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OSDL Announces Fellowship Fund
Wednesday, March 29 2006 @ 12:44 PM EST

OSDL today announces the OSDL Fellowship Fund. "The Fund will provide financial support to software developers working on Linux and open source community projects that don't otherwise have access to financial resources or support." Now you're talking.

I gather the idea is to help fill in "specific gaps in open source development", where developers are working on important projects but may not be affiliated with any vendors. OSDL, being neutral, is in position to fund such projects across the board to move them forward, based on recommendations by their Technical Committee. So if that sounds like you might qualify, let them know about your project. You can also donate to the fund, if you feel it's a worthwhile project.

If you don't, please get your head examined right away. This is a great idea.

Here's the press release:


The Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), a global consortium dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux® and open source software, today announced the establishment of the OSDL Fellowship Fund. The Fund will provide financial support to software developers working on Linux and open source community projects that don't otherwise have access to financial resources or support.

"OSDL works with users, vendors and developers to identify where additional work or resources could accelerate development efforts and spur the adoption of Linux and open source software," said Stuart Cohen, CEO of OSDL. "OSDL's new Technology Advisory Board identified the need for a fund that could be used to fill specific gaps in open source development. OSDL's neutrality puts it in a natural position to fill this need and support efforts across the community."

The OSDL board of directors, with input from the Technical Advisory Board (TAB), will evaluate applications for fellowship funding and determine allocation priorities and levels of financial commitment. The Fellowship Fund is the newest fund under OSDL administration. In 2005, OSDL established the IP Support Fund to help provide legal services to Linux and open source software developers. The Linux Legal Defense Fund (LLDF) was initially established in 2003 to help defend Linus Torvalds during the SCO lawsuit. Today, it supports parties threatened with litigation involving IP issues.

"Sometimes critical open source projects, especially those not directly affiliated with a major technology vendor, can lose focus because their developers have other commitments," said James Bottomley, chair of the OSDL TAB and OSDL board member. "The OSDL Fellowship Fund will make resources available for moving these projects forward and gives us an invaluable tool to concentrate on areas deemed important by the Linux community."

OSDL is soliciting pledges and securing financial support for the Fund. For more information on how to donate to the Fellowship Fund or to apply for fellowship funding, please visit

About Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)

OSDL -- sponsor of Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel -- is dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of Linux-based operating systems in the enterprise. Founded in 2000 and supported by a global consortium of major Linux customers and IT industry leaders, OSDL is a nonprofit organization that provides state-of-the-art computing and test facilities available to developers around the world. With offices in China, Europe, Japan and the United States, OSDL sponsors legal and development projects to advance open source software as well as initiatives for Linux systems in telecommunications, in the data center and on enterprise desktops. Visit OSDL on the Web at

NOTE: OSDL is a trademark of Open Source Development Labs, Inc. Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds. Third party marks and brands are the property of their respective holders.

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