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SCO Offers White Box Solutions
Tuesday, May 17 2005 @ 12:28 PM EDT

SCO announced today that they will be offering white box solutions. What's next? Wal-Mart?

Hmm. I'm not sure I get this. Does this mean they hope folks will buy their stuff if their name isn't on it? No. That can't be it. Maybe it means that they wish to undercut their resellers? No. That'd be as counterproductive as suing your own customers.

Oh. Wait.

Here's one man's translation on the Yahooo SCOX message board that made me laugh. Honestly, I don't know what this means, except maybe that they are desperate. Maybe they'll explain at SCOForum on August 7-9. I know you all join me in wishing them the very best in all their endeavors.

That reminds me. Right after the O'Gara article, SCO's stock went up. Here's the daily chart and here's weekly. (Click on Get Data.) The company may be losing money, but that doesn't mean everyone is. You don't suppose. . .

I shouldn't speculate, so to speak. I've never been good at stock stuff, so I guess it's best if I just don't bother my pretty little head with such complicated things. I'll just leave that to the menfolk. The SEC has some real men, I hear.

Here's the press release:


SCO to Offer White Box Solutions Through Leading Distributors
Tuesday May 17, 9:00 am ET

SCO to Partner With Distributors to Offer Resellers Pre-Certified White Box Solutions

LINDON, Utah, May 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The SCO Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX -News), the owner of the UNIX® operating system and a leading provider of UNIX-based solutions, announced today that it is partnering with leading industry distributors DTR Business Systems and Terian to provide SCO resellers with pre-configured white box servers with SCO solutions.

Each server will be pre-loaded and pre-configured with a SCO UNIX operating system precisely designed to meet a customers' needs. By ordering SCO white box solutions, customers are getting a powerful, task specific software system at a low price.

"These white box solutions provide both our resellers and UNIX customers with a robust and reliable software system that is tested and certified to work right out of the box," said Alan Raymond, SCO Vice President of North America Sales. "SCO customers and resellers will benefit from the fact that these machines include all of the necessary drivers and configurations to plug into a customer environment and begin working right away."

The process for creating these customized, white box solutions makes it easy for resellers to quickly fulfill their customer's requirements. Working with DTR and Terian, SCO is providing a Web site to allow resellers to request specific configurations based on their customer's software and hardware needs. The white box can then be built and shipped to customers more quickly and efficiently, saving resellers valuable time in providing such systems to their customers.

These servers and appliances can be completely configured based on the customer's software requirements for SCO OpenServer, UnixWare®, SCOoffice Server, Microlite Backup, and VSI/Fax Server. In addition, customers can obtain network monitoring appliances for real-time Web traffic monitoring, spyware protection, Web filtering, and bandwidth optimization. SCO is also offering a Small Office Server for Windows Clients, as well as a dedicated SCOoffice Server for e-mail collaboration, calendaring, contact management and security.

"We look forward to working with our SCO resellers to provide their customers with these white box solutions," said Rene Beltran, Executive Vice President of DTR Business Solutions, Inc. "Working with SCO and DTR, resellers will have a greater capability to deliver a higher standard of customer service with reliable SCO UNIX systems."

"Resellers trust Terian to provide their customers with leading industry solutions," said Mike Colsante, Chief Operating Officer, Terian Solutions, LLC. "These 'Made for SCO' solutions are an excellent addition to what Terian can provide our resellers. Resellers will appreciate the ease of customizing and ordering these reliable servers and appliances while customers will like the quick delivery and reliability of these solutions that SCO and Terian have created for them."

Additionally, customers can choose from a range of service offerings delivered by SCO's Global Support team to suit their business requirements. Available support options include incident based support such as 5 and 10 call packs, as well as an unlimited number of inquiries when purchased on a per server basis (single servers or up to five servers). These services will greatly enhance a customer's ability to make optimal use of the hardware and software capabilities of their SCO white box solution.

SCO Registered, Authorized and Premier reseller partners interested in offering SCO white box solutions to their customers should visit the SCO Partner Lounge at, and click on the "Buy Pre-Configured Hardware" link. SCO customers who are interested in obtaining more information about these SCO solutions should contact their local reseller.

The SCO Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX - News) helps millions of customers to grow their businesses everyday. Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of thousands of resellers and developers. SCO Global Services provides reliable localized support and services to partners and customers. For more information on SCO products and services, visit

SCO, SCO OpenServer and the associated SCO logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of The SCO Group, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. UNIX and UnixWare are registered trademarks of The Open Group. All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of, and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners.

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