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Answering SCO Bit by Bit - Binutils in UnixWare and OpenServer Too - Updated
Sunday, December 20 2009 @ 01:43 PM EST

I thought you'd find the slides from a talk given at SCOforum 2004 of interest, because they show that SCO also distributed, under the GPL, binutils in UnixWare and OpenServer. The talk was titled, "Open Source Components in SCO OpenServer and SCO UnixWare", and the credits list Ron Record at SCO engineering, who we've written about before on Groklaw in this context. One of the talk's slides lists the binutils package in OpenServer as OpenServer gnutools package, which means they had to know, I think, where it came from and that it is GPL'd, and there is a list of ftp sites to get the package. And indeed they knew:
3. The programs in this supplement are provided here free of charge in accordance with the authors' licensing policies.

4. The source code for all of these packages is freely available, although not as part of this supplement. If you wish to see the source code, please download the original packages from the Internet. The source code for the collection as it was compiled will be made available on the SCO ftp site.

Actually, SCO's right hand did not know what it's left hand was doing, and they did list all the source available here, including gnutools. I made screenshots at the time, and I note that the talk's slides are still listed on Google as being available here on SCO's website.

These screenshots follow up on prior Groklaw articles, as we attempt to inform anyone new to the SCO litigation follies:
That last article listed the same talk, but the link where you could find it back then in 2006,, no longer works. As usual, SCO removes evidence after Groklaw presents it, in our experience. So the new link is being provided. And, of course, I have the PowerPoint presentation, saved at the time, for evidentiary purposes. Here's some SCO documentation on binutils, specifically mentioning the GPL.

Here are the screenshots, now that you have the context:

Keep in mind, once again, that SCO claims [PDF] the following about binutils-2.14, downloaded from

1. SCO, as the copyright owner of source code and/or documentation upon which the following files and lines of code were copied or derived, has never contributed or authorized these lines of code or the documentation related thereto, for use in Linux as specified under part 0, or any other provision, of the GPL.

2. SCO, as the copyright owner of source code and/or documentation upon which the following files and lines of code were copied or derived, has never granted a license to any party that knowingly authorized use of these files or lines of code outside a UNIX-based distribution.

3. All of the following files or lines of code, or files and lines similar thereto, have appeared in major releases of Linux, and have also appeared in SCO's redistributions of Linux. At the time it redistributed Linux, SCO was not aware that its intellectual property had been copied or misappropriated and placed into Linux without SCO's authorization or consent.

Update: Interestingly, a Groklaw member took the time to see exactly which version SCO distributed with OpenServer. The report:
It is still available from SCO in gnutools-5.0.7K, downloadable from the ftp address. In the gnutools package you find binutils-2.14, the very one that SCO claims is infringing, and it arrives with the GPL in the COPYING file and the COPYING.LIB file, as well as a pointer to it in the README file.

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