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Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:42 AM EDT

Sys-Con has decided to listen to its editors, who took a very courageous stand, its readers and advertisers and will no longer publish any of Maureen O'Gara's writings. Here is the story, from James Turner, Senior Editor of LinuxWorld, who, together with Dee-Ann LeBlanc, forced the issue by announcing Sys-Con would have to choose between them and O'Gara:

The good news is, the right thing happened in the end. Sys-con Media listened to what I and my fellow editors, their advertisers and the readership was saying, and made the correct decision. Maureen O'Gara's bylined material will no longer appear anywhere in the Sys-con universe of sites or publications. We have received this commitment in writing from Fuat Kircaali, the publisher. Checking around the web sites this morning, I can see that her material is already almost entirely gone, I assume the remainder will dribble out over the next few days.

Now we can return to producing a world-class web site and print magazine, with the kind of editorial control that we think is critical. You showed your support for our position, I hope you'll be equally kind to us with your readership.

My faith in the human race is restored. I do thank all those who took such a stand, publicly and privately. It means so much to me to know that there is still a line, an ethical line, and some things that we agree we ought never to do to a fellow human. Sometimes, covering the SCO saga, you can start to wonder what has happened to the human race. SCO's fundamental problem is, they never see that line until they have crossed it. Then they wonder why they are failing as a company and in their litigation.

By the way, we found out how many comments we can have before the software sinks, on the last story. It seems 1,181 is our natural limit, so please don't add any more comments to that story. We are holding on by our fingertips, while MathFox works his wonders. It's never happened before. Remember when we had to move away from Radio Userland because we were having too many comments for the software? Well, again we have so many comments the software is groaning. Here, we can make the necessary changes to be able to grow right where we stand. Your outpouring of support made a difference. I fell asleep with a smile on my face, believe it or not. I had no idea so many people cared so much about Groklaw and about me. I thank you all very much. I'll remember yesterday all the days of my life.


Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara | 578 comments | Create New Account
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Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
Authored by: Rad59 on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:59 AM EDT
woo-hoo for you!!!!!

[ Reply to This | # ]

Awesome news...
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:59 AM EDT

Congrats on taking a stand and keeping your commitment to high honesty and
integrity. I am a VERY happy Groklaw reader!


[ Reply to This | # ]

Bad Karma will get you...
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:00 PM EDT
MOG has a 100 year supply of it. No one needs to do a thing. People like that
are their own worst enemy. Kinda like my ex-wife.

[ Reply to This | # ]

Corrections here please.
Authored by: seanlynch on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:00 PM EDT
This thread is for corrections, if needed.

[ Reply to This | # ]

Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:01 PM EDT
PJ, thanks for taking the high road on this issue. Your unwavering firmness in
the face of this kind of behavior has been wonderful to watch. You were
challenged, you stood your ground. Now, you have won. We *all* have won.


[ Reply to This | # ]

they didn't say they dumped her..
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:01 PM EDT
just that they would no longer print stuff with her byline.

doesn't mean they won't publish her work unattributed and or behind a nom de
plume (sp?)

until they front page apologize and state that they have fired her/cancelled any
contracts and swear never to do business with her or any of her affiliates in
perpetuity, their feet should continue to be held to the fire.

[ Reply to This | # ]

Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
Authored by: Sevenfeet on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:02 PM EDT
Hatchet jobs in the guise of "journalism" always has consequences.
This is just the first of it. We haven't seen the last of it. Thankfully,
Sys-Con finally listened to its readers and apparently a revolt from its other

Keep the faith, PJ!

[ Reply to This | # ]

    Off Topic thread
    Authored by: seanlynch on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:02 PM EDT
    This thread is for Off-topic posts.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sometimes the good guys win!
    Authored by: eckenheimer on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:03 PM EDT
    This kind of thing helps to restore my faith in humanity.

    In a world without walls or fences, who needs windows or gates?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Good Riddance
    Authored by: Rob M on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:05 PM EDT
    Although a little about this bothers me. The only article that should be dumped
    is the intimidation one. The other articles should stay there. I don't like the
    idea of trying to cover up history.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:06 PM EDT
    Maureen O'Gara's bylined material will no longer appear anywhere in the Sys-con universe of sites or publications. Notice that they don't say they won't produce any more of her work, just that it won't be bylined. Hopefully, they mean that she'll no longer write for them, period.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Goodbye MOG
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:08 PM EDT
    you won't be missed... :)

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    I feel much better!
    Authored by: piskozub on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:08 PM EDT
    I know it was you PJ who was the target of this [expletived deleted] and not any
    of us your readers. But I was worried about how you'll take such an intrusion in
    your private life and felt very personal about that.

    Today I had some nice little professional successes. But the think that really
    made my day is that the blitz agains PJ is now over. Het's hope that relly
    teaches them a lesson!

    Once, again: we are happy with you PJ. Not because someone was sacked (even as
    it was with a very good cause) but because that should make your life better.

    Thanks for all!

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    I told you so
    Authored by: elronxenu on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:11 PM EDT
    I wrote in (comment apparently deleted due to transgressing Groklaw's rules) ...

    "Pack your bags, Ms O'Gara - you're finished. Nobody with any integrity will employ you. From the moment you started writing that article - and possibly long before - you were doomed."

    My prediction came true a lot quicker than I had expected!

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Crossing the line
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:14 PM EDT

    PJ on SCO: they never see that line until they have crossed it

    I don't recall them ever having seen the line, period - whether they had crossed it or not

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:18 PM EDT

    PJ, please don't let this seemingly qualified rejection of her work detter you
    from sending O'Gara to court.

    Meanwhile, stay safe.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Truth stands by itself
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:20 PM EDT
    I highly appreciate your effort and courage. Your integrity is clear through
    your work so you don't need any other thing against opposition.
    Their poison fed themselves.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    O'Gara Lands on her mouth
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:22 PM EDT
    Let's hope she goes to MSN as an editor. What would we do without her?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    People power
    Authored by: Felix_the_Mac on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:24 PM EDT

    Article is published on 7th.
    PJ publishes 'Intimidation' piece on Monday, May 09 2005 @ 04:40 PM EDT.
    O'Gara is gone by Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:42 AM EDT.

    That's 19 hours!

    As someone who emailed about 30 people at sys-con in the middle of the night (UK
    time) I can say that I am thrilled!

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Ok, now lets proceed onwards and upwards
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:24 PM EDT

    "No good deed shall go unpunished" so, now that only a small smigon of
    justice has been served, lets get off this sidetrack and back onto the main

    Now you have brought more people into the fold, what can we do today? I heard
    rummored that there is something going on with SCO that they may be doing some
    deal with Vista.

    Would be nice if we could fill the court room with yellow bands to show support
    of GrokLaw. Wish I were close enough to go see the circus one afternoon.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Groklaw, the Book, the Movie... by P.J.
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:26 PM EDT
    I can't wait...

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: raynfala on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:26 PM EDT
    To PJ: Kudos!

    To Ms. O'Gara: Well done (Not a commentary on her actions, merely her present
    state :^)


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: Kybos on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:27 PM EDT
    Thank you PJ, for helping me understand that we can all make a difference.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: blacklight on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:28 PM EDT
    MOG's breach of journalistic ethics was so gross that she made herself too
    radioactive for any future employer, even in the rag trade. For all practical
    purposes, MOG has committed professional suicide and SCOG will have to look for
    another stooge. As for SCOG iself, none of us is naive enough to think that MOG
    did the leg work, and it is only a matter of time before we trace MOG's
    information back to SCOG.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Once again the day is saved...
    Authored by: teknomage1 on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:28 PM EDT
    Once again the day is saved...
    Thanks to the Power Puff...wait erm the LinuxWorld Editors, yay!

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con the only MOG outlet?
    Authored by: N. on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:32 PM EDT
    Does G2/LinuxGram get republished anywhere else?

