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Jurors in Apple v. Samsung Opt to Work an Extra Hour ~pj Updated 3Xs
Thursday, August 23 2012 @ 03:54 PM EDT

There's a notice on the docket from the court clerk in Apple v. Samsung:
Docket Text: CLERKS NOTICE RE STATUS OF JURY DELIBERATIONS. The Jury has indicated they will deliberate until 5:30 p.m. today. ***This is a text only docket entry, there is no document associated with this notice.*** (mpb, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 8/23/2012)
Your guess is as good as mine, which is to say not good at all. It could mean, though, that the lawyers will hover a bit more closely, just in case it means the jurors think they can finish by today or by the weekend if they just push a little harder. Or, it's possible they looked at the jury instructions and realized this is a job for Superman, and they'd best give it all they've got. Jurors tend to take their work seriously, and they realize, I'm sure, after the closing statements by both sides' lawyers that this case matters.

Update: Alastair Gale just tweeted:
Seoul court tells us there'll be a verdict in the local Apple vs Samsung case tomorrow at 11am. #Apple #Samsung
By local, he means South Korea. It's a much smaller case, in terms of damages, according to Android Authority, Apple asking for about $90,000 in damages:
While most of the attention is going to the high-profile case in California, the South Korean media recently anticipated a ruling in their own country over the patent infringement lawsuit, only to discover that the court had decided to hold off announcing the verdict for “procedural reasons.”...

The actual financial damages at stake in the Korean case are relatively small, at about $90,000 versus the $2.5 billion asked for in the U.S. case. The true impact from losing this in Samsung’s own home country has more to do with their reputation than financials, which is arguably just as important as any amount of money at stake.

So, tomorrow on that one.

But these are only two out of many lawsuits between these two companies all over the world. What an incredible amount of money is being spent on this war. Apple wants to own the *world* market, not just the US? So nobody anywhere can make a tablet with a rectangular shape and rounded corners?

It's painful to watch. And to take on so much risk, as Apple's latest 10Q states:

The Company is subject to the various legal proceedings and claims discussed below as well as certain other legal proceedings and claims that have not been fully resolved and that have arisen in the ordinary course of business. In the opinion of management, there was not at least a reasonable possibility the Company may have incurred a material loss, or a material loss in excess of a recorded accrual, with respect to loss contingencies. However, the outcome of legal proceedings and claims brought against the Company are subject to significant uncertainty. Therefore, although management considers the likelihood of such an outcome to be remote, if one or more of these legal matters were resolved against the Company in a reporting period for amounts in excess of management’s expectations, the Company’s consolidated financial statements for that reporting period could be materially adversely affected.
Update 2: CNET's Josh Lowensohn has this guess from "another legal professional":
For its part, the jury today is going into overtime. In a note this morning, the group said they'd be deliberating until 5:30 p.m. versus the usual 4:30 p.m. end of day. That move could suggest that they're getting close, according to another legal professional who preferred not to be named.

"It's getting towards the end of the week, and they don't want to have to worry about this over the weekend," this person said.

Update 3: Howard Mintz of Mercury News just tweeted:
Apple v. Samsung jury has left for the day
So, tomorrow, then, they'll try again.

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