Someone suggests 2 MS licenses get OSI approval - Updated
Dec 11, 2005IBM's Reply Memo in Support of Motion to Compel Production of Privilege Log Docs
Dec 11, 2005Dueling Cases Re SCO's Privilege Log Documents
Dec 11, 2005IBM's Memo in Support of Motion to Compel Privilege Log Docs
Dec 10, 2005Agenda for MA Meeting on Dec. 14
Dec 9, 2005Latest Activity in SCO v. IBM Includes Joint Motion for More Requests for Admissions
Dec 9, 2005Security Expert Dan Geer's Letter to MA Senator Pacheco Re ODF
Dec 8, 2005ECMA Votes Yes to Set up MS's TC
Dec 8, 2005A Couple of Quick Things... Well, Three, Actually. Oops. Four.
Dec 7, 2005CCIA Calls on ECMA to Reject MS's Proposal
Dec 7, 2005South Korea: Microsoft is Guilty. Again.
Dec 7, 2005The Terms of Reference for Ms' Office Open XML
Dec 6, 2005SCO v. Novell - Scheduling Set but Parties Sent to Kimball/Hearing Cancelled
Dec 6, 2005October AutoZone Letters - as text
Dec 5, 2005IBM: "Dear Governor Romney"
Dec 4, 20052 Escape Hatches in MS's Covenant Not to Sue
Dec 3, 2005Hearing Set for SCO's Objections to IBM Order & Novell Atty Planning Report -Updated
Dec 2, 2005SCO Fills in the Blanks with SEC 8K Filing
Dec 2, 2005Open Source Forges Ahead in the Enterprise - User Experiences
Dec 2, 2005The Complete Story of the Vienna Conclusions ~by Georg C. F. Greve
Dec 1, 2005SCO's Reply Memo in Support of their "New & Renewed" Motion to Compel - text
Nov 30, 2005SCO Raises $10 Million in Private Placement
Nov 30, 2005GPLv3 Guidelines Released
Nov 29, 2005The MS Covenant Not to Sue: Sending a Mixed Message
Nov 28, 2005Reactions to MS's "Glimmer of Openness" & a Little Water Under that Bridge
Nov 28, 2005Surprise, Surprise - MA Warms to MS
Nov 28, 2005Request for Input on DRM and eBooks for the Disabled
Nov 28, 2005Massachusetts' Public Records Law and Universal Access
Nov 26, 2005Boston Globe Throws Mud at Peter Quinn -- Mud Lands on Boston Globe
Nov 25, 2005If Microsoft Wonders Why It's Hard to Trust Them...
Nov 25, 2005Format Comparison Between ODF and MS XML ~ by Carrera, D'Arcus, Eisenberg
Nov 24, 2005Rosen on MS' XML Covenant
Nov 24, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 22, by Dr. Peter Salus
Nov 24, 2005Statement of Case in Opposition to MS' NZ XML Patent
Nov 23, 2005EFF's Sony Complaint - as text
Nov 23, 2005Microsoft's Covenant Re Patents on Office XML Reference Schemas
Nov 22, 2005IBM's Opposing Memos to SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery and Objection to Order
Nov 22, 2005First4 Internet's Patent Application
Nov 22, 2005New Sony Litigation Page
Nov 21, 2005EFF's Sony Complaint Includes MediaMax & Unconscionable EULA Claims
Nov 21, 2005MS Offer File Formats as Open Standards, Sorta Open
Nov 21, 2005The State of Texas v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment, as text
Nov 21, 2005Now It's Texas Suing Sony
Nov 21, 2005APIG Asks to Hear From Consumers on DRM
Nov 20, 2005UK Publishers Asked for DRM Thoughts & I Offer Some - For Free!
Nov 20, 2005RIAA President on Sony's Rootkit: So What? Everybody Protects CDs
Nov 20, 2005SCO Motion to Compel and Memo in Suppport - as text - Updated
Nov 19, 2005What About Sony's Downloadable Music?
Nov 19, 2005SCO's Opposition Memo to IBM's Motion Re Privilege Logs & Broderick Declaration - as text
Nov 19, 2005IBM Gets More Time to Answer SCO's Motion and Objection to Judge Wells' Order
Nov 19, 2005IBM's Memo in Support of Motion to Compel Privilege Log Docs - as text
Nov 18, 2005IBM Gets More Time on Privilege Log Motion Reply
Nov 18, 2005MIT's Free Patent Online Course
Nov 17, 2005Massachusetts: The ODF Battle Gets Ugly
Nov 16, 2005PubPat Challenges JPEG Patent
Nov 16, 2005Bloor Says He Was Wrong & the Oct. 7 Hearing Transcript
Nov 15, 2005OSDL Launches Online Patent Commons Reference Library
Nov 15, 2005More Sony DRM Hijinks - Now It's MediaMax
Nov 14, 2005Transcript of October 31, 2005 MA Senate Hearing on ODF - Updated
Nov 13, 2005MS' Reaction to Sony's Rootkit Raises Some Questions
Nov 12, 2005New Groklaw Feature - News Picks Feed
Nov 12, 2005SCO Asserts Its Rights to Almost Nothing ™ ~ by Darkonc
Nov 12, 2005Blogs, Customers & Sony's Rootkit
Nov 11, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 21, by Dr. Peter Salus
Nov 10, 2005Pretrial Conference Tentatively Set in SCO v. Novell
Nov 10, 2005CCIA Explains Interoperability Limitations With MS's XML
Nov 10, 2005Open Invention Network Begins Stockpiling Patents - UPDATED
Nov 9, 2005IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's "New Renewed Motion" to Compel - PDF and text
Nov 9, 2005IBM Subpoenas Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen
Nov 9, 2005The 1998 IBM-Santa Cruz Project Monterey Agreement
Nov 9, 2005Latest ODF News from Andy Updegrove
Nov 8, 2005Sun Says They'll Convert Word Files to ODF
Nov 6, 2005SCO's Objection to Wells' Discovery Order and Memo in Support - as text
Nov 6, 2005Transcript of the October 7, 2005 Hearing & SCO's Dual-Track Objection/Motion to Compel
Nov 5, 2005The Florida Breathalyzer/Source Code Cases
Nov 4, 2005Explaining the Google Print Library Project
Nov 3, 20051st Story Line Patent Published
Nov 3, 2005I'm Back, More MA Shenanigans, and a Request for Help
Nov 1, 2005IBM Serves a Subpoena Duces Tecum on KPMG
Nov 1, 2005SCO's Interim Disclosure of Material Misused by IBM - as text
Nov 1, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, by Dr. Peter H. Salus - Ch. 20
Nov 1, 2005SCO Filed, but it's Under Seal
Oct 31, 2005How the MA ODF Meeting Went - Updated
Oct 30, 2005Answering Microsoft: Comments on Microsoft's Letter to MA ~ by David A. Wheeler
Oct 29, 2005IBM Exhibits Show SCO Knew About SVR4 on Power in 1998
Oct 29, 2005The Berkman Center's Video of the ODF Conference - Updated
Oct 28, 2005MS Threatens S. Korea & "Just Say No to Microsoft"
Oct 28, 2005Building IT Infrastructure in UK Schools ~ by Ian Lynch
Oct 27, 2005Following up on the Optaros Free and Open Source Software Policy ~ by Stephen R. Walli
Oct 27, 2005French Co. Writing MS Plugin for ODF Support Found - Updated
Oct 26, 2005SCO Amends SEC Filings After Getting a Letter from the SEC
Oct 26, 2005Monday's Big Meeting - Updated 2Xs
Oct 25, 2005Software Patents are Like Smoking ~ by Marten Mickos, CEO MySQL AB
Oct 25, 2005Think Linux Is Too Hard? Take a Look at SUSE 10.0
Oct 24, 2005Friday's Interim Deadline - What Not to Expect
Oct 24, 2005More SCO Fun in Discoveryland - 2 Filings
Oct 23, 2005IBM's Motion to Compel Production of Privilege Log Documents - as text
Oct 22, 2005Scientigo Claims Patents on XML
Oct 21, 2005Darl's "Dear Fellow Shareholder" Letter, July 2002
Oct 20, 2005SCO's Deadline to Answer IBM's Motion to Compel Is Tomorrow
Oct 20, 2005Overview: Initial Results of a Large-Scale Migration Project ~ by Carlo Daffara
Oct 20, 2.0 Released
Oct 19, 2005Removal of Technological Arts Requirement on Business Method Patents - Dennis Crouch Explains
Oct 18, 2005Wells' Order From the October 7 Hearing
Oct 18, 2005Correcting Forbes' Untrue Account About MySQL
Oct 17, 2005IBM Unseals Two Declarations
Oct 16, 2005NASCIO Conference Info ~ by Marbux
Oct 16, 2005Microsoft Says Maybe to ODF
Oct 15, 2005The First Amendment Right to Anonymous Speech - DE Ruling as Text
Oct 15, 2005Microsoft Whines About MA's Decision to Support OpenDocument
Oct 15, 2005Trespass to Chattels
Oct 13, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, Ch. 19 - Dr. Peter Salus
Oct 13, 2005Information Week Report: Linux is Cheaper, More Reliable and Secure, Encourages Innovation
Oct 13, 2005Stipulation and Order on the Patent Counterclaims - SCO v. IBM
Oct 12, 2005Groklaw Interviews MySQL AB CEO Marten Mickos
Oct 11, 2005RealNetworks and Microsoft Do a Deal - RealNetworks Drops EU & Korean Antitrust Claims
Oct 10, 2005Two Nice Things for Groklaw
Oct 10, 2005MySQL Speaks & Gives Itself a Black Eye
Oct 9, 2005A Lawyer Connection
Oct 8, 2005The Remaining IBM Counterclaims
Oct 7, 2005SCO Motion Re Linux Denied; 10 More Depositions Each - Updated
Oct 7, 2005IBM Calls SCO's Bluff Over "Need" For 25 Additional Depositions
Oct 6, 2005SCO's Reply Memo Re Discovery Yadda Yadda
Oct 6, 2005More OpenDocument News
Oct 5, 2005Stevens v. Sony Decided in AU: Sony Loses
Oct 5, 2005Expert Appointed to Advise EU Commission on MS Compliance
Oct 4, 2005Google and Sun News Conference Live at 1:30 PM ET - Updated
Oct 4, 2005More Letters to the Red Hat Judge
Oct 3, 2005Some Musty Old MS FUD Fails & Sun Does a Very Fine Thing
Oct 2, 2005Declaration by Todd M. Shaughnessy in Support of IBM's Opposition to SCO's "Renewed" Motion to Compel, as text
Oct 1, 2005Feel Like a Movie? It's Under a Creative Commons License.
Sep 30, 2005PubPat Files Briefs with Supreme Court Re Anticompetitive Use of Patents
Sep 30, 2005Mike Anderer, "MIT" Scientists, Spectral Analysis, and a Patent Application
Sep 29, 2005 FOX's Anti-MASS FUD is a Dud - Updated
Sep 29, 2005More on GPL 3
Sep 28, 2005Morgan Keegan Letter Re Sun, MS, and SCOsource
Sep 27, 2005IBM Responds to SCO's "Renewed" Motion to Compel and Files One of Its Own
Sep 26, 2005Peru Passes Free Software Law - That's Free as in Free Speech
Sep 26, 2005A Dose of Reality for SCO
Sep 25, 2005Comments on the Massachusetts Decision
Sep 24, 2005McBride: Me, Inc. is From Vultus/And Some Nuggets From SCO's 424B3
Sep 23, 2005SCO's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Compel - as text
Sep 23, 2005It's Final - MA Goes With Open Document
Sep 22, 2005The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin - Ch. 18 ~ By Dr. Peter Salus
Sep 22, 2005MP3 of MA Meeting on Open Formats
Sep 21, 2005SCO Would Like To Do 25 More Depositions
Sep 20, 2005SCO's 10Q - Oops!
Sep 19, 2005SCO's Me, Inc. and a Little Vultus History
Sep 18, 2005SCO's Answer to Novell's Counterclaims - as text
Sep 16, 2005FEMA & Open Communication Systems ~ by Dr. Frank Brickle
Sep 15, 2005Chart of SCO's Answer to Novell's Counterclaims
Sep 15, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, Ch. 17 ~ by Dr. Peter Salus
Sep 14, 2005SCO's Answer to Novell's Counterclaims
Sep 14, 2005Hearing on SCO's Motion to Compel Set for October 7
Sep 14, 2005 Google's Kai-Fu Lee Gets Judicial Go Ahead to Start Work Today
Sep 13, 2005US Ct. of Appeals Rules Lemelson Patents Unenforceable
Sep 13, 2005When Open Standards Really Matter - The Katrina Factor
Sep 12, 2005SCO Loses Another Customer to Linux (& My Struggle to Tell You About It)
Sep 11, 2005More on Massachusetts - MS Talking Points & an Answer from Sun's McNealy
Sep 11, 2005Women in Free Software, by Fernanda G. Weiden
Sep 10, 2005Kazaa: Time to Rethink Authorization? ~ by Brendan Scott, OS Law
Sep 10, 2005SCO's Just in Case Motion to Compel - as text
Sep 10, 2005HP Gives Some Facts About Linux: 33% Savings
Sep 9, 2005SCO, Given a Mile in Discovery, Would Like Another Mile
Sep 8, 2005Answering David Coursey on Massachusetts and Openness
Sep 8, 2005Slim Media Coverage of SCO's 3Q Conference Call
Sep 7, 2005SCO Releases 3Q Results
Sep 7, 2005The Microsoft v. Google-Lee Hearing
Sep 6, 2005MS Responds to MA/OpenDocument Announcement
Sep 4, 2005The Man Who Knew Too Much - the Google-Dr. Lee/Microsoft Litigation - UPDATED
Sep 3, 2005More Katrina Links
Sep 2, 2005"An Appearance of Impropriety" - Boies Resigns from Adelphia
Sep 2, 2005Exhibit S-3 - IBM's Responses/Objections to SCO's 2nd Interrogatories - as text
Aug 31, 2005MA Chooses OASIS OpenDoc XML as Office Standard - Requesting Comments
Aug 31, 2005Last Day to Enroll for Free WIPO Class on IP
Aug 30, 2005Groklaw Doesn't Just Go to Law School - Updated
Aug 29, 2005Two GL Members Podcast -- What It's Like Going to Law School
Aug 29, 2005Novell v. SCO a Slam Dunk?
Aug 29, 2005 SCO 3Q Financial Results & Conference Call Sept. 7
Aug 29, 2005CRS Reports Now Available to Public
Aug 28, 2005OSDL Definitively Says No to MS
Aug 26, 2005Microsoft's Problem: It's Not Easy Being Mean
Aug 25, 20052002 IBM Internal Email on Project Monterey - "No One Wants It"
Aug 25, 2005Car PC Hacks - I So Want to Try This
Aug 25, 2005Exhibit 2 - Steve Mills' Deposition Excerpts - as text
Aug 24, 2005IBM-477 - Ron Saint Pierre Memo - Exhibit 10 to Evans Declaration
Aug 23, 2005It's Raining SCO Redacted Documents - Updated
Aug 23, 2005FSF Seminar on The GPL and Legal Aspects of Free Software Development - Sept. 28 NYC
Aug 23, 2005AutoZone Case Assigned to a New Magistrate Judge
Aug 22, 2005Tim Berners-Lee Sends a Letter to the US Copyright Office
Aug 22, 2005The Symbol/Cognex-Lemelson Patent Battle
Aug 20, 2005 Newbie Adventures in Knoppix and Fedora
Aug 19, 2005SCO and Novell Stipulate to Delay for SCO Response - SCO v. Novell
Aug 18, 2005Erik Hughes Deposition Excerpts - as text
Aug 16, 2005The Linux® Trademark - Tempest in a Teapot - Updated
Aug 15, 2005SCO Tells Media AZ Copied "Thousands" of Programs
Aug 15, 2005Hey. This First-to-File Thing Is Scary
Aug 14, 2005Novell v. MS - Novell's Letter: If MS Gets to Appeal, We'll Ask to Appeal Too
Aug 14, 2005UserFriendly Takes the Pulse of the Community
Aug 14, 2005FOSS: Deriving Value From its Values
Aug 13, 2005The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin - Excursus: The GPL - By Dr. Peter H. Salus
Aug 12, 2005LinuxWorld San Francisco 2005 - A Report by Groklaw's Douglas Burns
Aug 12, 2005Reaction to SCO's Open Letter, "Long Live Unix"
Aug 11, 2005US Copyright Office Requests Comments on IE-Only Service [2 Updates]
Aug 10, 2005 Patent Infringement Lawsuits That Involve FOSS
Aug 10, 2005Free Court Docs from PACER
Aug 9, 2005OSDL Announces Patent Commons Project
Aug 9, 2005 Erik Hughes Deposition: LKP Did Include Linux Kernel Code
Aug 9, 2005SCOforum: A Bully Would Like to Change the Subject
Aug 8, 2005Darl's Open Letter, "Long Live UNIX," and other PR Blizzardry from SCOForum
Aug 8, 2005SCO's Lawsuits Are "Dead", says OSDL's Cohen
Aug 7, 2005Defending the GPL
Aug 6, 2005SCO's Redacted Memo in Support of Renewed Motion to Compel Discovery - as text
Aug 5, 2005SCO and IBM's Dueling April Letters to Judge Kimball About CDs - as text
Aug 4, 2005A Bit of Insight into Methods and Concepts - Some New Pacer Docs
Aug 4, 2005A New Ratings System Proposed & Life of a Law Student Podcasts
Aug 4, 2005So, Now What Happens to SCO?
Aug 3, 2005Keeping it Clean - Sourceforge and Eclipse Foundation To Work with Palamida and Black Duck
Aug 3, 2005Judge Kimball Signs Order Limiting IBM's 9th Counterclaim
Aug 1, 2005New EU Law Proposed - Criminal Sanctions for IP Infringement
Aug 1, 2005SCO v Novell - A Comparative Chart
Jul 31, 2005Novell's Answer and Counterclaims, as text
Jul 31, 2005About Those "Patents" MS Licensed from SCO in 2003: What I'd Like Novell to Ask SCO or MS in Discovery
Jul 29, 2005Novell Files Answer and Counterclaims, and Tells Us the Rest of the SCO Story
Jul 29, 2005SCO Files Rescission Offer
Jul 28, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 16, by Dr. Peter Salus
Jul 28, 2005Open Source Licensing - Transcript of Karen Copenhaver and Ira Heffan, MA Software Council SIG
Jul 27, 2005SCO's July 18, 2005 Letter to AutoZone Judge
Jul 27, 2005New Filings in Novell v. Microsoft & A Summary, by Marbux
Jul 27, 2005The Patent Reform Act of 2005
Jul 26, 2005Some Caldera 2001-2002 SEC Filings - The Caldera-Tarantella Deal - 2 Updates
Jul 25, 2005Using Creative Commons Licenses For Film
Jul 24, 2005Microsoft Files to Patent Emoticon Method
Jul 23, 2005Another Redacted SCO Document Shows The Game Plan
Jul 22, 2005Why Would an Author Choose a Creative Commons License?
