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Munich Posts Want Ad -- Seeking Linux Experts for LiMux
Thursday, August 12 2004 @ 06:14 AM EDT

Heise has the story first: the city of Munich has posted an online ad seeking a few good Linux-knowledgeable folks. So the mayor meant what he said. It is going forward.

The job description for the Linux Sys-Admin position says two people can share the job, by the way. Here's an English translation of the news story, by Stephan Uebelhor:

"Munich seeks Linux Experts

"After the debate during the recent days if and how software patents pose a threat to Munich City Council's Linux Migration Project, the State of Bavaria gets serious: The City Council announces several employment opportunities for Linux experts.

"At the online job fair of the Bavarian State Capital 'talented and motivated staff' are wanted to maintain and administer the future Linux-based clients. The job ad underlines Major Christian Ude's announcement yesterday that the migration to Linux will be continued."

I like this mayor. He has courage.

The job description translates like this:


The State Capital of Munich is looking for employees for Project LiMux - The IT-Evolution.
For immediate contracting.

LiMux is coming! How about you?

The Project LiMux becomes a reality. After the City Council's resolution and existing fine concept for a step-by-step migration of all State Capital PC workstations to Linux, we are looking for talented and highly motivated people for immediate contracting for our new Linux Client Unit for maintaining and administering the future city-wide Linux base-clients.

The Linux Client Unit's duties are divided into the sections "Client", "Application" and "Integration". Borders between those sections are fluid, however, calling for appropriate allocation of available resources. The tasks are mainly project based in co-operation with the City Council's Departments, close co-ordination is hence demanded for co-operation between Linux Client Unit and City Council's Departments.

Your main objective will be the complete availability of the Linux base-client including office-applications, communications software and other city-wide software products. In preparation to the migration, this will include optimization and migration of Microsoft Office templates, forms and macros as well as consolidation and integration of PC application software.

Main Tasks:

- Development / adaptation and release management of base-client
- Maintaining of technical requests (incl. executability of Windows- and/or PC-emulators
- Migration from MS-Office to a Open Source Office Suite (OpenOffice)
- Release management of software running on the base-client
- Integration of the entire base-client

This includes the following sub-tasks:

- Connection to the city-wide file and print services
- Patching of software
- Tests and quality management
- Migration of macros, templates and forms
- Application selection and application standards
- Making certain software can be distributed and is user friendly (usability)
- Technical support and co-ordination of the City Council's Departments

Your profile:

- social competency, high level of inter-social contact capabilities, customer and service orientated, team player and able to solve conflicts

- good at detail, innovative, logical and analytical thinking, able to take the lead at meetings and provide direction, ability to solve and explain even complex computer problems in a clear, convincing and user-friendly way - orally as well as in writing.

- you need to show self-initiative, need to be convincing as a person, need to have a high level of sense of responsibility, always interested in learning new things, you need to be flexible concerning method of work and work time, need to always keep an eye on the entire, city-wide computer needs in all of your decisions, need to have an ability to prioritize

- very high level of technical know-how:

- of the Linux OS, its installation, configuration as well as a vast knowledge of suitable problem solution approaches, furthermore basic knowledge of project management as well as its methods to plan, execute, co-ordinate, and communicate tasks within a project

- knowledge in programming desired but not mandatory

- of configuration / adaptation of the base-clients (C, Shell, Perl, PHP)

- of office migration (e.g. Windows VBA, Linux Java/XML), and also in combination with web-based applications

- good knowledge of the structure, its way of functioning and ways of communication of the Open Source Community. Experience with Open Source Projects and/or active participation within the community are of advantage.

- good command of the English language, including communication with English language community members

- your qualification as Graduate of a technical university (e.g. in information technology, engineering with emphasis on computer technology) or a similar qualification in combination with at least 2 years of job experience in the field of IT

Due to the very dynamic nature of the project, possible further demands might become applicable.

We offer:

- an unlimited period employment (State Employment Tariffs are applicable)
- a remuneration adapted to your personal skills, technical knowledge and job experience
- all social security benefits of a public service employment
- vast possibilities of advanced training

The position can be alternatively filled with two part-time jobs. Flexibility in work time, constant co-ordination and communication between the both is absolutely mandatory.

The State City of Munich aims to increase the the number of female employment and supports actively equal opportunities of all of its employees. Therefore we are also looking forward to applications by men and women of any origin, race, religion or sexual orientation. Physically disabled will be preferred if same level of qualification can be attested.

More information on the tasks this position includes: Mr. Barth, Tel. (089) 233-9 23 29, The City Council's IT Department. Questions concerning application procedures can be directed to: Mr. Mai, Tel. 233 - 9 22 57, The City Council's Department for City Staff and Organisation.

Please send your application including CV, photo and copies of any diplomas and degrees at latest 09-17-2004 to:

Landeshauptstadt München
Personal- und Organisationsreferat, P 5.11
Marienplatz 8 (Rathaus)
80331 München



You'll notice that one requirement is that you must be able to speak English so as to communicate well with the English-speaking community.

Mr. Mayor, I believe I may ssfely predict that the the entire world's FOSS community will be on standby, ready to lend a helping hand to your staff, if needed.

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