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Blepp "Shows" Code in Germany - Probably Ritchie's Malloc.c Again
Friday, June 18 2004 @ 10:21 AM EDT

Gregory Blepp opened his suitcase and out pops what onlookers say was probably Dennis Ritchie's malloc.c again. Memories are made of this. He spoke yesterday on IP and SCO at the German University we told you about last week.

SCO, of course, learns nothing from failure. They remind me of tobacco companies. If it doesn't sell in one country, pack up your suitcase and offer it in another, where hopefully folks aren't as well-versed in the facts about what is good for you. Of course it didn't work for Mr. Blepp. I guess he forgot what happened when SCO showed the slides at last year's SCOForum.

Heise has the story, in German, naturally. They report on Blepp's 90 minute talk, and they say that the audience was full of Linux folks, who had prepared well and asked good questions during the Q & A, or as my computer translates it:

"For the regret of the organizer in the following two-hour discussion hardly the role of mental property for the knowledge company of the future one discussed, the actual topic of the meeting. This disciplined been because of it that alone the well prepared listeners from Linux stocks carried their questions forward, altogether very much and essentially."

Ah. Altogether very much and essentially. That sounds perfect. If any of you were there, please let us know how it went in more detail.

Heise indicates the audience was about 80% Linux folks. A stream of the entire meeting will be published in the coming week, the article says, by the university. It will be here when it is ready. The ACHTUNG notice just says that Blepp was definitely going to show the code. Heh heh. Maybe they haven't become as knowledgeable about SCO's ways yet as we have in the states. So much more water under the bridge here. Jena, the university, has asked SCO to let them put up the code too, I gather, along with the streaming media of the talk and are awaiting authorization. Not holding their breath, I hope.

Here is a bit more from the article:

"In the past Gregory Blepp had maintained opposite mirror on-line one to lead a suit-case of full proofs with itself. On the occasion of its lecture in Jena it stressed that it does not concern so much the code theft, but that rather a violation of contract would be present by IBM. . . .

"Contract and license conditions play possibly also with the all-newest SCO product, on Tuesday the introduced UnixWare 7.1.4 a role. In this distribution the fourth CD with the GNU C compiler and the Linux Kernel Personality module (LKP) are missing. Both modules are necessary, if SCOs Unix is to behave approximately like a Linux system."

In German:

"In der Vergangenheit hatte Gregory Blepp gegenüber Spiegel Online behauptet, einen Koffer voller Beweise mit sich zu führen. Anlässlich seines Vortrags in Jena betonte er, dass es nicht so sehr um den Code-Diebstahl gehe, sondern dass vielmehr eine Vertragsverletzung durch IBM vorliegen würde.

"Zum Bedauern des Veranstalters wurde in der anschließenden zweistündigen Diskussion kaum über die Rolle von geistigem Eigentum für die Wissensgesellschaft der Zukunft diskutiert, dem eigentlichen Thema der Veranstaltung. Dies habe daran gelegen, dass allein die gut vorbereiteten Zuhörer aus dem Linux-Lager ihre Fragen vortrugen, insgesamt sehr diszipliniert und sachlich. . . .

"Vertrags- und Lizenzbedingungen spielen möglicherweise auch beim allerneuesten SCO-Produkt, der am Dienstag vorgestellten UnixWare 7.1.4 eine Rolle. In dieser Distribution fehlt die vierte CD mit dem GNU C Compiler und dem Linux-Kernel-Personality-Modul (LKP). Beide Module sind nötig, wenn sich SCOs Unix annähernd wie ein Linux-System verhalten soll.

Here is a better translation from Mathias:

"According to the estimation by the organizer, 80% of the participants of this 'unusually well-attended' event were from the Open-Source camp and they were well-prepared. From these visitors, there is a statement that the shown code could come from the malloc.c code from Dennis Ritchie.

"In the past, Gregory Blepp had claimed to 'Spiegel Online' he had a suit case full of proofs. While the spech in Jena he stressed that it's not so much about the theft of Code but rather a breach of contract by IBM.

"To the regret of the organizer, there was almost no discussion about the role of intellectual property in the information society (which had been the actual topic) in the 2-hour discussion afterwards. This was due to the questions of the well-prepared audience from the Linux camp - in total well-disciplined and factual."

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