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SCO Amends Its November Monthly Operating Reports & an OpenWengo Request
Tuesday, February 12 2008 @ 03:33 AM EST

SCO files some adjusted math, filing amended November monthly operating reports for SCO Group and SCO Operations. And Texas withdraws its appearance in the bankruptcy. Either they got paid, or they have given up all hope, which is probably rational.

If you are not a math guru, perhaps you'd prefer instead to help OpenWengo come up with a new name and/or logo.

Update: SCO has issued a statement to the Salt Lake Tribune, stating that "Company officials are eager to appeal Kimball's ruling, believing they will win a reversal." For five years, SCO told us they were eager for their day in court, believing they would win. They got their day, and they lost. Now they tell us they are eager for an appeal, confident they will win there. I discern a pattern perchance. SCO also told the Trib that the current layoffs are to "right-size" the company to ensure financial viability. So believe what you will.

Here are the filings:

337 - Filed & Entered: 02/11/2008
Notice of Withdrawal (B)
Docket Text: Notice of Withdrawal of Notice of Appearance (related document(s)[54] ) Filed by Texas Comptroller Of Public Accounts. (Browning, Mark)

338 - Filed & Entered: 02/11/2008
Operating Report
Docket Text: Amended Debtor-In-Possession Monthly Operating Report for Filing Period October 2007 for SCO Operations, Inc. (related document(s)[227] ) Filed by The SCO Group, Inc.. (Attachments: # (1) Certificate of Service and Service List) (O'Neill, James)

339 - Filed & Entered: 02/11/2008
Operating Report
Docket Text: Amended Debtor-In-Possession Monthly Operating Report for Filing Period November 2007 for SCO Operations, Inc. (related document(s)[283] ) Filed by The SCO Group, Inc.. (Attachments: # (1) Certificate of Service and Service List) (O'Neill, James)

If you'd like to compare this amended filing with the original, you can find SCO's November operations report here for SCO Operations and here for SCO Group [PDFs]. If you compare #283 with 338 and 282 with 339, you can compare line by line. You'll recall that a math error was brought to the court's attention in a later resolved objection:

3. The November monthly operating report for SCO Operations, Inc. reports a surprisingly rosy bottom line of positive $406,433 for cumulative net income since the date of the petition (dkt #283, dated December 20, 2007, at p. 9, Statement of Operations). However, if one adds the reported profit for the November period, $1,081,019 (Id.), to the reported cumulative loss through the October period, ($1,138,859) (dkt #227, dated November 20, 2007, at p. 9, Statement of Operations), one discovers that -- if those two numbers are indeed correct -- the cumulative net income through the end of November should have been reported as a loss of ($57,840). (There are multiple reasons to suspect that the $1,081,019 reported profit for November is also the result of a favorable error, and I will be asking the Debtors to double-check that figure, but even if it is correct, the reported cumulative income-to-date is almost half a million dollars too high.)

Here's the referenced October report, #227 on the docket.

OpenWengo Request

Here's the request from Vadim Lebedev regarding OpenWengo:

Hello Pamela

I'm CTO of MBDSYS - the new sponsor of OpenWengo project (GPL'd mutliplatform softphone).

We've recently assumed the sponsorship of the project from original sponsor - Wengo. For obvious reasons we're looking for a new name for the project and/or for the software which is/was called Wengophone.

I wonder if the Groklaw community will have an idea for a new name and/or logo. Basically would GrokLaw like to become god(father/mother) for the project? All suggestions will be welcome on wengophone-devel at

Please leave your ideas here, by all means, in addition. It sounds fun to me. By the way, they can use coders too. I had one idea for a name, which I sent in, but you guys are very clever, and you'll probably come up with better ones. When the need was first made known in a comment, an anonymous comment was left that makes a lot of sense as a jumping off point:

a) make 2 columns
b) in left hand column make a list of 20, 30, 40 individual words of what "it" does.
c) in right hand column list of of 20, 30, 40 individual words how user benefits or how its better than competitor
d) then go through umpteen thousand variations picking a word from left hand column and one word from right hand column - and combining the two in one way or another.

Sounds sensible. Flights of fancy are fun too, though, and will result in a stronger name. So, let's see if we can come up with something creative.

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