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SCO's Nasdaq Meeting - Still No 10K
Friday, March 18 2005 @ 08:24 AM EST

Remember SCO telling everyone they hoped to file their 10K prior to their delisting meeting with Nasdaq? Bob Mims of the Salt Lake Tribune tells us what happened yesterday at the meeting in Washington, and what leaps out is that they did not file the 10K:

Nasdaq spokesman Wayne Lee said exchange rules prohibited him from discussing the closed-door hearing. SCO spokesman Blake Stowell said Nasdaq did not render a decision immediately, and did not indicate when it would rule.

"We presented our reasons for not filing the form 10-K on time - reasons that have been explained publicly through our press releases," Stowell said. "Our plan remains to get [the 10-K] done very soon."

If the appellate panel decides to proceed with delisting, Nasdaq rules allow SCO to appeal once more to the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council. However, that second appeal would not halt the delisting itself, only seek to overturn it.

It wouldn't have anything to do with these job listings, would it? It seems SCO is in need of some accounting personnel.

Here are the two jobs in that field still on their website:

Job Title: General Ledger Clerk
Requisition # T1056
Type: Temporary
Posted 11 March 2005
Location: Lindon, Utah
Department: Finance
Reports To: Accounting Manager
Apply Now

Job Description:
Temporary assignment for approximately 3-5 weeks, working 40 hours per week performing account reconciliation and standardization of account recons for numerous operating subsidiaries.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Standardized account recon format for approximately 6 7 international entities using the same template
Standardization of GL codes between international entities
Elimination of unnecessary balance sheet accounts
Up-to-date and current account recons as of specified date

Education, Experience, and Skills

GL experience, particularly with account reconciliation
Ability to work under limited supervision
Understanding of GL processes and transaction flow
Excellent Excel abilities
Strong analytical skills and the ability to learn quickly
International experience preferred, but not required


Job Title: Accounts Receivable Clerk
Requisition # 40266
Type: Permanent
Posted 11 March 2005
Location: Lindon, Utah
Department: Finance
Reports To: Revenue Director
Apply Now

Job Description:
Responsible for one of more of the following scheduled activities. Works on routine assignments and normally receives detailed instructions on all work.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Set up night batches for shipments from the previous day
Print invoices, the pending invoice register report
Invoice and other data entry
Assist credit with Customer Statement emails
Post invoices to the AR subledger
Create credit or debit memos as required for both revenue and non-revenue related activity.
Assist Cost Accountant in preparing Royalty Vendor Payment Requests
Make adjustments to accounts as needed
Enter offsets, adjustments and write-offs to clear items from aging as requested.
Process final invoices on a monthly basis. This includes any final adjustments that impact revenue
Enter final monthly offsets or adjustments
Copy invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and shipping documents as requested by the Revenue Director
Filing and copying
Assist in other duties as needed

Education, Experience, and Skills

Excellent attention to detail
Work well in a team environment
Able to work with a diverse group of people
Knowledge of Excel and the preparation of a basic spreadsheet
Basic account knowledge. Prior Accounts Receivable experience is preferable
Associate degree; or equivalent from a 2-year college or technical school; or 1 year related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience.

I must admit I did a double take. Sometimes people abbreviate Groklaw as GL. So when I saw SCO was looking for "GL experience", I had a bit of a start.

: )

There were four accounting jobs available a few days ago, as I recall, so it seems there are still people willing to work for this company. Maybe they read about the Canopy employee benefits packages when Ralph Yarro was its CEO and President and visions of sugar plums dance in their heads. Whatever the motivation, I'm thinking the only ones applying are those with no real GL experience, though, if you know what I mean.


I think they might be looking for a senior engineer as well, judging from this posting. At any rate, there's a senior engineer, Bella Lubkin, one of the oldSCO folks and a superlative programmer, I am told, who is looking for work:

"I intend to continue monitoring the SCO newsgroups for as long as it makes sense to do so. That depends partly on what I do next -- if I fill my brain up with Mac OS/X or Linux or something else, the SCO knowledge will rot a lot faster than if I keep working on SCO OSes."

However, since he's been "contaminated" by viewing SCO code, according to his ex-employer's extreme views, how can he work on anything but SCO code? I feel for him, seriously. There probably are ways, but when there is fear in the air, it can interfere with logic. That's the problem with SCO's methods and concepts interpretation. It makes it so hard for a programmer, any programmer, to make a living. Here we have one of the best, and now what can he do? So much damage has resulted from this terrible lawsuit.

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