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Sunday is a Good Day for a Cartoon
Sunday, June 06 2004 @ 04:08 PM EDT

I think you will enjoy UserFriendly's cartoon for today. It's "An Analysis of the 'Hardware is Free' Business Model" proposed by Sun/Microsoft.

Or maybe you'd like to listen to Larry Lessig's book, "Free Culture", being read aloud by a group of volunteers who had a nice idea. I wish I'd heard about this earlier, because I surely would have loved to read a chapter. It'd make a nice break from all the legalbeagle fine print I get to read for Grokline.


I just heard from Scott Matthews of Turnstyle, and he says it isn't too late, so I'm going to do one. I've seen a request for Chapter 4. Anybody else have a favorite? You can read one, too. Lessig says alternatives for chapters are fine. And you can get code for a "Free Culture" popup audiobook. Or...

Maybe you'd like to read about the new security patch for the Linux kernel:

"Ingo Molnar has announced the availability of the following kernel patch, nx-2.6.7-rc2-bk2-AE, which makes use of the 'NX' x86 feature pioneered in AMD64 CPUs and for which support has also been announced by Intel. (other x86 CPU vendors, Transmeta and VIA announced support as well. Windows support for NX has also been announced by Microsoft, for their next service pack.) The NX feature is also being marketed as 'Enhanced Virus Protection'. This patch makes sure Linux has full support for this hardware feature on x86 too. . . .

"The patch is based on a prototype NX patch written for 2.4 by Intel - special thanks go to Suresh Siddha and Jun Nakajima @ Intel. The existing NX support in the 64-bit x86_64 kernels has been written by Andi Kleen and this patch is modeled after his code.

"Arjan van de Ven has also provided lots of feedback and he has integrated the patch into the Fedora Core 2 kernel. Test rpms are available for download at:

"the kernel-2.6.6-1.411 rpms have the NX patch applied."

You'll remember Jun Nakajima, because he used to work for oldSCO. And I note GNU/Linux beat Microsoft in providing this security capability. MS will provide it, this article says, in their next service pack. Red Hat has it now. A bit more on NX here and Stephen Shankland has this added detail:

"In a discussion on the Linux kernel mailing list after Molnar posted the patch, Linux founder and leader Linus Torvalds asked how many programs wouldn't work using with NX enabled. On hearing the number was low, he then said, 'It sounds like we should just have NX on by default.'

"NX support is important enough that it's worth risking problems with some applications, Torvalds said. 'I think most people have seen the security disaster that causes most of the e-mails on the Net to be spam. So this should be trivial to explain to people when they complain about default behavior breaking their strange legacy app, Torvalds argued."

Or maybe you'd just like to see a picture of BayStar's Lawrence Goldfarb in an article about the SEC looking into PIPE deals. I think you'll be surprised. He's not old and he's not ugly. The Picture of Dorian Gray was just a novel. In real life, people don't always look the way you expect. It seems the SEC would like some info on PIPE deals:

"Some investors suspect that buyers of Pipes and related private offerings are manipulating stock prices to improve the terms of the deals. . . .

"Separately, the commission has requested information about trading in shares of companies before and after such financings are completed, according to people briefed on the matter."

Of course, SCO is mentioned:

"SCO's stock has fallen 75 percent since BayStar's investment, although Mr. Goldfarb said his loss was much smaller. 'This is a lesson in why a smart investor would hedge their Pipe investment,' he said."

No. This is a lesson is why IBM would like to depose BayStar.

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