    (Now almost completely Windows-free)

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    James clarifies "Byline" wording
    Authored by: mdarmistead on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:33 PM EDT
    I know someone elsae already brought it up, but the reply is several layers
    deep. Just so you know, James has clarified what he wrote in his blog:

    Clarification: Someone questioned the term "bylined article". Let me
    clarify as I have had it clarified by the publisher for me. No material
    authored by O'Gara will appear, period.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Excellent. Now shall we move on?
    Authored by: MplsBrian on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:34 PM EDT
    I look forward to the days when groklaw can focus on its mission without such
    distractions. I hope that the source of this negativity will learn her lesson
    and not search for a new outlet. I fear that I am living in naiveté.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: kberrien on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:38 PM EDT
    I understand the victory of this trash journalism being removed... but lets be

    Those in charge, and even MOG must certainly have been aware this would be the
    end game. I just have enough faith in human beings, and their intelligence to
    not believe they didn't realize this.

    MOG, her credibility ALREADY zero, was likely to take a dive in order to get the
    story released, and have its effect. This story, pictures an all, was going to
    be published regardless. This is not some rouge posting by MOG without the
    concent of higher ups.

    Whats in order is an official appology, retraction, and perhaps compensation.
    Removing MOG content isn't impressive enough for me.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Maureen O'Gara - Martyr?
    Authored by: UglyGreenTroll on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:41 PM EDT
    I congratulate Sys-Con on dumping (if in fact they did) a sleazy journalist. They didn't have much choice if they wanted to maintain (recover?) their integrity.

    But have they just martyred Maureen O'Gara? There are many outlets on the internet, and MO'G may use this "firing" as a spring board.

    I seriously doubt it will shut her up, as many Grokkrawlers likely hope. It may even make her louder still.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    How about an apology?
    Authored by: TAZ6416 on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:42 PM EDT
    I don't think we should let Sys-Con off the hook that easily.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    What did it
    Authored by: Groo on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:44 PM EDT
    One thing that probably was not mentioned was the work people did talking to the
    advertisers on Sys-Con. I personally called three that I know, and I mean KNOW
    the people involved. None of them knew about MoG and the situation.

    The funny thing is, at least one of them knew about Sys-Con before I mentioned
    it to him, he completed my sentence. The people who made the advertisers feel
    the heat were the ones that did it. Next time, go after them, politely and with
    well thought out persuasive arguements.

    That said, I got three to agree to pull ads :).


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Thanks For Your Courage, PJ
    Authored by: karl on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:45 PM EDT
    Awesome! I used to wonder if PJ was being a bit paranoid, but after reading
    MOG's last "article" it became clear that PJ's instincts were 100%
    correct and, if anything, she hasn't been careful enough!

    As is obvious to everyone, the MOG message was designed to frighten you into
    silence, PJ. (Was it legal for them to get your phone records?
    Unbelievable...) Thank you for your courage. Groklaw is now getting more press
    than SCO -- the SCO FUD machine is just about kaput, and you have been the key
    component in making that happen.

    Thank you.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Ding dong, etc.
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:48 PM EDT
    It's just a shame that Dee-Ann confirmed O'Gara's information. Giving her even
    that degree of credibility was unfortunate, not that it's done her any good.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: technomom on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:50 PM EDT
    I think you may have spoken a bit too soon, PJ. When I go to, I see 4 articles by MOG spotlighted on the right hand
    side. Moreover, I see no words of apology from Sys-Con to you nor no notice
    disavowing Maureen's article. I think they have a long way to go to atone for
    giving a platform for MOG's harrassment.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: rvergara on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:54 PM EDT
    In the Intimidation article I wrote:

    "I have been an admirer of American Journalism and how self controlled and
    independent it is.

    I can only expect that journalism itself deals with this appaling incident in a
    swiftly and complete manner.

    I hope this becomes one of American Journalism finest moments."

    I am just glad that my admiration for American Journalism was completely


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Do the right thing.
    Authored by: rsteinmetz70112 on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:55 PM EDT
    I'm gratified that Sys-con has done the right thing and relieved themselves of
    Ms. O'Gara.

    I hope they apologized to PJ as well.

    Unfortunately we many not have seen the last of Ms. O'Gara. She still has her
    web site and may find another outlet for her ravings. The web is a big place and
    there are many people out there who have no honesty at all, not to mention

    She might end up doing Blake Stowell's job, since he may end up doing Chris
    Sontag's, while Mr. Sontag is busy searching CVMC for stolen code.


    "I could be wrong now, but I don't think so."
    Randy Newman - The Title Theme from Monk

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:57 PM EDT
    What a complete crock (from;-

    [LinuxGram] directed at the people who run the computer industry, the Fortune 5000 who buy from them and the developers who make it all work. Treasured as a strategic weapon that’s hidden by CEOs from their boards so they sound brighter, its tone and writing style is a favorite with readers.

    The people who write LinuxGram are veterans of the trench warfare that marked the rise of Unix and the onset of NT. They keep and deploy the cultural memory, something Intel chairman Andy Groves has charged the rest of the press with forgetting, to its and the industry’s detriment.

    A passion for accuracy goes without saying.

    Please... stop it... you're killng me...

    What makes us unique is our intelligence. The intelligence comes from:
    • The best reporters in the industry. We get the story behind the story.
    • A perspective that comes from the years we've been in this industry. We don’t just rewrite press releases.
    • Contacts at the highest level of every company in the industry. We've even been accused of having bugs in the boardrooms.
    • We work harder. We have a proven track record. No other newsweekly breaks more news. Every week. Week after week.
    • A fierce dedication to reporting the facts. We get it right the first time - our accuracy rate is unchallenged.

    How could anyone take that seriously?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    This still smells fishy...
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 12:57 PM EDT
    I'd not be surprised if the severance package had been tied before the article

    Something like "Ok, we are seeing a bad impact on sales. You get to write
    another article to make it look good for us when you quit. You have leave to
    write whatever you want to. If subscriptions go up at least 20% in reaction to
    your leaving us, you get a bonus."

    On the other hand, the article is clearly not paid for just by a severance
    package, since it basically is severance from the profession, not just the job.

    And that calls for deeper pockets than a publisher has to offer.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: perpetual_newbie on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:02 PM EDT
    There have been so many calls for an editor's head rolling for allowing it to be
    published. Remember that one of the descriptions of MOG was as the
    editor-in-chief of Linux Business Week, a SYS-CON affiliate if I remember
    correctly. It's easy to release a story of yours if you are the editor...

    ...or am I wrong?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Thank you for your journalistic integrity
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:03 PM EDT
    I honestly think after this SCO case is up you should travel to universities
    around the world to speak about ethics in journalism. Having been an opinion
    editor of a newspaper, I know exactly how rare those ethics are to find in most
    journalists and journalism students.

    Do whatever you can to be as safe as you can. This was obviously O'Gara's
    attempt to get you bumped off by deep pocketed SCO investors who can afford a

    And that is what is so disgusting about that article... as it truly could only
    be perceived as a roadmap to causing you physical harm.

    And for that, Maureen O'Gara deserves to be behind bars. Please follow through
    with a lawsuit as this attempt to cause you and your family physical harm can
    simply not be tolerated from any writer anywhere.

    Most important, however, do what you can to be safe. Maureen O'Gara in an orange
    jumpsuit would be a good first step toward that.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: brooker on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:04 PM EDT
    There's just one more thing that Maureen should write before she disappears from
    view. Something that needs to be published publically, and that would be an
    apology, along with a full explanation of who has been supplying her with
    information, and who's been paying her to mangle and twist that information in
    such deceitful and dispicable ways.

    I'm glad she's been dropped by Sys-Con, but they should apologise too. The

    To PJ, and to MathFox The Mighty...Congratulations on hanging in there so
    gracefully, and keeping things going so beautifully. A job well done, and very
    appreciated by all of us.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Most advertisers agreed too!
    Authored by: skwelch on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:04 PM EDT
    Almost every reply to the complaints I've sent advertisers support this, only
    one claimed they don't like the article but can't help where their ads are
    placed. Most where like this one from Arkeia:

    Matt -- thank you for your email. You were not the only one that was
    concerned about the article and its content. Arkeia does not condone the
    article or the views of Ms. O'Gara and we are taking the necessary steps
    to pull our advertising from any page or newsletter associated with Ms.
    O'Gara. Sys-Con has informed me that they will be posting their official
    response as it relates to this article on their website.