Jul 21, 2005SCO Added to "New Russell Microcap Index" and Some SEC Filings
Jul 20, 2005Russell Dyer's "MySQL in a Nutshell", Reviewed by Steve McInerney
Jul 20, 2005Novell and SCO Stipulate to July 29 for Answer to Complaint
Jul 19, 2005The Davidson Email, Red Hat, and the Lanham Act
Jul 18, 2005Unsealed Declaration of Brian W. Kernighan, SCO v. IBM - as text
Jul 18, 2005 Too Many FOSS Licenses -- Why? - What Lawyers Would Like Us Understand About License Proliferation
Jul 18, 2005Sandeep Gupta's Redacted Declaration of July 2004 - as text
Jul 17, 2005Before You Toss Out That Infected PC, Try Knoppix
Jul 16, 2005Sandeep Gupta's Declaration of July 2004 - Redacted - SCO v. IBM
Jul 15, 2005The Standards Battle is Joined
Jul 14, 2005The Michael Davidson Email/Swartz Memo - SCO v. IBM [3 updates]
Jul 14, 2005EU SW Patent Aftermath
Jul 13, 2005More on Silly Lawsuits - Internet Archive and the BBC Flap
Jul 12, 2005The Stupidest Lawsuit Since the World Began
Jul 11, 2005Declaration of Todd Shaughnessy in Support of PSJ on Breach of Contract and Unsealed Exhibits
Jul 10, 2005An Anti-Linux Strategy for Microsoft
Jul 9, 2005David A. Wheeler Reports Back from FISL 6.0 Conference in Brazil
Jul 9, 2005SCO's Latest SEC Filings - Director Indemnification & Compensation
Jul 8, 2005EU MS: Judge Hubert Legal Is Kicked Off the Case
Jul 8, 2005Linux for Lawyers, Part 2
Jul 8, 2005Two Letters to the Red Hat Judge - He Said, She Said, and a Reality Check
Jul 7, 2005BayStar Capital Liquidating
Jul 7, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 15, by Dr. Peter Salus
Jul 7, 2005SCO Considering an Appeal?
Jul 6, 2005Red Hat and Novell Also File Motion to Dismiss Wallace
Jul 6, 2005It's a NO! - 648 - 14
Jul 5, 2005EU Software Patent Last-Minute News
Jul 5, 2005IBM's Unsealed Opposition to SCO's Motion for Leave to File 3d Amended Complaint - as text
Jul 4, 2005The Go v. MS Complaints
Jul 4, 2005The Stealth Trademark
Jul 4, 2005A New Antitrust Lawsuit - Go Corp. v. Microsoft
Jul 4, 2005MS Helps Me Explain "Antitrust Injury" - Wallace v. IBM
Jul 3, 2005When Can Dispositive Motions Be Filed in SCO v. IBM?
Jul 3, 2005LiveLAMP Available: $10,000 Server Software Solution Free
Jul 3, 2005Wallace's "Memorandum on Motion for SJ" in Wallace v. IBM
Jul 3, 2005IBM Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss Wallace - as text
Jul 3, 2005IBM: Wallace Has Pled Himself Out of Court
Jul 2, 2005DeFUDding LinuxInsider's Latest on TCO
Jul 1, 2005IBM Wins Big - SCO Motion to Amend Complaint Denied; Trial Date Set
Jul 1, 2005MS To Pay IBM $775M+ to Settle Antitrust Claims
Jul 1, 2005Optaros Publishes FOSS Policy
Jul 1, 2005New SCO Directors Granted Stock Options
Jun 30, 2005The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin, Ch. 14, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 30, 2005How SW Patents Endanger FOSS
Jun 30, 2005The MA Software Council's OSS SIG Kickoff Meeting
Jun 29, 2005IBM's Unsealed Opposition to SCO's Motion to File 3rd Amended Complaint
Jun 29, 2005New Spam Law/Child Registries in Utah and Michigan July 1
Jun 28, 2005Concern About Delay By EU Commission on MS
Jun 28, 2005AMD Files AntiTrust Lawsuit Against Intel in Federal Court
Jun 27, 2005The Unsealed Declaration of Brian Kernighan
Jun 27, 2005Wallace Would Like to Amplify His Story
Jun 27, 2005Novell Motion to Dismiss Denied
Jun 27, 2005Grokster Decision - as Text
Jun 27, 2005Grokster Loses
Jun 26, 2005Another Legal Resource
Jun 26, 2005Sun's McNealy Lives and Learns
Jun 26, 2005When Might a Court Award Attorneys' Fees?
Jun 26, 2005Novell v. MS: MS Asks to Appeal June 10 Order & Answers Novell's Complaint
Jun 24, 2005Wallace Files Opposition to FSF Motion to Dismiss
Jun 23, 2005New Groklaw Page -- Litigation Cast of Characters
Jun 23, 2005SCO Applies For 11 New Trademarks
Jun 23, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 13 ~ by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 22, 2005FSF Moves to Dismiss Wallace and for Stay on Filing Briefs on Summary Judgment Motion
Jun 22, 2005SCO's Launches OpenServer 6
Jun 22, 2005SCO's Declaration of Steven Sabbath - as text
Jun 22, 2005SCO v. AZ Report Re Discovery, Exhibit E - as text
Jun 21, 2005SCO's Notice of Unsealing - as text
Jun 21, 2005Open Source Seminar Friday in Boston Area
Jun 20, 2005Reports from the Blizzard v. BnetD Hearing
Jun 20, 2005SCO and IBM Agree on Something: Unsealing Documents
Jun 20, 2005JURI Vote on EU SW Patent Directive Amendments
Jun 20, 2005New EU Judges for Microsoft Case Proposed
Jun 19, 2005Blizzard v. BnetD Hearing Tomorrow Morning
Jun 19, 2005SCO Exhibits Attached to Jeremy Evans' Declaration
Jun 18, 2005The BSA Sends A Letter Re EU SW Patents
Jun 17, 2005More Stupid Lawsuits - Wallace v GPL
Jun 17, 2005AutoZone's Exhibit A - Additional SCO Misstatements
Jun 17, 2005AZ Response to SCO's Discovery Report, as text
Jun 16, 2005AutoZone Replies to SCO's Report Re Discovery -- With Feeling
Jun 16, 2005WSJ: KPMG Facing Possible Criminal Charges
Jun 16, 2005SCO v. AutoZone - What Are Statically Linked Libraries, Anyway?
Jun 16, 2005The Daemon, the GNU & the Penguin, Ch. 12, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 15, 2005US Patent Reform
Jun 14, 2005MS, Sun and IBM All Show They Need Open Source
Jun 13, 2005NZ Asks Questions About DRM; Also, the XML Farce
Jun 12, 2005Followups on Novell's New Litigator and Apple
Jun 12, 2005SCO v. AZ, Ex. C, Email re Document Production, as text
Jun 12, 2005SCO v AZ Report, Ex. B Letter, David Stewart to David Stone, as text
Jun 12, 2005Deposition of Bob Celmer, SCO v. AZ Report, Ex. A, as text
Jun 11, 2005Declaration of David S. Stone, SCO v. AZ, as text
Jun 11, 2005Novell Survives MS's Motion to Dismiss
Jun 10, 2005GPL Version 3: Background to Adoption
Jun 10, 2005Interview with Google's Chris DiBona on Summer of Code
Jun 9, 2005Novell Hires Another Lawyer for the Team -- Guess What He's Good At?
Jun 9, 2005Dutch Governement Calls for Hold on SW Patent Directive for 5 Years
Jun 9, 2005SCO's Report on Discovery in AutoZone, as text
Jun 8, 2005SCO Shareholder Meeting June 28/Schedule 14A
Jun 8, 2005New FOSS History Wiki Project & Ravicher Testifies to Congress on Patent Reform
Jun 7, 2005SCO's Updated Report on Unsealing Docs in SCO v. IBM
Jun 7, 2005Supreme Court Refuses Lexmark a Hearing
Jun 7, 2005No Salus Chapter This Week
Jun 7, 2005Eternal Coexistence?
Jun 6, 2005Apple, Apple, Apple...Whatever Does It Mean?
Jun 6, 2005EU Commission v. Microsoft - News
Jun 6, 2005News from the EU Patent Front - More Tricks
Jun 5, 2005SCO's Report Re Unsealing Documents, as text
Jun 5, 2005A Request from Groklaw to Google's Summer of Coders
Jun 5, 2005SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Call - as text
Jun 3, 2005Groklaw's Software Patents Definition Update
Jun 3, 2005SCO's Auditors Resign: Out With the Old, In With the New
Jun 3, 2005AutoZone Will File to Correct SCO's "Material Misstatements"
Jun 2, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, Excursus: UUNET & Ch. 11, by Dr. Peter H. Salus
Jun 2, 2005SCO's Conference Call and AutoZone Report
Jun 1, 2005SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Results
Jun 1, 2005Google's Summer of Code
Jun 1, 2005A Groklaw Suggestion on SW Patent Wording
Jun 1, 2005IBM's Notice Re Unsealing of Documents as text
May 31, 2005SCO and IBM File Notices of Unsealing
May 31, 2005SCO's Executive Officer Stock Option Agreement
May 31, 2005 SCO Group Employee Incentive Bonus Plan Fiscal Year 2005
May 30, 2005 Using Open Source in Business & Government - 2 How To's
May 30, 2005EU Software Patents - What's Next & Some Testimonies
May 30, 2005Stallman on Nokia Patent Statement
May 29, 2005How The Kernel Development Process Works, by Greg Kroah-Hartman
May 28, 2005Dion Cornett Joins Red Hat as VP, Investor Relations
May 28, 2005Predicting the Future: Choose Software From Column A or Column B
May 28, 2005US Patent System Reform Symposium on June 9
May 27, 2005Nokia Offers Patents to Linux Kernel
May 27, 2005AutoZone Files Another Status Report
May 27, 2005Fred Skousen Leaving SCO's Board of Directors
May 26, 2005SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Results Call Will Be June 1
May 26, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 10 - By Dr. Peter H. Salus
May 25, 2005SCO v. Novell Hearing Reports
May 25, 2005Transcript of the April 21, 2005 SCO v. IBM Hearing
May 24, 2005Trolltech Gets Free of Canopy, SCO Ownership
May 24, 2005IBM's Unsealed Sur-Reply Re 3rd Amended Complaint - as text
May 23, 2005Looking for Better Wording for EU SW Patent Directive
May 22, 2005 Santa Cruz's CEO Knew About Project Monterey and POWER in 1999 - & Updates - Make that 1998
May 21, 2005The Status in Australia
May 20, 2005Who Really DDOS'd SCO - No, *Not* the Linux Community
May 20, 2005What Did Caldera Know About IBM, AIX, Linux and Power?
May 19, 2005An Apology from Sys-Con
May 19, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Excursus: Hardware & Ch. 9 - by Dr. Peter H. Salus
May 19, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - Table of Contents
May 18, 2005"Some Foreign Regulators Have Initiated Or ... May Initiate Legal Actions Against Us..."
May 18, 2005The Transcript of the April 21, 2005 SCO v. IBM Hearing
May 18, 2005The Windows Community Explodes - a Parody
May 18, 2005 Criticism of Boies Schiller Discovery Tactics in NY Case
May 17, 2005SCO Offers White Box Solutions
May 16, 2005Another LinuxWorld Resignation
May 16, 2005The Real Value of Open Source Going Forward - by Tim Daly
May 15, 2005What We Need Is a Cartoon - of PJ
May 14, 2005Entire Senior Editorial Staff of LinuxWorld Resigns
May 13, 2005A Prior Art How To
May 13, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, by Dr. Peter H. Salus - Errata
May 13, 2005 Ethics
May 12, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin, Ch. 8 - by Peter Salus
May 12, 2005Novell and Microsoft Spar Over MS Motion to Dismiss
May 11, 2005More on Project Monterey - 2002 The Register Article on Caldera's Plans
May 11, 2005Next, the Baton is Passed to Dan Lyons
May 10, 2005IBM's Redacted Opposition to SCO's Supplemental Memo Re Discovery
May 10, 2005Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
May 9, 2005Intimidation
May 8, 2005 Why Free Software Really Matters
May 8, 2005Pope Calls on Media to Behave Responsibly
May 7, 2005IBM's Unsealed Sur-Reply Memo in Opposition to SCO's 3rd Amended Complaint
May 6, 2005More of IBM's Unsealed and Redacted Documents
May 6, 2005IBM's Unsealed Memo Opposing the Palmisano Deposition
May 6, 2005Broadcast Flag Nixed by DC Circuit of the US Ct. of Appeals
May 6, 2005A New Expression for "Reverse Engineering"?
May 5, 2005IBM Complies To the Max - Turns Over Code
May 5, 2005IBM and SCO Stipulate to Confer on Privilege Log Objections
May 5, 2005The Daemon, the GNU, and the Penguin - Ch. 7 ~ by Dr. Peter H. Salus
May 4, 2005A Look at the Current State of the Law on Reverse Engineering
May 4, 2005To Trust Or Not To Trust, That is the Question
May 3, 2005FL Judge Throws Boies Schiller Off a Case, and More
May 3, 2005French Appeals Court Rules DVD Copy Protection Violates Privacy Rights
May 2, 2005Mo' MOG Mistakes & Larry Rosen on Daniel Wallace's Anti-GPL Lawsuit: "It's Bunk."
May 2, 2005The Daemon, The GNU and the Penguin - Ch. 6 ~ by Dr. Peter H. Salus
May 1, 2005SCO Files 90-Day Status Report with AutoZone Judge
Apr 30, 2005Novell v. Microsoft Gets Moved to Maryland for Pretrial Issues
Apr 30, 2005More Project Monterey Evidence - Caldera and AIX 5L
Apr 30, 2005Response to The Register
Apr 30, 2005Microsoft -- Can We Talk?
Apr 29, 2005Eric Raymond on Minix and Linux
Apr 29, 2005G2's Motion to Intervene and Motion to Unseal Denied
Apr 29, 2005Largest Bank in China Switches From SCO Unix to Linux
Apr 28, 2005Report on the UK Debate on OSS Between IBM, Sun and OpenForum Europe
Apr 28, 2005No Daemon, GNU, Penguin Until Next Week
Apr 27, 2005More Monterey Proof and Caldera's Hopes for Linux & UnixWare
Apr 27, 2005Open Source Wall Street on Linux Momentum - "Linux Shines"
Apr 26, 2005Groklaw's Eyewitnesses Report on the G2 Intervention/Unseal Hearing
Apr 26, 2005Why EU Companies Choose Open Source. No. Not Lower Cost.
Apr 25, 2005More Evidence Project Monterey Partners Knew Linux Was the Future
Apr 24, 2005IBM's Objections to SCO's Privilege Log - as text
Apr 23, 2005 Peeling Away the FUD Wrapping on Linux/Windows "Studies"
Apr 22, 2005The Daemon, the Gnu and the Penguin, Ch. 4 & 5 - by Peter H. Salus
Apr 21, 2005Groklaw's Eyewitnesses Report From the Courtroom - It Went Well
Apr 21, 2005Order on Motion for Reconsideration --IBM Doesn't Yet Have to Hand Over 3,000 -- Just 100
Apr 21, 2005Tridge Speaks
Apr 21, 2005What Really Happened to Project Monterey
Apr 20, 2005Uh Oh - US Patent "Reform" Alert-- by Marbux
Apr 19, 2005SCO Says They Can Drop the E Thursday
Apr 19, 2005Patent Resource Page
Apr 19, 2005How Software Patents Actually Work, an Animation by Gavin Hill
Apr 18, 2005"Best Blogger of the Year"
Apr 18, 2005Duke Law School's "Patents v. Open Source" Seminar - webcasts
Apr 18, 2005SCO's 1Q 2005 Earnings Conference Call - transcript
Apr 16, 2005My Answer and a GPL Case in Germany
Apr 16, 2005IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Adjourn - PDF and text
Apr 15, 2005Kimball Denies SCO's Ex Parte Motion to Adjourn
Apr 14, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - by Peter H. Salus - Ch. 2 & 3
Apr 14, 2005IBM's Objections to SCO's Privilege Log - as text
Apr 14, 2005SCO's Reply in Support of its Ex Parte Motion to Adjourn the April 21, 2005 Argument on SCO's Motion to Amend Complaint
Apr 14, 2005SCO's Ex Parte Motion to Adjourn - as text
Apr 13, 2005Microsoft Hit With Preliminary Injunction in Patent Infringement Case
Apr 13, 2005Groklaw Editor Unmasked! by Boreen O'BlahBlah
Apr 13, 2005SCO Posts Loss, Revenue Down -- What Else is New?
Apr 13, 2005IBM's Response to SCO's Objections to Scheduling Proposal - as text
Apr 13, 2005Some Notes on Capitol Records, Inc. v Naxos of America Inc. - by Brendan Scott
Apr 13, 2005SCO Asks for Delay on the April 21st Hearing and IBM Gets Really, Really Clear
Apr 13, 2005Grokster Oral Arguments Before the Supreme Court
Apr 12, 2005Yet Another UK Patents Workshops Report - from Groklaw's Cinly
Apr 11, 2005IBM's Patent Sea Change, and "No RAND in OASIS"?
Apr 11, 2005Another Groklaw Report on UK Patent Workshops - By Simon G. Best
Apr 11, 2005MS and XML - The Steamroller Pushes Ahead
Apr 9, 2005Red Hat - Letters to the Judge and RH Motion for Reconsideration Denied without Prejudice to Renew
Apr 9, 2005A Message in a Bottle Aimed at Solaris Island
Apr 8, 2005More AIX/POWER/Project Monterey Evidence
Apr 8, 2005SCO's Next Financial Results and Conference Call April 13
Apr 7, 2005Brent Noorda Sets the Record Straight
Apr 7, 2005The Daemon, the GNU and the Penguin - by Peter H. Salus - Part 1
Apr 6, 2005New AutoZone Filings - SCO Needs More Time for Discovery
Apr 6, 2005IBM Reply Memo in Further Support of Motion for Order Limiting Scope of 9th CC - as text
Apr 5, 2005D H Brown & Associates on AIX, POWER, Project Monterey Back in 1999
Apr 4, 2005More Discoveries about AIX on POWER & Project Monterey
Apr 4, 2005Sept. 1999 Press Release Quotes SCO VP on Project Monterey, AIX on POWER
Apr 4, 2005Migrating from Windows to GNU/Linux etc.
Apr 4, 2005SCO's Memo in Support of Proposed Scheduling Order - as text
Apr 4, 2005SCO's 100-Day Notice to IBM - as text
Apr 3, 2005SCO's 12/19/03 "Dear Linux User" Letter - as text
Apr 3, 2005What the SCOsource License Was For Originally and What SCO Told IBM Court
Apr 3, 2005CEO Pay Practices & Delisting Standards and Procedures
Apr 2, 2005SCO Reacts to IBM's Proposed Scheduling Order
Apr 2, 2005Highlights from SCO's 10K
Apr 1, 2005SCO Files Tardy 10K and 10Q/A With the SEC
Mar 31, 2005Hints About GPL3
Mar 31, 2005Coupling and the Maintainability of the Linux Kernel- by Dr Stupid
Mar 30, 2005Sun's Schwartz Defends Open Source
Mar 30, 2005Evaluating Massachusetts' Open Formats Proposal
Mar 30, 2005Reaction to SCO's New Legal Documents Page
Mar 30, 2005IBM's Memo Attaching & in Support of Proposed Scheduling Order
Mar 29, 2005Clarifying the Record on Blocking Comments on LBW & SCO Grabbing Docs Update
Mar 29, 2005Yarro Said APIs Should Belong to the Community in 1997
Mar 29, 2005Dion Cornett On SCOXE's Future
Mar 28, 2005How to Contact Massachusetts about Open Format Proposal
Mar 28, 2005Now They're Patenting Medical Facts? - Oh, Brother
Mar 28, 2005A History of Free and Open Source - Introduction ~ by Peter H. Salus
Mar 27, 2005Canopy: Past, Present and Future
Mar 26, 2005A Proposal to Solve the "Orphan Works" Problem
Mar 25, 2005Symposium on Current Trends in the Free Software and OS Movements Tomorrow in NH
Mar 25, 2005SCO Uses Legal Documents from Groklaw and Tuxrocks
Mar 25, 2005ADTI Has Another Study; Marbux Finds a Patent-Open Standards Primer
Mar 24, 2005Microsoft Bends for the GPL to Qualify as Open Format in MA
Mar 22, 2005Yarro Files Schedule 13D & Canopy-Yarro Agreement with SEC
Mar 22, 2005MA Posts New Version of Open Formats - Requests Comments
Mar 21, 2005Noorda Family Issues Statement
Mar 20, 2005A GPL Win in Michigan - DrewTech v. SAE
Mar 19, 2005Tarent vs SCO-Germany Preliminary Injunction -- as text
Mar 19, 2005 Reports from the UK Patent Office's Technical Contribution Workshops
Mar 18, 2005Two Hearings Set in SCO v. IBM -- on Palmisano Depo, 3rd Complaint, G2
Mar 18, 2005EU Commission Warns MS: They Aren't Doing Enough to Comply
Mar 18, 2005SCO's Nasdaq Meeting - Still No 10K
Mar 18, 2005Kimball Grants IBM the 45-Day Extension and More
Mar 17, 2005Slip, Sliding Away on Software Patents
Mar 17, 2005IBM's Reply Memo in Support of Their Motion for Reconsideration
Mar 16, 2005SCO, After Getting More Time, Says IBM Shouldn't Get Any. Or At Most 2 Weeks
Mar 16, 2005Irish Linux Groups Write Their MEPs About SW Patents
Mar 15, 2005Microsoft's US XML Patent Application
Mar 15, 2005Mr. Mustard Files With SEC Re Shares to Yarro
Mar 15, 2005New Summary Page for SCO v. IBM
Mar 15, 2005SCO Shareholder Meeting in April or May - Yarro Staying?
