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What Today's Teleconference is About - Update
Monday, February 27 2006 @ 09:49 AM EST

SCO has put out a press release, which lets us know what the teleconference today is about. It is about EdgeClick, "a new technology platform for mobile and desktop digital services," which the release claims the company has been developing inhouse "for several years."

SCO says you can make oodles and boodles of money if you bring them subscribers to Me Inc.:

Becoming a Me Inc. Sales Agent requires no technical skills or training and no investment other than a smart phone and a subscription to Me Inc. digital services. With these two simple things, a sales agent can earn up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale in commissions and subscription annuities generated by each account they sign up.

Provo City Mayor Lewis K. Billings, says he's using Me Inc. to bless the residents there:

"One of my main goals as the mayor of Provo City is to use technology to bless the lives of Provo residents, and Me Inc. is simply and effectively allowing me to do that," said Lewis K. Billings, mayor of Provo, Utah. "Me Inc. is an incredible technology, one which I plan to use continually throughout my term as it dramatically enhances my ability to personally reach constituents."

There is truly nothing I can add to that which isn't already bursting and cascading inside your brains like fireworks on the 4th of July. So there you have it. A wonderful business opportunity for you. As for me, my irony meter has exploded, which makes it impossible for me personally to accept.


Bob Mims has a report on the teleconference.


SCO Launches EdgeClick, a New Technology Platform for Mobile and Desktop Digital Services

Monday February 27, 8:00 am ET

SCO Rolls Out an Innovative Technology Platform, New Partner Programs Plus a Transactional Portal to Support the Entire Digital Services 'Ecosystem'

LINDON, Utah, Feb. 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The SCO Group, Inc. ("SCO") (Nasdaq: SCOX - News) today announced its new EdgeClick(TM) platform for mobile and desktop digital services, several new EdgeClick partner programs and a new transactional portal called EdgeClick Park(TM) that will support an entire ecosystem of solution partners, sales agents and end users.

At the core of the EdgeClick platform is an innovative service-oriented architecture (SOA) server called an "edge processor" that connects many types of end-point devices -- including mobile phones, PCs and others -- to robust digital network services for communications, collaboration, control, information access and transactional processing. Integrated with this technology are facilities for automated service branding, monetization and business federation. These facilities make seamless the development, marketing, provisioning and billing of high-value, high-impact digital services.

EdgeClick digital services are custom applications, content and infrastructure elements built using EdgeClick technology by solution partners and corporate developers using Java, Web Services and other network programming techniques.

The EdgeClick platform employs a service grid network architecture for flexible and secure deployment and management of software, servers and other infrastructure assets. EdgeClick's business enablement facilities are provided by a new transactional portal called EdgeClick Park, which serves as the primary business hub for EdgeClick digital services. The first phase of EdgeClick Park can be found at .

Because the commercial and financial opportunities made possible by EdgeClick technology are vast and the digital services platform is flexible to incorporate a variety of solutions, SCO is extending the EdgeClick platform to digital services solution partners. Through SCO's EdgeClick Partner Program, resellers and developers can use EdgeClick Park to gain access to a variety of development resources and, importantly, prospective customers:

* Digital Service Partners can build, sell, provision, bill and support innovative on-demand solutions for consumers and businesses and market them through EdgeClick Park.
* Content Partners can market branded digital content and components such as ring tones, podcasts, etc. to a global audience.
* Infrastructure Partners can reach new global markets with advanced network control, management, and connection solutions and services.
* Commerce Partners can get their wireless and IT products and services in front of many more qualified prospects with an ecommerce presence in EdgeClick Park.

SCO is simultaneously launching the Me(TM) Inc. Sales Agent Program, in which individual subscribers of SCO's Me Inc. suite of rich mobility services earn lucrative recurring commissions for bringing new Me Inc. service subscribers into the EdgeClick ecosystem.

