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Norris Did Attend SCO's Tec Forum; Investors "Excited" About Prospects
Thursday, November 13 2008 @ 06:15 AM EST

It turns out that Stephen Norris did attend SCO's Tec Forum after all, at least according to SCO's latest SCO Partner News newsletter someone sent me. He expressed that SCO's strengths are its customers and its products. That's why the investors he says he represents are "so excited about the business prospects of working with SCO" and in particular because of SCO's commitment to backward compatibility of "all its products -- going all the way back to Xenix". Hmm.

Here's the part about Norris:

SCO has, as you might be aware, been in discussions with many investors over the past several months. Stephen L. Norris, of Carlyle Group in Washington DC, has been in discussions with SCO officers over the past several months. Talks have focused on a major capital infusion that will bring us out from Chapter 11 reorganization. Jeff Hunsaker, president of SCO Operations, Darl McBride, president of The SCO Group, and Stephen L. Norris, formed a discussion panel to conclude the Keynote presentation.

Norris spoke of his interest in SCO, and in building upon the strengths and commitments that were identified earlier in the keynote presentation. He said that the strengths which he sees as vital to SCO's future are its customers and its products.

"SCO finds itself in the enviable position of having products that are part of a seventeen billion dollar industry," he said. "Why the investors whom I represent are so excited about the business prospects of working with SCO is the commitment of SCO to backward-compatibility of all its products -- going all the way back to Xenix -- and the loyalty of customers like yourselves."

SCO Forum Breakout Sessions -- Presentations

As usual, Forum had a number of technical breakout sessions. All presentations for the following sessions are available here:

Norris isn't with the Carlyle Group. He used to be so that part isn't truthful. It's certainly true that SCO has always issued fixes and patches for all its products, including Xenix via its support page. They made them available free of charge as what they called Support Level Supplements (SLS). Speaking of Xenix, if you take a look on this page that SCO now labels"retired products", but which it internally calls itself the SLS page you'll find this paragraph:
Support Level Supplements are provided to our customers to fix problems reported in our products. SCO Support makes every effort to insure these fixes are safe, effective and have them available in a timely manner. Due to the wide variety of hardware platforms and software combinations that exist in the field, we sometimes discover problems with a Supplement. Even if the percentage of customers who might exhibit the problem is very small, it is our policy to remove the Supplement from distribution and re-cut a new fix as quickly as possible.
And on that list of products, you'll find not only UnixWare but also Xenix and UNIX SysV mentioned:
compress286 15076 (15235) Compress Utility for SCO XENIX 286
compress386 20296 (46874) Compress Utility for SCO XENIX 386

lng225b.Z 23001 (17190) International Crypt Supplement
lng225b.ltr.Z 3524 (04949) SCO UNIX Development System Release 1.0

SCO XENIX 386 Development System, Release 2.2.0 and above
SCO XENIX 286 Development System, Release 2.2.0 and above

lng244.Z 664313 (33039) 2.3.1 XENIX Development System SLS
lng244.ltr 4940 (46570) SCO XENIX 2.3 Development System

lng271.Z 44816 (14302) /lib/ldr Support Supplement
lng271.ltr 1777 (48844) SCO XENIX 386 2.3 Development System

SCO UNIX System V/386 Development System
SCO Open Desktop Development System

lng311b.v1 1228800 (34086) OSF/Motif 1.1.2 Development System Libraries
lng311b.v2 1228800 (47378) SCO Open Desktop Dev Sys Release 1.0.1
lng311b.v3 1228800 (42218) SCO Open Desktop Dev Sys Release 1.0.2
lng311b.v4 1228800 (11975) SCO Unix System V/386 Release 3.2 Dev Sys with
lng311b.v5 1228800 (53986) SCO TCP/IP System Release 1.1
lng311b.ltr 6646 (61115)

lng350.Z 321996 (16356) C++ Supplement for
lng350.ltr.Z 5293 (37695) SCO UNIX System V/386 Development System and SCO Open Desktop Development System

lng353a.Z 635405 (54150) Unix Development System Compiler SLS for
lng353a.ltr.Z 2316 (15779) SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 version 4.0 and SCO Open Desktop Release 2.0

net362b.Z 160450 (23534) CDROM SLS for NFS 1.2.0
net362b.ltr.Z 3631 (11644)...

net382e.Z 928162 (29715) Enhanced TCP/IP 1.2.1 Drivers
net382e.ltr.Z 6750 (52213) TCP/IP Release 1.2.1

SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Version 4.2
SCO Open Desktop Lite Release 3.0
SCO Open Desktop Release 3.0
SCO Open Server Network System Release 3.0
SCO Open Server Enterprise System Release 3.0
NOTE ON net382e:

This SLS supersedes SLS net382a, net382b, net382c, net382d and net372a, as it contains all fixes that are part of these earlier SLSs and more. It is safe to install this SLS on top of any of the five previous SLSs, but the older SLSs should not be installed on top of SLS net382e.

net382e.Z has been compressed with the -H option. You must have a SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2 Version 4.0 or higher to uncompress the file.

net387a.Z 77987 (50862) AMD and Racal Interlan LLI Driver SLS for
net387a.ltr.Z 1770 (57731) SCO LLI Drivers Release 3.4.0

net398b.Z 923291 (46368) NFS 1.2.1 Supplement
net398b.ltr.Z 4400 (16609) See this file for platform information

nsc1009d.Z 6894483 (17447) SLSs for NonStop Clusters
nsc1009d.txt 17544 (05729) UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters Release 7.1.1a

(posted 08-DEC-00)

nsc1011f.Z 8450247 (22485) SLSs for NonStop Clusters Release 7.1.1+IP
nsc1011f.txt 36629 (60884) UnixWare 7 NonStop Clusters Release 7.1.1+IP

(posted 21-MAR-01)

I can't help but notice the dates, 2000 and 2001. I knew that in 1995 SCO had SYSV as a separate product from UnixWare. But didn't Darl testify that the only way to get SysV was by getting UnixWare? "System V was always licensed through UnixWare," he testified. But here we see patches being issued to UNIX SysV in 2000, do we not? So evidently there were customers out there using SysV and not UnixWare, since those patches and upgrades and fixes are listed separately. Evidently, my logical brain concludes, it isn't so that it was always the case that the only way to get Unix SysV was by getting UnixWare.

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