Mar 15, 2005More on EU Software Patents, Prior Art, and Another NZ MS XML Patent
Mar 14, 2005The Other Side of the Coin -- Why Some Support EU SW Patents
Mar 13, 2005SCO and IBM File Privilege Logs -- What Are Privilege Logs?
Mar 12, 2005Don't Believe Everything You Read in the Funny Papers
Mar 12, 2005Canopy-Yarro-Noorda Etc. Statement on Settlement
Mar 11, 2005SCO Statement on Canopy Settlement
Mar 11, 2005Mr. Mustard's Answer (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - as text
Mar 11, 2005Judge Kimball Gives SCO More Time and IBM Asks for Some
Mar 11, 2005Canopy-Noorda Answer - as text - & Amended Articles of Incorporation
Mar 10, 2005Canopy Settlement Terms Will Be Confidential & More Docs
Mar 10, 2005SCO Begs For More Time To Answer -- Too Busy With Discovery
Mar 9, 2005EuroParl Press Release - The Ball is in Our Court Now
Mar 9, 2005How the Noordas Found Out & the Rest of the Dirt: The Canopy-Noorda Answer (Yarro v Canopy)
Mar 8, 2005Reactions in Denmark to EU Council Vote
Mar 8, 2005Yarro-Canopy Cases Settle On the Eve of Scheduled Hearings
Mar 7, 2005Transcript of EU Commission Meeting on Software Patent Directive
Mar 7, 2005Software Patent Directive Passed as A-Item
Mar 7, 2005Is Linux Ready for the Desktop? -- by James Cherryh
Mar 7, 2005Yarro to Stay on the SCO Board or Not?
Mar 6, 2005Declaration of Jean Acheson (SCO v. IBM) - PDF and text
Mar 6, 2005The Rescinded February 2000 Option Agreement (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al)
Mar 5, 2005 BayStar Repurchase and the SCO Restatement
Mar 5, 2005SCO v. IBM: The Short Version, by toads_for_all
Mar 4, 2005Novell and SCO (Finally) Agree to Postpone Until May
Mar 4, 2005Denmark: SW Patent Directive as B-Item Only on Monday
Mar 4, 2005What's It All About? - Some Restatement Details
Mar 3, 2005Looks Like More Delay in SCO v. Novell
Mar 3, 2005SCO Announces Restatement
Mar 3, 2005EU MEP Says Bill Gates Influenced No Restart Decision
Mar 3, 2005Mitzi Bond Declaration - as text
Mar 2, 2005Declaration of SCO's Chris Sontag of December, 2004 (SCO v. IBM) - PDF & text
Mar 2, 2005SCO's Opposition to IBM's Motion for Reconsideration: More, More, More
Mar 2, 2005Erik W. Hughes' Dec. '04 Declaration - "SCO Never Repudiated the GPL"
Mar 2, 2005BSDi Amicus Brief
Mar 1, 2005A Groklaw Member Reports on Jury Selection at the Jackson Trial
Mar 1, 2005Removing a Rung From SCO's Methods and Concepts Ladder
Feb 28, 2005Geeklog Patch Accepted - News Picks Plugin Downloadable Now
Feb 28, 2005Groklaw in "The State of the Open Source Union, 2004" -- Groklaw Objection "Voice of Reason"
Feb 28, 2005EU Commission Reportedly Ignoring Restart Request
Feb 28, 2005The Caldera 2000 Stock Equity Plan
Feb 28, 2005Stallman Calls for Action on Free BIOS
Feb 27, 2005Canopy's Motion to Remove Yarro As Director and Memo - as text
Feb 26, 2005Canopy Subpoenaes the Affidavit Chorus (Canopy v Kreidel)
Feb 26, 2005Canopy Group Shareholder Agreement (Yarro et al v Kreidel et al) - PDF and text
Feb 25, 2005Reports of My Destruction Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, by A. Linux Kernel
Feb 25, 2005Classes in Patents, Copyright, and Trademarks for Free Online From WIPO
Feb 25, 2005SCO's NASDAQ Prospects
Feb 24, 2005Canopy's 2000 Stock Option Plan (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - PDF and text
Feb 24, 2005Groklaw's Latest News Picks - New Feature
Feb 24, 2005Mandrake and Conectiva Merge
Feb 24, 2005Frankie Gibson's Affidavit (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - PDF and text
Feb 24, 2005So, *Now* How Do You Feel About Software Patents?
Feb 23, 2005Linux Programmer Numbers Clarified
Feb 23, 2005SCO Press Release About NASDAQ Notice
Feb 23, 2005The NonLegal Mind Not at Work
Feb 23, 2005IBM Motion For Order Limiting Scope of 9th CC - PDF and text
Feb 22, 2005An Open Letter Re OASIS Patent Policy & a Call to Action
Feb 22, 2005Lexmark's Request for Re-Hearing Denied
Feb 21, 2005How Not to Kill the Golden Goose
Feb 21, 2005Yarro Team's Memo in Support of Motion to Dismiss - PDF and text (Canopy et al v. Yarro et al)
Feb 20, 2005Canopy and Noordas' Motion to Consolidate (Yarro et al v. Canopy et al) - as text
Feb 20, 2005Yarro et al Subpoena Everyone They Can Think Of (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al)
Feb 20, 2005OSI and TCP: A History, by Peter H. Salus
Feb 19, 2005Canopy Files Motion to Dismiss Yarro From Board of Canopy
Feb 19, 2005Angel Partners Renewed by Yarro on Dec. 17, 2004
Feb 19, 2005What Happens if SCO is Permanently De-Listed? -- And a Little History of SCO Filings
Feb 18, 2005NASDAQ Historic Moment
Feb 18, 2005The Latest on EU SW Patents - Pics of the Demo
Feb 18, 2005Affidavit of Allan Smart (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - PDF and text
Feb 18, 2005Declaration of Evelyn Davis (SCO v IBM) - PDF and text - & Mitzi Bond - PDF
Feb 17, 2005Nasdaq Sends SCO Delisting Notice
Feb 17, 2005IBM Files its Motion for Reconsideration of Wells' Discovery Order
Feb 16, 2005Cerf and Kahn Win Turing Award
Feb 15, 2005LinuxWorld
Feb 15, 2005Correction to eWeek's PJ "Quotation"
Feb 15, 2005Gates v. Denmark
Feb 14, 2005Affidavit of Barbara Jackson (Yarro et al v Kreidel et al) - as text
Feb 14, 2005Wiley-Newbold Comparison Chart by grouch
Feb 13, 2005Affidavit of Darla Newbold (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - as text
Feb 13, 2005Affidavit of Ralph Yarro (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - as text
Feb 12, 2005Affidavit of Brent Christensen (Yarro et al v. Kreidel et al) - as text
Feb 12, 2005What If IBM Really Did Send SCO All the Discovery?
Feb 12, 2005We Have a Winner for Best FUD of the Day
Feb 12, 2005Affidavit of Joyce Wiley (Yarro v. Kreidel) - as text
Feb 12, 2005Scheduling Orders in SCO v. IBM
Feb 11, 2005EU Commission Regrets... No SW Patents on the Agenda & R.I.P. MS?
Feb 11, 2005Some Implications of Judge Kimball's Ruling, by Marbux
Feb 10, 2005Now it's the Dutch: Parliament Votes to Block A Item on SW Patents Directive
Feb 10, 2005Attorney Reactions to the Kimball Order
Feb 10, 2005Kimball Memoradum and Order - as text
Feb 9, 2005Kimball Rules on 6 Motions - SCO's Denied or Moot; IBM's Denied But Can Renew/Refile After Discovery Complete
Feb 9, 2005The Yarro Complaint & the Wiley and Christensen Affidavits
Feb 8, 2005Deposition of Geoffrey Green - PDF and text
Feb 7, 2005Gates, Security, and Doubtful Accounts
Feb 7, 2005 SCO's Gift to Linux
Feb 6, 2005Myths About Samba by Andrew Tridgell
Feb 6, 2005 UK Workshops on "Technical Effect" Wording
Feb 6, 2005SCO's Response to G2's Motions to Intervene/Unseal - as text
Feb 5, 2005Declaration of Jim Wilt
Feb 5, 2005SCO's Opposition to IBM's Motion for Reconsideration/Clarification of Wells' Discovery Order
Feb 5, 2005Changes at OSI and Grokster Article on LWN
Feb 5, 2005Sun Responds to Criticism of CDDL
Feb 4, 2005G2 et al Reply Memorandum -- PDF and text
Feb 4, 2005The Canopy/Noorda v. Yarro et al Complaint -- as text
Feb 3, 2005The Canopy/Noorda Family Trust Complaint Against Yarro, Mott & Christensen
Feb 3, 2005Kimball & Wells Quickly Grant Both IBM Motions - SurReply and Time to Object to Order
Feb 3, 2005Odds and Ends -- Filings in SCO v. IBM
Feb 2, 2005JURI Votes: It's Restart
Feb 2, 2005Sun's Schwartz and McNealy: Patent Pledge Only for CDDL Licensees
Feb 2, 2005IBM Challenging Wells' Order
Feb 1, 2005IBM Files Ex Parte Motion For Leave to File Surreply
Feb 1, 2005Software Freedom Law Center Launched
Feb 1, 2005Sun Begins to Respond to Patent Questions
Jan 31, 2005Scheduling Order for the Battle Over Deposing Sam
Jan 31, 2005New GPL References Page
Jan 30, 2005The Intel Subpoena - PDF and text
Jan 30, 2005EU Patent News - Gates Visiting EU Parliament & Denmark Throws Some Helpful Tacks On the Road
Jan 30, 2005IBM 3/9/04 Letter to SCO Asking for 1,000 Names & SCO's 3/26/04 Reply - PDF & text
Jan 30, 2005The Future Is Open: What OpenDocument Is And Why You Should Care ~ by Daniel Carrera
Jan 29, 2005Yarro et al Accused by Canopy of Siphoning Off $20 Million
Jan 29, 2005The PointServe Subpoena - IPx and MIT
Jan 28, 2005 Patent Questions About the CDDL
Jan 28, 2005 Firefox FUD is Born
Jan 28, 2005SCO's Objections to Notice of Deposition (the Configurable High Availability Notice) - as text
Jan 27, 2005SCO's Objections to Notice of Deposition (the Compression Notice) - as text
Jan 27, 2005SCO's Objections to Notice of Deposition (Click-Wrap Notice) - as text
Jan 26, 2005Novell's Motion to Dismiss -- Hearing Postponed to March 8
Jan 26, 2005Sun's 1600 Patents, OpenSolaris, and CDDL
Jan 26, 2005The Tables Are Turned - SCO Objects to IBM's Discovery Demands
Jan 25, 2005SCO Considering Next Steps After DC Setback & Another Novell Delay
Jan 25, 2005Forbes and CNET Joinder in Motion to Intervene and Unseal
Jan 24, 2005MS Won't Appeal Immediate Sanctions
Jan 24, 2005Poland Gets a Week's Delay on EU SW Patents
Jan 24, 2005New Subpoenas by IBM
Jan 24, 2005Lamlaw on SCO's Contract Claims
Jan 23, 2005Firefox, Linux, Inc., and Media History
Jan 23, 2005SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion for Summary Judgment on 10th CC (Noninfringement) - as text
Jan 23, 2005 A Word on the New Journalism
Jan 23, 2005SCO Memo in Support of Renewed Motion to Compel - as text
Jan 22, 2005Attorneys React to Wells' Order -- It's Routine
Jan 22, 2005SCO's DaimlerChrysler Appeal Has Been Dismissed
Jan 21, 2005Responses to G2's Motion to Intervene
Jan 21, 2005Deja Vu in the EU - Monday They Will Try to Rubber Stamp Software Patents. Yes. Again
Jan 20, 2005The Inevitable Stock Surge For "a Company in Decline"
Jan 19, 2005The Wells Discovery Ruling - Grants in Part, Denies in Part
Jan 19, 2005No Kidding. I Want To Be An Analyst.
Jan 18, 2005The Jan. 14th Eric Kriss Speech on Open Formats -- Transcript and Audio
Jan 18, 2005French Police Migrating to
Jan 17, 2005Samba's Andrew Tridgell Joins OSDL
Jan 17, 2005SCO's Motion to Compel Palmisano Deposition and Memo in Support - as text
Jan 15, 2005No, Virginia. Actually, There Is No Santa Claus
Jan 15, 2005David Frasure's 1992 BSDi Deposition - Part 2
Jan 15, 2005David Frasure 1992 BSDi Deposition - Part 3
Jan 14, 2005MA Says MS Agrees to Change XML License To Meet New Open Format Standard
Jan 14, 2005SCO Harrasses IBM Further - Petitions Court to Let Them Depose its CEO
Jan 14, 2005Study Says 30% of Patents Are Duplicative and Thus Invalid
Jan 13, 2005SCO's "Dear SCO Partner" Letter
Jan 13, 2005The 1987 AT&T-Regents of CA License Agreement -- PDF and text
Jan 13, 2005Joan Thomas - Declaration of June 23, 2004
Jan 12, 2005SCO Files Claim of Appeal in DC -- Claim Being Evaluated
Jan 11, 2005Microsoft Files Motion to Dismiss Novell's AntiTrust Complaint
Jan 10, 2005IBM Gives FOSS Free Access to 500 Patents - Rethinks IP Management
Jan 10, 2005EU - Motion to Restart the Software Patents Process
Jan 9, 2005New Contracts Page
Jan 9, 2005Chris Preimesberger - SCO Asked Fluff Questions During Conference Call
Jan 8, 2005Novell and Microsoft Hit the Ground Running
Jan 7, 20051992 David Frasure Deposition, Part 1 - as text
Jan 7, 2005Microsoft Litigation Resource Page
Jan 6, 2005SCO and Red Hat Each Tell the Judge Their Story
Jan 6, 2005Top Intellectual Property Law Issues of 2005, by Wolf, Greenfield
Jan 6, 2005RMS on SCO
Jan 5, 2005Pacer Entries on Red Hat and a Letter to the Judge in AutoZone
Jan 4, 2005Lessig, Creative Commons, and My Life Changed
Jan 4, 2005MS Gets 2 New Patents
Jan 3, 2005W2K Has a New Poll on IE v. Firefox, and Predicts SCO's Doom
Jan 3, 2005Tsunami amateur video
Jan 2, 2005Enderle Uses the Word Grok but Doesn't Get the GPL
Jan 2, 2005More MS Documents and Some Research Tools
Jan 1, 2005More Caldera, Inc. v. Microsoft Documents Found
Dec 31, 2004Updating Pacer on SCO v. IBM and Novell v. MS
Dec 30, 2004 Antitrust Law Can Curtail or Trump a Patent - Patent Lesson One, by marbux
Dec 30, 2004SCO to the Judge: We Demand More Discovery & Throw In Some Sanctions
Dec 29, 2004Novell Hearing Reset to February 1st in SCO v. Novell
Dec 29, 2004Plugging the Knowledge Gaps on FOSS Licenses - OSDL Conference
Dec 28, 2004More Recognition for Groklaw
Dec 27, 2004The Public's Right to Know -- How Far Does It Go?
Dec 26, 2004 The DC Stipulated Order Analyzed by Lewis Mettler, Esq. & the Order- as text
Dec 24, 2004How the Grinch Stole Christmas Vacation
Dec 24, 2004Blake Stowell and Laura DiDio on the Canopy Shakeup
Dec 24, 2004EU Software Patents Reactions - How the Other Half Thinks
Dec 23, 2004SCO Must Pay DC's Costs & Attys Fees If It Refiles
Dec 23, 2004IBM Granted a Month to Reply to G2, Despite SCO-G2 Alliance
Dec 23, 2004Third-Party Beneficiaries of a Contract - by AllParadox
Dec 23, 2004The EU Microsoft Decision
Dec 22, 2004MS Gets Whupped - No Delay on EU Sanctions
Dec 22, 2004SCO 4Q & Year-End Financial Conference Call Transcript
Dec 21, 2004SCO Numbers
Dec 21, 2004 Yarro Exits Canopy Group
Dec 21, 2004 Waiting for SCO
Dec 21, 2004Poland Comes Through! - Software Patents Off the Agenda This Year
Dec 20, 2004Report on EU Software Patents
Dec 20, 2004 Santa Cruz Operation's SEC Filings on Project Monterey
Dec 19, 2004Marbux on DaimlerChrysler - Now What?
Dec 19, 2004Linus on SCO in Linux Magazine
Dec 18, 2004SCO Given More Time to Answer IBM Re 3rd Complaint & a New SCO Atty
Dec 18, 2004Sun Revises its CDDL and A Map of Groklaw
Dec 17, 2004Whose Hands Are "Unclean"?-- SCO, IBM's 'Agents', and the CFAA- By Jon Stanley, Esq.
