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Caldera: OpenServer Users Licensed to Use Headers and Libraries Required by GCC for OpenServer
Monday, July 20 2009 @ 01:40 PM EDT

Caldera had a Skunkware page for developers, last updated in 2001, which SCO never pulled down, so you can still view it. It had special instructions for OpenServer folks, such as, presumably, AutoZone back when it still was an OpenServer customer, telling them that even if they didn't have a licensed Caldera system, they were licensed to use "system libraries and headers" required by the gcc package for OpenServer. I would understand that to mean that they could use them for any version of Linux they wanted.

Here's what it said and still says:
The GNU C Compiler (gcc) is an advanced optimizing compiler for C, C++ and Objective C. On OpenServer, this version of gcc can generate both COFF and ELF binaries from within a single compiler. Use the -melf flag to turn on ELF mode. By default, the compiler is always in COFF mode. On UnixWare, gcc always generates ELF binaries.

[Important Note for OpenServer Users]: The GCC package for OpenServer requires system libraries and headers. Even if you do not have a licensed Caldera development system, you are licensed to use these at no cost and they are available on your installation media.

Here's a screenshot, in case the page, which Groklaw member rsteinmetz70112 found for us, joins many of its cousins in the disappeared category:

There are additional instructions for users of older versions of OpenServer:
Users of the old GDS (OSR5 only)

For users of the GDS, as shipped on Skunkware 96, or for users who have downloaded the GDS from the Caldera ftp site, life is a little different with this release of GCC.Firstly, the -b elf flag has been replaced with -melf. Secondly, the -K PIC option has been replaced with the -fPIC option. This is to ensure compatibility with all other version of the GNU C Compiler. Thirdly, no assemblers are provided, as described below.

With this release of GCC, no assembler is provided, and the GDS is no longer one large package, but rather a collection of smaller packages. However, installing all of the tools found in this section of Skunkware will be at least the equivalent of the GDS, if not more. For people using SCO OpenServer release 5.0.0 or release 5.0.2 who are not licensed development system users, you will need to install not only the linkers and libraries package, but also the assembler from the development system package. If you have the SCO OpenServer Development System package installed, you do not need to do anything extra in order to use gcc.

For people running OpenServer release 5.0.4 or later, the linkers and libraries package already contains the Caldera assemblers. For licensed SCO OpenServer Development System users, you can safely install gcc and all of these development system utilities without impacting your existing installed development system at all.

I don't know which version of OpenServer AutoZone used, but I ask you this: if you read this page, would you in your wildest dreams imagine you'd get sued over OpenServer headers and libraries? That's in addition to the real question over who really owns the copyrights on the headers and libraries at issue.


Caldera: OpenServer Users Licensed to Use Headers and Libraries Required by GCC for OpenServer | 20 comments | Create New Account
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Caldera: OpenServer Users Licensed to Use Headers and Libraries Required by GCC for OpenServer
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, July 20 2009 @ 01:46 PM EDT
Re-reading the deposition recently it seems that AutoZone was using 5.0.5,
although that is not completly certain.

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News Pick Comments
Authored by: dio gratia on Monday, July 20 2009 @ 01:58 PM EDT
Please include sufficient reference as to ascertain which news pick you are
commenting on, preferably in the Title.

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I think you've got it wrong.
Authored by: Anonymous on Monday, July 20 2009 @ 02:22 PM EDT
The title of your article says it all.
Caldera: OpenServer Users Licensed to Use Headers and Libraries Required by GCC for OpenServer
Read the entire web page. This version of gcc was not for compiling software on or for any brand or version of Linux. This gcc download was for using gcc to compile programs on & for OpenServer and/or UnixWare.

SCO/Caldera had their own developers kit for OpenServer, which I assume had a different c compiler in it, and this was saying that you could use gcc to compile programs for OpenServer, and use their headers and libraries, even if you had not paid for their commercial developers kit.

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