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SCO Financials

Here are some links to information about the financial side of the SCO saga. They are for your research purposes, because as you know, Groklaw doesn't give financial advice. Links to other sites do not indicate approval or endorsement, nor is Groklaw responsible for any content there. If you are looking the Contracts section, we now have a separate page for them here to make room for a new Bankruptcy section.

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SEC filings for Caldera International and SCO Group
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SEC Filings Q1 Q2 Q3 Annual Report
FY 2009 10Q Notification of Late Filing 10-Q 10-K
FY 2008 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q 10-K; 10-K/A(*)
FY 2007 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q 10-K
FY 2006 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q 10-K
FY 2005 10-Q; Exhs. 10-Q 10-Q 10-K; Exhs.
FY 2004 10-Q; 10-Q/A(*) 10-Q; 10-Q/A(*)
10-Q; 10-Q/A(*)
10-K; Not. Late Filing; Exhibits
FY 2003 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q; (3) 10-K
FY 2002 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q; 10-Q/A(*) 10-K; 10-K/A(*); 10-K/A(*)
FY 2001 10-Q 10-Q 10-Q 10-K
FY 2000
10-Q 10-Q(2) 10-K; 10-K/A
(*) Amended filings
(2) Attached to the 2000 Q3 10-Q is Amendment 1 to 1998 Stock Option Plan and Financial Data Schedule
(3) FY 2003 Q3, S3 filed July 8, 2003; S-3/A filed Oct. 14, 2003; S-3/A filed Oct. 23, 2003

XML SEC Atom feed of SCO's filings.

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Insider Trading
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Selected SEC Filings
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Groklaw Financial Articles (By Topic)

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27-Apr-2005 Open Source Wall Street on Linux Momentum - "Linux Shines"
29-Mar-2005 Dion Cornett On SCOXE's Future
16-Dec-2004 Change of Control Agreement & Hollands On the Stock
02-Nov-2004 OS Wall Street - SCOX Breaks $3; Ballmer Memo Boomerangs
10-May-2004 Decatur Jones' Cornett Changes His Mind: SCO's Chances With a Jury "Less Favorable" in IBM Case
09-Apr-2004 Finally, Somebody Explains SCO's Stock, Melanie Hollands
08-Apr-2004 What's Wrong with Enderle's "Legal" Strategy
19-Mar-2004 If You Were Wondering When Wall St. Would Get It . . .and Novell, Not a Bit Scared
30-Jan-2004 Decatur Jones' Dion Cornett on SCO
24-Dec-2003 Decatur Jones' SCO Analysis

BayStar, RBC
Top ]  [ Articles ] 
09-Oct-2006 The Goldfarb Declaration - Updated: MS Statement
05-Jun-2006 A Number of Folks Who May Want to Sell SCO Stock Now Can - Updated
07-Jul-2005 BayStar Capital Liquidating
05-Mar-2005 BayStar Repurchase and the SCO Restatement
09-Sep-2004 BayStar, Canopy, Capital Group SEC Filings
26-Aug-2004 BayStar Confirms - It's a Done Deal
25-Aug-2004 SCO and BayStar - Again, For Real This Time, SCO Says It's a Done Deal
23-Jul-2004 BayStar to Seek Declaratory Judgment Against SCO
23-Jul-2004 SCO and BayStar Position for What Looks Like A Lawsuit in the Making
08-Jul-2004 BayStar Being "Scrutinized" by the SEC
01-Jun-2004 SCO Repurchases BayStar's 40,000 A-1 Shares; BayStar Can't Sell Too Fast
14-May-2004 Darl Speaks, Kind of, About BayStar and RBC
07-May-2004 RBC Makes Up Its Mind
26-Apr-2004 BayStar, Bert Young, and marchFIRST
25-Apr-2004 SCO Responds to BayStar: We're Keeping Your Money and Our Business
22-Apr-2004 Ms. DiDio is Confused, and More on Why BayStar Is Doing This
22-Apr-2004 BayStar Speaks
20-Apr-2004 Why, BayStar? Why?
17-Apr-2004 BayStar Fallout & SCO and IBM Each Get More Time to Answer Each Other
16-Apr-2004 Baystar Sends SCO a Letter
11-Mar-2004 Buybacks and More on BayStar
10-Mar-2004 Business Week: MS Did Ask BayStar If They'd Like to Invest in SCO
06-Feb-2004 The SCO Group Exchanges Series A Convertible Preferred Stock
23-Oct-2003 A Few More Crumbs Along the RBC Trail
16-Oct-2003 SCO Gets $50 Million to Do More Bad Things With