    Thank you for your concern and for your continued support.

    Kind regards,

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: 1N8 M4L1C3 on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:05 PM EDT

    Hip Hip Horray!

    Thank you very much for sharing this incredible news with us. I think I can
    safely speak for all your regulars here in expressing what wonderful news this

    This is another example where taking the high road will eventually pay off in
    the end.

    Not to be vendictive (simply cautiously-minded), I would still follow through on
    a "cease and desist" order against MOG - as there's nothing to stop
    her from spreading her vile within other publications or creating her own blog.


    On the 7th day, Linus saw that which he created and it was good... ...on the
    8th day SCO litigated.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Unfortunately this isn't likely to be the end of it
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:08 PM EDT
    First I have some doubts because the linked article says that all Maureen's
    material will be removed, but as far I can see, apart of the attempted expose,
    the rest is all still there.

    Putting my doubts about sys-con aside and taking sys-con at their word, I am
    inclined to believe that Maureen will continue her attempted expose, in her own
    publications LinuxGram, and ClientServer news, which are owned by G2, Maureen's

    Reading yesterday's report in CRN and InternetWeek, which quotes Maureen, she
    seems to be defiantly unrepentant. It would seem unlikely that the last few
    hours and events at Sys-con would have changed Maureen's mind. Nothing in the
    past, no matter how many factual errors in her articles have been pointed out,
    has changed her mind. Instead, the more errors that Maureen has made, and the
    more they have been pointed out, the more her vitriol has increased.

    I therefore believe that it highly likely that Maureen will continue in the same
    vein, perhaps even descending to an even lower path when she continues her
    attempted expose, in the G2 publications. I also rather suspect that Maureen
    will now attempt to portray herself as the victim. If Maureen had
    anger/hatred/malice towards PJ, and it certainly seems to me that she did from
    her past articles, in Maureen's mind this anger/hatred/malice seems likely to
    have increased, not decreased.

    If you are reading Maureen, please stop now, and prove my fears above wrong.
    The path you have taken is unacceptable - don't descend any lower.

    And PJ, as I've said before, you and your family have my best wishes. IANAL,
    and I can't advise you on whether to pursue civil litigation, and in any case
    this is a decision you have to take yourself.

    Regardless of that, having slept on it, while I know (from your past article)
    that you have talked to law enforcement agencies, and I *really* do think this
    is a path that you absolutely *must* pursue. Please do talk to the FBI or the
    Attorney General, and keep talking until they help you. I don't wish to alarm
    you, but I am increasingly of the belief that it is absolutely necessary: If
    Maureen's article is to be believed, then she and/or somebody else has access to
    your private telephone records, as well as either entering or attempting to
    enter your apartment.

    IANAL IMHO etc

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Advice for PJ
    Authored by: Turin on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:15 PM EDT
    1. Move
    2. Redirect mail to a drop box, including motor vehicle records (absolutely
    vital to alter, easy to get), cell phone bills (!) and credit cards. Set up a
    post office forward to a Mailboxes, etc type location. Perfect for this.
    3. Consider the possiblity of listing utility (power, phone, gas, whatever)
    records in someone else's name, if this is feasible for you. Availability and
    willingness will be the governing factors here.

    Please consider this advice carefully. I spent several years doing
    investigations for large insurers. This is how we found people. We did not
    follow cars.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    We are not done yet..
    Authored by: shareme on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:16 PM EDT
    We need to press sys-con to not only make a full explanation but to publically
    in print and online apollogize for their lack of critical thinking and

    Once that is complete it sends amessage to other actiosn that may already in
    play and the people behind them that this type of stuff will not be tolerrated
    in any form of press or journalistic form..

    Sharing and thinking is only a crime in those societies where freedom doesn't

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    When you bite the hand that feeds you
    Authored by: eamacnaghten on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:27 PM EDT
    In a way, I feel sorry for MOG. She is (was?) a hard nosed "journalist" who worked at getting big scoop stories before anyone else did and worked at finding out information that no-one else seemed to have access to, then breaking the stories in a way that inspired discussion. All good stuff (as far as selling copy is concerned) even if at times she was a shill.

    The mistake she made here was that she lost it and started a vendetta on a prominent member of the Open Source community, and not on only that one person, on all who contributed to the work that person did. I do not think she understood that although the FLOSS community is large in numbers it has a village-like community spirit, and when you issue a generic attack on a section of it, you are in fact attacking all of it.

    When your articles a published by something called LinuxBusinessWeek (or ehatever it calls itself) it is foolish to, in effect, start a vendetta against on what compromises of a large amount of your readership. All her PJ exposing excercise has done (I use the term loosly, all she did was to show that PJ was exactly who she said she was and to try and intermidate her) was to put a nail in a coffin that was already shut. She cooked her goose by maintaining inaccurate and misleading reporting after the cat was out the bag. At least DiDio and company seems to know how far it is possible to push things before you should stop.

    Web Sig: Eddy Currents

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:29 PM EDT
    And as Cartman would say "Respect my authority"!!!

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Moving On
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 01:31 PM EDT
    Dear Pamela,

    I didn’t add my well wishes to yesterdays list and would like to correct that
    now. You have done a good service for the community and my support is with you
    one hundred percent. In an odd sort of a way you can be pleased about this. Not
    what was said but the fact that they had to stoop to this level. After all they
    only tackle the guy with the ball.

    As far as what was said the only outcome I can see is that a lot of the younger
    mens hearts are broken and the more mature among us have their hearts beating a
    little faster. Personally I think of it as a tremendous testament of what one
    can accomplish. It is so common in our society to treat those past their prime
    an not being able to contribute. More than what you have done for the open
    source community you have shown us all that one is never too old to contribute
    to society and make a difference.

    Now for the part I’m going to be flamed about. I’m sure MOG is just a pawn. As a
    pawn she will probably find she is scorned by those who have been using her as
    fast as she has been by us since she is no longer of use to them. She made a
    mistake, a big mistake and she is bing punished. MOG now has to make a choice.
    She can continue on her current direction and become a bitter hateful person or
    she can send PJ and the entire Groklaw community a sincere, heartfelt apology
    along with ‘the truth’ about her role in this. Without the truth the apology
    would be meaningless. Should she choose this path I believe we should listen and
    give her a chance. I believe everyone should be given a second chance in life.
    Sadly I don’t think she will take this path until it is too late for her but the
    offer for redemption is there. Under the morals set forth by Pamela Jones we are
    not mean or vindictive here at Groklaw, we only seek the truth.

    Now back to the job of seeking the truth in the various law suits.


    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: cinly on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 02:24 PM EDT
    I believe if SysCon believe it is serious enough to withdraw the article, it
    should also publicly apologize to PJ for carrying the article.

    If not because of moral consideration, then a $$$ (damage awarded if there is a
    litigation) one will do.

    If what the editors say about lobbying syscon owners to dump Ms O'Gara is true,
    its sad to say that the owners only take actions after the damage is done.

    All views expressed here are my own and do not reflect that of any institution I
    am affiliated to

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Another Message of Support
    Authored by: Erbo on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 02:34 PM EDT
    PJ, I feel late to the party, but I wanted to comment here before your server goes completely supernova. I put my take on the whole situation here, and, while writing that post, I was pleased to get the news of Ms. O'Gara being shown the door. It is my fervent hope that she now finds herself blackballed and permanently unemployable.

    To reiterate the comments in my post: We of Electric Minds (a community that runs on Linux) stand with you. Like the children of La Resistance, you fight in all our names for what we know is right. Thank you.

