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The Windows Community Explodes - a Parody
Wednesday, May 18 2005 @ 12:34 PM EDT

The Windows Community Explodes - A Parody*

Here's a new twist on spam. Extremist elements in the Windows community have sent out right-wing political propaganda by means of evil malware that only affects Windows computers, specifically Windows computers previously infected by a variant of the Sober mass-mailing worm. The terrifying details:

The worm targets computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system, making them send out barrages of spam emails.

In the latest attack, German-language messages containing links to news articles on right-wing German websites were sent.

Experts described the amount of spam generated as "staggering".

During the past week, TelstraClear had processed 15 million emails and trashed 79 per cent of them as spam, said TelstraClear's internet service provider,

Linux, Unix and Mac users are unaffected and uninvolved. The political propaganda messages were sent by Windows computers infected with a new variant of the Sober worm, which turns the computers into zombies which can then be used to do whatever the extremists in the Windows community wish them to do:

The worm's author is likely a neo-Nazi sympathizer motivated by ideology, rather than a mercenary who would send out messages for any paying customer, experts said.

Some are calling on the Windows community to rein in their extremists, saying such illegal behavior is giving the Windows operating system a very bad name. More responsible elements of the Windows community need to speak out immediately and condemn such thuggish behavior.

It's illegal to do this, last I looked. Pushing neo-Nazi propaganda on innocent victims -- enough is enough. The Windows community has lost it.

Frankly, if I have to choose between such extremism in an operating system's users like this and Linux, I'd have to say, Linux wins, hands down. At least their behavior is rational. No normal person would like to do business with loonies like this. Could that be why Microsoft is losing against Linux in the server space, and the desktop is eating away at them, forcing them to offer lower prices overseas?

If anything can bring Microsoft down, it's these certifiable lunatics in the Windows community. Every month it seems we hear about another virus, a worm, a trojan, spyware, all in the Windows-using population. It's costing businesses billions every year. The Windows community is slowly turning into a state of chaos, and now it boasts paranoid crackpots yearning for the Third Reich. Where does the madness end? It's not safe for the rest of us to go on the Internet any more. Really, people, such fanaticism in your ranks can't be condoned.

* Think this sounds stupid? Unfair? I agree. Cf. CRN and John Dvorak. I hope you don't reward them with clicks. CRN staff, whoever they are, anonymously wrote:

Some have said (anonymously, because they're not nuts) that one of the biggest obstacles to Linux adoption is the over-the-top passion of the Linux faithful.

Really, when it comes to getting software from a monopolist or a mob, I'd pick the monopolist nearly every time. At least its motivations are rational.

I gather from this the beneficiary of O'Gara's slime piece is Microsoft. Go figure. The FUD definitely has the Microsoft touch, I'd say.

As for Dvorak, who put his name on the very thought CRN claims no one dares to speak out loud except anonymously, a man who thinks medals should be given to reporters who post innocent old ladies' addresses on the Internet, what can I say? I'd have to be a Meathead to want to argue with Archie Bunker.

Maybe I could tell him that the 89-year-old woman this happened to was just hospitalized. Would such a man care? It seems when there is a lot of money involved in a story, some see only ka-ching.

But we are talking here about real people. Real human beings, with blood in their veins, just like you, and families, and troubles, and needs and wants just like yours. Who is going to make it right for that poor old woman? For her family, if they lose her? Can they give her back her health? Her former life? What kind of people are they, if they don't care about something so basic? Journalism doesn't include the right to behave so irresponsibly you send people to their graves. *If* Microsoft is behind this FUDsicle, shame on you. You need to cease and desist. If SCO is, the message is the same. O'Gara too.

I certainly do not condone any illegal behavior. I'm a paralegal, after all. And my website holds high the banner of love for the law, and respect for the legal process. But something worse than a DOS happened here -- and, by the way, it turns out it may not even have been an attack, or a lame one if it even was one, according to this audio interview with two of the 10-12 editors of LinuxWorld, the entire editorial staff, who quit in protest over O'Gara's article and Sys-Con's response to it. I understand there has been an apology from Fuat, but he hasn't sent it to me.

And as for the "death threats", I noted that observers who were watching closely say they never saw any such comments at all. I wasn't watching, because I don't read O'Gara, unless someone tells me something she's written. But I think it's time for some proof, with the logs, please, if this allegation remains on the table.

Even if there were some over the top comments, it seems the only life in actual jeopardy is on the other side, tragically. So, don't ever talk to me again about Linux "extremists". Ever.

PS: They can investigate me until the heat death of the universe, and they'll never find a connection to IBM, because there isn't one. There never has been. They have harmed innocent people's lives for absolutely nothing.

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