Dec 16, 2004Change of Control Agreement & Hollands On the Stock
Dec 15, 2004The "Unclean Hands" Accusation
Dec 14, 2004IBM Serves a Subpoena on PointServe
Dec 13, 2004SCO Corrects Memo In Opp. to IBM's Motion for PSJ on Copyright Infringement (8th CC) - PDF & text
Dec 13, 2004IBM's Reply Memo re Motion to Strike Materials -- as text
Dec 11, 20041984 AT&T-DEC Letter Agreement - SCO Exhibit 291-22
Dec 10, 2004SCO Conference Call on 4thQ & Year-End Financials Dec. 21 at 5PM EST
Dec 10, 2004March 9, 2004 letter from IBM to SCO re 1,000 Names
Dec 9, 20041991 Letter from O.L. Wilson to Frank Kovacs
Dec 9, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike Materials - as text
Dec 8, 2004 Schedule for Rule 12 Motions in Novell v. Microsoft Order
Dec 8, 2004Inquirer: Groklaw is Best Website of 2004
Dec 7, 2004SCO's Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion For Stay in DC litigation - as text
Dec 7, 2004IBM and PowerPC - Then and Now
Dec 7, 2004Kathleen Bennett's Declaration in Support of IBM Motion for PSJ on 8th CC (Copyright Infringement) - PDF and text
Dec 6, 2004Dec. 9 Hearing in SCO v. IBM Off the Schedule
Dec 6, 2004DC's Opposition to SCO's Motion for a Stay - as text
Dec 6, 2004Declarations of Jeremy Evans - as text
Dec 6, 2004Supplemental Declaration of Sandeep Gupta - as text
Dec 5, 2004Sun's Proposed CDDL License - Feedback Requested
Dec 4, 2004Declaration of Edward Normand - as text
Dec 4, 2004Ballmer Cartoon by Howard Tayler
Dec 3, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion for PSJ on CC for Copyright Infringement - as text
Dec 2, 2004More Filings in SCO v. IBM
Dec 2, 2004Two Journalists Don't Understand Open Source and the Penguin Marches On
Dec 2, 2004First Reactions to Groklaw's Publishing the USL-UCal Agreement
Dec 2, 2004SCO's 56(f) Motion re Contract Claims - as text
Dec 2, 2004Lots of Activity in SCO v. IBM Land - SCO Says It Did Not Repudiate GPL
Dec 1, 2004The O'Gara Filing - PDF and text
Dec 1, 2004Another Patent Bites the Dust Thanks to PubPat
Nov 30, 2004O'Gara Wishes to Prove SCO's Case, Or Something
Nov 30, 2004Think Tank Demos Says Open Source Should Be Encouraged
Nov 30, 2004Judge Denies SCO Motion To Stay DaimlerChrysler Until IBM Decided - Updated
Nov 30, 2004Declaration of Kellie Carlton and '95 Minutes of the Novell Board - as text
Nov 28, 2004The 1994 USL-Regents of UCal Settlement Agreement - PDF and text
Nov 27, 2004USL - We Distributed UNIX 32V Code Without Copyright Notices
Nov 26, 2004Just So You Know Judges Are Human Beings Too
Nov 26, 2004EU Judge Says Evidence Stays; Decision Likely December 18-21
Nov 25, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion for SJ on 10th CC - as text
Nov 25, 2004Privacy and Access to Electronic Case Files - by marbux
Nov 25, 2004Ballmer Asked For a $100 PC and Here It Is: Running GNU/Linux
Nov 25, 2004SCO and IBM Stipulate to Small Delay on Filings Until Nov. 30 and It Is So Ordered
Nov 24, 2004More on the EU Microsoft Meeting; and Intel Gives Linux a Leg Up on the Desktop
Nov 24, 2004Mr. Raimondi Makes His Getaway
Nov 23, 2004Eek, Pulling Back the MS Curtain, We See ... $9.5M to CCIA's Ed Black
Nov 23, 2004Linus, Michael Widenius and Rasmus Lerdorf Oppose EU Software Patents
Nov 23, 2004IBM Files Declarations and An Idea to Deal with Stupid Patent Tricks
Nov 22, 2004Andrew Morton's Speaker Notes from SDForum
Nov 22, 2004Google Scholar - A Suggestion: Why Not Google Legal?
Nov 21, 2004Linux is Not "About to Fork" like Unix
Nov 20, 2004OSRM
Nov 19, 2004Judge Wells Named Magistrate Judge for Novell v. Microsoft
Nov 19, 2004Sun's Jonathan Schwartz Will Take Your Questions Now
Nov 18, 2004MS Is a Big Fat Patent FUDster
Nov 18, 2004Ballmer: Use Our Software or Somebody Might Get Hurt
Nov 18, 2004Dvorak on Microsoft's Plans
Nov 17, 2004Poland Rejects Proposed EU Software Patents - Majority Now Opposed
Nov 17, 2004Groklaw Wins Techweb Award
Nov 17, 2004The Novell Antitrust Complaint (as text) & A Law About Antitrust and Standards Writing
Nov 17, 2004Hearing Set for Novell's Motion to Dismiss - Jan. 20 - in SCO v. Novell
Nov 16, 2004Love Finds a Way? -- Microsoft Invests in Vintela
Nov 14, 2004The Novell v. Microsoft Case - Statute of Limitations Explained
Nov 14, 2004Open Source Wall Street Does Some Math & Administrative Details on Novell
Nov 13, 2004 SCO's Response to IBM Request to File Supplemental Memo Re Discovery & Continue Hearing - as text
Nov 12, 2004Novell Files Suit Against Microsoft over WordPerfect
Nov 11, 2004MS and Indemnification
Nov 10, 2004 1995 Minutes of Novell's BD of Directors Says Novell Would Retain UNIX Copyrights
Nov 9, 2004The FTC Summit on Email Authentication and more on Patents
Nov 9, 2004FTC Email Authentication Summit and Sender ID
Nov 8, 2004Novell To File AntiTrust Action Against MS & Settles Another for $536M
Nov 8, 2004Step Into My Parlor, Said the Spider to the Fly -- MS's Royalty-Free Protocol Licenses
Nov 7, 2004Groklaw Review of "The Wisdom of Crowds"
Nov 7, 2004AT&T-Regents of the U. of California -- The 1983 Educational License - PDF and text
Nov 6, 2004Declaration of Roger C. Swanson - as text
Nov 5, 2004McBride on the Legal Cap, Groklaw Honored, and "Geeks in Love"
Nov 4, 2004SCO-Boies Fee Agreement and SCO Corrects Some SEC Filings
Nov 4, 2004More Stupid Patent Tricks - McKool and the Gang & Lizardtech
Nov 3, 2004AutoZone and SCO's Stipulation Regarding Confidentiality
Nov 3, 2004Declaration of Scott Nelson - as text
Nov 2, 2004James Boyle's Ultimate Answer to "Why Open Source is Unsustainable"
Nov 2, 2004OS Wall Street - SCOX Breaks $3; Ballmer Memo Boomerangs
Nov 1, 2004So, How Was Your Day?
Nov 1, 2004 SCO's Statement of Basis for Claim for Preliminary Injunctive Relief and Nature of Relief - as text
Oct 31, 2004What We Might Expect From SCO's New Website and Groklaw
Oct 31, 2004IBM Says SCO is Seeking Delay for Delay's Sake
Oct 31, 2004Declaration of Ira Kistenberg - as text
Oct 30, 2004Declaration of Geoffrey D. Green
Oct 30, 2004Lexmark Concurring and Concurring/Dissenting Opinions
Oct 30, 2004Lexmark and the DMCA
Oct 29, 2004Stipulation & Order Re Briefing on SCO Motion to File 3rd Amended Complaint - text
Oct 28, 2004Groklaw Interview with Sarah Deutsch, Esq. on RIAA v. Verizon
Oct 28, 2004JBoss Seminar on Open Source and the Law - And a New Kind of Litigation
Oct 28, 2004The Sustainable GPL
Oct 27, 2004Ballmer's Email - Indemnification Comes Full Circle
Oct 27, 2004Novell's Declaration Re Ownership of Copyright - Lowry & Melaugh Declarations
Oct 27, 2004SEC Votes Hedge Funds Advisers Must Register
Oct 26, 2004How One Human Should Talk to Another Human - A Groklaw Request
Oct 26, 2004Declaration of Thomas L. Cronan III - PDF and text
Oct 25, 2004Declaration of Ed Chatlos - PDF and text
Oct 24, 2004The Truth About Compuware v. IBM
Oct 23, 2004A Bit of the Blarney -- or Worse? -- About "Lost" Code
Oct 23, 2004April 1996 Amendment - Exhibit 13 - as text
Oct 23, 2004Michael J. DeFazio Declaration - PDF and text -- and an Amazing Exhibit 13
Oct 22, 2004David Frasure's 1992 BSDi Deposition
Oct 22, 20042004 Declaration of David Frasure - as text
Oct 22, 2004Dueling Studies on Security and TCO in Windows and Linux
Oct 22, 2004Judge Wells' Order - No, Not That One
Oct 21, 2004The Novell-Merkey Case (1998) - Judge Says Merkey Emails to Microsoft Were Signed "Your Loyal Servant"
Oct 21, 2004Otis Wilson -- the 1992 BSDi Deposition and a 2003 Declaration
Oct 20, 2004Novell-Santa Cruz Bill of Sale December 6, 1995 - PDF and text
Oct 20, 2004The Patent Conversation Continues -- Sun's Jonathan Schwartz
Oct 19, 2004Today's Hearing in SCO v. IBM - Eyewitness Reports -- What Does Any of This Have to Do With Linux?
Oct 19, 2004Judge Wells Takes It Under Advisement
Oct 19, 2004Motions for Today's Hearing
Oct 18, 2004AutoZone's Notice of Deposition - as text
Oct 18, 2004Richard Stallman on Software Idea Patents
Oct 17, 2004AutoZone's 1st Request for Documents - as text
Oct 17, 2004SCO Attorney David Stone's 7/30 Letter to the Court in AutoZone - as text
Oct 17, 2004UserFriendly
Oct 17, 2004SCO's Cases in SCO v. Novell Opposing Motion to Dismiss - Miller v Colorado Farms
Oct 17, 2004SCO's Cases in SCO v Novell - Moore v. Ford
Oct 16, 2004AutoZone's First Interrogatories
Oct 16, 2004SCO's Cases in SCO v. Novell - Friedman v. Stacey Data
Oct 16, 2004SCO's Cases in SCO v. Novell -- Johnson v. Tuff-N-Rumble
Oct 16, 2004SCO's Reply to Novell's Motion to Dismiss -- as text
Oct 16, 2004Satan To Launch His Own Website - A Parody by Scott Lazar and PJ
Oct 15, 2004SCO Files Motion to Amend the Amended Complaint a 3rd Time
Oct 15, 2004More SCO FUD About Groklaw and the AntiFUD
Oct 15, 2004More Delay in SCO v. IBM -- on Briefs on IBM's Motions RE Breach of Contract and Counterclaim for Copyright Infringement
Oct 14, 2004Red Hat's Latest Letter to the DE Judge - as text
Oct 14, 2004A Little More On Mr. Chatlos
Oct 13, 2004"SCO Is Chafing Badly Under the Propaganda War It Is Losing to Groklaw" - To Set Up Rival Website
Oct 13, 2004How Much is the Linux Kernel Worth?
Oct 12, 2004Microsoft Fools Around with Formats
Oct 12, 2004Novell's New Patent Policy
Oct 12, 2004Linus on MS, Shared Source and Security
Oct 12, 2004Ah, To Be in Paris & a Mr. Merkey Shows Up Again
Oct 11, 2004Patents - An Alternative View
Oct 10, 2004Red Hat's Alan Cox: Tips on Writing Better Software
Oct 9, 2004AutoZone Interrogatories & Depositions and Two More SCO Attorneys, Etc.
Oct 9, 2004New Legal Docs Page
Oct 8, 2004Entertainment Industry Files Petition Re Grokster With the Supreme Court
Oct 8, 2004SCO Finally Answers Novell's Motion to Dismiss
Oct 7, 2004Sun and Kodak Settle for $92 Million
Oct 7, 2004Declarations of Vuksanovich, McDonough, Nelson, Swanson, Kistenberg, Frasure, and Green; & Frasure Deposition
Oct 6, 2004Independent Study - Linux TCO Is Lower by 30%
Oct 5, 2004SCO Tells the Red Hat Judge Their Version of SCO v. IBM
Oct 5, 2004AT&T Kicks Linux's Tires, Gates on the Future, Sender ID, and a Red Hat Filing
Oct 5, 2004WIPO Acknowledges Need for IP Balance
Oct 5, 2004Declaration of David P. Rodgers - as text
Oct 4, 2004Larry Rosen, the FTC, Open Standards, and Why FOSS Matters
Oct 4, 2004Microsoft-EU Options and Struggling FUD
Oct 3, 2004Kodak Wins Java Lawsuit Against Sun
Oct 2, 2004SCO's Reply Memo in Support of the 2 Motions Re Scheduling - as text
Oct 2, 2004Judge Kimball Denies SCO's 2 Motions, to Enforce Scheduling Order and for Scheduling Conference
Oct 1, 2004More on Sender ID - A Little Water Under That Bridge? and MS-EU Hearing Report
Sep 30, 2004Objections at Depositions
Sep 30, 2004 Deposition of Otis L. Wilson - PDF and text
Sep 30, 2004Order Granting SCO Leave to File Overlength Reply Memo re Expedited Motions
Sep 30, 2004SCO Asks to File Another Overlength Memo
Sep 30, 2004Microsoft's FAT Patent Rejected by Patent Office, At PubPat's Request
Sep 30, 2004Reverse Engineering
Sep 28, 2004Sun and Brand X Open Source
Sep 28, 2004IBM's Opposition to 2 SCO Motions: for a Scheduling Conference and to "Enforce" the Scheduling Order
Sep 27, 2004IBM & SCO File Docs Re SCO's 2 Expedited Motions
Sep 27, 2004IBM Redacted Reply Memo to Strike Sontag's Declarations - as text
Sep 26, 2004FTC Deadline Sept. 30 for Comments on Email Authentication
Sep 26, 2004On FOSS, IP Laws, and Expanding Legal Choices
Sep 25, 2004SCO's Supplemental Declaration of John Harrop in Support of SCO's Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike - as text
Sep 25, 2004SCO & Novell Stipulate to Oct. 1 Deadline for SCO to File Reply -- as text
Sep 24, 2004Partial Summary Judgments - by AllParadox
Sep 24, 2004Volume I List of IBM's Declarations in Support of PSJ on Breach of Contract Claims - as text
Sep 23, 2004For Now, Sender ID is Dead and MARID Shuts Down
Sep 23, 2004SCO/IBM September 15th Hearing - transcript as text
Sep 22, 2004A Utah Case Judge Kimball Presided Over - Lanham Act Claims & Discovery Abuse
Sep 22, 2004Sun Charms Us Further
Sep 21, 2004Transcript of September 15, 2004 Hearing SCO v. IBM
Sep 20, 2004The Nazgul, A Derivative Work of the Intellectual Property of Edgar Allan Poe, by Alanyst
Sep 20, 2004Standards, Dell and Microsoft
Sep 19, 2004Otis Wilson Declaration - as text
Sep 18, 2004SCO and O'Gara Need to Read More Groklaw, I'm Thinking
Sep 18, 2004Declaration of Joan Thomas
Sep 18, 2004Declarations of Wilson, Rodgers, and Mobley - About That Contract
Sep 18, 2004A Mountain of IBM Declarations
Sep 18, 2004Declaration of Kathleen Bennett - Freely Downloading Linux From SCO's Website
Sep 17, 2004Dr. Randall Davis's 2nd Declaration - I Found No Identical or Similar Code
Sep 17, 2004SCO's Emergency Motion for a Scheduling Conference and Memo - as text
Sep 16, 2004IBM Bashes SCO's Declarations - Reply Memo in Support of Motion to Strike and SCO's 10Q
Sep 16, 2004SCO Reaps What It Sows - A Supplemental Memo on Discovery Boomerangs
Sep 15, 2004No Decision Today, But Very Positive Reports From the Hearing
Sep 15, 2004While We Wait, a Word From Linus and A Bit About Contingency Fees
Sep 15, 2004More Pacer Documents in SCO v. IBM
Sep 15, 2004SCO Request to File Overlength Memo re IBM's Motion to Strike
Sep 15, 2004Keeping Today's SCO-IBM Motions Straight
Sep 14, 2004Martin Pfeffer's Declaration - as text
Sep 14, 2004Chris Sontag's Supplemental Declaration - as text
Sep 14, 2004SCO's Reply Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike
Sep 14, 2004Darl, Blake and Chris Being Deposed
Sep 14, 2004More Delays Requested by SCO and Martin Pfeffer's Declaration
Sep 14, 2004SCO's Hail Mary Pass & What's Wrong With It
Sep 14, 2004Sender ID Dead for Now and SUN-MS Agreement RE Open Office
Sep 13, 2004IBM's Redacted Memo in Support of Motion For PSJ on Breach of Contract Claims - as text
Sep 13, 2004SCO's Memo in Support of its Expedited Motion to Enforce the Scheduling Order - text - Updated
Sep 13, 2004IBM Open Sourcing Speech Recognition Code to Apache and Eclipse
Sep 12, 2004Richard Stallman on How to Fight Software Patents
Sep 12, 20042 DaimlerChrysler Orders and 1 Scheduling Order Going Forward
Sep 11, 2004Supplemental Amicus Brief from USL v BSDi and Mr. Pfeffer
Sep 11, 2004IBM's Memo in Support of Motion to Strike Sontag, Gupta and Portions of Harrop - PDF and text
Sep 11, 2004Order re rescheduling in SCO v. IBM
Sep 10, 2004Sept. 14 Hearing in SCO v. IBM Moved to Oct. 19 at 10 AM
Sep 10, 2004The Hearing on AutoZone's Emergency Motion for a Stay -- transcript
Sep 10, 2004Randall Davis' Declaration - as text
Sep 9, 2004AutoZone's Emergency Motion to Stay Denied
Sep 9, 2004BayStar, Canopy, Capital Group SEC Filings
Sep 8, 2004Is Sender ID Dead in the Water? - No MARID Working Group Consensus
Sep 7, 2004Sender ID and Almost-Open Standards
Sep 6, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike Sontag's Declaration - as text
Sep 6, 2004Exhibit H to IBM's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Compel
Sep 5, 2004DaimlerChrysler Hearing Transcript, Orders, Broderick Supplementary Affidavit
Sep 3, 2004SCO's Statement of Basis for Claim for Preliminary Injunctive Relief & Nature of Relief - as text
Sep 3, 2004AutoZone Hearing Set for September 9
Sep 3, 2004SCO's Shareholder Rights Plan, et al
Sep 2, 2004Autozone Files Emergency Motion to Stay - PDF and text
Sep 2, 2004SCO's 3rd Quarter Teleconference - Transcript
Sep 2, 2004Novell Hearing Will Not Be on September 15th - Set in Error
Sep 1, 2004Sontag Declaration in Support of SCO's Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike Sontag's Declaration - PDF and text
Sep 1, 2004The Wonderful World of Open, by Philip Peake
Sep 1, 2004The Morning After the Poison Pill
Sep 1, 2004Patents - Why Free/Open Source Software Might Have Less to Fear than Non-Free Software, by Dan Ravicher
Sep 1, 2004Hatch's Letter to Judge Kimball -- Is IBM's 10th CC Permissive or Compulsory?
Aug 31, 2004SCO Downsizing, Worries About Hostile Takeover, Caps Legal Fees
Aug 31, 2004SCO-Novell Hearing Set for September 15 & Motion to Dismiss - as text
Aug 30, 2004Hyponnen & Symantec: MyDoom From Professional Spammers, not Linux Enthusiasts
Aug 30, 2004Maureen O'Gara Records SCO's Latest Spin and Performs a Public Service
Aug 29, 2004SCO's Opposition to IBM's Motion to Strike Chris Sontag's Declaration
Aug 29, 2004IBM's Opposition to SCO's Motion to File a Supplemental Memo Re Discovery - as text
Aug 28, 2004SCO's Ex Parte Motion For Leave to File Overlength Memo re Motion to Compel - as text
Aug 28, 2004Declaration of Joan Thomas -- PDF and as text
Aug 28, 2004Declaration of Randall Davis of MIT: SCO Is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong - Updated
Aug 27, 2004More Filings & a Hearing Set on 2 IBM Summary Judgment Motions for Dec. 9
Aug 27, 2004Leon Brooks Powerfully Answers SCO's O'Shaughnessy
Aug 26, 2004BayStar Confirms - It's a Done Deal
Aug 25, 2004Want to Laugh? . . . "Linux Doesn't Exist"
Aug 25, 2004IBM and SCO Each Granted Permission to Submit Overlength Memos
Aug 25, 2004IBM's Reply Memo Supporting Non-Infringement Declaratory Judgment
Aug 25, 2004SCO and BayStar - Again, For Real This Time, SCO Says It's a Done Deal
Aug 25, 2004SCO Bleats Back - Please Make IBM's 10th CC Go Away, Your Honor
Aug 25, 2004The Harrop Declaration, the Stricken Version
Aug 24, 2004IBM's Steamroller Just Keeps on Rolling
Aug 24, 2004Some Advice & a New Book by Larry Rosen, and an Open Source, Open Standards Conference
Aug 24, 2004Microsoft Pulls Out of UN Standards Body
Aug 24, 2004IBM's Addenda to Redacted Memo Re CC for Copyright Infringement
Aug 23, 2004Oral Arguments in Grokster & Ch. 4, 5 of "Free Culture"
Aug 21, 2004The GPL Pickle SCO Is In -- IBM's Memo in Support of PSJ on Counterclaim for Copyright Infringement - as text
Aug 21, 2004The View from the EU Patent Proponents & Grokster
Aug 20, 2004An Interview with Gregory Blepp & Transcript of Jena Speech
Aug 19, 2004RH's Linux Achieves CAPP/EAL3+ Certification on All IBM eServer Systems
Aug 18, 2004IBM Files For Partial Summary Judgment on 8th Counterclaim (Copyright Infringement) -PDF and text
Aug 18, 2004Linus on Patents, Innovation . . . and Groklaw
Aug 17, 2004IBM's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment on Breach of Contract Claims - PDF and text
Aug 17, 2004Hint to MS: It's Bad When Reporters Burst Into Laughter at Your FUD
Aug 16, 2004IBM Goes For the Jugular -- Files Motion For Partial Summary Judgment on Contract Claims!