    Eric J. Bowersox
    Technical Director and System Administrator
    Electric Minds Community <>

    -- -
    Electric Minds - virtual community since 1996.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Why would O'Gara commit professional seppuku?
    Authored by: pcr on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 04:03 PM EDT
    Considering that publishing this kind of article would mean career suicide for a
    professional journalist, what could possibly motivate O'Gara to author and
    distribute such a thing?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps MOG - But
    Authored by: tangomike on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 04:47 PM EDT
    that doesn't answer the questions:

    1. How come the article got published in the first place?

    2. How come it took so long to remove it?

    According to several reports, there was someone "editing" the site.
    These reports noted that some comments were posted and then removed. They also
    noted that the comment function for the article was shut off, though the article
    remained visible. There was a report that SYS-CON editors had protested the
    article, and the SYS-CON publishers (or some such) were meeting this morning to
    decide what action to take.

    All of this suggests to me that SYS-CON didn't recognize the fundamental
    failings of the article. It took complaints, apparently from sponsors, to get
    SYS-CON's attention.

    So, yes, Ms. O'Gara's firing is appropriate, but it leaves a big question about
    SYS-CON's ethics. I will continue to communicate to SYS-CON's sponsors that I'm
    not going to support them if they advertise there.

    Nothing screams 'poor workmanship' like wrinkles in the
    duct tape.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Not the end, but maybe the beginning of the end
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 05:22 PM EDT
    So MOG has been fired, but we should not relax our vigilance.
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the people who paid her are not
    about to give up.

    Maybe a lesson has been learned about personal attacks, but even that remains to
    be seen, too many people nowadays seem to think that ethics is a county to the
    northeast of London.

    I am rather concerned that we may end up playing whack-a-mole trying to keep up
    with the latest attacks from an increasingly desperate SCOX propaganda

    "The Americans will always do the right thing... After they've exhausted
    all the alternatives."
    - Winston Churchill

    We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France.
    We shall fight on the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing strength in
    the air. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on
    the beaches. We shall fight on the landing grounds. We shall fight in the fields
    and in the streets. We shall fight in the hills. We shall never
    - Winston Churchill

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Mission Accomplished... in more ways than one?
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 05:56 PM EDT

    I'm happy to hear that Sys-Con has acted. I suggest that the O'Gara
    "exposé" had exactly the intended effects, however:

    1. It DDoS'ed Groklaw. I'm having serious trouble getting any pages to load
    today. This will cut down on positive exposure and, as long as it lasts, will
    delay getting the word out.

    2. It generated a pile of page hits for MO'G and LBW. "There's no such
    thing as bad publicity" is so much less irrational when you get paid per ad

    3. It spread yet more FUD: heavy on the F, particularly w.r.t. PJ.

    4. It preached magnificently to the tSCOG choir. Whoever brought this point up
    dismissively in an earlier comment on how MO'G still has "outlets,"
    please remember that the tSCOG case is really being prosecuted via innunendo and
    spin in the PRESS, not in court; so repeating the pro-tSCOG message as often and
    as loudly as possible is critical to their survival.

    As someone (I haven't been able to read all the comments yet, due to effect #1)
    seems to have pointed out, one of the side effects of this brouhaha was to
    martyr MO'G. While I think martyrdom is overstating things just a bit, it
    certainly could be true that she was thrown to the wolves in order to save the
    rest of the party, and that it was done in such a way as to maximize damage to
    the wolves.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Groklaw detergent, cleans away the dirtiest stains ...
    Authored by: dmarker on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 05:59 PM EDT

    Whilst I don't believe we have heard the last of MOG, I believe she will have
    difficulty finding new sponsors willing to host and publish her tSCOg inspired
    (and other) blotches on journalism.

    But Groklaw it seems has proven that as a detergent for truth, it can clean
    away even the worst of stains. The formula is simple:

    Start with a supply of legal sources,
    blend carefully distilled truth,
    add a touch of uncomplicated simplicity,
    make available to 1000s of interested consumers.

    The results will amaze some & entertain others but will prove that no matter
    how black the stains, Groklaw can remove them.

    Doug Marker

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:05 PM EDT
    Good call.

    PJ, I don't care if you are a blond redish forty year old ( who giggles a lot (
    haha )), Or a white male reclusive in a wheelchair living in a forest wearing
    nothing most of the day.

    The point is the work you do, giving us 'nobodies' sort of a real voice, is more
    important then who you really are in your real life. ( not that i have any
    reason NOT to believe you !!!. )

    Your life is yours, you deserve to have that little privacy of your own.

    Those OTHER people need to BACK OFF FAST.

    Retep Vosnul.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: blacklight on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:15 PM EDT
    I doubt that sys-con tossed MOG out of the goodness of is corporate heart.
    sys-con's decision was a no-brainer: members of the Open Source community got in
    touch with sys-con's advertisers, and in turn these advertisers made an effort
    sys-con couldn't refuse. After all, getting traffic to the site is a useless
    effort if the advertisers are no longer bankrolling the site. In addition, two
    of sys-con's editors theatened to resign.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: WildCode on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:17 PM EDT
    While I praise Sys-Con for their decision, I do notice that this is not the end
    of it.

    O'Gara's sites still publish the stories, and the "tabloid" article
    was concluded with "to be continued".

    I see backlash from O'Gara on the horizon as she will likely blaim Groklaw, and
    not her own actions for Sys-Con's descision not to publish any of her

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Wile E. Coyote vs. Beep-Beep...
    Authored by: Latesigner on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:19 PM EDT
    If whoever owns Warner Bros. these days will permit it I think the coyote and
    the roadrunner should be on the cover of PJ's book.

    The only way to have an "ownership" society is to make slaves of the rest of us.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
    Authored by: mlwmohawk on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:22 PM EDT
    I still see plenty of new items by MOG. Lip service by sys-con if you ask me.

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    I missed it. What happened?
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:37 PM EDT
    For those of us just tuning in, or who never saw the article that caused all the
    stench, can someone summarize?

    What happened?

    [ Reply to This | # ]

    There once was a shill-hack named Mog
    Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:42 PM EDT
    Who penned for the suit-happy SCOG
    under blogging pretense;
    Due to bane consequence
    We'll have to wait for the Mog-Epilogue
    (sorry for the dupe)

    [ Reply to This | # ]

      PJ, maybe reward Sys-Con with an exclusive
      Authored by: WildCode on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 06:57 PM EDT
      PJ, with O'Gara not likely to be "finished her investigation", may I
      suggest giving one of the Sys-Con reporters who was supportive of you an
      exclusive in person, squashing any further "FUD" O'Gara may publish

      I understand you value your anonymity, but I feel coming "out of the
      shadows" will at least squash any future "tabloid" attempts in
      regards to your identify.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: kberrien on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:02 PM EDT
      This is all kinda weird, and as I've watched this develop during the day some
      things strike me.

      1. We only have a report from an Editor of a related magazine (somehow connected
      to sys-con?) - not on the magazine website - but on his personal blog?

      2. As of dinner time here on the east coast there are still MOG articles online,
      despite the truely offending one. (all sys-con sites are still slashdotted -

      3. We're getting reports advertisers are learning the truth.

      4. PJ accepts the "editors" information, and posts MOG is sacked. Big
      Audience (groklaw slashdotted)

      5. Slashdot follows and covers both blogs. Huge Audience.

      Now, I see nothing official that says MOG has been sacked, or even ALL her
      articles removed.

      Now put yourself in the position of sys-con. Your already taking a hit for the
      offending article, and had to remove it. You may have gotta angry phone calls
      or (shall we hope, cancellations) from advertisers. Now, the entire viewing
      public (because who else would read sys-con sites!) is convinced you've sacked
      MOG because of an accurate/not leak by a related magazine editor.

      So you already look stupid. Do you come out tomarrow an say the editor wasn't
      correct and MOG stays? Do you continue the controversy and risk real
      journalists checking the facts? Do you appologize publically (front page) and
      risk admitting fault in the face of possible PJ legal action?

      This isn't done by a long shot.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      ...And pleased (after being disgusted)
      Authored by: rdm on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:14 PM EDT
      In a simliar vein to yesterday, this went up on my blog this morning.

      Fresh from Groklaw this morning, comes the news that, thanks to James Taylor, community pressure, and requests from advertisers, MOG shall no longer be published by any Sys-Con publication, and that her existing material shall be removed.

