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SCO Is Still Distributing ELF, Part 3 & Teleconference from SCOforum Today - Updated
Monday, August 07 2006 @ 08:31 AM EDT

Somehow it will not surprise you to learn that I've heard that SCO is still distributing the same binutils package, with ELF in it, under the GPL, that we told you about yesterday, but from an additional FTP site. This one is at .

Yesterday, we told you about We provide this information as a public service, in case they wish to swallow the evidence.

Oh, and they've announced some sort of a partnership deal with Microsoft:

The SCO Group, Inc. today announced that it will ship the EdgeBuilder Mobile Application Development (MAD) Toolkit as a plug-in to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 providing greater ease for Microsoft .NET Framework-based developers to create and deploy rich mobile applications and services on SCO's EdgeClick Mobile Development platform. SCO has also joined the Microsoft VSIP program as a Premier Partner enhancing the value for SCO developers.

"We are pleased to work with Microsoft as the integration of the respective technologies in the MAD Toolkit gives developers a set of tools they need to quickly and easily build custom mobile applications for the EdgeClick mobile platform with little inherent learning curve," said Darl McBride, president and CEO, The SCO Group. "Combining Visual Studio 2005 and the MAD Toolkit will help developers to create feature rich mobile services that integrate with enterprise environments."

Surprise. Surprise. So, a MAD Toolkit. That's a good name choice, don't you think? Hard to forget. Somehow appropriate.

They certainly have no sense of irony, this company Microsoft wishes to partner with.

And their teleconference from SCOforum is today at 3:30 EDT, at which time SCO will announce this wonderful "new" partnership, along with others.

Here's what you'll get to see if you watch:

SCO Press and Analyst Teleconference from SCO Forum:

Company executives will participate in announcements and answer questions regarding:

* Strategic partnership to provide mobile Day-Timer applications
* Licensing of Microsoft Visual Studio and membership in Microsoft's Visual Studio Industry Partner program
* Development of mobile services for Palm Treo 700w and Treo 700p smartphones
* Development of HipCheck mobile services for remote control and monitoring of UNIX and Windows systems and desktop clients, including Windows Vista


Darl McBride, President and CEO
Bert Young, CFO
Sandy Gupta, CTO and GM, SCO Platforms
Chris Sontag, SVP and GM, Me Inc. Mobile Services Division
Jeff Hunsaker, SVP of Worldwide Sales
Erik Hughes, Sr. Director, Product Management & Business Development
Andy Nagle, Sr. Manager, EdgeClick Mobile Services Platform

I know. I can hardly contain my excitement myself. Since they are accepting questions, maybe they'll answer this one: why are you claiming you never distributed binutils under the GPL when we are finding it all over the Internet three+ years after you sued IBM?

Oh, and here's SCO's announcement about HipCheck, another wonderful name for yet another wonderful SCO product the big boys like Siemens think they might not be able to live without:

HipCheck allows sys admins to set and track specific system parameters and thresholds for various server and desktop functions. HipCheck provides alerts and allows system administrators to remotely perform tasks to their systems through their Windows Mobile smartphone or Windows PC. Alerts are provided through an SMS message to mobile devices or through an e-mail to desktop systems.

"As part of our overall strategy to maximize availability and profitability, we are currently evaluating SCO's HipCheck," said Detlef Fischer, head of research and development, Instrumentation & Controls, Siemens Power Generation in Erlangen, Germany. "Following the first successful tests we see great potential in SCO's mobile technologies that will enable us to provide the right information, to the right people, anytime, anywhere. In particular delivering key information in real-time to our service staff via mobile devices, will greatly benefit our customer service level."

So, I guess no more PIPE Fairy. Is Microsoft innovating again? No doubt Microsoft and lots of its buddies need all those fabulous features from a mobile phone that can do instant messaging (what a concept!) that they can't get from anybody but SCO. Is that a lucky break for SCO, or what?

UPDATE 2: For those of you who thought I'd missed the boat and that this "partnership" was merely SCO paying Microsoft for some PR, and nothing from Microsoft for SCO, I give you the horse's mouth:

SCO aims to tap into its sizable base of Unix VARs and customers as well as Microsoft's vast army of resellers to drive Me Inc. services and the EdgeClick platform, McBride said.

See? I told you. I have a nose for this stuff. I've written at least an article every day but three since May 2003 about SCO. I know their funny little ways. That article also tells us about their finances:

SCO's revenue has fallen to roughly $7 million per quarter, a third of what it was in 2001. McBride acknowledged that Unix is a declining business for the company, yet it will continue to upgrade its code and support new customers.

UPDATE: There is also this announcement, written in marketspeak:

The SCO Group, Inc. ("SCO") (Nasdaq: SCOX), today announced it has entered into a strategic business partnership with Day-Timers, Inc. to develop, market, merchandise, and support a suite of Day-Timer(R) branded mobile automation solutions. Code-named DT4, these solutions extend time management, calendaring, and task management through integrating Me Inc. Shout, Vote, and other services. DT4 will introduce a "Day in a Life" automation for personal and professional tasks and will offer custom solutions for verticals markets such as lawyers, doctors, real estate agents, and insurance agents for both mobile and PC clients. This rich integration of products will benefit customers by enabling them to organize their lives with a complete mobile solution.

"We anticipate DT4 to be the next killer application for mobile phones. We've been working on mobile solutions for three years and together with Day-Timers, we're going to change the rules for how individuals and groups automate the sharing and accessing of information from wherever they are," said Darl McBride, president and CEO, The SCO Group. "According to In-Stat, the worldwide sales of wireless handsets will grow to 1.9 billion units by the year 2011. With DT4 and other Me Inc. mobile services, we are tapping into this growing market and putting powerful computing into the hands of individuals and businesses."

SCO has been working on mobile solutions for *three* years? Hmm. The Salt Lake Tribune translates into English:

From Las Vegas, where the annual SCO Forum was under way, the Lindon-based software company announced it will team with Day-Timers Inc. to develop, market and support a suite of mobile data applications.

Dubbed DT4, SCO will extend time management, calendaring and task management to Day-Timers customers through special versions of its Me Inc. services. DT4 tools will especially target lawyers, doctors, real estate and insurance agents, said SCO President and CEO Darl McBride. - Bob Mims

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