Aug 15, 2004Businessweek to Linux: Dump the GPL So Business Can Embrace and Extend It
Aug 15, 2004AutoZone Order - PDF and text
Aug 14, 2004Judge Kimball's Order Re Briefing; Shepardizing & Groklaw's Purpose
Aug 14, 2004Hearing for Motion to Strike Sontag Declaration Set for 9/14
Aug 14, 2004Disappearing Stories
Aug 13, 2004The Title of the Enderle Talk at SCOForum
Aug 13, 2004IBM Files a Notice of Errata
Aug 12, 2004An Enderle Blow by Blow
Aug 12, 2004 Setback for MS in EU Antitrust Appeal
Aug 12, 2004Munich Posts Want Ad -- Seeking Linux Experts for LiMux
Aug 11, 2004Novell's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss - as text
Aug 11, 2004Munich Going Forward with Linux
Aug 10, 2004Novell Moves to Dismiss With Prejudice
Aug 10, 2004Rob Enderle Misunderstands Free Software and Swears a Lot - Updated
Aug 9, 2004AU Research Report - "Open Source and the IT Trade Deficit" - by Brendan Scott, Esq.
Aug 8, 2004Red Hat on Patents and Der Spiegel on EU, MS, and Patents
Aug 8, 2004IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's "Renewed" Motion to Compel - as text
Aug 8, 2004IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's "Renewed" Motion to Compel
Aug 7, 2004Munich's Mayor on LiMux and Other Examples of Software Patents Hindering Progress
Aug 7, 2004moogy
Aug 7, 2004IBM's Motion to Strike Sontag Declaration & Memo in Support - as PDF and text
Aug 6, 2004Larry Lessig Interviews David Boies in NYC Sept. 20
Aug 6, 2004Hearing Set on SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery in SCO v. IBM and Lots More
Aug 5, 2004A Lyons' Tale: SCO's New Claim and a History Lesson for Them
Aug 5, 2004Reflections on Intellectual Property Rights, by John H Terpstra
Aug 4, 2004IBM Pledges Not To Use Patents Against Linux
Aug 4, 2004SCOForum 2004 - Day 2
Aug 3, 2004 IBM Donates Cloudscape to Apache Foundation & MS's Patent Purpose
Aug 2, 2004 McBride at SCOForum - Let's See if Linux Stays Free
Aug 2, 2004Andrew Morton's Speech at Ottawa Linux Symposium 2004 - Transcript
Aug 2, 2004Sun Claims It Is Considering Buying Novell
Aug 1, 2004 SCO's Memo in Opposition to DaimlerChrysler's Motion to Strike - as text
Aug 1, 2004Sontag in 2002 on Enterprise Features of SCO Linux 4.0
Jul 31, 2004The SGI License Agreement - as text
Jul 31, 2004More SCO Trademark and SCOForum News
Jul 30, 2004 Open Source Conference Now Available as Video/ePresence and Yankee Group Survey
Jul 30, 2004More IBM-SCO Love Letters Re Discovery
Jul 30, 2004The 1986 AT&T/SGI License
Jul 30, 2004Sqrat -- A Copyright Case That Explains Summary Judgments
Jul 30, 2004SCO Confirms Trademark Filing - The Open Group Will Oppose It
Jul 29, 2004I Regret to Inform You, I Am No Longer Providing Tech Support to SCO Customers"
Jul 29, 2004SCO/IBM Hearing September 15
Jul 28, 2004SCO Registers Trademark (Intent to Use) for "UNIX SYSTEM LABORATORIES"
Jul 27, 2004Two FSF Seminars on the GPL in California August 24 and 25
Jul 27, 2004SCO and IBM Stipulate to Delay; Ditto SCO-Novell
Jul 26, 2004The MP3 Blue Jacket and My Copyright Solution
Jul 26, 2004SCO Names Gupta of Declaration Fame as VP
Jul 26, 2004SCO's UNIX Timeline Chart Goes Poof
Jul 25, 2004The German GPL Order - Translated
Jul 25, 2004Groklaw Wins Linux Journal Editors' Choice Award
Jul 23, 2004Court Confirms GPL Valid in Germany
Jul 23, 2004BayStar to Seek Declaratory Judgment Against SCO
Jul 23, 2004SCO and BayStar Position for What Looks Like A Lawsuit in the Making
Jul 22, 2004A Tall Tale About ELF - by Frank Sorenson, Dr Stupid and PJ
Jul 22, 2004The Afterglow
Jul 21, 2004Eyewitness Reports from the DC Hearing - SCO Trounced
Jul 21, 2004Some Sophisticated Legal Sophistry, Otherwise Known as FUD
Jul 20, 2004 Keeping an Eye on Microsoft
Jul 20, 2004HP Memo and Lindows
Jul 19, 2004DaimlerChrysler Memo in Support of its Motion to Strike - as text
Jul 19, 2004DaimlerChrysler Motion to Strike - as text
Jul 19, 2004DaimlerChrysler's Reply Brief - as text
Jul 19, 2004DaimlerChrysler Replies - Hearing Wednesday
Jul 19, 2004The Cadence Case - SCO's Burden to Get a Preliminary Injunction
Jul 19, 2004SCO's Reply Memorandum Re Discovery - as text
Jul 17, 2004AutoZone Hearing Transcript
Jul 17, 2004Switching from Windows to Linux
Jul 16, 2004Why Program Code Isn't the Same as a Novel, by k12linux
Jul 16, 2004The Gates Case - The Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison Test
Jul 15, 2004No Rest for the Weary -- Another SCO Memo, Reply Memorandum Re Discovery
Jul 15, 2004SCO Files Another Request to File Another Overlength Memo, This One Re Discovery
Jul 14, 2004SCO's Novell Complaint and Amended Complaint Compared
Jul 14, 2004What Court Cases Are Good For -- The World According to SCO
Jul 13, 2004The AutoZone Hearing - AutoZone Wins a Stay
Jul 13, 2004SCO's Amended Complaint in SCO v. Novell - If At 1st You Don't Succeed . . .
Jul 13, 2004Why SCO Requested to File Overlength Memo - What Is At Stake?
Jul 12, 2004SCO's Memorandum in Support of Renewed Motion to Compel - as text
Jul 11, 2004SCO's Memorandum in Support of Renewed Motion to Compel
Jul 11, 2004SCO's Rule 56(f) Motion -- as text
Jul 11, 2004SCO Tells the DE Judge a Story -- The July 6 Letter
Jul 11, 2004SCO's Rule 56(f) Motion In Further Opposition to IBM's Motion for Partial Summary Judgment
Jul 10, 2004Red Hat's Letter to the Judge: SCO Will Say Anything to Delay Resolution of Their Copyright Claims So They Can FUD
Jul 9, 2004SCO's June 17 Letter to the Judge in Red Hat
Jul 9, 2004SCO's Memo - HTML and Proofers Needed
Jul 9, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to IBM's Motion for Summary Judgment - The Ghost of AdTI
Jul 9, 2004Robert Silver - Who and Why
Jul 8, 2004BayStar Being "Scrutinized" by the SEC
Jul 8, 2004SCO v. IBM - SCO's Renewed Motion to Compel Discovery
Jul 8, 2004SCO's Ex Parte Motion For Leave to File Overlength Memo in IBM Lawsuit - as text
Jul 8, 2004SCO's Renewed Motion to Compel - as text
Jul 8, 2004More on EU Patents - The Storm is Growing
Jul 7, 2004Microsoft, DRM, David Boies, and the US Constitution
Jul 5, 2004SCO Spent $2,414,000 Buying Back Its Own Shares Last Quarter --Sifting Through SCO's 10Q and S3
Jul 4, 2004A Short Note on Secure Operating Systems ~ by Victor Yodaiken, CEO, FSMLabs
Jul 3, 2004Hunting for Prior Art on the Acacia Patent and Other Strategies
Jul 2, 2004AdTI's Minix FUD Rises From the Swamp at a MS Conference - Where Else?
Jul 2, 2004Dutch Parliament Withdraws Support for Software Patents
Jul 1, 2004SCO v. IBM June 8 Hearing Transcript - as text
Jun 30, 2004IBM's Supplemental Memo in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss, Stay CC 10 - as text
Jun 30, 2004IBM's Supplemental Memo in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Dismiss or Stay Count 10 of IBM's 2nd Amended Counterclaims
Jun 28, 2004SCO's Memo in Opposition to DC's Motion to Dismiss
Jun 28, 2004Part 2 of the May 11th Hearing in SCO v. Novell - Novell's Motion to Dismiss - as text
Jun 28, 2004Microsoft Wins Two-Month Breather on EU Sanctions
Jun 27, 2004Transcript of SCO-Novell May 11th Hearing on SCO's Motion to Remand -- as text
Jun 26, 2004GPL Freedom Has Limits - Interview with Netfilter's Harald Welte
Jun 25, 2004IBM's Response to SCO's Memorandum Regarding Discovery - as text
Jun 25, 2004 Transcripts of the IBM and Novell Hearings
Jun 24, 2004AutoZone Hearing July 12; Some Icy IBM-SCO Letters & an Order Re Depositions
Jun 23, 2004Darl McBride, the Man Nobody Bothers to Hate, and His Buddy Mike Anderer Cook Up a Scheme
Jun 23, 2004Judge Wells' Order Denying SCO's Motion for Protective Order - as text
Jun 22, 2004EU Patents - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over
Jun 21, 2004AutoZone's Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Stay or For More Definite Statement - as text
Jun 20, 2004 Peter H. Salus & Eric Levenez Correct SCO's UNIX Chart
Jun 19, 2004Eyewitness Account of Blepp's Speech in Germany
Jun 18, 2004"Every Step You Take, Every Move You Make, I'll Be Watching You" - Broderick Affidavit
Jun 18, 2004Blepp "Shows" Code in Germany - Probably Ritchie's Malloc.c Again
Jun 18, 2004The Buildup to the Next SCO-IBM Motion Battle - The 10th Counterclaim
Jun 17, 2004Notice this Notice? ~ by Dr Stupid
Jun 16, 2004The SCO 2nd Quarter Earnings Conference Call - Transcript
Jun 15, 2004Sir Tim Berners-Lee: How the WWW Might Never Have Happened
Jun 14, 2004Microsoft Calls AdTI "Study" an "Unhelpful Distraction"
Jun 14, 2004GrokDoc Goes Live
Jun 13, 2004AutoZone Reply Memorandum - as text
Jun 13, 2004SCO Answers AutoZone's Motions to Transfer, Stay or For A More Definite Statement - as text
Jun 12, 2004Two More - Swartz and Perens - Rebut Alexis de Tocqueville's Brown
Jun 11, 2004A Day to Celebrate and PUBPAT Wins Another: MS FAT Patent to be Reexamined
Jun 11, 2004Blepp to Be Guest Lecturer at German University June 17
Jun 11, 2004Judge Kimball's Order on Motions to Bifurcate and Amend Scheduling Order - as text
Jun 10, 2004SCO Loses Motion to Bifurcate - SCO Motion to Delay Partly Denied, Partly Granted
Jun 10, 2004Judge Kimball's MEMORANDUM DECISION AND ORDER in SCO v. Novell - as text
Jun 10, 2004Novell Wins Remand Contest- Case Stays in Federal Court - It's Copyright Proof Time
Jun 10, 2004SCOSource Sinks Below the Poverty Line
Jun 10, 2004SCO's Reply Memorandum in Support of Expedited Motion for a Protective Order
Jun 10, 2004More Rebuttals to AdTI's Ken Brown by Interviewees Ilkka Tuomi and Andrew Tanenbaum
Jun 10, 2004DaimlerChrysler's Summary Disposition Hearing Postponed Until July 21, 2004
Jun 9, 2004AutoZone's Reply Memoranda
Jun 9, 2004Judge Wells Denies SCO's Motion For Protective Order! - Depositions Stay on Schedule
Jun 8, 2004First Reports from the SCO v. IBM Hearing
Jun 8, 2004SCO Gets 3 New IP Lawyers -- They're Not From Boies, Schiller
Jun 7, 2004Is Brown Really the Father of Samizdat? - A Parody by Justin Moore
Jun 7, 2004html_scrub -- An HTML Editing Utility for Groklaw by Scott McKellar
Jun 6, 2004Brent Hatch's Letter to Todd Shaughnessy, April 19, 2004 -- Exhibit 28 -as text
Jun 6, 2004Sunday is a Good Day for a Cartoon
Jun 6, 2004IBM's Memo in Opposition to SCO's Expedited Motion for Protective Order - as text
Jun 6, 2004SCO's Expedited Motion and Memorandum for a Protective Order - as text
Jun 5, 2004SCO and IBM Argue Over Deposition Dates
Jun 5, 2004Stupid Patent Tricks
Jun 4, 2004Ken Brown Takes Off the Mask; and a Gilbert & Sullivan Parody
Jun 3, 2004Order Granting SCO's Ex Parte Motion for Leave to File Overlength Memorandum - as text
Jun 3, 2004We Know They Can't Do Research, Now What Else Can't AdTI Do?
Jun 3, 2004SCO's Opposition to Red Hat's Motion for Reconsideration - Statement of Facts - as text
Jun 3, 2004Lindows Wins One in the Netherlands - MS Ordered to Pay Court Costs
Jun 3, 2004SCO's Memorandum on Discovery - as text
Jun 2, 2004Exhibit 28-B- SCO's List of "AIX Files & Lines in Code Drop for Linux 2.2.12"
Jun 2, 2004SCO's Ex Parte Motion For Leave to File Overlength Memorandum
Jun 2, 2004SCO Begs the Court for More AIX Code
Jun 2, 2004Exhibit 28-A -- SCO Source Log - as text
Jun 2, 2004More Discovery in SCO v. IBM and SCO Files Proposed Memo on Scheduling Order - Pacer Entries
Jun 1, 2004Dennis Ritchie's Interview for Samizdat
Jun 1, 2004SCO Repurchases BayStar's 40,000 A-1 Shares; BayStar Can't Sell Too Fast
May 31, 2004Declaration of Todd M. Shaughnessy with Exhibits - as text
May 30, 2004Samizdat - a Noble Word with a Touching History
May 29, 2004Stallman and Salus Also Contradict Ken Brown's Discredited "Samizdat"
May 29, 2004EFF Starts Patent-Busting Project
May 28, 2004Declaration of IBM's Daniel Frye - as text
May 28, 2004Declaration of Amy Sorenson - as text
May 28, 2004Sun's Schwartz Badmouths Red Hat Some More - Eric Raymond's Rebuttal
May 28, 2004SCO Subpoena to the FSF - as text
May 28, 2004SCO & IBM Stipulate SCO Has Until June 14 to File Reply Memorandum
May 27, 2004Man AdTI Hired to Compare Minix/Linux Found No Copied Code
May 27, 2004AutoZone's Motion To Transfer Venue & Memorandum of Law - as text
May 27, 2004 SuperCharging Innovation - Why The State Should Release Its Software As Open Source -- by Brendan Scott
May 25, 2004SCO Responds to AutoZone - They Won't Specify Code Until Discovery; Request Utah, if Not Nevada
May 25, 2004oldSCO, Open Source and Linux
May 24, 2004Grokline Launches - Come and Help, Please
May 24, 2004Computer Associates: On the Road to Damascus? Or to the Bank? Both?
May 24, 2004SCO Invites You to Their 2nd Quarter Financial Results Conference Call on June 2
May 23, 2004A Tweak to the Patch Submission Process and a Word on AdTI
May 23, 2004Sun Java Desktop System Release 2's License: "Worst Software License Ever to Have Crossed My Desk"
May 22, 2004Grokdoc - Request for Info
May 22, 2004Andrew S. Tanenbaum's Reply to ADTI
May 21, 2004UNIX Timeline Project -- Grokline's Status
May 21, 2004IBM's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Amend Scheduling Order - as text
May 20, 2004IBM Goes on the Offensive and Asks for Partial Summary Judgment Now
May 20, 2004Tanenbaum Responds: Linus Wrote Linux, ADTI's Ken Brown Doesn't Have a Clue and Should Apologize
May 19, 2004SCO's Subpoena to the FSF Is Now Online
May 18, 2004"Study Casts Doubt on the Founding Fathers," a parody by Scott Lazar
May 18, 2004IBM's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Amend the Scheduling Order
May 18, 2004Red Hat Adds a New Lawyer, SCO's Stock Sinks To New Low, and an Award for FUD
May 17, 2004MS-Funded Alexis de Tocqueville Institution Attacks Linus, Probably Making Itself a Laughingstock
May 16, 2004 A Year of Groklaw: SCO On The Ropes?
May 15, 2004Judges Using the Internet
May 15, 2004SCO v. DaimlerChrysler: June 9th Set for Hearing on DC's Motion for Summary Disposition
May 14, 2004Darl Speaks, Kind of, About BayStar and RBC
May 14, 2004More on DR-DOS - Exhibits from the Gordon v. MS Trial
May 13, 2004Novell Wins Over Canopy Group - Novell Did Want Canopy to Sue Microsoft
May 13, 2004German Politician Says Germany Will Vote Against Software Patents; IT Leaders in France Ask Chirac To Do the Same
May 12, 2004A 2001 Caldera Ad
May 12, 2004Now It's Novell v. Canopy
May 12, 2004SCO, the Holder of the IP Torch, Settles Copyright Infringement Complaint with No Starch Press
May 11, 2004News from Eyewitnesses to the Hearing on SCO v. Novell Motions
May 11, 2004The Judge in SCO v. Novell Has Taken Both Motions Under Advisement
May 11, 2004Novell Releases Evolution's Connector for MS Exchange Server under GPL
May 10, 2004SCO Shuts Down Polish Office; Former Manager Opens Linux Business
May 10, 2004Alexis de Toqueville Institution Puts Out a Press Release on Patents
May 10, 2004Decatur Jones' Cornett Changes His Mind: SCO's Chances With a Jury "Less Favorable" in IBM Case
May 10, 2004PubPat Wins a Reexamination of Cotransformation Patent
May 10, 2004U. of Toronto's Open Source and Free Software Conference - ePresence Video
May 9, 2004Darl Secretly Attended Novell's Brainshare; the Novell Strategy; and Legal Activity in Spain, Germany and UK, He Claims
May 8, 2004Chart of SCO's Amended Complaints and IBM's 2nd Amended Answer
May 8, 2004More Blepp and News on Software Patents in Europe
May 8, 2004Microsoft's Communication Protocol Program, by Paul Rouleau
May 7, 2004RBC Makes Up Its Mind
May 6, 2004The Open Group Speaks Out
May 6, 2004Did a Microsoft Spokesman Just Say "Linux Is Not Open Source"? -- And The Cost of Malware on Windows
May 6, 2004A MS-Sun "Debate"
May 5, 2004National Retail Federation Says SCO's Claims Appear Meritless and SCO Confirms Layoffs
May 4, 2004Project Monterey - What SCO Knew and When It Knew It -- Or Coulda, Shoulda
May 3, 2004Protecting Copyrights - Reductio Ad Absurdum - and a Choice: An Independent FOSS Study
May 2, 2004SCO Reply Memorandum In Support of Motion to Remand in SCO v. Novell - as text
May 2, 2004SCO's Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Remand and Exhibit 1
May 1, 2004Odds and Ends
May 1, 2004DaimlerChrysler's Motion, Memorandum, and Exhibits - as text
Apr 30, 2004Google Prepares Very Creatively to IPO
Apr 30, 2004SCO v. DaimlerChrysler: Complaint and Answer Chart
Apr 30, 2004SCO Goofed. DC's Memorandum: It Hasn't Used The Licensed Software for 7 Years.