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
09-Feb-2008 SCO Layoffs - Maciaszek Out
05-Feb-2008 SCO's Exclusive Time to File a Plan Extended to May 11 - And New Stock Options
25-Jan-2008 This Month's Modest Bill from Berger Singerman and Some Shares Returned
19-May-2006 Canopy Reorganizes - Updated
17-Feb-2006 SCO "Retools" Exec Responsibilities
27-Jan-2006 Mo' Money
26-Jan-2006 It's Raining Stock Options in Lindon
19-Dec-2005 SCO Files Rescission Offer, 424(b)
19-Sep-2005 SCO's Me, Inc. and a Little Vultus History
29-Jul-2005 SCO Files Rescission Offer
01-Jul-2005 New SCO Directors Granted Stock Options
31-May-2005 SCO's Executive Officer Stock Option Agreement
31-May-2005 SCO Group Employee Incentive Bonus Plan Fiscal Year 2005
27-May-2005 Fred Skousen Leaving SCO's Board of Directors
22-Mar-2005 Yarro Files Schedule 13D & Canopy-Yarro Agreement with SEC
15-Mar-2005 Mr. Mustard Files With SEC Re Shares to Yarro
28-Feb-2005 The Caldera 2000 Stock Equity Plan
24-Dec-2004 Blake Stowell and Laura DiDio on the Canopy Shakeup
21-Dec-2004 Yarro Exits Canopy Group
16-Dec-2004 Change of Control Agreement & Hollands On the Stock
24-Nov-2004 Mr. Raimondi Makes His Getaway
04-Nov-2004 SCO-Boies Fee Agreement and SCO Corrects Some SEC Filings
26-Jul-2004 SCO Names Gupta of Declaration Fame as VP
21-Apr-2004 As We Bid Mr. Bench a Fond Farewell, Let's Take Stock
21-Apr-2004 Robert Bench Replaced as CFO, To Retire in 6 Months
16-Oct-2003 No Invoices, Deutsche Bank Comes Through Again, and SCO is "Honored"
08-Oct-2003 Royce Buys More SCO Stock
23-Sep-2003 Visions of Ka-ching Dance in Their Heads, Renaissance Ventures
15-Aug-2003 Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much
14-Aug-2003 SCO Comments on Insider Trading
12-Aug-2003 SCO Insider Trades
24-Jun-2003 "And Now, a Word from our Sponsor", [Jonathan Cohen]

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
20-Apr-2004 S2 Objects to Subpoena, Admits It Met With Microsoft
15-Mar-2004 Darl McBride-Dan Farber ZDNet Interview - Transcript
12-Mar-2004 Anderer's "Old Think" Tries to Justify A Dying Business Model
10-Mar-2004 Business Week: MS Did Ask BayStar If They'd Like to Invest in SCO
08-Mar-2004 The SEC, Microsoft and SCO
18-Jan-2004 DOJ Mentions SCO in Report on MS Compliance Efforts

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
03-Feb-2006 SCO's 10K & a SCOsource TM Application
20-Sep-2005 SCO's 10Q - Oops!
10-Jun-2004 SCOSource Sinks Below the Poverty Line, only $11,000,
19-Jan-2004 SCO Hints at a Short List and Licenses Go on Sale in Australia
14-Jan-2004 SCO Goes Global but Novell May Block The Way

