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SCO's Combined Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statements of Financial Affairs, as text
Sunday, April 06 2008 @ 09:02 PM EDT

Groklaw member ausage has done something very useful, putting together the information in several SCO bankruptcy filings to make what he calls a "Combined Statement of Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules of Assets and Liabilities for The SCO Group, Inc. & SCO Operations, Inc." The idea is to give us a clearer big picture.

It's all the information submitted as Statements of Financial Affairs and Schedules of Assets and Liabilities for both The SCO Group and SCO Operations, combined into one html file, color coded to show where the materials come from, minus the instructions, boilerplate, and disclaimers. Also addresses are redacted. He did it all by hand, which is so much work, I'd never have dared to ask him to do it. But he did, and now we all can benefit. I love how Groklaw works.

We've had these filings as PDFs since October, when SCO first filed them, but we'd never done text versions. We'll be doing that also, as separate text versions, but first, thanks to ausage's initiative, we have all the schedules SCO filed merged into one document so you can get the whole picture. It's the first time we have had all the creditors listed as text, minus the addresses. The idea is to make it easier to figure out SCO's actual financial situation at that point in time. I placed it on a separate page, because it's much too long for normal placement. Enjoy! And do please let me know of any errors, omissions, or typos. And thank you, ausage.

His notes explain further:

The following information has been taken by combining financial information from multiple filings in the SCO bankruptcy case in a effort to present a clearer picture of the SCO situation....

The information in Schedule F, Unsecured Non-Priority Claims, for SCO Opertions, Inc. has been updated with the information from the Amended Schedule F, Docket #390. The update schedules shows both the original and the new values reported and the net changes.

The information present here has been created by manually transcribing the original PDF files. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the transcription process, errors may have occurred. Please refer to the original PDF files to verify the accuracy of any information.

Large amounts of text explaining the information required by the bankruptcy laws and regulations has been redacted, as well as most of the notes, disclaimers, reservations and warnings expressed concerning the information presented. All address information has been redacted to showing only the city and state/ country.

The content here is colour coded to indicated the origin for the information.

Here are the PDFs, and as always, for anything where accuracy is vital, go by the PDFs:

130, SCO Operations, Inc. Schedules A-H, Summary of Schedules, Declaration Concerning Debtors Schedules; Part 2
131, SCO Operations Statement of Financial Affairs;
132, SCO Group, Inc.'s Schedules A-H, Summary of Schedules, Declaration; Part 2 and Part 3
133, SCO Group, Inc.'s Statement of Financial Affairs
390, Amended Schedule F, Unsecured Non-Priority Claims

We tried a couple of versions to try to make it fit well, without having to scroll left and right too much. But it's a lot of information on one page, and if you have any difficulty with it rendering in your browser, please let me know.

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