      It says something about the power of the F/LOSS movement that this would have to be the fastest canning of an errant reporter that I have ever seen. This is not to say that the pressure has not existed previously - MOG has been writing articles of questionable worth for a considerable time - but the speed of response to yesterday's outrage was impressive.

      There will be, I am sure, other public statements from MOG, no doubt condemming this silencing of a critic, but the public record stands, as do redacted versions of her article on third-party sites, and even the shallowest of investigator will soon find the truth: She was not silenced for criticising, but for breaching basic journalistic ethics.

      I also have no doubt that the suspected backers of her 'investigations' will also get some mileage out of this, but, again, the attempts are doomed to failure.

      To conclude, I would again like to thank James, Dee-Ann, and those countless partisans who contacted Sys-Con and their advertisers to make their displeasure known. You are all heros.

      And PJ? Your stance on this matter does you proud. I hope you are soon able to recover your treasured privacy, and that this fades like a bad dream.

      Reality might not get out of Beta, today. (O.Timas, "Bot" - S.Gange)

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Anon Ymonus on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:14 PM EDT

      You're awesome. Really.

      You've held close to the Good Ethical Standard, even when some were out to get
      you. By keeping to the high road, we got to see what happens to those who slosh
      through the muck.

      Keep your head held high. You're doing a great job. I think everyone here will
      agree with me on that.

      Anon Ymonus
      The future is known. It is the past which is always changing. -- Soviet
      dissident joke

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      FYI: News sites covering this
      Authored by: WildCode on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:44 PM EDT
      The Inquirer
      O'Reilly OSDir
      Internet Week
      Linux Pipeline
      Dest op Pipeline
      Linux Electrons

      While I do know that some of these are "sister" sites, I'm just showing the exposure this is getting, than google and yahoo show. I'm sure there are others not on this list.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      • Corrections - Authored by: WildCode on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:47 PM EDT
      • they say... - Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 10:36 PM EDT
      Sent to Maureen's site:
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 07:46 PM EDT
      Dear Maureen,

      I'm sure you've heard this from thousands by now, but I'll add my voice to the
      chorus. Your act of voyeurism was childish, and an apology is in order.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Leave her articles here.
      Authored by: darkonc on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:10 PM EDT
      I don't believe in censorship. Among other things, O'Gara's articles may be useful to leave there for posterity and research purposes. I can see LinuxWorld wanting to place disclaimers above/around her articles, but outright deletion (other than for the most obviously libelous) gives me a bad feeling -- on principle, not on feelings. The answer to bad speech is, generally, more speech, not censorship.

      Not entirely like the principle behind keeping up some of the holocaust camps -- it's not to glorify what went on there -- but rather to acknowledge what happened when parts of humanity turned to the darkside, and other parts acquiesced to it.

      Powerful, committed communication. Touching the jewel within each person and bringing it to life..

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      NEWS FLASH! SCO Group hire new media manager.
      Authored by: Jorge on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:13 PM EDT
      The SCO Group (SCOX) is pleased to announce that they have secured the services
      of Maureen O'Gara as the new Media Manager for SCO.

      CEO Darl said "We were the only one's who would touch her after a fiasco
      like this"

      Anyone want to take a bet that this headline will appear for real in a couple of

      Bad pennys always turn up, as long as there are equally bad people who use their
      work. It is funny how MOG was predeicting PJ's suicide and wound up committing
      her own (career that is).

      The best thing to come out of all of this though, was the fact that PJ slept
      soundly last night and with a smile on her face. She now knows that people do
      care who PJ is, just not what she looks like, where she lives, etc.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      I read the story - looks like a stalker to me!
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:13 PM EDT

      I read MOGs "story". Reads like the diary of a stalker. Seriously, If
      you haven't already, please notify the FBI. MOG may be mentally ill, a poor
      loser or worse. You never know with someone like this. Best that the authorities
      keep track of her. Who knows what she'll do next. Sounds like she's "off
      her nut..."


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: duratkin on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:25 PM EDT
      Give all this, will TSCOG release any information about PJ as Darl promised?

      Are they that crazy?

      All good penquins love free stuff.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: kawabago on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:27 PM EDT
      I'm just so happy!


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Don't use her initials - it insults cats
      Authored by: Tufty on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:35 PM EDT
      Whew, that server needs a new fan after that, well done. I am still having
      trouble getting in, a DOS by comments. I wonder what happened to the hit count,
      put up the stats for the last few days. - :)

      Sadly I think this is only a breathing space. She'll be back, nastier than ever.
      I do wonder if our reaction was wanted or unwanted. I can't decide. I would have
      thought a defamation like that would have been carried out far more subtly than
      an all out frontal assault that would be seen for what it was. I am suspicious.
      Let us all not get too overconfident, there is worse to come.

      PJ - put me on the list for transcriptions, provided I am not busy with work at
      the time.

      There has to be a rabbit down this rabbit hole somewhere!
      Now I want it's hide.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Authored by: arch_dude on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:35 PM EDT
      What would it take for MoG to redeem herself? I love PJ, and I've been a
      Groklawer since mid-2003, but I feel that we need to think about this.

      In her public persona, MoG is tough and mean. But what if she is actually
      brittle? Might she take her own life? If so, we are going to feel bad about some
      of the things we have said.

      What could MoG do that would cause the Groklaw crowd to at least remain silent?
      For me, a public apology and a promise to take a college-level course in
      journalistic ethics, and henceforth behave ethically, would suffice. So MoG, if
      you are reading this, please try to think objectively about your future.

      Of course, the Groklaw crowd is actually more likely to forgive than is the
      Yahoo or Slashdot crowd, but if you apologize to PJ and PJ publically accepts
      your apology, you just might be able to restart your career as a legitimate
      journalist. Your apology would need to be sincere, and I am willing to forgive,
      but of course I will never forget. After such an apology, I would read any new
      MoG articles carefully and if they were ethically flawed in any way, I would
      contact the editors and the advertizers. Without such an apology, I won't bother
      reading the article, I'll just contact the editors and advertizers anyway.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Authored by: pooky on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 08:51 PM EDT
      This is the lowest of the low. Never have I seen such a loathsome display of a
      personal vendetta by someone in a public forum.

      I'm hoping other outlets will follow suit and can her stories (and hopefully
      stop paying her for them). She has no business passing herself off as an
      industry analyst.


      Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Alex on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 09:09 PM EDT


      Hey Darl!! Did Ross Perot draw your chart?"

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Three articles by MOG on front page
      Authored by: jelenko on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 09:12 PM EDT
      Just went to Sys-con [9:10pm 5/10] - there's three articles under Latest News
      all by MOG - dated 5/9

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 09:20 PM EDT
      I just had a premonition.

      O'Gara will sue PJ for libel and sue Sys-Con for unlawful termination and violating her first-amendment rights.

      Yes, crazy, I know, but crazy hasn't stopped her before.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      a strategic point to consider
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 09:44 PM EDT
      PJ, I know you prefer not to push yourself into the public eye, but
      please consider getting in touch with the drama or media department
      of a nearby college and learning the techniques asssociated with
      giving a dignified, confident interview.

      SCO wants to push you into the public eye, because that will make it
      easier for them to take the discussion back to the level of innuedo
      and spin control where they want it. And frankly, the average
      person looks like a babbling dolt their first few times on camera.
      I know.. I trained to work in front of a camera and my own early
      tapes achieved truly epic levels of suckage.

      This has nothing to do with your actually soliciting interviews,
      either on camera or in print. It's about taking away SCO's ability
      to make you feel threatened, and building a deterrent to make them
      fear you instead.

      It's already clear that you're intelligent, articulate, and
      passionate about what you do. Add the skills to make those
      qualities shine through on camera, and SCO will be desperate to keep
      you *away* from the spotlight, rather than trying to shove you into
      it against your will. Groklaw already generates more media buzz
      than SCO does these days, and the last thing they want to do is sic
      their paparazzi on you only to discover that you've turned into the
      next media darling.

      Again, I neither ask nor suggest that you abandon your decision to
      remain out of the public eye. Just consider giving SCO a reason to
      live in mortal dread of the thought that you might.

