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SCO Officially Changes Its Name to TSG
Saturday, May 07 2011 @ 08:07 AM EDT

The SCO Group, what's left of it, has filed an amendment to its Certificate of Incorporation in Delaware, officially changing its name from The SCO Group, Inc. to TSG Group, Inc. So it's time to say a fond farewell to SCO.

It wants the caption in the bankruptcy case to be changed to read:

TSG Group, Inc. (f/k/a The SCO Group, Inc. et al)
Formerly known as. Like they're a rock star. The et al references SCO Operations, Inc., now to be known as TSG Operations, Inc., which doesn't make a lot of sense, if you think deeply, but then, this is SCO. I assume that this is because SCO sold the trade name to unXis, and unXis will be selling the software products. I say I assume, because SCO's filing [PDF] with the court was an APA with many things left blank, including, as far as a quick check indicates, who gets the name SCO. Then again, does anyone want it? Here's a question. What about the headers on the documents in SCO v. IBM or SCO v. Novell? I mean, exactly who is who going forward? Is anyone going forward? That's the real question.

The odd thing is, Novell is now Attachmate's property, so that is changed, and SCO sold its software assets to unXis, but it retained the prior litigation, so that changed, and the lenders appear to be no longer in harmony with SCO or each other, so that's a change, and so who exactly is SCO nowadays? If SCO is TSG, who is SCO? Nobody? Or is unXis going to call itself unXiSCO like the domain name?

Maybe nobody wants to be called SCO. Maybe it's like a mobster entering the witness protection program.

Or it's just to get a fresh start. OK. But to do what with the new name? Then again, that's what a name change usually means, isn't it, that the name has bad associations in people's minds, and someone would like to slough off the old baggage and start anew, with no clue to newcomers that the baggage ever existed.

But then again, if all that is left of SCO is the litigation, what do you need a new name *for*? Start anew to do what? Maybe it's like Caldera changing its name to The SCO Group, because you want people to be confused as to who owns what? Hmm. Deep thoughts for such a lovely Saturday morning. Like Scarlet O'Hara, I'll think about this tomorrow.

Also, more bills arrive. The lenders must be going crazy. Wait until Blank Rome finally sends in its bills. This should give the lenders a taste of what it felt like to be Novell or the other creditors who got royally stiffed in slow motion. It seems there is a kind of sua sponte balance in the universe after all.

Here's Ocean Park's bill for March and the motion to change SCO's name on the court filings:

05/06/2011 - 1270 - Monthly Application for Compensation of Ocean Park Advisors, LLC (Eighteenth) for the period March 1, 2011 to March 31, 2011 Filed by Edward N. Cahn, Chapter 11 Trustee for The SCO Group, Inc., et al.. Objections due by 5/26/2011. (Attachments: # 1 Notice # 2 Exhibit A # 3 Exhibit B # 4 Certificate of Service) (Tarr, Stanley) (Entered: 05/06/2011)

05/06/2011 - 1271 - Motion to Amend Caption // Motion of Chapter 11 Trustee for the Entry of an Order Approving Revised Case Caption Filed by Edward N. Cahn, Chapter 11 Trustee for The SCO Group, Inc., et al.. Hearing scheduled for 5/23/2011 at 11:00 AM at US Bankruptcy Court, 824 Market St., 6th Fl., Courtroom #3, Wilmington, Delaware. Objections due by 5/16/2011. (Attachments: # 1 Notice # 2 Exhibit A # 3 Proposed Form of Order # 4 Certificate of Service) (Tarr, Stanley) (Entered: 05/06/2011)

I know. You are starting to think about what TSG stands for in your creative brains. It's inevitable, but I don't think anyone will be able to top TSG standing for "The SCO Gang."

Update: Well, Groklaw member NobodyYouKnow has topped me. He suggests that TSG stands for "They're Still Going".

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