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
17-Mar-2008 SCO 10Q: the MOU with Norris Ain't Carved in Stone, Y'all
30-Jan-2008 SCO's 10K: Now What? Caveat Emptor
04-Jan-2008 SCO Amends Its ByLaws
27-Dec-2007 SCO Delisted as of Today - Updated
18-Sep-2007 SCO 10Q: Doubts It Can Remain a "Going Concern" If It Has to Pay Novell Significant $$
27-Apr-2007 SCO's 8K: Nasdaq Delisting Notice
26-Jan-2007 SCO Files 10K: "We can not guarantee...our claims...will be heard by a jury"
17-Jan-2007 SCO Loses More Money - Darl: "It's not a real pretty picture."
14-Sep-2006 SCO Files Its 10Q Sob Story - Updated
06-Sep-2006 SCO's Financial Figures: Same Arrow Pointing the Same Way. Down.
30-Aug-2006 SCO's 3Q Financial Results and Conference Call 9/6
08-Jun-2006 SCO's letter agreement re escrow account
05-Jun-2006 A Number of Folks Who May Want to Sell SCO Stock Now Can - Updated
08-Apr-2006 What Does it Take?
09-Mar-2006 SCO's S-1: Naming Names - Where the $10M Came From & Yarro's Law
03-Mar-2006 SCO Announces Annual Meeting, Q1 Conference Call/Files 14A
27-Jan-2006 Mo' Money - 8K re stock options, bonuses, subsidiaries, consultants
22-Dec-2005 SCO's 4Q and Fiscal 2005 Results: Down, down, down they go...
02-Dec-2005 SCO Fills in the Blanks with SEC 8K Filing
26-Oct-2005 SCO Amends SEC Filings After Getting a Letter from the SEC
24-Sep-2005 McBride: Me, Inc. is From Vultus/And Some Nuggets From SCO's 424B3
20-Sep-2005 SCO's 10Q - Oops!
19-Sep-2005 SCO's Me, Inc. and a Little Vultus History
26-Jul-2005 Some Caldera 2001-2002 SEC Filings - The Caldera-Tarantella Deal - 2 Updates
21-Jul-2005 SCO Added to "New Russell Microcap Index" and Some SEC Filings
09-Jul-2005 SCO's Latest SEC Filings - Director Indemnification & Compensation
08-Jun-2005 SCO Shareholder Meeting June 28/Schedule 14A
01-Jun-2005 SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Results
18-May-2005 "Some Foreign Regulators Have Initiated Or ... May Initiate Legal Actions Against Us..."
19-Apr-2005 SCO Says They Can Drop the E Thursday
03-Apr-2005 CEO Pay Practices & Delisting Standards and Procedures
02-Apr-2005 Highlights from SCO's 10K
01-Apr-2005 SCO Files Tardy 10K and 10Q/A With the SEC
18-Mar-2005 SCO's Nasdaq Meeting - Still No 10K
04-Mar-2005 What's It All About? - Some Restatement Details
03-Mar-2005 SCO Announces Restatement
25-Feb-2005 SCO's NASDAQ Prospects
23-Feb-2005 SCO Press Release About NASDAQ Notice
19-Feb-2005 What Happens if SCO is Permanently De-Listed? -- And a Little History of SCO Filings
18-Feb-2005 NASDAQ Historic Moment
17-Feb-2005 Nasdaq Sends SCO Delisting Notice
20-Jan-2005 The Inevitable Stock Surge For "a Company in Decline"
04-Nov-2004 SCO-Boies Fee Agreement and SCO Corrects Some SEC Filings
27-Oct-2004 SEC Votes Hedge Funds Advisers Must Register
05-Jul-2004 SCO Spent $2,414,000 Buying Back Its Own Shares Last Quarter --Sifting Through SCO's 10Q and S3
06-Apr-2004 Caldera, Inc./ Caldera Systems, Inc. 1998 Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement
18-Mar-2004 SCO's 10Q
08-Mar-2004 The SEC, Microsoft and SCO
15-Feb-2004 SCO's February 11 SEC S-3 Filing
15-Feb-2004 From Series A to Series A-1 Preferred Convertible Stock
29-Jan-2004 SCO's 10K, MyDoom, and the Morgan Keegan letters
17-Jan-2004 More Changes in the New SEC Filing
16-Jan-2004 SCO's Amendment to S3 Lists Novell in Risks Section At Last
07-Jan-2004 SCO's Missing Risk Factor
09-Dec-2003 New SCO 8K Documents and Minutes from Friday
17-Nov-2003 New SCO S-3: Boies' Firm Will Represent SCO in the Red Hat Lawsuit and the BayStar/RBC Register for Sale 3,850,000 Shares
18-Sep-2003 More SCO Stock Being Offered for Sale by Shareholders
17-Sep-2003 "SCO Has Had an Amazing Year" - Indeed, [10Q]
15-Sep-2003 SCO's Quarterly Report is Online
11-Sep-2003 What's In It for Darl?
18-Aug-2003 Rule 10b5-1 - Trading "on the Basis of" Material Nonpublic Information
25-Jul-2003 Filing a Complaint With the SEC
09-Jul-2003 305,274 Shares of SCO Stock to be Sold
01-Jul-2003 Caldera Proxy Statement, April 24, 2003
16-Jun-2003 SCO's Quarterly Report -- UNIX Is Mine, All Mine
25-May-2003 SEC Registration Statement for SCO last February