      SCO has shown no compunction against opportunism in the past, and if
      they think this line of attack might yield benefits to them in the
      future, I see no reason for them to stop trying.

      The longer this case goes on, the more I become convinced that SCO
      went in expecting to lose the legal battle, but win the media war.
      You've handed them a humiliating defeat in the media realm by
      untangling their complexities, negating their misdirections, and
      debunking their insinuations. You've destroyed their ability to feed
      stories into the media wire through a few pet writers, then sit back
      and wait for a crop of 'paraphrasing is easier than independent
      research' articles to arrive. The independent research too easy,
      thanks to you. You also outed their pet writers, more or less en
      passant, and drove the ROI on such investments straight through the

      SCO needs to bring this issue back into the realm of intangibles and
      spin control. That's the only place where they can possibly win.
      As long as they think they can beat you in that arena, I expect them
      to keep trying. Your best defense is the threat of a strong
      counterattack, which simply means having enough poise and control to
      direct attention back to the facts, no matter what media channel
      you're in.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: tymark on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 09:49 PM EDT
      I'd like to show my support for groklaw and you, PJ. My full opinion on this
      matter is posted <a
      href="">here</a>, on my blog.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Eric Damron on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 10:22 PM EDT
      This is truly great news! MOG really showed her true colors in her last
      “article.” It went WAY over the top. This entire time PJ has been a perfect
      lady. Never once mentioning the fact that MOG sounds an awful log like Smaug.
      I appreciate people with true sense of ethics.

      Anyway, let's get back to the business of protecting the truth.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      News flash: SCO/Stowell publicly turns on Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 10:38 PM EDT
      Blake Stowell is quoted in a new eWeek article saying he doesn't condone
      Maureen's outing of PJ.

      (only yesterday he was sort of justifying it to CRN and InternetWeek - not to
      mention his own boss, Darl McBride proposed to do the exact same thing 3 weeks
      ago during SCO's teleconference)

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps
      Authored by: webster on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 10:57 PM EDT
      Maureen O'Gara seemed to be part of the SCO scheme. She was a partisan not a
      journalist. She betrayed not a hint of objectivity.

      The attack article on PJ was not designed to enhance the SCO scheme. It was a a
      symbol of thier desperation. They realize they are not going to be paid
      millions. They have been exposed as pariahs. They blame PJ for this exposure.
      It is easy and convenient to focus on her. But it was not just PJ. And if it
      wasn't PJ, it would have been someone else. It was this new wired community.
      The article was meant to harm and nothing else. It amounted to throwing fuel on
      the fire outrage. She knew this. The pressure was already on. She did this
      while she still could. Let's hope she did this for money. I'd hate to think
      someone could be so cruel and stupid without some outside, sinister

      They needed her to carry the flag. The corporate officers have shut up. The
      lawyers have shut up. Now their shills are being shut up. There is no one to
      sling the FUD and scare up license fees. They are millions short of where they
      planned to be.

      If she was doing it for the money, we have heard the end of her.


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:00 PM EDT
      The old adage of "What goes around comes around" and "The truth
      will always shine through the mire of lies" come to bare here.

      They tried to HURT you personally. This is vindictive and totally illegal
      behaviour in Australia.

      In Australia, O'Gara would more than likely spend a few months at Her Majesties
      Pleasure (gaol) for using the methods that she employed in this attempt at
      gutter journalism. The breaches of the Privacy Act alone would see her away for
      a year if found guilty.

      She ended up shooting a very large hole in her foot. I hope that other journos
      recognise that this behaviour is typically rewarded with a change in

      A side issue, Has anyone done any investigative journalism on her relationship
      with McBride and any of the SCO-mob? Would it not be ironic if there were
      relationships and they were splashed over the rags? I bet you she would cry
      foul then!


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Reminds me of Joe McCarthy
      Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, May 10 2005 @ 11:27 PM EDT
      Joe McCarthy did a lot of damage to a lot of people. Finally, however, he went
      too far. He accused someone who was clearly innocent just when everyone had
      come to the conclusion that he had no real proof of anything. I can't remember
      the name of the lawyer who called him on it but I did hear a recording of the
      speech and it was a doozie!

      I think that two years ago, MOG could have got away with this; just as McCarthy
      did in the beginning. Now, on the other hand; let's just say that her timing
      was really really bad.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      One down, many left
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 12:20 AM EDT
      So after being ousted from a few years ago, MOG has finaly been ousted from Sys-Con. Grrrrrrrreat.
      I have been waiting something like that since her infamous article "Li nus Savages Red Hat 7.0" back in december 2000.
      Thank you PJ. You once more made my day. :)

      Now, what about the G2News galaxy still publishing the offending article about PJ amongst a load of other dubious "news"?
      Here is an (incomplete) list for Google and the posterity (and maybe some groklawer to find interesting connections):
      G2News publishes ClientServerNews , LinuxGram, EPostalNews and OnlineReporter (connection to MOG) and is even linked to UsChinaBusinessNews! All those "titles" should be tainted by now. Let's make sure they are...

      Oh! And here is this old (2001) but funny example of what G2News calls "journalism": Ben Collins in Client Server NEWS

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      O'Gara article still available on
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 12:22 AM EDT
      I absolutely hate to be the bearer of bad news.

      Browsing to, which lists MOG as one of their editors...

      "Who are the editors of G2News Publications?

      Maureen O'Gara, (Long Island, NY)
      516-759-7025 Ext. 109; FAX 516-759-7028
      Maureen's resume is impressive. [...]"

      ...I found a link to Client Server News, which has "Who is Pamela Jones? by
      Maureen O'Gara" boldfaced on its title page. :-(

      I think it is important for your consideration to take legal action against her,

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      BTW, GPL Sued For "Software Price Fixing"
      Authored by: IMANAL on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 12:51 AM EDT
      The article, BTW (By That Woman), is still up.

      I just wondered: if Slackware (and Debian, RedHat) has been sold on CD for so and so many years, how many people have been employed on those sales and revenues? That would be a countercase in point. They were never sold below market value but rather created a new one and sold according to that market's value. Oh yes, that market value triggered Michael Dell's 100M$ support for RedHat a few days ago.


      IM Absolutely Not A Lawyer

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Good Riddance
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 01:12 AM EDT
      Mog will probably spew under a psudonem until it blows over, but it couldn't
      have happened to a more deserving person.

      PJ, you have done more to shine the light of documented truth on the shadowy
      mis-truths of SCO's mis-guided attack on Linux than any single person anywhere.
      No doubt about it.

      Sure you have help now and make no mistake, thanks to each and every one of
      them. But *you* provided the initial spark. *You* keep the community to the
      high road. You're human, and have even gotten carried away a time or two. But
      I think I speak for all of us when I say we love you for all you've done, and
      helped the community do!

      Of course we're curious, but you know it don't matter. We owe you one heck of a
      debt of gratitiude, and you know we will stand with you.

      I had to refrain from comment last night, I was so angry I could not say
      anything particularly useful or hold myself to the GrokLaw standards of conduct


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Authored by: djw on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 01:45 AM EDT
      Hey. . .that 'article' says PJ is 'missing and has been for weeks' (yes, I did
      read this screed quickly in cache somewhere, though I felt like I was in a rank
      dirty bookstore doing so).

      Well, I notice lots of stuff someone named PJ is posting here. Perhaps someone
      should alert MOG that we've found her. . .

      Why in the world does this O'Gara person think any of what she spewed forth is
      'news' in any form? Looks like she has really finally lost it. Desperation is
      all it appears to be.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: daWabbit on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 01:58 AM EDT
      As of 00:53 CDT, 11 May, LBN is covered with articles by Maureen O'Gara. There
      is what I think may be a re-written version of the article which raised all the
      dust in the first place. (I don't know because I did not see the original.)

      Without being too hasty, I do believe we've been duped. Time will tell.