Apr 29, 2004SCO Drops Its Claim That the GPL is Unconstitutional - SCO's ANSWER TO IBM'S SECOND AMENDED COUNTERCLAIMS - as text
Apr 28, 2004DaimlerChrysler Answers SCO - It's Moot, Novell Waived, Now Pay Our Lawyers
Apr 28, 2004New Patent Proposals: It Shouldn't Be Obvious, for Starters
Apr 28, 2004DaimlerChrysler Files Motion to Dismiss, With Prejudice
Apr 28, 2004SCO's Answer to IBM's Second Amended Counterclaims
Apr 27, 2004SCO's Corrected Motion to Dismiss or Stay
Apr 27, 2004SCO Asks Not to Litigate One of IBM's Counterclaims, Or in the Alternative, Not Yet, Or Separately
Apr 27, 2004Sun Shows Their True Colors and Attorney Denise Howell on SCO
Apr 26, 2004AutoZone's Motion to Stay or for a More Definitive Statement - as text
Apr 26, 2004Here's AutoZone: "We Should Go Last, and What Code Exactly?"
Apr 26, 2004BayStar, Bert Young, and marchFIRST
Apr 25, 2004SCO Responds to BayStar: We're Keeping Your Money and Our Business
Apr 24, 2004Forgent Proves Once Again That Patents and Software Need to Get a Divorce
Apr 24, 2004Declarations of IBM's Todd Shaughnessy and SCO's Chris Sontag - as text
Apr 24, 2004New Open Source Groups Form in UK and AU and a Whole Lot of Lobbying Going On
Apr 23, 2004Declarations of Chris Sontag and Todd M. Shaughnessy
Apr 23, 2004IBM Subpoenas Almost Everybody
Apr 22, 2004The EU Commission's Decision on Microsoft
Apr 22, 2004Ms. DiDio is Confused, and More on Why BayStar Is Doing This
Apr 22, 2004BayStar Speaks
Apr 22, 2004Red Hat's Memorandum in Support of their Motion for Reconsideration -- as text
Apr 21, 2004SCO Reply Memorandum In Support of its Motion for Separate Trials - as text
Apr 21, 2004SCO's Reply Memorandum on their Motion to Bifurcate
Apr 21, 2004As We Bid Mr. Bench a Fond Farewell, Let's Take Stock
Apr 21, 2004Robert Bench Replaced as CFO, To Retire in 6 Months
Apr 21, 2004Red Hat's Motion for Reconsideration - as text
Apr 21, 2004S2's Objections to Subpoena - as text
Apr 20, 2004Red Hat Asks Judge in DE to Reconsider the Stay
Apr 20, 2004S2 Objects to Subpoena, Admits It Met With Microsoft
Apr 20, 2004Discovery Hints
Apr 20, 2004Why, BayStar? Why?
Apr 19, 2004OSRM Certifies Linux Kernel Free of Copyright Infringement
Apr 18, 2004A Parody Press Release
Apr 18, 2004Grokdoc - A Status Report
Apr 17, 2004BayStar Fallout & SCO and IBM Each Get More Time to Answer Each Other
Apr 16, 2004Baystar Sends SCO a Letter
Apr 16, 2004A Suggestion: A Groklaw Documentation Project
Apr 15, 2004PubPat Files Request for Reconsideration of MS's Patent on the FAT File System
Apr 15, 2004Munich Court Grants Preliminary Injunction for GPL Infringement
Apr 15, 2004Darl Compares Copyright to Brands on Cattle and Groklaw is in
Apr 14, 2004IBM's Response to SCO's Motion for Separate Trials - as text
Apr 14, 2004IBM Says It Will Ask for Summary Judgment When Discovery and PreTrial Motion Practice is Complete
Apr 14, 2004Stallman and Gosling on Java and the GPL
Apr 13, 2004Requirements for a Declaratory Judgment
Apr 13, 2004Novell-SCO Hearing on Motions to Remand/Dismiss Set for May 11
Apr 13, 2004The Missing Code Turns Up in Blepp's Suitcase in Germany. Say, what?
Apr 13, 2004UK Retailer John Lewis Goes Linux on a Mainframe, No Fear in AU, and an Aging MS
Apr 11, 2004 CEO's of LynuxWorks and FSMLabs Reply to Green Hills' FUD
Apr 10, 2004Round 2 in the EU Patent Fight, a Pure Software Act Proposal, and CoLinux
Apr 9, 2004The Red Hat Order - as text
Apr 9, 2004The Red Hat Order
Apr 9, 2004Finally, Somebody Explains SCO's Stock
Apr 8, 2004What's Wrong with Enderle's "Legal" Strategy
Apr 8, 2004Microsoft Wishes to Tempt Developers With Its Code
Apr 8, 2004SCO Memorandum in Support of Motion to Amend Scheduling Order - as text
Apr 8, 2004SCO Motion to Amend Scheduling Order - as text
Apr 7, 2004SCO Asks for Another Delay in IBM Lawsuit
Apr 7, 2004 Cranking Out the FUD -- and Some AntiFUD -- on TCO and Security
Apr 6, 2004SCO Loses Motion to Dismiss Red Hat Complaint!
Apr 6, 2004Caldera, Inc./ Caldera Systems, Inc. 1998 Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement
Apr 5, 2004Why Folks Do What They Do
Apr 4, 2004Open Source Software: What Is It and How Does It Work?" - By Dr. Ben Kremer
Apr 4, 2004 Missing Copyright Notices in OpenLinux Project
Apr 4, 2004Text Book Shenanigans
Apr 3, 2004Robin Bloor Grokking the GPL
Apr 3, 2004MS & Sun Settle Lawsuit, Create "Patent Regime"
Apr 2, 2004Linus and Darl Tell Different Stories: Who Is Telling the Truth?
Apr 2, 2004Chart of SCO's 2nd Amended Complaint and IBM's Answer
Apr 1, 2004Ibiblio Humor: Duke Buys Public Domain
Apr 1, 2004IBM's Answer to SCO's 2nd Amended Complaint
Mar 31, 2004Novell Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Remand
Mar 31, 2004IBM's Second Amended Counterclaims Lists 9 Newly Registered Copyrights
Mar 31, 2004Novell's Memorandum in Opposition to Motion to Remand
Mar 30, 2004IBM's Unopposed Motion for Leave to File Amended Counterclaims - as text
Mar 30, 2004IBM Seeks Declaratory Judgment of Noninfringement
Mar 30, 2004SCO Memorandum in Support of Motion to Bifurcate - as text
Mar 30, 2004SCO's Motion to Bifurcate - as Text
Mar 30, 2004IBM Granted Leave to Amend CounterClaims
Mar 29, 2004SCO's Motion to Bifurcate and Memorandum in Support
Mar 29, 2004Bloor on SCO: "Morally, It Has No Case At All" & Linus on Groklaw
Mar 28, 2004Novell's Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss - Annotated
Mar 27, 2004SCO Motion to Bifurcate in IBM case.
Mar 27, 2004Daimler Chrysler-AT&T Agreement - Exhibit A to SCO's Complaint as text
Mar 26, 2004Novell's Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss
Mar 26, 2004Microsoft Strategies for Lovers of Freedom and Justice - by David Cartwright
Mar 26, 2004Larry Lessig's New Book - Free Online Version of "Free Culture"
Mar 25, 2004EV1 Regrets, Novell Filing, and Kapor on SCO
Mar 25, 2004Lindows Judge Proposes MS Suspend Overseas Actions or Lose Permission to Appeal
Mar 25, 2004Want to "Go" to Novell's Brainshare and See Linus? -- And a Word on Ms. DiDio's "Independent" Survey
Mar 24, 2004The EU Commission's Microsoft Decision
Mar 24, 2004Washington State's Senator Murray Asks Bush to "Engage" the EU
Mar 24, 2004IBM Gets More Time to Answer Second Amended Complaint
Mar 23, 2004Does the GPL Take Away Your "IP" Rights?
Mar 23, 2004Oh, By All Means, Stick to US Courts Only, Microsoft
Mar 22, 2004Ev1 Laments and News From Germany
Mar 22, 2004Antitrust Class Action Complaint Against Microsoft in Minnesota
Mar 21, 2004Darl McBride Interview By Dan Farber and Charles Cooper July 2003 - transcript
Mar 20, 2004The Microsoft Minnesota Antitrust Trial
Mar 20, 2004Two Quick Things, No Three
Mar 19, 2004More SCO Saber Rattling and their Crumbling ABI Claim
Mar 19, 2004Novell Has Until March 26 to Answer Motion to Remand
Mar 19, 2004If You Were Wondering When Wall St. Would Get It . . .and Novell, Not a Bit Scared
Mar 18, 2004IBM Gets Until Tomorrow to Respond to SCO's 2nd Amended Complaint
Mar 18, 2004Novell Granted More Time to Answer
Mar 18, 2004MS and EU Commission Fail to Settle
Mar 18, 2004SCO's 10Q
Mar 18, 2004The 1985 $ echo Newsletter Clarification On Derivatives Appears in the 1988 Chrysler Contract
Mar 17, 2004Novell's Chris Stone: "We Still Own UNIX and We Believe that UNIX Is not In Linux"
Mar 17, 2004SCO's Exhibits to Daimler Chrysler Complaint
Mar 16, 2004Just So You Know, Groklaw is Here to Stay
Mar 15, 2004Business is Business and Credit Where Credit is Due
Mar 15, 2004Darl McBride-Dan Farber ZDNet Interview - Transcript
Mar 14, 2004Comparative Charts - IBM Counterclaims and SCO's Answers and Affirmative Defenses
Mar 13, 2004SCO's Amended Answer to IBM's Amended Counterclaims
Mar 12, 2004Anderer's "Old Think" Tries to Justify A Dying Business Model
Mar 12, 2004A Marketing Idea
Mar 11, 2004Buybacks and More on BayStar
Mar 11, 2004SCO's Motion to Remand
Mar 10, 2004Business Week: MS Did Ask BayStar If They'd Like to Invest in SCO
Mar 10, 2004SCO March 3, 2004 First Quarter Teleconference - Transcript
Mar 9, 2004AutoZone Case Is Being Reassigned to a New Judge
Mar 9, 2004SCO's Memorandum of Law in Opposition to Novell's Motion to Dismiss
Mar 8, 2004LinuxInsider on Groklaw, Part 2
Mar 8, 2004The SEC, Microsoft and SCO
Mar 8, 2004Parsing the New Lawsuits
Mar 7, 2004Project Monterey Agreement
Mar 6, 2004Addendum to Protective Order in SCO v. IBM
Mar 5, 2004PJ Responds to the Smear Campaign Against Groklaw
Mar 5, 2004SCO's Former VP Said The ABI Files Could Be Used in Linux Freely
Mar 5, 2004Computer Associates' VP Says CA Did Not Exactly Buy a SCO License
Mar 4, 2004The Memo is Legit
Mar 4, 2004Today Two Victims but Tomorrow the World's Millions
Mar 3, 2004The DaimlerChrysler Complaint - as text
Mar 3, 2004Judge Wells' Order - SCO Doesn't Get All AIX, IBM Doesn't Have to Go First
Mar 3, 2004Judge Wells' Order - as text
Mar 3, 2004AutoZone Complaint - as text
Mar 3, 2004It's Autozone
Mar 3, 2004CyberKnights Runs With the Ball - 2nd Complaint Filed With Australia's ACCC
Mar 2, 2004Who's Up First? - A Parody
Mar 2, 2004Now It's Tomorrow SCO Will Announce Its First Target
Mar 2, 2004Novell Gives SCO More Time To File a Memorandum
Mar 2, 2004Eenie, Meany -- More Details on Picking the Victim
Mar 1, 2004SCO Will Announce First End User Lawsuit Tomorrow
Mar 1, 2004Red Hat's Reply in Support of its Motion to Supplement the Record
Mar 1, 2004The FUD Is Mighty Thick Today
Mar 1, 2004Signal.h -- Part 2 of Warren Toomey's look at the ABI Files
Mar 1, 2004SCO Backs Off in Germany - Out-of-Court Settlement with Univention Reported
Feb 28, 2004GNU/Linux Use Growing in China and Israel
Feb 28, 2004SCO's Ethics In Wonderland
Feb 28, 2004Agreement and Plan of Reorganization between Caldera and Santa Cruz Operation 2000
Feb 28, 2004Canopy, Novell, Sun, Caldera, IBM and Microsoft -- The DR-DOS Gang's All Here
Feb 27, 2004Fyodor Terminates SCO's Right to Distribute Nmap
Feb 26, 2004USENIX Bd. of Directors Writes Letter to Congress Refuting SCO's Letter
Feb 26, 2004Judge Wells: Because IBM Didn't Oppose, SCO May Amend Pleadings
Feb 26, 2004Eben Moglen's Harvard Speech - The Transcript
Feb 25, 2004Microsoft News: Monopoly Here, Antitrust There
Feb 25, 2004Tarantella Then and Now - A FUD Tale
Feb 25, 2004About "The Second Australian Complaint" - by Brendan Scott, Esq.
Feb 24, 2004Eben Moglen Answers Darl at Harvard - Webcast Available Now
Feb 24, 2004What Is An "Actual Controversy"? -- A Case Explains
Feb 24, 2004The Caldera Ancient UNIX Release Letter of January 2002 - as text
Feb 24, 2004SCO Files Answer to Red Hat's Request to Supplement the Record
Feb 23, 2004New FOSS Policy for Australian Tax Office and SCO Annnounces Conference Call/New Business
Feb 23, 2004The Evaporating Allure of Free Snow -- By Bob Pretenderle
Feb 22, 2004Step Right Up, Ladies and Gentlemen, and Have Your Credit Card Ready
Feb 22, 2004Australian Complaint With Footnotes At the End
Feb 22, 2004The Australian Complaint as text
Feb 22, 2004The Australian Complaint
Feb 21, 2004The ABI Files: More on Errno.h -- by Warren Toomey, UNIX Heritage Society
Feb 21, 2004Trojans and Spam
Feb 21, 2004One Hand Doesn't Know What the Other Is Doing In the Canopy Group
Feb 20, 2004IBM Says No Problem - SCO Can Amend Their Complaint
Feb 20, 2004Dead End
Feb 20, 2004Old FUD v. New Reality, by Terry Vessels
Feb 19, 2004"Is It True the DoD Loves Linux?"
Feb 19, 2004Here Come the Australians -- A Second Complaint Filed
Feb 19, 2004SCO Says They May Sue End Users in the Near Future
Feb 19, 2004The BSD Smokescreen by Dr Stupid
Feb 18, 2004Huge Upsurge in Spam Reported-- MyDoom Using Zombies to Send Spam
Feb 18, 2004Red Hat's Motion and Exhibits - PDF
Feb 18, 2004Followup Letters to Lehman - Exh. B & C to Red Hat's Motion to Supplement
Feb 17, 2004SCO's 12/19 Letter to Lehman Compared with Generic 12/19 "Dear Unix Licensee" Letter
Feb 17, 2004Lehman Says You Are Addressing the Wrong Party, Sir - Exh. D to Red Hat's Motion to Supplement
Feb 17, 2004Red Hat's Motion to Supplement the Record and Proposed Order
Feb 17, 2004It is DMCA Section 1202 and More - Exh. A: Dec. 19th Letter From SCO to Lehman
Feb 17, 2004Attacking With The DMCA's Section 1202
Feb 17, 2004Exhibit 1 to IBM's Report on SCO's Compliance
Feb 17, 2004Red Hat News - Lehman Brothers Threatened by SCO
Feb 17, 2004FTC "Dealing With SCO" - And More on Security From Karjala, Linus, Felton & MS
Feb 16, 2004Somebody Still Loves SCO - Royce and Associates' 13G
Feb 15, 2004From Series A to Series A-1 Preferred Convertible Stock
Feb 15, 2004SCO's February 11 SEC S-3 Filing
Feb 15, 2004Darl McBride's Harvard Appearance - Transcript
Feb 13, 2004The Microsoft Code Leak - Some Possible Implications, by Dennis S. Karjala, Esq.
Feb 13, 2004Red Hat Files Motion With Proposed Order to Supplement the Record
Feb 13, 2004Novell's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Dismiss - as text
Feb 13, 2004Novell's Motion to Dismiss and Memorandum in Support
Feb 12, 2004Novell's Chris Stone Will Not Speak at Harvard Feb. 23 - Moglen Will
Feb 12, 2004Microsoft Denies Leaked Code -- UPDATE: Now MS Confirms
Feb 12, 2004$ echo 8/85 -- AT&T Made No Claim to Derivatives, Only to Software Developed by AT&T
Feb 12, 2004Novell Notifies SCO
Feb 11, 2004What *Is* Slander of Title, Anyway?
Feb 11, 2004Novell Files Motion to Dismiss SCO's Claims
Feb 11, 2004$ echo April 1985
Feb 11, 2004"New Convert" to GPL-Is-Unconstitutional Exposed and Answered by a Real Lawyer
Feb 10, 2004Novell's Notice of Removal - as text
Feb 10, 2004AIX and Dynix Files SCO Listed - Exhibit 4 to IBM's Report on SCO Compliance
Feb 10, 2004Segment of Darl's Harvard Speech - Exhibit 5 to IBM's Report on SCO Compliance
Feb 10, 2004Novell Writes to SCO Again and Also Files Notice of Removal to Transfer to Federal Court
Feb 10, 2004"Did Too", "Did Not" - The IBM-SCO letters on Discovery Side by Side
Feb 10, 2004SCO Replies to IBM's Letter About Missing Discovery Items - Exhibit 3 to IBM's Report on SCO's Compliance
Feb 10, 2004Exhibit 2 to IBM's Report on SCO's Compliance - IBM's Letter on What SCO Failed to Produce
Feb 10, 2004"Now They Own It, Now They Don't" -New OSDL Position Paper on SCO by Eben Moglen
Feb 9, 2004Friday's Hearing - The Transcript as Text
Feb 9, 2004Here's the Transcript from Friday's Hearing
Feb 9, 2004An Accurate Report From Down Under
Feb 9, 2004Table - IBM Counterclaims and Both SCO Answers
Feb 8, 2004Whatever Happened to Investigative Journalism? - by Paul Couture
Feb 7, 2004Exhibit 3 - SCO's Document Request
Feb 7, 2004"This Is About *Your* Response To The Order" - Judge Wells
Feb 7, 2004SCO's Second Amended Complaint, If the Judge Says Yes
Feb 7, 2004The SCO Group Source Log - Exhibit 1
Feb 6, 2004IBM Report on SCO "Compliance"
Feb 6, 2004The Copyright Claim, Such As It Is
Feb 6, 2004The Media Reports
Feb 6, 2004SCO Drops Trade Secret Claim and Shows No "Infringing" Linux Code So Far: Eyewitness Account
Feb 6, 2004Judge to Issue Order in a Week: IBM Says SCO Didn't Comply
Feb 6, 2004The SCO Group Exchanges Series A Convertible Preferred Stock
Feb 6, 2004 SCO Asks Court to Add a Copyright Claim Against IBM
Feb 5, 2004 Notice of Filing Plaintiff's Exhibits for Use at Hearing on February 6, 2004
Feb 5, 2004SCO's Memorandum of Law in Support of Motion for Leave to File Amended Pleadings
Feb 5, 2004Patent News From PubPat and IBM
Feb 5, 2004SCO Files Motion to Amend Complaint And Add Affirmative Defenses
Feb 5, 2004Judge Tells RIAA Attorney: "Stop Using Abusive Language, Like Calling File Sharing 'Piracy'"
Feb 5, 2004A Contrast in Moral Outrage
Feb 4, 2004An IP Lawsuit over Water -- A Parody by Lloyd Hanson
Feb 4, 2004Groklaw's New Group Project -- The Timeline Project
Feb 3, 2004Ever Wonder How the Kernel Gets Built?