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23-Feb-2007 SCO 1Q Financial Results and Conference Call March 1st
17-Jan-2007 Teleconference/hearing reminder and Cravath adds to the team
07-Sep-2006 Media Reaction to Yesterday's Call - Updated
19-Jun-2006 SCO Press Conference Tomorrow - Updated
08-Jun-2006 SCO Second Quarter Results/Conference Call Today 5:00 pm Eastern
08-Mar-2006 Today's Conference Call
03-Mar-2006 SCO Announces Annual Meeting, Q1 Conference Call/Files 14A
27-Feb-2006 What Today's Teleconference is About - Update
26-Feb-2006 SCO Teleconference Monday . . . But without Darl
23-Dec-2005 SCO's 4Q and Y2005 Financial Conference Call
16-Dec-2005 SCO's 4th Quarter & Year-End Results Call on Dec. 22
08-Sep-2005 Slim Media Coverage of SCO's 3Q Conference Call
07-Sep-2005 SCO Releases 3Q Results
29-Aug-2005 SCO 3Q Financial Results & Conference Call Sept. 7
05-Jun-2005 SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Call - as text
02-Jun-2005 SCO's Conference Call and AutoZone Report
26-May-2005 SCO's 2nd Quarter Financial Results Call Will Be June 1
18-Apr-2005 SCO's 1Q 2005 Earnings Conference Call - transcript
13-Apr-2005 SCO Posts Loss, Revenue Down -- What Else is New?
08-Apr-2005 SCO's Next Financial Results and Conference Call April 13
22-Dec-2004 SCO 4Q & Year-End Financial Conference Call Transcript
21-Dec-2004 SCO Numbers. Balance Sheets Distributed with Teleconference Dec. 21, 2004 4th Q
21-Dec-2004 Waiting for SCO
10-Dec-2004 SCO Conference Call on 4thQ & Year-End Financials Dec. 21 at 5PM EST
02-Sep-2004 SCO's 3rd Quarter Teleconference - Transcript
16-Jun-2004 The SCO 2nd Quarter Earnings Conference Call - Transcript
24-May-2004 SCO Invites You to Their 2nd Quarter Financial Results Conference Call on June 2
10-Mar-2004 SCO March 3, 2004 First Quarter Teleconference - Transcript
23-Feb-2004 New FOSS Policy for Australian Tax Office and SCO Annnounces Conference Call/New Business
22-Dec-2003 SCO's Financial Spin & Dec. 22, 2003 earnings call transcript
19-Nov-2003 Teleconference McBride, Boies, Bench - Transcript
01-Nov-2003 Transcript of SCO Teleconference May 30, 2003
06-Aug-2003 Transcript, Part 2, of Teleconference
05-Aug-2003 Part One of Transcript of Today's Teleconference

Transcripts of Interviews
Top ]  [ Articles ] 
21-Mar-2004 Darl McBride Interview By Dan Farber and Charles Cooper July 2003 - transcript
15-Mar-2004 Darl McBride-Dan Farber ZDNet Interview - Transcript

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
05-Aug-2009 The Order - A Chapter 11 Trustee is to be Appointed; SCO's Sale Motion Denied -
03-Aug-2009 SCO's "Already Filed" Missing MORs Get Filed in Real Life - Updated 2Xs: June MORs, 2nd Letter & Novell Answer
01-Feb-2009 SCO files its annual report -- It was not its best year: 63 employees left
16-Sep-2008 SCO's Reply to Novell's Objection to 3rd Extension, as text, & a 10Q Reality Check
16-Jun-2008 SCO's 10Q - Where's the Money? Where's the Plan?
28-Apr-2008 Novell's Objection to SCO's Motion to "Reimburse" York, as text
22-Apr-2008 SCO's Latest Monthly Operating Reports, for March - Where Did All the Money Go? - Updated 2Xs
15-Apr-2008 US Trustee Objects to SCO's Proposed Payment to York
11-Apr-2008 IBM Objects to York Payment: SCO's Argument is "Nonsense"
08-Apr-2008 Novell's Objection to SCO's Motion to Pay the Plan Sponsor, as text
06-Apr-2008 SCO's Combined Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statements of Financial Affairs, as text
05-Apr-2008 US Trustee's Objections to SCO's Latest Reorganization "Plan" & more filings
03-Apr-2008 Hearing Notes, SCO's Monthly Operating Report etc.
28-Mar-2008 Two More Objections -- from the US Trustee's Office
26-Mar-2008 A Chorus of 'We Object!! ' -- to SCO's Reorganization Plan - Updated 2Xs: The IPO Class Action Complaint
01-Mar-2008 SCO Files a Ch. 11 Plan, a Disclosure Statement, and Wants to Pay York's Expenses, includes Liquidation Analysis found on p. 15 of Ch. 11 Plan of Reorganization, Part 2 -- this is the second plan, in connection with Stephen Norris, not the York plan which was withdrawn -- as well as on page 11 (exhibit 11) of the attached Exhibits [PDF]
25-Dec-2007 SCO's Postpetition Liabilities = $6 Million+ -- Tanner's Bills & SCO's Operating Reports
21-Dec-2007 Mesirow: We'd Like a Cool Half Million From SCO, Please - Updated
19-Dec-2007 SCO Wants to Pay/Reimburse People Mo' Money
19-Dec-2007 SCO Asks Bankruptcy Court to Approve New Leases in NJ and Utah
10-Dec-2007 Today's Filings: Pachulski, Stang Files Application to Be Paid, Intel Peeks In
01-Dec-2007 Dorsey & Whitneys' 1st Compensation Application - Updated 2Xs
24-Nov-2007 SCO's Lawyer's October Bill, as text
21-Nov-2007 SCO Files October's Monthly Operating Reports
10-Nov-2007 The 341 Creditors Meeting: A Transcript
31-Oct-2007 SCO's 341 Creditors Meeting -- McBride, Acheson Answer the US Trustees' Questions - Audio
16-Oct-2007 SCO Files Financial Statements
11-Oct-2007 The Creditors List as text
14-Sep-2007 SCO Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy - Updated 4Xs
10-Aug-2007 Court Rules: Novell owns the UNIX and UnixWare copyrights! Novell has right to waive!
09-Jan-2007 Novell tells court: For SCO bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "imminent" - Updated