      Jack Imsdahl

      "There ain't no reason I should work this hard when I can live off the chickens
      in my neighbor's yard" -Bruno Wolfe

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: muswell100 on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 03:08 AM EDT
      I reckon I was one of the many yesterday who came up against the limits of the
      Groklaw site when my comment couldn't be added. Regardless of that, I am very
      pleased to see that justice - at least in this particular case - has been seen
      to be done. Gutter journalism has no place in the professional press and it's
      good to see that it's been promptly stamped out.

      Essentially, my attempted comment yesterday stated that in many ways, Pamela,
      you can consider Ms O'Gara's actions a backhanded compliment; it means that
      you're hitting 'em where they live - though not quite so literally as Maureen's
      attempts - and exposing the SCO crowd in a far more meaningful way than any of
      their own brutish methods in 'exposing' their critics. Keep shining that
      spotlight on these cockroaches and with any luck they'll scuttle off to join Ms
      O'Gara under the nearest rock.

      My congratulations go to you and your continued work.

      Best wishes...

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: timycc on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 03:56 AM EDT
      Reading that sick article did have impact on one's health.
      From time to time, a cartoon scene will come up in my mind.
      A dear old paranoid rightful lady in red chasing and hitting a screeching big
      bad wolf tagged SCO or MOG with her ambrella.
      Sorry PJ, if that is not you.

      Except exposing the address stuff, I do'nt see what the point of that article
      was. Maybe she was suggesting a braindead younger woman (like you-know-who) is
      more credible than a faithful old lady? Most people get along with old ladies
      quite well, I suppose, especially if they make yummy cookies.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: TerryL on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 03:58 AM EDT
      While it's good that Sys-Con (for whatever reason, whether moral or financial) have acknowledged that the article was unacceptable and that M.O'G had overstepped (more like did the triplejump over) the line of what is decent, but I'm sure that isn't the last of it.

      Given the backgound and the players I'm sure this will be re-spun "Linux Stormtroopers from Groklaw carry out vicious campaign to destroy the carreer of respected journalist" or some such rot.

      M.O'G hasn't gone away (actually, she does have a right to earn her living, I just hope (but doubt) she will do it right from now on put the effort in and report on the facts and be able to back up the facts (I guess, follow PJ's example on how it should be done). I'm not hopeful though, she still has outlets for her output, and she may now feel she has an even bigger grudge and may push harder.

      The other thing to remember is that, whether SCO were involved as sponsors of the attack or not, they are still out there, and they are on record as saying they trying to get to the bottom of who PJ is and didn't Darl say he was getting close to PJ's bottom???? (sorry, couldn't resist PJ).

      I suspect that there are others that also would love to get rid of Groklaw and the community around it. To stop the research machine that has been so successful in poking holes in dodgy legal claims. These will be the companies that hope to make a killing with spurious Patent and other IP claims. They don't want the research machine to dig out the prior art, the old legal documents that languish in the system that disprove claims, the press releases that show thing aint like they say.

      I guess what I'm saying it, hooray, this skirmish came out OK, but it wasn't the end of this battle, and certainly not the end of the war.

      All comment and ideas expressed are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of any other idiot...

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      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara Or did they.....
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 07:27 AM EDT
      According to Linux Pipeline
      ot;>She Quit</a>

      But I have to laugh when I read from G2 their mandate for their rags....
      -"It is pledged to fact and fair comment."
      -"A passion for accuracy goes without saying"
      -"* A fierce dedication to reporting the facts. We get it right the first
      time - our accuracy rate is unchallenged. "

      I can only hope the when PJ sues G2 that G2 is personally guaranteed by MOG....

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      SCO to blame really
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 09:02 AM EDT
      I'm totally shocked at the news. I've been away on vacation, and had no idea of
      the events in the last week.

      I'm not suprised at the stand Sys-Con has taken, it's something that needed to
      be done, but I just always assumed it would have happened a long time ago.

      Ultimately, Maureen O'Gara was writing as if she had some sort of vendetta. It
      came across loud and clear. And I totally stopped reading her articles some
      time ago.

      But I still personally believe, the ones pulling the strings, and the one
      responsible here is SCO. Had they not put certain events in motion, NONE of
      what has transpired would have likely happened.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      I'm pretty skeptical
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 09:38 AM EDT
      Like some others, I don't think Sys-Con has gone far enough. In fact they may be laughing about the whole thing. I have checked their main site a few times (which unfortunately pushed up their hit rate) and I don't see any statement where they accept that what was written on one or more of their sites was not accepted practice. Like others, I suspect the only reason they supposedly "dumped" MOG was because of some complaints from advertisers.

      As of yesterday, they still had links to MOG stories.

      So my take is they either come out and say that they have some sort of journalistic ethics, or we should assume they don't (or that it depends totally on whoever happens to write the story). Editorials by supposedly offended other writers on their sites (sincere or not) don't cut it for me.

      Short of some statement by the Sys-Con organization that such behavior is at least not condoned, I think contacting advertisers and saying that being connected with Sys-Con reflects poorly on them is still in order. Until then, to me, all these "thank you's" to Sys-Con seem a bit premature. You may say "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" but when someone does something because their arm is being twisted it doesn't mean they deserve kudo's for doing it.


      A very long time lurker who didn't log in because I wouldn't put it past them to harrass someone who suggests contacting their advertisers (yeah paranoid, but these days who knows).

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara...not
      Authored by: Juggler9 on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 10:45 AM EDT
      As of 7:35am PDT May 11, 2005 the site is still rife with
      O'Gara. Searching for "o'gara" gets you a message that "Search
      has been disabled for the time being." but also turns up nearly a dozen
      stories by MOG in the sidebars. All clickable.

      True, there has been nothing posted under her byline since the 9th but I get the
      feeling that Sys-Con is less than sincere about their statement (suspiciously
      released only through an editor's blog, not openly stated in an obvious and
      prominent place). Especially given that there has been no official retraction
      and apology from the publisher.

      They say that actions speak louder than words. I am not seeing any actions

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps??? Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: ssavitzky on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 11:49 AM EDT

      Unfortunately, LinuxBusinessNews, a sys-con rag, still has plenty of her articles on it. Not surprising, since I believe MOG still runs it. Seems more like a bit of a shell game.

      By the way, PJ, I grew up in Norwalk. If you're really 61 I would have been three years behind you, so it's unlikely we ever met even if you did go to Norwalk High, but we may well have eaten the same execrable caffeteria food and had some of the same teachers.

      The SCO method: open mouth, insert foot, pull trigger.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara.. Well not yet
      Authored by: brain1 on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 12:21 PM EDT
      A quick check at LBN reveals that many of MOG's articles are still in place
      including the more benign "SCO Claims Groklaw's Pamela Jones Is Not Who She
      Says She Is" dated April 15th.

      Personally, I feel that MOG's rantings are pretty much self-evident as
      self-serving, flawed, poorly researched, and full of half-truths and outright
      lies. But, as long as she doesn't cross the line, then she has every right to
      air them in a venue of her choice. The best way to handle her is just as PJ has
      done - with the cold light of truth.

      So the statement of a totally MOG free zone is not quite true. However the
      offensive article doesn't show up on the front page. That, at least, is good
      news. Whatever else they might do is their business, but I think that a public
      apology on their site is warranted and will go a long way to repairing their

      However the distrubing thing is that they have been subject to a DOS (denial of
      service) attack. This is plain wrong and gives them (SCO, MOG, etc, etc.)
      ammunition to paint us as a bunch of lawless zealots.

      I implore those responsible to knock it off. We all feel incensed by the
      deplorable attack on PJ and are boiling mad at someone who would stoop so low.
      This has to be handled the right way, by PJ through the authorities and the
      court system, and by us by showing her our support. Recruiting a bunch of
      zombied pc's to hammer the Sys-con site is going to prove nothing, and is an
      infantile way of handling the situation.


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      SysCon TV still lists the Maureen OGara Show
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 02:51 PM EDT
      I think it would be fitting if Syscon ran an apology in the slot for the OGara

      They still list the last show as of March.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      So, why is MoG's stuff still on Sys-Con's site?
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 03:01 PM EDT
      Here it is Wednesday afternoon (PDT) 11-May, and MoG's stuff is still prominent
      on (sys-con's site). Yesterday Sys-Con made a big
      production of dismissing MoG also saying that her stuff was coming off their
      site immediately. Yet, more than a day after that announcement, her stuff is
      still up and prominently featured. ... What's up?