Feb 3, 2004Bottled Water, Noorda, and a Commitment to MS
Feb 2, 2004SCO's Exhibit C to Motion to Compel
Feb 2, 2004"Most Linux Users I've Talked to Aren't Maliciously Angry at SCO"
Feb 2, 2004Harvard Pictures
Feb 2, 2004Darl Goes to Harvard - My First Quick Impressions
Feb 2, 2004SCO Sets Up Alternative Address - Finally
Feb 2, 2004UN Report Says FOSS is Better
Feb 1, 2004Now They Say They Are Down -- Since Saturday Night
Feb 1, 2004SCO Says Worm Hasn't Hit Yet; ISPs Are Blocking Them...Right. That's the Ticket.
Jan 30, 2004Groklaw Takes A Closer Look at the ABI Files, by Frank Sorenson et al
Jan 30, 2004Kaspersky Labs Traces MyDoom to Russia
Jan 30, 2004Harvard is Pleased to Invite Darl to Speak
Jan 30, 2004Decatur Jones' Dion Cornett on SCO
Jan 29, 2004SCO's 10K, MyDoom, and the Morgan Keegan letters
Jan 29, 2004SCO Files Revised Supplemental Answers to Interrogatories
Jan 29, 2004Security Experts Say MyDoom "Definitely Has Ties to Spammers"
Jan 28, 2004Microsoft, Microsoft, Microsoft
Jan 28, 2004Decatur Jones' Cornett: Desktop Linux Will Affect Microsoft Faster Than Expected.
Jan 27, 2004Virus Came From Russia, Says MessageLabs
Jan 27, 2004Perens on the Virus
Jan 27, 2004USPTO Is Considering Linux
Jan 27, 2004SCO's Reponses to IBM's 1st Set of Interrogatories - Exhibit E to IBM's Memorandum in Support of IBM's Motion to Compel
Jan 27, 2004Exhibit B to IBM's Memorandum in Support of its 1st Motion to Compel
Jan 27, 2004Santa Cruz-Caldera 2000 Agreement and Plan of Reorganization
Jan 26, 2004Someone is Sending Mail in Our Name
Jan 26, 2004SCO Complaint in SCO v. Novell - as text
Jan 26, 2004Novell Shows Its Hand in the SCO Correspondence
Jan 26, 2004Linus as Antidote
Jan 24, 2004Why the Hearing Was Postponed -- Rashomon Version
Jan 24, 2004SCO Speaks With Forked Tongue: Caldera's First Public Offering Said Linux Was The Ideal OS for US Business
Jan 23, 2004 UnitedLinux Is No More & SCO Says Look for Legislation on Open Source
Jan 23, 2004IBM: No Indemnification -- SCO's Case Has Zero Merit
Jan 22, 2004Tomorrow's Hearing Postponed
Jan 22, 2004Why SCO Wants All Versions of AIX and Some Novell News
Jan 21, 2004OSAIA Releases a Letter Purportedly from SCO to Congress Attacking Open Source and the GPL
Jan 20, 2004SCO Sues Novell This Time
Jan 20, 2004There Must Be Fifty Ways to Leave Your Windows, by Scott Lazar
Jan 19, 2004SCO Hints at a Short List and Licenses Go on Sale in Australia
Jan 19, 2004MS and Canopy Group's Vintela Offer to Reduce Your Security For Free
Jan 19, 2004Relaxing with Linus in Australia
Jan 18, 2004DOJ Mentions SCO in Report on MS Compliance Efforts
Jan 17, 2004More Changes in the New SEC Filing
Jan 16, 2004SCO's Amendment to S3 Lists Novell in Risks Section At Last
Jan 16, 2004New FUD: Open Source Is "Economically Dangerous"
Jan 15, 2004The Novell-SCO Correspondence - as text
Jan 15, 2004Linus on SCO
Jan 15, 2004"For SCO, The Apocalypse is Now"
Jan 14, 2004Declaration of Ryan E. Tibbitts
Jan 14, 2004SCO Goes Global but Novell May Block The Way
Jan 14, 2004SCO Is Looking for an Inside Salesman
Jan 13, 2004SCO's "Notice of Compliance" Says They Have Not Yet Fully Complied
Jan 13, 2004SCO Reacts to Novell's Indemnification
Jan 13, 2004OSRM To Offer Vendor-Neutral Indemnification -- FORM
Jan 13, 2004Novell Releases Their Correspondence with SCO
Jan 12, 2004Novell Offers to Indemnify
Jan 12, 2004MS Would Like You to Consider an Alternative to Linux for Your Server Needs
Jan 12, 2004SCO's Memorandum in Support of its Motion to Compel
Jan 12, 2004SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery
Jan 12, 2004Exhibit G, H, I, and J to IBM's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Compel, as text
Jan 12, 2004Intel Steps Up to the Plate -- New Legal Defense Fund For Linux Users
Jan 11, 2004IBM Attorney Declaration in Support of 2nd Motion to Compel Discovery
Jan 10, 2004Interview About Patents with Dan Ravicher
Jan 9, 2004Wilted SCO PR
Jan 8, 2004Maybe These Folks Need a Helping Hand?
Jan 7, 2004SCO's Missing Risk Factor
Jan 7, 2004Linux Here, Linux There, Linux Everywhere
Jan 7, 2004Thinking Small
Jan 7, 2004Twenty Years of Free Software: What Now? -by Richard Stallman
Jan 6, 2004SCO's December 19 Letter to UNIX Licensees - as Text
Jan 6, 2004Massachusetts and Open Source in Government
Jan 6, 2004More SCO Letters (Yawn)
Jan 5, 2004Deutsche Bank In the Spotlight
Jan 4, 2004Caldera's Complaint - Caldera v. IBM - as text
Jan 4, 2004Shared Source: Microsoft's Version of Sharing
Jan 3, 2004The SCO-Novell Asset Purchase Agreement with Amendments 1 & 2
Jan 3, 2004DiDio: Lack of Indemnification Impacts Total Cost of Ownership
Jan 2, 2004FSF Seminars Explaining the GPL in NYC January 20, 21
Jan 1, 2004And the Future?
Dec 31, 2003Summing Up Groklaw 2003
Dec 31, 2003Understanding Open Source Software - by Red Hat's Mark Webbink, Esq.
Dec 30, 2003IBM Letter to SCO - Exhibit A to Memorandum in Support of 1st Motion to Compel
Dec 30, 2003Linus Corrects McKusick
Dec 29, 2003 IBM's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Compel Discovery - as Text
Dec 28, 2003What Can't You Copyright?
Dec 27, 2003IBM's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Strike - as text
Dec 27, 2003IBM's Motion to Strike SCO's Affirmative Defenses- as text
Dec 27, 2003SCO's Substitute Motion for Enlargement of Time to Respond to IBM's Motion to Compel Discovery - as text
Dec 26, 2003Soft-00015 - The 1985 AT&T-IBM Software Agreement
Dec 26, 2003IBM's Unpublished Cases, Exhibit 3 to their Memorandum in Support of Motion to Strike
Dec 25, 2003A Day Off
Dec 24, 2003Decatur Jones' SCO Analysis
Dec 23, 2003Early Reaction to Novell's Copyright Claims and Linus' Statement
Dec 23, 2003SCO Explains GPL Strategy and SCO Director Bails Out
Dec 22, 2003Funniest Story of the Day: SCO's Linux "Expert" Contradicts Linus
Dec 22, 2003Linus' First Analysis of the Files
Dec 22, 2003Novell's Letters - Why They Contest SCO's Copyright
Dec 22, 2003SCO's Letter and the Files
Dec 22, 2003 Novell Registers UNIX System V Copyrights - Dueling Copyrights
Dec 22, 2003SCO Sends DMCA Notices
Dec 22, 2003SCO's Financial Spin & Dec. 22, 2003 earnings call transcript
Dec 21, 2003More Threatening Letters from SCO - A New Unix Licensee Front
Dec 21, 2003Alternatives to Windows Applications
Dec 20, 2003RIAA v. Verizon -- The Circuit Court of Appeals Trims the RIAA's DMCA Wings
Dec 20, 2003The Free Software Act
Dec 19, 2003What Would You Like to Ask SCO on Monday?
Dec 19, 2003Groklaw Wins Award as Best News Site
Dec 18, 2003Red Hat Makes Money With the GPL. How Could That Happen?
Dec 18, 2003It's The Superman Kernel
Dec 17, 2003"GrokLaw: MVP of the SCO Wars" - Clay Shirky
Dec 17, 2003Boies Faces Ethics Violations Charges in Florida
Dec 16, 2003"No One Respects a Bully"
Dec 16, 2003National Science Foundation Says Open Source Can Be Cheaper, Better, Faster
Dec 16, 2003SCO Says Court Agrees to Keep the Code Secret
Dec 15, 2003Principal Analyst at Ovum: SCO "Hasn't Done a Good Job"
Dec 14, 2003The GPL is a License, Not a Contract, Which is Why the Sky Isn't Falling
Dec 13, 2003The Protective Order
Dec 13, 2003SCO is Down Again
Dec 13, 2003Judge Well's Order Granting IBM's Motions to Compel Discovery
Dec 12, 2003SCO Is Back Online
Dec 12, 2003Tigran Aivazian Says His SMP Contributions to Linux Kernel While at SCO Were Approved by his Boss
Dec 12, 2003IBM's Memorandum in Support of Motion to Strike Affirmative Defenses
Dec 11, 2003The Transcript of Oral Arguments Friday, Dec. 5, 2003 SCO v. IBM
Dec 10, 2003Security Experts Doubt SCO Was Attacked as Claimed
Dec 9, 2003Yeah, That's the Ticket. It's A Contingency Arrangement.
Dec 9, 2003New SCO 8K Documents and Minutes from Friday - Updated
Dec 9, 2003The Worm Turns and Squirms. And Wall Street Almost Gets It.
Dec 8, 2003Eldred v. Ashcroft - Justice Breyer's Dissenting Opinion
Dec 8, 2003SCO Earnings Release and Investor Conference Call Moved to Dec. 22
Dec 7, 2003The 1995 Novell-SCO Asset Purchase Agreement's Schedules - Updated
Dec 6, 2003The Missing Interrogatories 10 and 11
Dec 6, 2003What the Judge Has Ordered SCO To Give IBM
Dec 6, 2003Now What Happens? -"Reading the Leaves" By Webster Knight, Esq.
Dec 5, 2003Judge Tells SCO: No, *You* Have to Show the Code First - UPDATED: 7 PM EDT
Dec 5, 2003First Report from Grokker Inside Hearing: IBM Wins Both Motions to Compel
Dec 5, 2003Linus Digs Into Copyright Law and Notices Something Useful
Dec 5, 2003IBM's Reply Memorandum in Support of its Second Motion to Compel Discovery.
Dec 5, 2003 SCO's Reply Memorandum of Law in Support of its Motion to Compel Discovery
Dec 4, 2003More Legal Dueling Over Discovery
Dec 4, 2003Darl's "Greed is Good" Manifesto
Dec 3, 2003Is There a Curse on UNIX or Something?
Dec 2, 2003The Linux Show's Town Hall Meeting Transcript
Dec 2, 2003UPDATE to Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die, SCO?
Dec 1, 2003SCO Would Like A Month's Delay to Get a Patent Attorney
Nov 30, 2003Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die, SCO?
Nov 30, 2003SCO T-Shirt on Ebay
Nov 29, 2003The SCO Unix timeline - Members Only
Nov 29, 2003Why Open Standards are Good for Business, by Sean Lynch
Nov 29, 2003SCO's Supplemental Responses to IBM's 2nd Interrogatories and Requests for Documents
Nov 27, 2003Exhibits A-F -- IBM Memorandum in Opposition to SCO Motion to Compel Discovery
Nov 27, 2003Want to See One of the Letters to the Fortune 1500?
Nov 27, 2003Rule 37(a)(2)(A) and IBM's 1st Motion to Compel - as Text
Nov 26, 2003SCO's Memorandum in Response to IBM's Motion to Strike Affirmative Defenses
Nov 26, 2003This Is How Linux Is Done: It's The Scientific Method of Peer Review
Nov 26, 2003SCO's Memorandum in Opposition to IBM's 2nd Motion to Compel Discovery
Nov 26, 2003A Stroll Down Memory Lane with OldSCO
Nov 25, 2003SCO Reacts to Moglen and a MS FUD Source Confirmed. And How.
Nov 24, 2003"SCO: Without Fear and Without Research" by Eben Moglen
Nov 24, 2003The 1986 AT&T-BSD Agreement
Nov 23, 2003All 3 Motions to Compel Set for Oral Arguments on Dec. 5
Nov 22, 2003Sublicensing Agreement No. SUB-00015A - IBM's Exhibit B to their Amended Counterclaims
Nov 22, 2003A Heads Up to the Media
Nov 21, 2003When There's Nothing Left of SCO But a Old Blues Song. . .
Nov 21, 2003IBM's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery -- as Text
Nov 21, 2003Microsoft's Customer Lock-in and Competition Lock-out
Nov 21, 2003IBM Files Motion In Opposition to SCO's Motion to Compel Discovery
Nov 20, 2003Progress Is Not Proprietary
Nov 20, 2003Amendments to the Asset Purchase Agreement
Nov 20, 2003Did SCO Really Reveal the Code to IBM, as Darl Claims?
Nov 19, 2003Some Special Praise
Nov 19, 2003Teleconference McBride, Boies, Bench - Transcript
Nov 18, 2003First Notes and Impressions from Today's Teleconference
Nov 18, 2003Advance Peek at Teleconference and SCO May Sue Novell
Nov 18, 2003SCO Teleconference Today -- Boies, McBride and Bench On Expanded Legal Agreement, $$$, and Plans
Nov 17, 2003Darl Invites You to a Webcast of His Keynote Speech at CDXPO
Nov 17, 2003New SCO S-3: Boies' Firm Will Represent SCO in the Red Hat Lawsuit and the BayStar/RBC Register for Sale 3,850,000 Shares
Nov 17, 2003A Cynical Eye on SCO, MS, and Indemnification
Nov 17, 2003A Search Engine Mystery Solved
Nov 16, 2003Agreement No. SOFT-2538 --SCO Exhibit D -- "A License for Nothing"
Nov 16, 2003Novell-SCO Asset Purchase Agreement
Nov 16, 2003SCO's Exhibit C - The AT&T/IBM Side Letter
Nov 15, 2003Update on the Subpoenas; and The Public Interest in a Free, Open Source OS
Nov 14, 2003Deutsche Bank: SCO May Sue Corporate End Users Soon After All --Decatur Jones: So?
Nov 14, 2003SCO To Red Hat Court: Please Don't Make Us Show Our Code Yet
Nov 13, 2003Forbes' Dan Lyons Finds Out Plenty About SCO, Including the 6th Party Subpoenaed
Nov 13, 2003IBM Moves to Strike 3 of SCO's Affirmative Defenses as Defective
Nov 13, 2003SCO Moves Its 4th Quarter Teleconference Up From Dec. 8 to Dec. 3
Nov 13, 2003Patent News: Prior Art + Outcry = Holy Cow, It Worked!
Nov 12, 2003Linus: What Subpoena? Update: He Just Got It
Nov 12, 2003 IBM's Subpoenas to Analysts and Investors: Why? Why? Why?
Nov 12, 2003The File List Corrected
Nov 11, 2003IBM Addendum to Memorandum in Support of IBM's Motion to Compel Discovery
Nov 11, 2003SCO Supplemental Answers to IBM's 1st Set of Interrogatories
Nov 11, 2003The Novell Letters
Nov 10, 2003Is SCO in Violation of the UK's Competition Act?
Nov 10, 2003IBM's Memorandum in Support of its 2nd Motion to Compel
Nov 9, 2003Linux Proves Security of Open Source: First Back-Door Attempt Thwarted
Nov 8, 2003Linux' Contribution to US National Security
Nov 7, 2003Amendment X as Text
Nov 7, 2003SCO Threatens to Sue Hollywood. Yeah, Right.
Nov 7, 2003SCO Will Give Customers a Discount To Drop Linux and Use Any Proprietary Software
Nov 7, 2003IBM's Objections to SCO's Interrogatories and Requests for Documents, as Text
Nov 7, 2003SCO's Memorandum in Support of Its Motion to Compel Discovery as Text
Nov 6, 2003SCO's Motion to Compel and Memorandum in Support
Nov 6, 2003The Grinch Who Stole Linux
Nov 6, 2003It's Official. China Goes Linux. Gartner Says US Will Follow. And Darl's No Free Linux Speech.
Nov 5, 2003IBM Reply Memorandum in Support of Motion to Compel Discovery
Nov 4, 2003Details from Novell's Chris Stone and Novell-IBM Linux Seminars
Nov 4, 2003Novell Buys SuSe Linux -- Press Conference 11:00 AM EST
Nov 4, 2003Public Patent Foundation Announced & Sun Digs a Patent Hole For Itself
Nov 3, 2003SCO's PR Spin
Nov 3, 2003The Novell-SCO 1995 Asset Purchase Agreement
Nov 3, 2003IBM Subpoenas Baystar, Deutsche Bank, Renaissance and Yankee Group
Nov 2, 2003IBM's Amended Counterclaims Against SCO as Text, Sept. 25, 2003
Nov 1, 2003New Groklaw Feature: Side-by-Side Comparison of IBM Counterclaims and SCO Answer
Nov 1, 2003Transcript of SCO Teleconference May 30, 2003
Nov 1, 2003IBM's Amended Answer to SCO's Complaint, May 20, 2003, as Text
Oct 31, 2003MS Complaints, Google, and a Search Engine Mystery
Oct 31, 2003Moglen: SCO Is Guilty of What the RIAA Calls Stealing
Oct 30, 2003SCO Linux Downloads for Customers Only 11/01/03 -updated
Oct 30, 2003Copyright Preemption -- Explaining the "GPL is Unconstitutional" Claim
Oct 29, 2003Did SCO Accuse IBM Publicly? Listen to this Interview and Decide
Oct 29, 2003Lawyers Everywhere Say Huh? Rubbish. Weird. A Stretch
Oct 28, 2003IP Atty Says SCO Wants Judge to Rule GPL = Public Domain
Oct 28, 2003SCO Clarifies, FSF Counters, and Groklaw Howls with Laughter
Oct 27, 2003SCO Declares Total War on the GPL -- Says GPL Is Not Enforceable
Oct 27, 2003SCOForum Slides vs. SCO's Memorandum -- A Closer Look
Oct 25, 2003SCO Tells IBM: No, You Show *Your* Code First
Oct 24, 2003SCO's Memorandum of Law in Opposition to IBM's Motion to Compel Discovery
Oct 24, 2003HP Wishes to Explain Sponsoring the SCO Tour
Oct 23, 2003A Few More Crumbs Along the RBC Trail
Oct 23, 2003In India, Red Hat Shows SCO the Door and Darl Talks Turkey, in French
Oct 22, 2003SCO: It's IBM's Fault We're So Slow with Discovery
Oct 22, 2003Ballmer Says Commercial Software is Better Because Someone's Rear End is on the Line
Oct 22, 2003SCO's License Is Only For the Big Guys... For Now
Oct 21, 2003SCO Gets a New Attorney for Red Hat Case
Oct 21, 2003SCO Asks for More Time and IBM Says Just Show Us the Code, Already
Oct 19, 2003SCO Asks the Red Hat Judge Not to Give Them Their Day in Court
Oct 18, 2003Groklaw's New Quote Database Feature
Oct 18, 2003SCO Requests a Delay on Answering IBM Motion to Compel
Oct 17, 2003More From the Teleconference
Oct 17, 2003SCO Replies to Red Hat and Amendment S3 Comparison to Original
Oct 17, 2003If You Want to Know What's Really Going On, Ask the Lawyers
Oct 17, 2003Groklaw's Open Letter Linked to SCO's Backing Off Invoicing
Oct 16, 2003SCO Teleconference to Explain Itself Friday
Oct 16, 2003SCO Gets $50 Million to Do More Bad Things With
Oct 16, 2003No Invoices, Deutsche Bank Comes Through Again, and SCO is "Honored"
Oct 15, 2003And They Say You Can't Change the World
Oct 14, 2003Groklaw's Believe It Or Not
Oct 14, 2003The Latest on Red Hat
Oct 14, 2003SCO Tries to Use Lineo Case Against Open Source
Oct 13, 2003Lineo Had a Tool to Search for GPL Code -- Why Didn't It Use It?