Top ]  [ Articles ] 
01-Mar-2007 SCO's financial results are in
30-Jan-2007 If Unix isn't dying, why is SCO?
12-Jan-2007 McBride Letter to Customers and Partners - We're Not Dead Yet
18-Nov-2006 SCO's Bonus and Sales Plans/Stock Options Grant/SEC letter
01-Sep-2006 A Change in SCO's Self-Description - Pruning the Puffery?
25-May-2006 SCO Announces Clustering Product
21-May-2006 When you come to a fork in the road...
11-Apr-2006 SCO Looks for Work in China
08-Mar-2006 SCO Reports Net Loss of $4.58 Million - Updated
07-Mar-2006 The Answer to the Wasabi anti-GPL Sarbanes-Oxley FUD
01-Mar-2006 IBM Subpoenas JP Morgan Securities and McGraw-Hill
30-Nov-2005 SCO Raises $10 Million in Private Placement
21-Oct-2005 Darl's "Dear Fellow Shareholder" Letter, July 2002
22-Jun-2005 SCO's Launches OpenServer 6
16-Jun-2005 WSJ: KPMG Facing Possible Criminal Charges
03-Jun-2005 SCO's Auditors Resign: Out With the Old, In With the New
29-Apr-2005 Largest Bank in China Switches From SCO Unix to Linux
21-Feb-2005 How Not to Kill the Golden Goose
19-Jan-2005 No Kidding. I Want To Be An Analyst.
09-Jan-2005 Chris Preimesberger - SCO Asked Fluff Questions During Conference Call
24-Dec-2004 Blake Stowell and Laura DiDio on the Canopy Shakeup
15-Sep-2004 While We Wait, a Word From Linus and A Bit About Contingency Fees
03-Sep-2004 SCO's Shareholder Rights Plan, et al
01-Sep-2004 The Morning After the Poison Pill
31-Aug-2004 SCO Downsizing, Worries About Hostile Takeover, Caps Legal Fees
10-May-2004 SCO Shuts Down Polish Office; Former Manager Opens Linux Business
05-May-2004 National Retail Federation Says SCO's Claims Appear Meritless and SCO Confirms Layoffs
16-Feb-2004 Somebody Still Loves SCO - Royce and Associates' 13G
05-Jan-2004 Deutsche Bank In the Spotlight
09-Dec-2003 The Worm Turns and Squirms. And Wall Street Almost Gets It.
05-Sep-2003 Warner Bros. Likes What SCO is Selling
28-Jul-2003 ComputerWorld: The Real Story is SCO's Vultus Acquisition

Non Groklaw articles
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02-Aug-2002 Practical Technology: Caldera Buys SCO Unix & Professional Services Caldera financial situation Aug. 2000 when it bought SCO and UNIX. (Note: The original link is [404])
27-Apr-2001 The Register: SCO channel chill bodes ill for Caldera . Article on financials in 2001.

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