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: heretic on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 04:24 PM EDT

      New development:

      Playing a Little CYA James Turner, Senior Editor of LinuxWorld Magazine got a call from Dan Lyons.

      Got a call from Dan Lyons at Forbes this afternoon, nosing about the whole Maureen story. I've been in the business long enough to tell the slant a story is probably going to take from the questions asks, and answered VERY carefully....

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Ode to PJ
      Authored by: Anonymous on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 05:25 PM EDT

      Pamela Jones was a nasty old bitch,
      Drove a nine wheeler in a six foot ditch,
      Lined 99 guys up against a wall,
      Swore to hell she'd screw them all.

      Screwed 97 til their balls turned blue,
      Backed off, jacked em off, then screwed the other two

      When old Pamela Jones died she went to hell,
      Screwed the devil's minions and screwed em well
      Two little demons sitting against the wall saying,
      "let's get outta here, before she screws us all.


      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Odd silence from some quarters
      Authored by: bmcmahon on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 06:39 PM EDT
      I am somewhat puzzled that this story hasn't hit El Reg yet. Aren't they usually all over the place when there is muck to be raked?

      Or did I just miss the article?

      Or are PJ's mistakes, real and imagined, somehow newsworthy in the U.K., but a frontal assault on a popular Open Source news site is not?

      Or...(left as an exercise to the reader)?

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Interesting Info on G2 and MoG
      Authored by: jawaidbazyar on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 08:13 PM EDT
      I did some digging in G2's New York State corporation filing. The registered
      agent is a James V. O'Gara. Whether he is father, husband, or brother to MoG I
      do not know, but clearly there is a connection.

      James V. O'Gara works for a New York law firm called Kelley, Drye & Warren.
      He specializes in anti-trust law.

      He (unsuccessfully) litigated against the Open Software Foundation, DEC, and HP
      in the early 1990's. The claim was that the "More importantly, Addamax is
      alleging that the entire OSF concept is an illegal joint venture designed to
      influence the market for operating systems technology."

      Hmm.. the OSF was an early attempt to create a single standard for Unix, to open
      up the Unix platform. Seems Linux has done that.

      I would be vey, very curious to see if this law firm, or perhaps James V. O'Gara
      himself, has any connection to: SCO, Baystar, Caldera, or Canopy. If there is,
      that would be a smoking gun for MoG's being a hired gun for SCO.

      Here, Maureen O'Gara is quoted in a Byte article in 1990:
      She says that "at least one Unix provider is worried" about what
      Windows NT will do to them. Ha ha ha.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Who or what is G2?
      Authored by: jawaidbazyar on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 08:25 PM EDT
      I am pretty certain that G2 consists only of Maureen O'Gara.

      Back in 1999/2000 a "Charles Hall" was listed as CEO. But all
      references to Mr. Hall ceased a few years ago.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      The Relationship between Sys-Con and O'Gara
      Authored by: jawaidbazyar on Wednesday, May 11 2005 @ 08:35 PM EDT
      Some people seem to think O'Gara was an employee of Sys-Con. That is not the

      O'Gara is "G2 Computer Intelligence, Inc." a New York corporation.

      G2 publishes a variety of stuff, and, syndicates articles. Prior to yesterday,
      that included to Sys-Con.

      I believe previous comments from Sys-Con have indicated that the syndication is
      electronic and pretty much automatic.

      That was the extent of the relationship. While there was probably some
      contractual agreement in place, I would think that any such syndication
      agreement would be arm's length, and not tie Sys-Con into any particularly
      odious obligations.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: gjleger on Friday, May 13 2005 @ 12:38 AM EDT
      Here is a pseudo apology from LinuxWorld Magazine:

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara? Pigseye.
      Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, May 13 2005 @ 11:02 PM EDT
      The interview with Fuat Kircaali on Free Software magazine is quite disgusting
      as Kircaali demonstrates that he has no ethics at all.

      As far as I'm concerned, sys-con will continue to be boycotted by me and I'll be
      telling all of its advertisers my strong opinion as well.

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Sys-Con Dumps Maureen O'Gara
      Authored by: Anonymous on Saturday, May 14 2005 @ 09:37 AM EDT
      Editors are moving elsewhere. m/read/1278212.htm
      MONTVALE, New Jersey, May 14th, 2005 --- The entire senior editorial staff of LinuxWorld Magazine has today announced that they will be leaving the magazine, effective immediately. The following statement was released by the group. “We regret that Sys-Con Media has been unable to apply a standard of journalistic ethics that we can comfortably operate under. We feel that recent articles published with the consent of Sys-Con Media fail to meet minimum generally accepted journalistic codes, and because the management of Sys-Con Media has failed to acknowledge that the articles are by all informed judgment ethically unsupportable, we have decided we must find other avenues for our work.”

      [ Reply to This | # ]

      Maureen O'Gara; some disturbing thoughts
      Authored by: HockeyPuck on Monday, May 16 2005 @ 12:20 PM EDT
      The tone and content of the article was very bazaar, even for Maureen. There
      seems to be no doubt she wrote it. But there are a lot of questions surrounding
      why. Why does someone with all the years and successes in the industry commit
      professional suicide? She is a veteran of this business and journalism; she had
      to know this was going to turn out bad (including lawsuits).

      The strange thing is both Sys-con and O'Gara should have spotted there was going
      to be a problem long before the article was printed. Someone should have raised
      concern about its tone and research; let alone the stupidity of publishing such
      gossip. But they all jumped in head first and printed it anyway. Now that they
      have smacked their heads on the bottom of the pool; they are fighting just to
      get their heads above water again. Maureen will not recover anytime soon; but
      she will be back.

      This brings me to these observations:

      - Maureen is getting older and her capacity for common sense is fading or she is
      senile to some degree.

      - Maureen is bitter about Groklaw, and PJ specifically, because of their instant
      success. She felt she needed to attack with anything she had because her chances
      where running out.

      - Maureen was paid/offered so much money that she was willing to cut her own
      throat to get it.

      - Maureen was threatened somehow with such a strong threat that she was willing
      to be professionally disgraced.

      - Maureen had nothing to lose; she was already being "ousted" so she
      wanted one final fling.

      *The most disturbing* - Maureen is losing her mental capacities to continue
      functioning within normal human boundaries. I've seen it before many times where
      someone slowly loses mental processes due to age, stress and/or other social
      problems that they start down a path of strange behavior. They seem normal but
      act very different from their normal personality or that personality exaggerates
      into something entirely different. Drugs and/or Alcohol also could have been a

      I imagine a picture of a woman with some personal problems sitting down to write
      an article with a glass of wine. She happens to choose this subject and starts
      writing. As the glass turns into a bottle, her writing turns more and more
      ridicules and hateful. She is now spitting mad at her subject and does something
      even against her nature and publishes addresses, personal information; perhaps
      as a demented, drunken way to make the piece seem researched and acceptable. She
      publishes the article early in the morning hours and goes to bed. Sys-con
      assumes that it is just another angle to what has already been said before and
      publishes it without actually reading it (maybe due to protocol they don’t read
      her articles before publishing them). The next morning when she wakes from her
      stupor, she sees what she has written and freaks out. Sys-con is also scrambling
      to save face and the world turns up side down for both of them.

      I just don't see a professional doing something like this without some
      underlying stress. I'm no fan of Maureen, but it is senseless to wish anything
      bad against her personally. And based on the article, it appears she has
      problems. The point is her ramblings seem to indicate (to me, a non-professional
      in the matter of mental health) she is not "with it". Now she is in a
      professional downward spiral and she may be on the brink of serious personal
      problems (maybe even committing suicide; which I do not wish on anyone). I hope
      I'm right to some degree and she gets the help she needs. If I'm wrong, I'm not
      sure what to think. I guess she should just retire and disappear to another

      The main thing is I hope she realizes her mistakes and corrects them someday. To
      that end I wish her well.

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