Oct 12, 2003Yarro Admits Lineo Infringed GPL Code --DiDio: "All Roads Lead to Canopy"
Oct 12, 2003Why Microsoft's FUD May Be Doomed
Oct 10, 2003Why SCO Started All This. No. Really.
Oct 9, 2003IBM's Jim Stallings on Linux and Proprietary Software
Oct 9, 2003SCO Files 2nd Motion Asking the Red Hat Judge for a Delay on Discovery
Oct 8, 2003Royce Buys More SCO Stock
Oct 8, 2003IBM's Motion to Compel Discovery: What Trade Secrets Are You Talking About?
Oct 7, 2003First City-to-City SCO Show Report Is In, and Yes, It's HP-Sponsored
Oct 6, 2003Analyst Forrester Changes its Policies -- Will the Media Follow?
Oct 5, 2003SCO Says SGI Isn't Doing Enough, but What Would Be? --And Details on SGI's Code Comparison
Oct 4, 2003Money Talks
Oct 4, 2003Coordinated FUD
Oct 3, 2003HP Shows Its Hand
Oct 3, 2003SCO Is Merely Mulling, Google is Nonchalant, and MS is Sued
Oct 2, 2003Linux Continues to Grow in the Enterprise
Oct 2, 2003SCOsource Slide Show
Oct 1, 2003SGI Sends Us a Letter: XFS Is Not a Derivative Work
Oct 1, 2003Red Hat's Memorandum in Opposition - An Analysis
Oct 1, 2003Invoices Not Needed, SCO Says
Sep 30, 2003SCO Motion Granted by Judge Kimball --Feb. 4, 2004 Is Filing Deadline
Sep 30, 2003Red Hat's Memorandum in Opposition to SCO's Motion to Dismiss
Sep 30, 2003SCO Files Motion To Extend Time to Amend, Add Parties
Sep 29, 2003Sometimes You Just Want to Have a Good Laugh
Sep 29, 2003What About Kernel Contributions from Canopy Group?
Sep 28, 2003On MA Decision on Linux, Promissory Estoppel, and Canopy Group
Sep 27, 2003IBM's New Counterclaims
Sep 26, 2003Highlights of the IBM Filing
Sep 26, 2003IBM Files Copyright Infringement Counterclaim and Love Speaks Out
Sep 26, 2003Stallman vs. LeBlanc: Freedom or Pure Technology?
Sep 24, 2003Canopy's Objections to IBM's Subpoena and Stipulated Protective Order
Sep 24, 2003HP Offers Indemnification If You Give up Freedom to Modify
Sep 24, 2003 Looking Deeper at the LKP -- Did SCO Copy Linux Code to Open UNIX?
Sep 23, 2003Visions of Ka-ching Dance in Their Heads
Sep 20, 2003Groklaw's Open Letter to SCO's CEO Darl McBride
Sep 19, 2003SCO Austria's Web Site Back Up
Sep 19, 2003"Why Is the SCO Group Doing This?"
Sep 18, 2003More SCO Stock Being Offered for Sale by Shareholders
Sep 17, 2003SCO's Opening Brief in Support of its Motion to Dismiss
Sep 17, 2003"SCO Has Had an Amazing Year" - Indeed
Sep 16, 2003SCO Tells the Court What We Said They'd Say About Red Hat
Sep 15, 2003SCO's Quarterly Report is Online
Sep 15, 2003Darl Began Legal Review Immediately on Becoming CEO
Sep 14, 2003In Case We Get Long-Winded
Sep 14, 2003Here's a Little More Elbow Room for Comments
Sep 14, 2003Ford Chooses Linux, So Goes the World
Sep 13, 2003MS FUD: "Linux People Don't Believe in IP"
Sep 12, 2003Dear Darl, Look for a Letter Soon
Sep 11, 2003SCO's "Olive Branch" = Your Money or Your Life
Sep 11, 2003What's In It for Darl?
Sep 10, 2003Dear Darl, We Have a Lot of Things We Want to Tell You
Sep 10, 2003Our Letter to Darl Grows and Grows
Sep 10, 2003Why SCO May Be In No Hurry
Sep 10, 2003Draft of Reply to Darl McBride
Sep 9, 2003More on our Letter Effort
Sep 9, 2003McBride Trolls, Hoping You'll Say Something Legally Stupid
Sep 8, 2003Here is IBM's Subpoena to Canopy Group
Sep 8, 2003Why Linux Is Conquering the World
Sep 7, 2003No SCO Invoices to Australia -- and Struggling to Get a License
Sep 6, 2003SCO's Shifting Sands -- Does SCO Own UNIX?
Sep 5, 2003Warner Bros. Likes What SCO is Selling
Sep 4, 2003Linus: "SCO People Are Having Such a Hard Time with the Truth"
Sep 4, 2003Now It's Invoices By October 15 -- & SCO Says It's Not a Pump and Dump
Sep 3, 2003Now We're Having Fun
Sep 2, 2003Solving the Puzzle -- Why Did SCO Say They Had No Plans to Sue Linux Companies?
Sep 1, 2003SCO Must Pay a Fine in Germany or Go to . . . gasp . . .Jail
Sep 1, 2003Japan Has Had It With Windows
Aug 31, 2003SCO Has a Patent -- Not Linux Kernel-Related
Aug 30, 2003Boies in a Post-Enron World
Aug 29, 2003Small World Dept.-- SCO and MS
Aug 29, 2003Data Mining, Spectral Analysis, and All that Jazz
Aug 27, 2003SCO Down, Up, Down -- What Is Wrong With This Picture?
Aug 27, 2003Disappearing Comments Article Disappears
Aug 27, 2003MontaVista Organizing Partners, Customers
Aug 27, 2003Japanese Government Says Keep Using Linux -- SCO Fears "Unnecessary"
Aug 26, 2003SuSE Says SCO Licensing Invoices Are Without Merit
Aug 26, 2003SCO and Red Hat Stipulate to Extend Time to Answer
Aug 26, 2003SCO Site Down Today Again --
Aug 26, 2003SCO Sending Invoices
Aug 25, 2003SCO Customer Support Says Server Down for "Upgrade or Update or Something"
Aug 25, 2003SCO's MIT Mathematicians Go Poof
Aug 25, 2003Aberdeen's Claybrook: SCO Gambled and Lost --
Aug 24, 2003What Is Going On in SCOLand?
Aug 23, 2003Ancient UNIX Released Under What Terms?
Aug 23, 2003Dennis Ritchie Acknowledges the Code
Aug 22, 2003McBride Interviewed by Heise
Aug 22, 2003MontaVista on Embedded Linux: Not to Worry
Aug 22, 2003An Open Letter to Microsoft: Don't Bother
Aug 21, 2003SCO Still Distributing Linux From Its Web Site
Aug 21, 2003All Your Code Are Belong to Us
Aug 21, 2003Bill Claybrook Was Right on the Money
Aug 20, 2003More Threats from SCO
Aug 20, 2003Where Was Ms. DiDio On This Day of Days?
Aug 19, 2003SCO's Math Is Off, Or Maybe It's Their Ethics
Aug 19, 2003Today America, Tomorrow the World!
Aug 19, 2003The Code - Updated
Aug 19, 2003They "Show" the Code
Aug 19, 2003James Bond on a Mission to Sell and a Note About the Levenez v. SCO Unix History
Aug 18, 2003SCO Explains a Bit About the GPL
Aug 18, 2003SCO Scuttles Sense, Claiming GPL Invalidity
Aug 18, 2003What SCO Really Wants
Aug 18, 2003Rule 10b5-1 - Trading "on the Basis of" Material Nonpublic Information
Aug 18, 2003HP VP Pulls Out of SCO Forum Keynote Speechifying
Aug 16, 2003An Answer to the Indemnification FUD
Aug 15, 2003Miss Otis Regrets
Aug 15, 2003Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much
Aug 15, 2003Is SCO Math-Challenged?
Aug 14, 2003OSDL Q&A by IP Attorney Lawrence Rosen:
Aug 14, 2003SCO Comments on Insider Trading
Aug 14, 2003SCO Says It Will Argue Copyright Preempts GPL
Aug 14, 2003Is There Linux Code in SCO's UnixWare?
Aug 13, 2003As the Media Turns
Aug 13, 2003I'll Huff and I'll Puff and I'll Huff and I'll Puff Some More -- If That Doesn't Work, Then I'll Hold My Breath
Aug 12, 2003SCO Insider Trades
Aug 12, 2003No Licensing Suspension
Aug 12, 2003Lee Gomes of the Wall St. Journal Restores My Faith In Journalists
Aug 12, 2003SCO Goes Into The Oil Business, Or Vice Versa
Aug 11, 2003Old SCO Also Donated Code to Linux
Aug 11, 2003If We Send You an Invoice, Then Will You Pay Us?
Aug 10, 2003Compaq Worked With China's Red Flag Linux in 2000 -- The Goal? To Scale to 64-bit
Aug 9, 2003Sun: The Toxic Boyfriend
Aug 8, 2003The Novell Letters
Aug 7, 2003SCO, Meet the GPL -- IBM's Legal Cavalry Charges
Aug 7, 2003Update: Novell was 3rd Party to SCO-IBM AIX Contract - Novell Disputes SCO's Right to Terminate
Aug 7, 2003"Death to Linux"? No, an IBM Countersuit Instead
Aug 6, 2003The License, Should You Choose to Accept It
Aug 6, 2003Transcript, Part 2, of Teleconference
Aug 5, 2003An Open Letter to Darl McBride
Aug 5, 2003Part One of Transcript of Today's Teleconference
Aug 5, 2003Meanwhile, SuSE Linux on IBM Hardware OK'd for Mission Critical Computers
Aug 5, 2003Forget Red Hat, SCO Now Wants to Sue
Aug 5, 2003SCO Wants Us to Buy Their Binary-Only License for $699
Aug 5, 2003SCO Teleconference at 2 PM Today
Aug 5, 2003Helping Red Hat
Aug 5, 2003Correction On Red Hat Injunctive Relief
Aug 4, 2003More, More, More - How Do You Like It?
Aug 4, 2003More on Red Hat Lawsuit
Aug 4, 2003Red Hat Sues SCO
Aug 4, 2003A Criminal Lawyer's Take on SCO:
Aug 3, 2003What's Good for the Goose... Is Good for the Gander
Aug 2, 20032 Attorneys Explain Some Details; Sun Predicts SCO Will Go After Linux Users
Aug 1, 2003IBM Will Answer SCO's Amended Complaint by Next Week
Jul 31, 2003Sun: Falling Down the Rabbit Hole
Jul 30, 2003Caldera's Linux Contributions Were Official, not by Rogue Employees
Jul 29, 2003Sun Is Currently Distributing the 2.4 Kernel Under the GPL
Jul 29, 2003Sun Finds a New Way to be Repulsive
Jul 28, 2003ComputerWorld: The Real Story is SCO's Vultus Acquisition
Jul 28, 2003Dell Steps Up to the Plate -- Ditto Canada, Japan, and a 2nd Aussie Cyberknight
Jul 27, 2003MS: Linux Will Be Hounded Over IP For 4 to 5 Years
Jul 27, 2003SCO Down, MS in Trouble, and . . .The White House Uses GNU/Linux --
Jul 26, 2003The Tide Turns
Jul 25, 2003Filing a Complaint With the SEC
Jul 24, 2003Australian Linux Group Fights Back -- So Does the World
Jul 23, 2003The Pregnant Cow Case
Jul 22, 2003New Page for Copyright Information
Jul 22, 2003SCO Can't Go After Statutory Damages or Atty's Fees
Jul 22, 2003IBM and FSF Respond
Jul 22, 2003Here's the Copyright
Jul 22, 2003Red Hat Responds
Jul 21, 2003It's About Copyright, All Right, and a Licen$e on top of the GPL
Jul 21, 2003Microsoft Debunks the Pregnant Cow Argument & Explains SCO Can't License on Top of the GPL
Jul 20, 2003Gadzooks! Look What I Just Found
Jul 19, 2003"I have the mandate of my colleagues in my office to solicit for your assistance for a business/deal we want to execute wi
Jul 18, 2003High Noon
Jul 18, 2003Caldera Employee Was Key Linux Kernel Contributor
Jul 17, 2003IBM's Affirmative Defenses: Take That!
Jul 15, 2003Linus: "The Most Important Thing Has Always Been That People Be Able to Trust Me"
Jul 15, 2003Thanks For The Memories
Jul 15, 2003Decoding Legalese Into English
Jul 14, 2003Oldies but Goodies
Jul 12, 2003SCO's Impossible Dream
Jul 11, 2003You Don't Say?
Jul 11, 2003It's Free as in Freedom, Stupid
Jul 10, 2003Sun Comes Out From Behind the Clouds
Jul 10, 2003McBride Silent on Licenses but Lets Slip Hint Sun is 2nd Licensee
Jul 9, 2003305,274 Shares of SCO Stock to be Sold
Jul 8, 2003Cleaning Up the Corporate Kit?
Jul 8, 2003Ransom Love's Linuxworld 2000 Keynote Speech:
Jul 7, 2003Let's Play Clue
Jul 7, 2003Something Seems Off in SCO's Claims
Jul 5, 2003Patents and Copyright: Two Different Purposes
Jul 4, 2003What I Would Like to Ask SCO
Jul 4, 2003Sayonara, Mr. McBride
Jul 2, 2003Could This Be the Central Control Point Critics Have Been Whining For?
Jul 2, 2003FUD/CounterFUD
Jul 2, 2003FUD Mud
Jul 1, 2003Caldera Proxy Statement, April 24, 2003
Jun 30, 2003Hamidi Wins on Appeal
Jun 30, 2003What Moglen Really Said
Jun 30, 2003Legal Links Page Done
Jun 29, 2003How the 10th Circuit Defines Derivative Code
Jun 29, 2003Declaratory Judgments -- How to Get a Quick Answer from a Judge
Jun 27, 2003"maddog" to SCO: "ID Your Code If You Don't Want It in Linux, Because We Certainly Don't Want It" --
Jun 27, 2003Attorney Chander Responds to Our Questions on Discovery
Jun 26, 2003Shop 'Til You Drop
Jun 26, 2003Attorney: SCO's Case Dubious; Proprietary Software the Villain Here
Jun 26, 2003Discovery Rules
Jun 25, 2003SCO Rattles Its Nasty Saber Once Again
Jun 25, 2003Here's Info on GNU/FreeBSD
Jun 25, 2003LinuxTag Wins Concession from SCO Germany
Jun 25, 2003Stallman on SCO: It's No Disaster
Jun 24, 2003"And Now, a Word from our Sponsor"
Jun 24, 2003SCO Reads the GPL and Backs Off!
Jun 24, 2003O, What a Tortuous Web We Weave...
Jun 23, 2003Linus: "I Allege That SCO Is Full of It"
Jun 23, 2003Raymond Disputes Trade Secrets Claim
Jun 22, 2003Oh, Is That All?
Jun 22, 2003Trade Libel
Jun 22, 2003SCO Protest and Anti-Protest
Jun 22, 2003Let's Hit the Books
Jun 21, 2003What's a Trade Secret?
Jun 21, 2003The BSDI Case -- Exhibits, Exhibits, Exhibits Until My Eyes Water
Jun 20, 2003Well, He Should Know.
Jun 20, 2003Why Cringley Says SCO Will Lose
Jun 20, 2003On Disney and Derivative Code
Jun 19, 2003Some Caldera Contracts Are Online
Jun 19, 2003Coder Visits SCO and Sees Code
Jun 19, 2003Thanks, Everyone
Jun 19, 2003Problem With Comments
Jun 18, 2003And They Call Linus Careless
Jun 18, 2003Cringely: AT&T May Have Reserved Rights in UNIX
Jun 18, 2003Hold Your Nose and Then Read Forbes on SCO's Brilliance
Jun 18, 2003The SCO Show: In Tonight's Episode...
Jun 17, 2003SCO's Amended Complaint Online
Jun 17, 2003Oh, That is Why They Are Saying That
Jun 17, 2003IBM: Get Me Outa Here
Jun 16, 2003SCO Fails to Ask for a Preliminary Injunction
Jun 16, 2003SCO's Quarterly Report -- UNIX Is Mine, All Mine
Jun 15, 2003Kernel Coder Puts SCO on Notice of Copyright Infringement
Jun 15, 2003IBM Lawyer Hired Away by Microsoft
Jun 15, 2003New Aberdeen Report Says Code Could Be BSD Unix
Jun 14, 2003GNU's Not UNIX and It's Not "Linux" Either
Jun 13, 2003The Smoking Gun
Jun 13, 2003Microsoft's Outlook
Jun 13, 2003This Article Explains What Could Happen Monday
Jun 13, 2003GPL or Copyright Law -- Pick Your Poison
Jun 13, 2003Could the Identical Code be From Contributions from SCO Employees Themselves? A Reader Names a Name
Jun 12, 2003Who's the Pirate in This Picture?
Jun 12, 2003"I Cannot Tell a Lie" -- George Washington
Jun 11, 2003Now They Are Starting to Look at the GPL?
Jun 10, 2003Here Comes the Judge
Jun 10, 2003Laugh. It's Funny.
Jun 10, 2003SCO Gets Warning from Linux Companies in Poland
Jun 10, 2003...Um...You Leaving?
Jun 9, 2003One GNU-Darwin Guy Thinks He Knows Which Code It Is
Jun 9, 2003I've Got Mail
Jun 9, 2003Here's the Plan, Stan
Jun 7, 2003So That's Where He's Been
Jun 6, 2003SCO Paralegal Finds '96 Amendment That Appears to Give SCO Some Copyrights
Jun 5, 2003Psst! Want to Buy OpenLinux? It's Still Being Sold Online.
Jun 5, 2003So, Did Someone Steal SCO's Strawberries?
Jun 2, 2003Hey, quick! Anybody Got a Lid For This Coffin?
May 31, 2003The Party of the First Part...
May 30, 2003How MS Used "FUD Drip-Feed" to Make Sure Its Competition Ended Up "Dead"
May 29, 2003And Your Little Dog Too!
May 28, 2003Novell Scores a Touchdown - SCO Statement
May 27, 2003 LinuxTag Tells SCO to Put Up or Shut Up
May 26, 2003"By Jove, I Think I've Got It"
May 26, 2003Despite SCO, UK Doctors Choose IBM Linux over Windows Servers
May 26, 2003Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing
May 25, 2003SEC Registration Statement for SCO last February
May 23, 2003Somebody Doesn't Grok the GPL
May 22, 2003SCO S'More - How Cts. Determine Copyright Infringement
May 22, 2003Speaking of HIPAA, Do MS' EULAS Violate It?
May 22, 2003A Mountain of Evidence
May 19, 2003"Running Dog Linux" with its Tail Between its Legs
May 19, 2003Well, Well, What a Surprise...Not
May 18, 2003Moglen Confirms GPL Boomerang For SCO
May 18, 2003UM...Stay Focused People... Nah. Let's Not.
May 18, 2003My Lawyer Made Me Do It
May 17, 2003SCO Falls Downstairs, Hitting its Head on Every Step - Updated: SCOsource is Born
May 16, 2003The Grokster Decision - Ode To Thomas Jefferson

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