"With the EdgeClick digital services ecosystem, SCO has extended the opportunities for individuals and organizations of all kinds to participate in developing, selling and using digital services," said Tim Negris, executive vice president of marketing and sales, The SCO Group. "The smart phone market has seen tremendous growth in recent years and the adoption rates of these devices is expected to continue growing rapidly. As this happens, the business opportunities for EdgeClick solution partners and Me Inc. sales agents will expand to an even greater extent."

SCO has been developing EdgeClick technology in-house for several years and has recently completed a successful beta test with New York-based Musco Food Corporation. Together with ASK Technologies, a SCO Premier reseller, SCO was able to develop a customized mobile order entry solution, freeing the New York-based Italian foods wholesaler from the burden of an outdated system and costly errors.

"Our custom mobile order entry system has allowed us to offer a greater level of customer service than we could have hoped for," said Joe Chiavetta, CFO, Musco Food Corp. "We will save thousands of dollars a month along with numerous other benefits because of SCO's EdgeClick digital services and ASK's ability to build on the robust EdgeClick technology."

EdgeClick Solution Partner Program

To enable and support the rapid development and growth of EdgeClick digital services, SCO has introduced the EdgeClick Solution Partner Program(TM). Through this program solution partners can build, sell, provision, bill and support innovative new wireless and broadband subscription services for business and consumers. These solutions could include access, collection, sharing and integration for corporate information assets, mobile ecommerce, marketing, entertainment and the ability to monitor and control business systems and processes.

"The EdgeClick Solution Partner program allows companies of all sizes to get the tools and services they need to add mobile access to existing applications and databases," said Stephen Pirolli, Principal, ASK Technologies Inc. "Ultimately, we are excited to join the program as we see the EdgeClick digital infrastructure as expanding the opportunities for members to reach new global markets with advanced network control, management, connection solutions and services."

BIS Computer Solutions, a solution partner which operates a dedicated business division to provide their customers with innovative mobile solutions, recently signed on to offer EdgeClick digital services for their customers.

"Through the digital services ecosystem, SCO has made it possible for solution partners to develop digital mobile solutions and software that enhances the way customers do business, making every application and operation as productive as possible," said Michael Macho, BIS mobile division director. "Further, with their partner programs, SCO is enabling customers and solution partners to grow their businesses in innovative ways and increase profits."

The Me Inc. Suite of Digital Services

Using EdgeClick technology, SCO developed the Me Inc. suite of rich mobility services to improve communication, collaboration and control for groups of any size and type. The initial release of the Me Inc. suite includes services called Shout and Vote, both of which are available now.

The Shout digital service allows users to communicate personally with groups of various sizes via a text or audio message created quickly and simply from a smart phone. Such messages can be received via smart phones or via web-enabled desktop and laptop PCs.

The Vote digital service is a fast and easy-to-use mobile polling service that lets users gather and publish opinions from any number of people at any time, from anywhere. In early trials, various companies and organizations have found Vote useful to poll customers, employees and potential customers.

The first phase of EdgeClick Park features the fully operational Me Inc. Mobility Center, a place where people can learn about, purchase, activate and manage Me Inc. subscriptions.

Provo, Utah City Mayor, Lewis K. Billings and BYU athletic director and sports personality, Tom Holmoe, are two early adopters of Me Inc. digital services.

"One of my main goals as the mayor of Provo City is to use technology to bless the lives of Provo residents, and Me Inc. is simply and effectively allowing me to do that," said Lewis K. Billings, mayor of Provo, Utah. "Me Inc. is an incredible technology, one which I plan to use continually throughout my term as it dramatically enhances my ability to personally reach constituents."

"The best part of Me Inc. is that it allows us to 'reach out and touch' those who support BYU athletics in real-time," said Tom Holmoe, athletic director, Brigham Young University. "We have been able to use Me Inc. in football, women's volleyball, women's soccer, and women's cross country and track, and we plan on using Me Inc. in every BYU sport as it has proven to be an effective tool in increasing the communication and collaboration between coaches, athletes, fans and alumni."

Me Inc. Sales Agent Program

The Me Inc. Sales Agent Program enables any qualified individual, group, company, or organization using Me Inc. to make lucrative, recurring monthly commissions by signing up subscribers to Me Inc. digital services and selling smart phones and carrier service activations.

Becoming a Me Inc. Sales Agent requires no technical skills or training and no investment other than a smart phone and a subscription to Me Inc. digital services. With these two simple things, a sales agent can earn up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale in commissions and subscription annuities generated by each account they sign up.

Through the EdgeClick Park portal and the sales agent program, SCO will provide Me Inc. sales agents with business support services and enable agents to take orders from anywhere in the world using just their smart phones. SCO is also teaming up with 3D Communications and SprintŪ to allow Me Inc. sales agents to sell mobile phones, associated products and services, plus a host of competitively-priced national service plans. For a limited time, 3D is offering corporate accounts Palm Treo phones for as low as $99 per phone*with activation.

One of the first companies to join the Me Inc. Sales Agent program is EdgeLink Solutions. "We've recently created a dedicated part of our business selling Me Inc. digital services from SCO," said Gary Cooper, COO, EdgeLink Solutions. "The leads we're receiving from SCO indicate that customers are interested in extending the capabilities of smart phones to communicate in an entirely new way. We're seeing interest from various customers involved with entertainment, sports teams, universities, and businesses of all kinds."

Inside EdgeClick Technology

The edge processor creates a secure environment for information access and control by off-loading information from lightweight mobile devices and performing the computational heavy lifting in a secure and stable environment. This added layer of processing power and security enables smart phones and other mobile devices to be the high-powered productivity tools that everyone wants. Edge processors can easily connect to enterprise systems and web services, enabling EdgeClick users to access all kinds of information, content and processes on PCs, mobile phones, and other network-connected devices.

Distributed EdgeClick edge processors communicate automatically with each other, forming a service grid network for flexible, secure, robust, deployment and management of software, servers, and other infrastructure assets. EdgeClick solutions users and partners are brought together and supported by the EdgeClick Park web portal.

The EdgeClick edge processor will also be available soon for on-premise deployment by enterprise and third-party solution partners, thus enabling them to securely extend existing business application functionality to mobile devices such as smart phones and PDAs. Alternatively, these developers can use the platform to create entirely new business applications. Pricing and Availability

Me Inc. digital services are currently available on a subscription basis for $9.99 per service with up to 100 contacts (volume pricing is also available). Information on EdgeClick Solution Partner Program pricing and commissions, as well as developer support programs will be available soon. For more information on EdgeClick technology, the Me Inc. suite of services or how to become an EdgeClick solution partner or Me Inc. sales agent, please call 1-800-726-8649 toll free within the U.S. and Canada or visit

About SCO

The SCO Group (Nasdaq: SCOX - News) is a leading provider of UNIX software technology for distributed, embedded and network-based systems, offering SCO OpenServer for small to medium business, UnixWare for enterprise applications, and Me Inc. for digital network services. SCO's highly innovative and reliable solutions help millions of customers grow their businesses everyday, from SCO OpenServer on main street to UnixWare on Wall Street, and beyond. SCO owns the core UNIX operating system, originally developed by AT&T/Bell Labs and is the exclusive licensor to Unix-based system software providers.

Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of thousands of resellers and developers. SCO Global Services provides reliable localized support and services to partners and customers. For more information on SCO products and services, visit .

SCO, SCO OpenServer, the associated SCO logo, EdgeClick, EdgeClick Park and Me Inc. are trademarks or registered trademarks of The SCO Group, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. UNIX and UnixWare are registered trademarks of The Open Group.

* 3D Communications is currently offering $99 Palm Treo phones for a limited time when a minimum of five phones are purchased with activation for corporate accounts. For complete details, contact 3D Communications at +1-801-264-8855.

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